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This is regarding Order #[protected].

Hi, I have ordered a brand new Xbox 360 from, but Amazon has purposefully sent a used Xbox with brand new packaging intentionally and cheating the customers.
I came to know this when i contacted Microsoft and provided my serial Number. I was shocked to notice that the product is atleast a year old.

This was packed in such a way that it looks like brand new and i think this is the way Amazon cheat customers.

I would like a suitable compensation for this intentional fraud commited by
I need a Full refund of the money for the Xbox along with a $250 Promotional credit.

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  • Li
      Aug 12, 2011

    From: Linda in Idaho
    Amazon does nothing to protect customers from Credit Card Fraud... AMAZON.COM IS NOT a secure company to give any of your financial transaction numbers too... From personal experience...
    My financial institution said, , "the only way the fraud that was perpetrated on MY account could have happened, IS EITHER Amazon has been hacked and creditcard numbers stolen, OR, , Someone in their data entry dept is stealing and selling card numbers and passwords of our Amazon accounts"... MY Bank and Their Fraud investigation team are now doing the investigation into this incident to try to find its source...
    I contacted amozon about this, and like so many other web giants, there is NO ONE dept that deals with internal theft of customers financial information...
    So folks, , , THIS IS A WARNING!!! Give Amazon your Credit or debit card information, AT YOUR OWN RISK...

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