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Wichita, KS, United States

I ordered this item and selected the 2 day shipping option. I went in the next day to track the package and it said it would be delivered 5 days after the promised delivery date. I called your customer service and they just kept telling me I couldn't have it when I was promised and would have to wait the extra 5 days. I contacted your chat line and told them I was on the phone with your customer service line. All I wanted was what I ordered and for it to be delivered when it was promised. Both customer service reps told me there was no way for them to contact the warehouse. One tried to get me to cancel the order and place a higher priced order, after requesting to speak to her supervisor (she wouldn't let me) she offered to give me a credit. Once again, all I wanted was what I ordered to be delivered when it was supposed to be delivered. The chat rep insulted me and the phone rep refused to let me speak to anyone else. I don't want to cancel one order to place another, I want my order to be filled correctly. Why would your service reps not have the ability to call or email your warehouse? Why would you offer me 2 day delivery when it is not an option? Why would your customer service supervisor refuse to let me speak to her supervisor? I never yelled or cussed or directed any comments to them personally as I know it is not their fault. I have the transcript and I'm sure you have the recordings. I expect better from Amazon.

Oct 23, 2018

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