Amazonlate fees and customer service!

The nightmare began in April when I received my statement late. I called Chase and the rep assured me that if I sent in my payment and it was received in a week there would be no late fees. I paid the balance that night with my online banking system assured that it was paid in full. $17.00

Because I assumed my balance was paid, I didn't look for a bill in the months of May and June (thought they were junk mail.) Luckily in July I happened to open a billing statement and was surprised to find that I owed $48.00.(interest rate + 3 @15.00 late payments).

I called Chase and spoke to a rep (very difficult to understand)and when he said he could not help me I asked to speak to a manager. After an hour of very rude customer service the manager agreed to eliminate one of the late fees, assuring me that I would owe $33.00. I paid the balance once again with my online statement.

Today I received another statement assessing me another late fee. When I called Chase I asked to be connected to a supervisor. She was just as rude as the first one and refused to take care of the unjustified fees.

I can't help but wonder if this isn't a scam. I am very surprised that two reputable businesses such as Chase and Amazon would have such poor customer service and want to rip off consumers.

Emma J Celeste.

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