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Complaints & Reviews

very unhappy with the service

I was very much unhappy with their service. About a month ago, I was shopping in a local telecom service center for a mobile phone, but my American Express card got error all the time. I didn't owe them a penny and was wondering what's wrong with it. After calling to American Express, and after 15 minutes stand-still in the shop with a dozen eyes on me, I got a reply that it's just their system error.

Now, I got their statement to charge me for the annual fee which I do not think they worth it, I told them just to cancel my card as I seldom use it. They do not apologize nor try to convince me to use it, try their service again, the customer service officer only said that should I cancel it now or in month end?

Could we call this a service?

  • Ej
    ejol Jul 04, 2013

    Totally agree - American Express HK is completely separate to Amex anywhere else in the world, and should not even be allowed to carry the same name. Expect this type of terrible "service" from them if you sign up. They stopped my account on several occasions as I had allegedly gone over my limit. However, on chasing up with them, it emerged that someone had in error charged me amounts way over my limit. American Express did NOT notify me of this irregular transaction (despite signing up for alerts), aside from the fact they let an amount way over my limit go through, and took over 3 months to investigate the issue. I had to chase them at considerable roaming costs, time, stress, and effort as all this occurred while I was travelling overseas. They did not reverse the charge while I was traveling so I could use my card, and they continued to try and charge me late fees while I was chasing up the issues, an issue that made the issue even worse.

    American Express Hong Kong is short-sighted, has no business sense, and the worst card I have ever used in my life. I ended up closing both the Platinum and Cathay Pacific Elite cards, as they were neither Elite, nor Platinum. The health insurance and travel assist is non-existant or sub-par, they charge around $1600 per annum per card (however, I heard that this can be easily waived with a phone call to them as they obviously know they are so terrible). They could not care less about the customer.

    They could really learn from some of their overseas counterparts on how to run a credit card company - it is a shame that Amex HK even has the American Express name - terrible, terrible, terrible... stay away!

    In response, no, we could not call this a service.

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american express very poor service

Living In Thailand, I have been a faithful American Express personal card member (no. [protected]) with good credit record for several years. Since the day I got the card I have paid my bills in full and never missing the payment.

A few weeks ago I received many phone calls from the Financial Review Team of American Express to force me to send more bank record. I said I was inconvenience to send the required document at that time and would do it a week after. However, I did not understand why they were asking this of me since I have been such a good customer and did not want more credit line. They always kept saying this was a new AMEX policy. The day later, they made annoying phone calls 3 times a day nagging me to send that document with very impolite tones and also threatened to cancel my card. This experience was very disappointed. I did not believe those words were from the world premium credit card company!!! Then, they quietly did it for their own personal pleasure without informing me in advance or signing something and were very happy when knowing that I had lost my face because of the card rejection. Can you believe this is how one of the top class credit card providers treated their own good customer? Sending a cancellation letter/fax/email or a phone call to their own customer may be too hard job for Thailand AMEX staff to do!

I do not care about cancellation since I still have several good choices to use as KTC mastercard, a very famous domestic card company in Thailand, particularly “Titanium I AM” which offers more attractive benefits, better service with no annual fee but touching the very impolite experience of AMEX is unbearable. Believe me that will come to you very soon if still being AMEX member .

  • Ki
    Kiat Jul 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with you. It is good that consumers voice out. So that we can expect a better service from these companies or other customers can be aware of what the products or services they will get from the company if they would become their customer. I got very unprofessional service from Amex when i want to apply their card. I sent application for 2 months, no one followed up. I followed up them, and they said they needed more documents from me (but they did not contact me for). I sent them and it took then another month. I followed up again. They said the new form was in place now. They need me to sign in the new form (the credit bureau permission form) and send again. I made a note in the form that unless it worked this time. Forget it, please cancel my application. And they come back to me after few days that they need a clean signed form. I need to sign a new one for me. I said 'Forget it', it took me too much effort to become your customer while I did not see and receive any effort from the staff. How can the application of a credit card take me that few months time and lot of efforts. As you said, i have a lot of other excellent choices from other companies. I don't know whether the management, marketing, and corporate affair team of Amex are aware what a waste of effort and money putting good advertising, corporate PR, and promotion activities while you have such a poor customer service team. By far, you are behind your competitors.

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  • Jo
    john drake Jul 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Jason Freeman demanded tax records or my cards were suspended after years of prefect payments on time.

    Screw him and his "team".

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  • Np
    NPP Jan 29, 2009

    Amex Thailand mislead their customers, or should I say made an outright misrepresentation and lie to their card holder customers. The Amex staffs always give reaffirmining statements that the Platinum cards have no credit limit. I believed them for over ten years, only to find out that there actually are credit limits to all Platinum cards. Do you want to do business with people that lie to you? Why should you pay the B20, 000+ fee when other cards of equal stature are begging you to subscribe for memberships for free? They completely forget that fundamental to all business dealing is "trust". They make people feel "shame" to be holding Amex cards.

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  • Hu
    huffstet24 Mar 31, 2009

    send a message to obama, contact the better business bureau, and post stuff throughout the internet. lets all be heard. they are pulling this ### on a lot of their lower end customers

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manager's unprofessional way of conducting business

Today I receive a call from Alexander Cidimoco of Total Credit Recovery in behalf of American Express. He i...

Resolved incredibly unprofessional and poor service!

I started an account with American Express in December. American Express Customer Service called to get confirmation of my Employer (a fortune 500 company) that has been in existence for over 100 years! On the first call, I gave her my work phone. She then told me she needed a receptionist number who will connect her to my phone. After 3 calls, I was assured that everything was in order.

The next day, I received another call asking for confirmation of my home address. Together on a conference call, we called my bank to confirm banking information and home address. Again, I bank with a very well-known bank. At that time, I was told everything is in order, and I have been approved.

After making 3 charges, my card was rejected at all places. When I called American Express Customer Service, I was told that they needed to confirm my employer because there was nothing in their system showing the 3 calls made and also banking and address information. The service I received was incredibly unprofessional and poor. They had not cared if I canceled the card.

To top it off, on my last attempt to correct this situation, I was told I had to fax a copy of my driver license and social security card notarized by a bank.

I just paid off the amount. I have never encountered a company who is so segregated by department that one department is not authorized to help another. I have been a faithful American Express customer for the last 10 years through my use of their travelers’ checks and services abroad. But, this experience is most disappointing.

  • Kr
    Kris K. Mar 29, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    American Express canceled my cards after being a loyal customer for 20 years. Upon learning of the cancellation I immediately contacted AMX and was told to bring my account balance to zero and they would reinstate my accounts. I paid the entire balance on three AMX cards totaling nearly $40,000.(within 30 days) One of the three was not canceled. I contacted AMX after paying balances to find out why the accounts were not reinstated and was informed the account supervisor that made the arrangement with me was not available and should not have authorized the reinstatement. I have been a loyal customer for 20 years without any other issues. Amx should honor their agents commitments to their customers. I acted in good faith with a company I deemed trustworthy.

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  • No
    noname May 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Take this then ...

    Upgrade an AMEX from GOLDEN to PLATINUM, the software will automatically cancel the Golden one if you have no debts and that's all. They didn't re-compensate back the money you already paid at the beginning of the year. In my case I paid in July 2007 130 for Golden Amex ( one year fee), in Jan 2008 I applied for Platinum based on the forms they send me, I never used Golden but only today May 3-rd 2008 and to discover that the payment was refused, I payed by debit card and when I get back home I called them and find out what is wrong with the card. I ask them WHEN and WHO canceled the card .. THEY DID, WHEN they canceled ? .. IN JANUARY, it means that I paid 130 for a year they own back me the amount between Jan and Jul ( around 65$ half of the year). In the phone conversation I get the money with no resistance from AMEX which proves that they recognize their mistake, but my next question was why your software didn't do that automatically ... Hm it is easy because foolish my loss and them win free money. ... ok but how much per year, If a million switch a year they win in average 65 millions, ( I consider that some might do that at the begging of the period some at the end so it is and average).

    I do not think this is fair either. ... and the authorities should force them to refund the money back.

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  • Bn
    BND Nov 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had a personal amex blue account for several years. Recently, l I called them to set up a special payment plan to accomodate our financial situation of late. My husband is an outside sales rep. His pay has decreased due to lack of sales. I still have the person's name and extension I spoke with. I set up pmt to be deducted from my personal bank account on the 30th of every month for 1 year. The Sept. pmt was deducted. However, Oct. pmt was not. I realized it when collections called my cell phone to advise me the acct had been turned over to them. I tried several times to contact the csr. I left numerous messages for her to return my call. I spoke with other reps who stated that pmt could not be automatically deducted. They stated it was up to me to call and make a phone pmt by the due date. I finally was able to speak with a supervisor, Craig Schaffer (if that's his real name). I was absolutely attacked verbally over the phone . He stated "Katy did not tell you that and we are done dealing with you." (and turned the volume up about ten fold! ) I then requested to speak with his boss. He then stated, "why? you aren't going to change anything." I asked 4 times in a row to speak with his boss. He wouldn't allow it. I requested the name of his boss. He would not give me the information I requested. My rights have been completely violated. I did nothing to deserve any of this. I'm trying my best to do the right thing in a very difficult time; they made a mistake; and they do not plan to make it right. So, I now have a strike against me on my credit report due to Katy's mistake of not entering the info or giving me false info. I have contacted the credit bureau to inform them. Mr. Schaffer was trying to intimidate me into thinking there was no way this could be reversed. The very idea that he stated "we are done dealing with you" was absolutely the most hostile statement I've ever received from any customer service rep or manager. All of my creditors were more than happy to accomodate me due to the fact that I was attempting to avoid having any delinquencies. In the meantime, I've had no choice but to set up payment with collections.

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Resolved high interest late fees problem

I have been sent to a collection agency to collect what i owe American express my account has been closed yet American express continues to hit me with high interest late fees and over limit fees. The amount sent for the collection agency keeps changing and no one from American express will talk to me about stopping these charges. Most credit card companies when sent to collection agency will stop all charges and collect only the debt owed at the time sent to collection agency. People beware of American Express.

  • Ev
    Evonne Pratt Mar 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I want this ### canceal

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  • So
    SouthernKudzu Mar 01, 2011

    I can varify this persons complaint completely. I too came across hard times and have a balance that I've been paying on at the rate of $1000 / month. Yet AMEX is charging me $200 / month in fees and refuse to work with me on this. Once paid in full, I will never use another credit card again. I can pay myself $1000 / month and save enough to have plenty of spare cash in the future and not owe anyone anything. I HATE ALL BANKS!!!

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