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I had filed an earlier complaint with the CFPB regarding American Express asking for my tax return information from the last three years. I found out why this happened- I received an AmEx Delta Miles Gold card, and shredded it and the paperwork without even looking at it, thinking it was an unsolicited offer from AmEx. About three days later, finally, on about my ninth call to American Express regarding this matter, I found out that there was a second person signed on to the card named Arnold Gonzales. I don't know any Arnold Gonzales and have no idea who that is. However, yesterday morning, when I was getting my mail at my mailbox down the hill, the mail delivery person was there and I gave her back a letter that was in with my mail- it was sent to MY address in the name of Arnold Gonzales and was from American Express. I did also have the three credit agencies put a 90-day fraud watch on my credit account. My original AmEx card and this Delta Miles Card I never applied for were both cancelled by me immediately. Why would someone named Arnold Gonzales try to defraud me by being a second cardholder on this Delta Gold Card, then send it to me, and then have a letter sent to my address in his name? The only way I can see this making any sense is either a mistake or fraud within American Express by one or more employees. They supposedly do not send out cards to two different addresses(or maybe they do) so how would someone named Arnold Gonzales know the number on the card? The problem at American Express is, when I first found out about a suspension of charging privileges the same day I received the Delta Gold card I never applied for, I wasn't able to call them until the next day. I kept asking for the reason they wanted my tax return information to verify my income and received answers like "it's in the card agreement" or "we're a bank holding company, not just a credit card company, so we ask for tax records to verify income." Well, every credit card I've ever received has been through a bank so I don't know what they're talking about. As I mentioned, not until I had called back about 10 times did someone in their customer service department mention the Delta Gold Miles card and put me through to their fraud department. And it wasn't until days had gone by, when I received a letter from American Express regarding the financial documents they had requested, that a person in their Financial Services dept. happened to mention, after I called yet again, there was a co-signer on the card named Arnold Gonzales. Had I known that information when I went to my mailbox, I would have realized what was happening when I received this American Express letter addressed to Arnold Gonzales at my address. So they never gave me this information- luckily, since I never activated the card and cancelled both my American Express cards, because they showed the card as being open even though I never activated it, no charges were ever placed that were fraudulent. And, if the people at American Express had questions about my income when I supposedly applied for a second card, why wouldn't they ask for my income verification first before sending out the card? The entire thing seems very, very odd.

I called again to try and tell financial services and the fraud department about Arnold Gonzales, but when the financial services department representative tried to transfer me to the fraud department, they told him that since the accounts were closed, so was the investigation. So let me get this straight- I closed both my AmEx cards because of fraud, or what I really believe to be an internal or external security breach at this company, and so the fraud department closes the investigation into the fraud? I had an American Express card for nine years- they have now lost my business for life. Shouldn’t their fraud department want to get to the bottom of this before someone using the name Arnold Gonzales just moves on to another customer? Oh, and by the way, I got two different stories at different times- one- that cards on the same account would not be sent to two different addresses and that yes, they could be. The security and/or efficiency at all levels of customer service is sorely lacking. And, a second cardholder, according to the card member agreement, was only to be added at MY request. Never did I apply for this card, let alone ask for a second card-member to be on it. So American Express is also in violation of their own card agreement. They SUCK!!

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      Jun 19, 2018

    Re: Bruce Christenson
    card ending 2009

    On Tuesday June 18, 2018 I received a fraud alert from your company regarding a attempt at a Velero service station, I had used my card to purchase fuel but pushed the premium button on the pump rather than the one for regular gas. I immediately shut the pump off and then tried to initiate another transaction but the pump would not accept my card. I think I pumped less that a gallon of gas but your fraud alert stated that an attempt was made to charge $100 which was not the case, if you could have someone from your office contact me I would appreciate it.

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