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Beware of doing business with Amazon. I've been doing business with them for years and have spent over $10, 000 with them over the last couple of years and out of no where they banned my account and my wife's amazon account because they said I had too many refunds. I find it strange since nowhere in their policies does it say you can only have "X" amount of refunds before they ban you from doing business with them ever again.

It's one thing to ban you from doing business with them but it's a whole other thing to ban you from accessing your digital content that you paid for. Between my account and my wife's account, we had over $500 worth of digital games and software that we are forbidden from ever using again. Not too mention, we no longer have access to any of the receipts for items that are still under warranty.

Once Amazon bans your account you are pretty much out of luck. You cant call because nobody can access your account anymore and you are forced to e-mail the account specialist department which apparently doesn't have phones or names. All they do is send you one of many generic replies thanking you for your cooperation with your account being closed and that's it!

Anyone that loves doing business with Amazon because of their great return policy should think twice before doing business with a company that will ban you out of no where and for a bogus reason. They will not give you any notice so you can salvage what you can before losing your account. You will wake up one morning like I did and receive an Email stating you are no longer welcome to shop with them anymore and your account has been closed for good.

Buyer Beware!!!

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