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1 33065 Vermont Rd, Temecula, CA, United States

This is an incident I personally had with a amazon prime delivery driver on 12/14/2018 between 11:00am and 2:30pm. First let's review my person credentials, I am a retired executive who had a successful career in automatic data processing, inc. I was a project manager who worked on team called "global engineering technical services" that worked on technical solution for global companies we serviced. The topic of this post is "racial profiling" and how a person can be killed by the police by simply living in a neighbor that is predominately white. Oh by the way I have lived in crowne hills temecula for 5 years and walk to the coffee 3 to 4 days a week for exercise. On the morning of december 14, 2018 at about 11:00am I was driving one of my collector cars back from being detailed at the winchester car wash and noticed an amazon prime delivery truck on butterfield street and the reason I took notice because the driver was a young lady with a big blond and purple strike in her hair which is very eye catching. So that was the first time we cross paths. Now as I am driving home through my neighborhood I am on angeles that crosses fox and this same amazon prime delivery driver passes in front of me at this intersection. As I proceed up fox it turns into vermont which my street. I stop to say hello to one of my neighbors and I look to my left and there is the amazon prime driver out of her vehicle delivering boxes to one of my neighbors in crowne hills. I can clearly see her and she sees me. So I didn't think anything about it because it's just before christmas so there was allot of delivery vehicles in the neighbor. Now is where it gets interesting. Around about 1:00pm I had a retired friend drop by who happens to have served over 25 years as a la police officer. As we are standing in my driveway a temecula motor cycle police officer comes flying down the vermont rd and sees me and my friend standing by his black suv and turns around. This officer obviously looks excited and parks his motorcycle in front of neighbor's driveway and was staring directly at me. So I said to the officer can I help you and he does not respond. So my friend observed this officer and said don't say anything to him he is calling for backup. So within minutes I had another motorcycle police officer and four police cars surrounding basically my home. Here's the bottom-line they received a 911 call that I was driving through my neighbor following basically a delivery vehicle stealing boxes off my neighbor's front porch. The police said they had pictures of me driving the vehicle with the same license plate numbers that is currently on my car sitting in my garage. So you are accursing me of stealing boxes off my neighbors front porch, ok where these pictures or evidence and who is making this claim. Well they would not disclose this information, so at this time the situation is getting pretty heated and there was one motorcycle officer who called for originally for backup that was acting very aggressive with an in your face type approach. I had to ask the sergeant to get this officer under control because he was very dangerous in my opinion. Once we resolved the aggressive officer situation then the sergeant continued the investigation while most of my neighbors observed situation while they walked by with their kids because school down the street just let out. Here's the outcome of the investigation they got this 911 called and identified me because I was driving in my own neighbor at the same time this amazon driver was delivering boxes. The police back tracked all deliveries in my neighborhood and all the boxes were still on my neighbors' porches. The police never showed me any picture and basically said they have to checkout all 911 calls. This young lady driving a amazon prime delivery vehicle could have got me killed over her racial profiling of a black man in his own neighbor who is also a viet nam 100% service connected veteran welcome to my world. I have contacted amazon prime logistics and they could not locate this driver. So I am still pretty mad and embarrassed by this whole situation so someone at amazon prime needs to give me a call before I take further action. My number is [protected] and my name is michael king.

Jan 14, 2019

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