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Amazon advertised a cordless phone as NEW. It appeared it the cart with REFURB inserted in the product model number. (It did not say Refurbished anyplace else, it could easily have been overlooked). I phoned customer service, who "absolutely assured" it was new. In fact it is shipped directly from Panasonic. I ordered it, then called Panasonic. It is a 2005 model they no longer sell, so it would not be in their warehouse. It could only be coming from a Panasonic refurbish unit or another refurbish unit. Amazon sent me an auto-generated email asking if I'd been satisfied with customer service. I clicked NO, and a representative phoned me. He said the listing had been changed to "refurbished". I checked and it hadn't. He then said that REFURBISHED IS THE SAME AS NEW. He held to that position. I'd not trust "New" on Amazon.

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  • Tk
      4th of Mar, 2014
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    Ref; Karabar super light weight cabin approved luggage bag.
    Selected this to basket and price jumped from £9.95 to £19.95 + p&p
    Looks very shady and not the sort of behaviour I have come to associate with amazon. [email protected]

  • Su
      26th of Jul, 2014
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    I have placed five orders with Amazon. One $6.99 order came through correct. One $29.00 order for new merchandise I received a broken rusted unusable piece of junk Twice I got cancellation notices "out of stock." Today I ordered two of one item advertised an having 16GB Micro-SD included. The Amazon ad banner on automatic confirmation claimed the card was included but in that same confirmation in fine print of the seller's description of the item it stated it was not included. Within ten minutes I emailed the seller to verify inclusion or cancel my order. I received the cancellation a few hours later but not before they debited my account for the purchase.

    Amazon is a SCAM CORPORATION that buys containers of returns, obsolete and junk returns from bulk liquidators. They use meta data, pop up ads and offer free shipping as an incentive for us to buy their warehoused junk, obsolete used and or defective crap they misrepresent in their ads and collect millions of dollars a day from "We The People". Then when we file a claim with them they apologize without admission of fault or mistake and happily agree to refund our money within 30 business days. Meanwhile THEY bank the collective interest on all the money they have deprived us of.

  • Rn
      26th of Dec, 2015
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    Amazon has built a customer service base that is made to give false statements and promises. Currently, the Amazon customer service is made up of 10, 000 employees and not a single person can be identified in lieu to any false statement because of this new formed architecture. Like Guantanamo Bay, the outsourcing of Amazon customer service allows individuals to lie about an item - commit fraud and not be liable for it because of the laws bound by that foreign country they are in. Amazon has pushed sales given discount codes on their AMAZON.COM website during Black Friday 2015 and Cyber Monday 2015. Many codes such as "CYBERMON", HOLIDAY30", "UUDDLRLR"" appeared on the AMAZON.COM website; these codes were not recognized by the AMAZON.COM team and rejected by active supervisor - San Jose, CA - Supervisor Valerie (12/26/2016). Many tactics have been used - partial glitches during the sales required the aid of Customer Service to guarantee the many coupon codes to be honored at a later date, on the day the items are actually shipped. When the discounts are not applied to the customer accounts, honored Customer Service's to continue the promise for the discounts to be applied to the customer accounts at later dates. Not one of the complaints regarding these false advertised coupon codes have been dealt with. Amazon is now invalidating all these false advertisements by telling customers that the sale (less than 30 days ago) have lost all merit simply because too much time has passed and that all those promises given by customer service is simply misinformation. I personally have $60.00 of discount codes unaccounted for and Amazon is reluctant to investigate their fraudulent ways. Welcome the new fraud based sales team - 2015 and to continue growing into 2016.

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