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US Review updated: seller policy really extorts new sellers. I first opened a seller account on for about a month. I finally made a sell which I accordingly fulfilled as specified by figured out the shipping amount but in reality when I brought it to charged me more than what the Amazon credited me for shipping (so I take my lost #1). When I entered my bank account after a sell for later disbursement of what I sold, suspended my account indicating I violated its policy without telling me what I actually violated so, as a result, it closed my store and it forbid me from further selling on its website (so I take my lost #2) but the stink of it was (after it got its cut on the sell & everything) held my money hostage for months (so I take my lost #3) even though they got my credit card and bank information when I signed up for the seller account in an event the buyer needs a refund. I'm just an individual seller who is buying it web space as a vehicle to perform my business. I can guaranteed what I sell for 30 days not forever like the big companies and I have my credit card info in my account as a guaranteed. My question is, "Why are they still holding my money hostage?" Are they keeping these funds from sellers so they can meet their bottom line when it comes to their financial reports??? The last stock quote I got for is about $84. Are trying to play this tactic to boost their stock price??? It treat first time seller like a criminal and it's unprofessional!!!

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  • Cy
      Sep 05, 2009

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