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merchant account

I am extremely upset at how my small business has been treated by American Express. We are a group of...

amx sucks

Imagine a business partner for 25 years who screws you without calling. 25 years and millions of dollars of...

direct debit application form

I have a Corporate Amex card and from the beggining of May up to now I'm trying to set up Direct Debit with Amex. I sent the correctly filled in Direct Debit Application Form provided by Amex to UK branch of that company. For the first time (beginning of May) Customer Service said that they did not receive it. For the second time I received the letter dated 04th August with the Direct Debit Set-Up Confirmation.

Therefore I believed that everything is okay now but... I was wrong!

On 15th August I received the letter which to certain extend highlights the weaknesses with the controls relating to review of Direct Debit Application Forms from customers. This letter (by the way without the logo and the signature of the person who wrote it) is stating that MY bank returned the Direct Debit Mandate advising that details are invalid. The same letter was accompanied by my Application form and copy of the Bank letter. The Bank Letter was not from my bank but from some other one even though my Application Form sent to Amex had the correct name and address of my Bank.

I called the Amex in UK and they told me that indeed they made mistake and advised me to resent the third signed Application (of course no one even offered me any return for the postage costs)

bill due date strangely shifted

I've been an Amex customer for nearly a decade, and have run tens of thousands of dollars through their...

Resolved travel agent issues unresolved

Great cruise but regrettable experience with the travel agent:

AMERICAN EXPRESS MARINER CLUB handled the arrangements poorly (I wound up correcting several things myself), failed to make a payment until I called them, and other matters.

The last insult was a discount of $1000+ which was to have been credited BACK to my credit card after I had made FULL payment for the cruise. Never happened.

The final payment was made in August 2007 . . . I've been trying to resolve this since the cruise was finished in December 2007. Sent American Express copies of all their OWN correspondence documenting the promise of the credit. Made it to the supervisory level where I've been stonewalled for months.

Tried the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. From their letter: "Unfortunately, the business has refused to cooperate . . ."

So, I consider myself defrauded, but the value does not justify cross-continent travel to file a small claims lawsuit.

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Resolved bad experience

After a series of phone calls, my husband called the 1-800 number and was assured his account is in order. Since that time we have gotten two more calls. Today, I lost it and called in. The operator can't tell me the problem. When she mentioned our daughter's name, I assured her she did not have a card and was not on her dad's (Jim Ellington). We argued when she could not believe two men named James Ellington could both have daughters named Deborah. Go to PEOPLE

James (Jim) Calvin Ellington, Raymond, MS

there it lists our family. Leslie, Deborah, Angela

Then look at James R. Ellington, Madison/Ridgeland, MS

there it lists his family...Bethany, Deborah, Ford, etc.

When this problem is solved, please advise me. I feel harassed and unbelieved, when I was only trying to help AE solve this error.

I want to hear from management.

Leslie H. Ellington [protected]

  • Ja
    Jay Oct 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    American Express does in fact SUCK. Try using their bogus Domestic Companion Travel program it sucks too!

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unfair business practices

I thought when I first wrote the title to this post that it might be a bit harsh - but no, I think it’s right on target. Up until recently I was a very devoted American Express Customer. I had my personal Platinum card, and through their “Open” small business program I had a Blue card (revolving credit) and a Standard Gold card for travel/expenses.

I used them extensively for about 9 months. Running between $4k and $8k a month through them. (Of course AmEx making 3-5% on each purchase, right?) I bragged about them, I told many people how glad I was to have signed up for the program. And then the hammer dropped. As (what I’m assuming) a part of the consumer credit crunch, AmEx has been tightening the reigns of who is and isn’t WORTHY of their patronage.

A few times they told me I had gone “out of my usual spending pattern” and they suspended my card. (I charge airfare, hotels, auto rental, and the occasional peice of equipment to that card - always when it’s billable to my customers). I was concerned, but tried to chalk it up to “they’re protecting me.”

Then the worst case happens. A customer slow-pays me (you know who you are, don’t make me publish your name) and a pre-arranged payment to AmEx (through their website) bounces. First time I’m even so much as being late on the card, I call them immediately and explain the situation to someone who was nice albeit in hindsight quite clueless. They tell me that it’s no problem, that as soon as the payment is made my account will be in good standing and that I can continue to use it. I log into the website and it tells me that my charging ability is suspended.

Two days later the payment comes in - I *IMMEDIATELY* go to and schedule the payment. Within seconds of making the payment (probably immediately afterwards) the website updates that my accounts are CANCELED. I call in - speak to a Mrs. Dodi who explains that it’s automatic after a payment is returned and that in 24 hours (after the payment has debited from my account I’m assuming) we can go back in and re-activate the account. I guess this is designed to keep me from going to my bank and having them disallow the $6, 000 payment I had just made to them.

I call back - I’m immediately told by Mrs. Dodi that there is nothing she can do, that the account is irrevocably closed and that there is no appeal process. I explain the situation, I was traveling at the time and had no way to pay the hotel/car that I had out. The long and the short of it - American Express has put me out of business. Without mercy, without so much as an “I’m sorry.” they have bankrupted me. The money I spent building my business is gone for good, my investment tanked completely.

So my advice to you - if you’re considering American Express for your small business finances - DON’T. They will suck you in, get you to depend on them, and then turn on you the first time you have a spot of trouble.

  • Pa
    patt gemma Oct 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I established my Amex Blue card in February of 2006. Since that time I've spent over $350, 000 on the card paying it off typically within 20 - 30 days. I'm lucky if I accumulated $150 of interest due on a monthly basis. Completely out of the blue - with no explanation whatsover they dropped my available credit in half. They based this information on what they said was on my credit report. Interestingly enough - my credit was clean. Next thing I know - I paid off the card in full as I typically do and went to a business luncheon meeting. Lo and behold . . . . card declined. They cancelled the card the minute that my balance was paid in full. No explanation - no apologies. Nothing. Again they based it upon what my credit report was stating.

    I told them where they could put their card and applied for a Capital One the next day. Til the day I die I will bash and discredit American Express. I now place all my expenses . . . on Capital One.

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  • Ka
    Karen from Oregon May 30, 2011

    I'm not a "power" user of AmEx, but I still think we are being treated unfairly. I have stellar credit, numbers in the 800's. We signed up for AmEx with our CostCo membership and apparently checked a box that allows them to e-mail our statements vs. sending snail mail. Since I pay the bills, not my hubby, I never see the statements, so we've missed step a couple of times just by days. (We hardly use the card either.) This time, they charged our CostCo membership to the card and we were unaware of this charge, so missed the payment. They raised our interest rate to 27% plus and it will be a negative mark on our credit. Probably partly our fault, but kind of sneaky nontheless.

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Resolved my bad experience with them

I've had this same experience with Amex twice within 6 months. I was with them since 1993 holding both the green standard card and the gold card. My Gold card had a line of credit of $23K with a balance of only $5K never a late payment. I cancelled the lousy green card in Fall 06. Last year in March 07, while travelling for an assignment, I used the Gold card to pay for a week-long hotel stay, but the payment for the next week's stay was rejected. I used another card, rushed to my room and went online to check my account fearing fraud, just to find out my new line was reduced to barely the existing balance of $7K, and when I called Amex, they said it was due to too many inquiries on my Experian credit report. By now I am freaking out and thinking identity theft. I immediately got back online to buy my credit report just to find out there is nothing wrong with it and . They lied. So much for me trying to keep my credit card balance below 30% of the available credit to keep my FICO score at 750. Because of what Amex did, once that data hit the credit bureau, my FICO dropped by 30 points in a snap thanks to Amex.

It gets better, 4 months later, and on their own, they increased my line to $16K. Not trusting their practices now, I refrained from using the available credit, and Thank God I did because as soon as I refinanced my house two months later, they went in and clipped the credit line again to $8K, again barely enough available credit to cover the finance charges. I am just waiting to pay off the old balance and leave the account open with $0 balance forever and let THEM be the ones wasting money on maintain the account and sending their junk mail.

I still have all my documents. If there are more cases like this, we can file a class action suit for them causing harm to our credit worthiness for no fault of our own.

american express reduced credit line and damaged my credit

I am a small business owner and I am extremely particular about my credit. With a lot of hard work, years in...

hardship blue card

Due to a surgical injury I was forced downsize and eventually close my business leaving an upaid balance of...

Resolved huge disappointment

Costco Amex card is a HUGE disappointment. I keep paying it off and they keep charging me finance expenses. I have had a credit card for 30 years and have never paid finance charges. I cancelled the card and still got finance charges.

I will never get a card from Costco or Amex again - I am very unhappy- it is a bait and switch game - I will go back to my trusted credit union. The bill got missed placed and when I found it I was a couple days late when I paid it. The next 2 months I paid it on time and still got finance charges, they never stopped until I cancelled the card.

  • Jj
    JJJmofo Dec 29, 2009

    Well, it all was your fault then. You misplaced the bill, was late to pay and now complain.

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Resolved my account closed, but all bills were paid on time

I received a call today that all 3 of my accounts (including my business account) have been canceled. The representative said it was because of 5 returned payments. I asked what that meant because I've been paying my AMEX bills at for the last 6 months with no problems. I go online, click the date for the payment, and hit send. Then the money is taken out of my bank account. I was not notified of these "returned payments" until 3 days ago when my card didn't work while I was buying something. I called in and they said I had a returned payment, and then they used the information I have online to send the payment and it worked.

So, whatever is making the returned payments disappears a few days later and the payments went through fine. The account has plenty of cash, so there's no way it was a problem with my balance.

This is some kind of computer issue that magically resolves itself and now they've canceled my accounts and I won't get a call back for up to 4 days since they don't call on the weekends and today is Friday.

The representative said there is no way to uncancel the accounts... This is absurd!!! I've been a customer for 15 years and have always paid my bill on-time and in full. And the business account was fine but they canceled in anyway.

They should have at least warned me of these issues before canceling my account, and they better compensate me for the 100, 000 miles that I have on the account.

Not only do I have to switch cards, but I have to update the records of almost a 100 online places where I buy things. Not only for my personal, but my business account too.

  • Je
    Jesse Gilleland Jul 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They did the same thing to me. After a returned payment through a customer slow-paying me, they cancelled the whole thing. Both business cards gone, personal card SEVERELY limited.

    They are driving business owners out of business.

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they put my card on hold for no reason

my name is patricia banks i have a american express credit card i got my card on 04/25 /2008 on 04/26/2008...

Resolved Fraud and scam!

EMG has defrauded me with $30K promising to advertise my online travel store. EMG disappeared after cashing...

Resolved customer cheating

Hello Complaint Dept.,

I opened an account with Delta Sky Miles American Express Card (DSMEC) and was not informed that when I miss a payment, my account would be closed. I missed one payment in November 2007 and my account closed December 2007. My interest rate also increased very high.

The main reason I applied for this card in the first place was the attraction of the sky miles. I had not been with American Express for a very long time, but was accumulating sky miles. I knew I had a very important trip to take this February and was anticipating that the sky miles from this card would help. But I was not able to use the sky miles when I wanted to. I was informed that there is no way to restore the account. I am very upset and frustrated with American Express and feel like I was cheated.

Is there anything the government can do to help? Is this a way American Express or other credit card do to cheat customers? What can I do to stop this kind of scam from credit card corporations? .

Luka Yang

  • Jo
    John Lemec Dec 10, 2009

    I was promised promotional miles with Delta after first purchase. Even though the charges for the purchases are shown on my statement, the American Express customer service says no purchase has been made!!! Their promotional information specifies 25, 000 miles, now they say it should be only 10, 000 miles and it takes 8 to 12 weeks, once I make my first purchase that has taken place already but they deny. The spririt of Madoff is alive and well!!!

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insurance fraud!

Phone number: [protected]
Fax number: [protected]

I am requesting an appointment/complaint form in regards of American Express Processor CardPayment Solutions using Nigerians to steal from Americans using American Express products on a life insurance scam and I had the correct numbers on the checks when I called them in to the American Express fraud Department. I have it on a conversation recording at the local courthouse in Annapolis Md. that I did called and confirmed the numbers as required on American Express policy. I was charged with 5 counts of fraud and all charge was immediately drop after State Attorney Warren Davis [protected]) listen to my conversation with American Express Fraud Department. The American Express Fraud Department clearly told me all check was good. I notified American Express Fraud Department after I find out it was fraud and provided the all the information and they clearly tried to cover it up by replying back with different numbers and providing personal name (two) on they American Express cover letter that are not even employed by their company per American Express H/R. I inform the Maryland Attorney General and they forward it to the FBI over 4 months ago. When I spoke to the FBI on the status, they clearly stated that $5000.00 was not enough money for them to go after overseas. I clearly have the person handwriting of this person who sent this fraud material to me from CardPayment Solutions FEDEX account. This fraud material was sent 100 miles away from the CardPayment address as Chris Curry (CardPayment employee) would not give up there location. I have this in writing from FEDEX. I am a retired military (20 years) who have use American Express all over the world and I feel this is a disgrace of this company that is a international company who does not stand by their word and somebody need to step up and stop this now. Several website went up doing time frame when I got scammed requesting for information of this fraud activity and I clearly have all of them and the system is clearly not set up to stop them. I have informed every agency that is required and nothing has been done about it.

I am humbly requesting that you investigate this issue on my behalf. I would gladly send you all the evidence if you request it. If you like you can contact me at anytime at number listed above. Thank you very much for your time and cooperation pertaining to this matter and please have a wonderful day.

William M. Harley.

  • Da
    Darryl Oct 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been an american express customer for years, always paid my bill on time and never charge to much i could not afford to pay. I have a nice credit limit, I happen to call American Express to inquiry about a balance transfer, at that point I was told my limit was reduce to 800.00 what a joke, whats the point of having an Amex Card with a 800.00 limit. I was told a letter was sent, this is a lie, I never rec'd a letter until after I called. Here I am walking around using my Amex Card thinking that I had a high limit when in fact it was reduce to nothing.

    I can't believe companies will treat there customers who pay there bills on time this way, I got a recent letter telling me that the decision will not be reversed. So I'm writing a letter to the CEO Kenneth Chenaurt.

    It seems we all have been a victum of American Express and this should not be allowed to continue. We must a consumer bring a class action suit against this company, bring them to there knees because without cardholders they will not exsist we have the power to do this.

    I am sick and tied of companies bending the consumer over and sticking it to them, acting as though they are high and mighty, well lets show them who has the power and bring this company down and make them put back our credit limits.

    This has got to stop, and it stop here right now, today not tomorrow, not next week but now.

    We need chat room where we all can meet and discuss this and we can create that chat room in AOL, i would assume everyone has a computer and access to AOL. I will be checking back on this site for an comments or email address to contact anyone

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  • Ja
    jasmin Dec 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Amex is trying to cheat its card holders by taking away their cards for no reason and taking away their points. They need to be stopped . They are damaging people's credit scores, causing service interruptions and in many cases elderly abuse.
    Please contact me if anyone has been abused by Amex in this manner. [email protected]

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  • Ch
    Chuck Jan 27, 2009

    To: American Express From: An angry Customer On December 30, 2008 I spoke with an American Express representative. I re-explained that I was In a National Disater Area due To Huricane Ike. This was the reason I was behind on payment. I explained I had spoke with someone after the hurricane and was informed that they will allow me time to recoup from the disaster. I had 3 feet of water in my business and lost everything due to the storm. I explained that I wanted to pay around $6000 towards my account to catch it up. She advised me to pay off the line of credit and enter into a payment plan with the Business Gold account. I was informed that she could set it up on the auto pay system and it would autumaticly be deducted from my checkings account. I paid off the line of credit with conformation # 52860 and paid $390 towards the Business gold card conformation # 55350. I was told that $390 would be automaticly deducted from my checkings on the 7th of each month for one year. It was my understanding that it was taking care of for this time period. Now I have a a collection agency calling me and your coustomer service telling me they have no information of this account. I need to call the collection agency and they will not let me talk to their supervisor or direct to someone that can help with this matter. I am very dissapointed in the way this has been handled and I would like an explanation of this. Is there anything that can be done about this? I was told last week by a coustumer servece representive that they would check into it and call me back. No response? I called back today and they treated me with no concern and would not help me with this matter? Email:[email protected]

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  • Li
    Lisa Feb 07, 2009

    On July 22, 2008 I used my Amex at a local restaurant, Kennedy in the District, Las Vegas Nevada. I joined one friend for appetizers. My bill was 109.00 including tip. When I received my Amex two weeks later I had two separate charges on my account. One for my legitimate charges of 109.00 and another separate charge of 509.65. As a 17 year customer of Amex I've never had this happen. I immediately called Amex and reported the mistake/fraud. I was assured that the fraudulent charges had not been paid to the restaurant and they would investigate. They also explained that it would take 90 days. 30 days later Amex sent to me a copy of both receipts. Unbelievably, the fraudulent receipit had 46 cocktails, 25 appetizers and 20 beers, the signature on the receipit was a big letter "J". Our waiter Jose had also given himself a 60% tip. And guess what? Anerican Express determined that was my charge and I would have to pay. Their reasoning: "I had given my card to a service establishment so any charges on my card would be mine to resolve. I immediately tried to contact some type of manager with Amex and was given the same answer by a customer service representative . The charges stood. I was able to obtain a name of the SVP of Consumer Relations. Doria Camarazza. I wrote a letter to Ms. Camarazza explaining exactly what had happened and would love to be able to speak with someone that actually had seen both receipts. Her response to be was to immediately close my account and submit my balaInce due to a collection agency. This had been a complete nightmare. In researching the Mission Statment for American Express it states that they will never charge the customer for fraudulent charges. question is can American Express "break" their own policy and am I liable for charges not made by me. I have not cooperated with the collection agency hoping that I can resolve this with American Express and not have this type of issue on my 720 credit rating. Just this morning I was served with a Judgment. I'm in a state of shock that due to the economy Amex has taken the stand to immediately "stick it to" their loyal customers. As I previously stated I've been a perfect customer for 17 years, never once late on my billing. Obviously I'm not alone with suffering from the use of Amex. I would love the opportunity to speak with a representative from Amex. Email: [email protected]

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Resolved fraudulent interest rate!

Wrongful charges, deception and interest rate fraud. Violations of Truth in Lending Act, 15 U.S.C.A. 1601, et...

no consumer protection!

We called American Express about a transaction with Royal Holiday (Travel Experience), a Mexican timeshare company. We canceled our contract with Royal Holiday within the 5 day time period allowed. We heard nothing from Royal Holiday, except too bad we have your money. We then contacted the Mexican Government which required Royal Holiday sign an agreement agreeing to refund our money and cancel the contract. Royal Holiday sent us one of the four payments required. We requested American Express to credit our card for the remaining money due.

Dealing with American Express has not been much better. Our initial contact with American Express was great, but then the case is then sent to their disputes department. We were promised a call from the disputes department within 48 hours. We have called American Express multiple times and each time they make the same promise ,we will call you back in 48 hours. It has been 8 months now and we have yet to get a call from the American Express disputes department.

We have sent them numerous letters outlining all the points of our complaint. They have not addressed any of the issues and send us back a form letter saying they have spoken with the company and can do nothing.

I have asked them why they deal with a company like Royal Holiday that has thousands of complaints on line and F rating with the BBB. I have yet to hear a response.

It would seem to me that American Express is a willing partner in fraud with their partner, Royal Holiday. It seems if a company is large enough, American Express is willing to look the other way on fraud.

American Express has a copy of the agreement between the Mexican Government's consumer protection unit, Profeco and Royal Holiday acknowledging that Royal Holiday has agreed to cancel the contract, yet they still have failed to respond.

If you believe American Express's propoganda, that you are protected with American Express, think again. When it comes to travel protection leave American Express at home.

  • Ja
    Jay Oct 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Boycott American Express as they SUCK. Try a FREE, no annual fee card at your local credit union. You will save a ton of money and get much better service.

    Have you ever tried to complain to anyone in customer service at A.E.? Can't be done. Complaints are handled by letter. You can not speak to the executive office, the executive secretary, the executive secretary's assistant, etc. So don't even ask to speak to someone with authority. Simply put your concern in writing so they can throw the letter away.

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  • Gr
    Greg Thompson Jul 17, 2010

    I have to disagree with this conversation thread. JD Powers has awarded AMEX best in customer satisfaction for 3 years straight. Not knowing the actual details of the time-share issue, please remember that a time-share includes a legally binding contract between two parties. A credit card company is simply a billing agent that authorizes payment for the agreement between the parties. A credit card company is not in a position to void or alter a contract. The only recourse the 3rd party would have would focus on either a clear written misrepresentation of the product sold, or if the cancellation was done as stipulated within the terms and conditions of the contract. If the contract stated a 5 day cancellation period, it probably also stipulated a method of cancellation, such as written cancellation via registered mail or other method of validating the cancellation date. Remember, anyone can type a letter and put a date on top of a letter, but without some proof it was mailed within the cancellation timeframe, a 3rd party billing agent would have no recourse to reverse the charge. I have been a AMEX cardmember since 1979 or 80, and have to say that with all the credit cards I carry, I would use my AMEX Card with assurance of a certain level of protection, before I would use any other I have. My question is, what level of protection would there be in paying cash, check card, or check? Again, I'm not a professional in the area of the subject matter - just offering an opionion on the subject from a consumers perspective.

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  • Ll
    LL Kool Jay Feb 27, 2012

    Amex Customer Service is a joke and their operation seems like scam. My aged inlaws were hit with a Costco membership through Amex and it took several letters just to close the Amex Account but they still have not removed the bogus charges. Whay would anyone use Amex when a regular credit card is much better and offeres extended payments. Their fees are huge and rewards program a scam. They offer many incentives but in the end deliver very little. Ours was for air travel mileage, but the restrictions were so great that using the points was practically impossible. BOYCOTT AMERICAN EXPRESS they are a sham company

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harrasing phone calls

I was late one month on my American Express, and the next month I received a phone call from their law department demanding the full amount. The lady on the phone was so rude, and said if I didn't pay the full amount at that moment I would be taken to court. I hung up and tried contacting customer service, and they said they could not do anything about my account. The same lady from the law department called me 10 times in a row, and left harrasing messages. In one message she stated that if I didn't call back to settle this matter I would be sorry. I had to pay the full amount for 30 days past due, and no apology was given to me for their representatives behavior. After I paid the full amount I was still receiving statements for finance charges and late fees. According to them it was from previous month fees. This was very unprofessional of them, and was very shocked at the way American Express treats their customers.

  • Me
    melbourne Oct 09, 2008

    One of the problems with American Express is the way they apply payments. I have been with the company close to 20 years. I am lately regretting it. I normally charge about $3000 every month (gas, groceries, everything) to the card since I pay it every month. Well, last month I got a $15.00 charge denied. I called the company, and I was told that because I "had been late" for 12 months, they had flagged my account. "Late for 12 months? What are you talking about? I always pay by the due date on line". It was explained to me that when the bill says "Pay By" or "Due Date" that such is not so. If you pay that day on line, the payment does not post but until 24-48 hours, and therefore it is technically "late." Thus, paying on the due date on line is worthless! I told this to the representative, and all I was told is that such is the way it is, take it or leave it. I left it. Now I have a Diners Club Mastercard that serves the same purpose.

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  • Sa
    Sandra Rita da Silva Jul 09, 2009

    My name is Sandra Rita da Silva and I am from Brasil. I would like to complain about the treatment that I have received when I tried to obtain a present that was my right (bonus program). This took me several hours speaking with their employees on the fone and on
    the computer, but I could not have success. I think they are trying to deceive me.
    My email is [email protected] . Could someone help me?
    Thank you in advance

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  • Am
    american exprss hater Jun 15, 2012

    I am having a similar experience. The problem I'm having is that I DO NOT have an american express account, Nor has anyone ever had permission to use my checking account to pay a bill. Three months ago my checking account was overdrafted by american express because they inputed the wrong account number and credited someones card. I have been on the phone with AE and was told that it was being investigated and I would be refunded by May 31, 2012. Here it is the middle of June and all they can tell me is that they have determined the account my money was posted to. But will not tell me when I'll get my money back. At first they refused to help me because I told them I didn't have a AE account. Now all they keep saying is the accounting dept will contact me. I have threatend legal action because all they do is give me the run around. No one has called me and when I call I'm given a different date of when the case will be settled.

    0 Votes

useless checks or bank?

I tried to cash $40.00 in travelers at a Citi Bank in Santa Clara CA. As with Tim the teller asked if I had an account at that bank. My first question is why would I be cashing travelers checks there if I had an account there? My second thought was that one gets travelers checks so they simply counter sign them. I had already cashed a number at local businesses with no problem. To make a long story short I had to provide a health card (photo), drivers license (photo) & a credit card along with my finger print. The teller had me counter sign,sign the back& print my name in the place for the check casher to put their name. I told her that was wrong but she insisted. I should have left but I had some time & wanted to see what would transpire. I finally received my $40.00 after 23 minutes. Either American Express checks are useless or Citi Bank is the worst financial institution on the planet. I can guarantee you that was my last dealing for whatever reason with Citi Bank.

  • Mu
    Muhammad Faizan Akhtar Jul 11, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Asslam O Alikum,

    Its Muhammad Faizan Here from Multan, Pakistan, I have a Complaint Against CITI Bank (Gol Bhag Branch Near to Pizza Hutt) Gulgasht. I went to CITI Bank to Open an Account. Their Staff is Mis Behaving & Mis Guiding To Customers. Today i went to CITI bank again and The Banker started Abusing.

    The staff is Totally Not Qualified, They Don't Have any Informations. Very Rude Attitude.
    Total Disappointing.

    Thats All

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    steve jones Oct 08, 2008
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    With Chuck "the buck" Prince heading this organization
    (since fired) you don't expect any help do you??

    Some of you have had your traveler's checked cashed.

    Try cashing those will go hungry.
    I do not know what the problem is but I can only guess
    that Citi does not pay their bills and as such has no
    counter-party agreements with American Express???

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