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I am unable to log into my account for some weeks now. They keep telling me that my account is not accessible for security reasons. Please kindly rectify the problem. My email address is- [protected]
I will be very grateful if this problem is resolved as soon as possible. I reside in Nigeria and has done several transactions in the past.

Apr 29, 2017
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  • Mg
      9th of May, 2017

    This has happened to me today. After hours of trying to find a way of contacting customer services (because you have to log in to contact them, which I can't as my account is locked!) I managed to find a live chat. Apparently if your account gets locked its because you have breached buyer rules! I run a shop that is fully stocked with aliexpress goods, unfortunately quite a few orders over the years have been damaged and I have had to open disputes. Aliexpress feel I have opened up (and won by the way!) too many disputes so they have blocked my account and will not open it. What else am I supposed to do if I receive faulty goods? Just lose the money? Great for the sellers!
    I have 145 orders still outstanding that Aliexpress have stopped my access to, hundreds of pounds worth of goods that I can no longer track. Aliexpress have never even contacted me about breaking supposed 'rules', they even stated a few weeks ago that my account was in good standing! If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them too.

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  • Yu
      28th of May, 2017

    Same [censor] happened to me . I have oncoming orders too, but not recieved and can not get my money back now. Is there any way to look for our rights? We have been cheated by alibaba..

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