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Aliexpress / I won't buy any higher-end products from aliexpress ever

1 China

I bought a charger that turned out to be defective; it didn't charge all the way up to 100%. It stopped at a certain level. Even more unusual and suspicious is that, while charging, the screen moved back and forth and even opened my apps! (What the...? Is my information being stolen???)

When I contacted the seller, they requested some nonsense information, like "upload a video of the problem and e-mail it to us in MP4 format". I followed their instructions, and the seller claimed she didn't receive my e-mail. So I sent it again to a different address. Then the seller finally said, "Contact us directly tomorrow." What does that even mean?! Am I supposed to call China by phone and talk to them?? I gave them all the information and proof they requested showing the item was BROKEN. Still, the seller didn't refund.

I then referred to Aliexpress's buyer protection service, which is USELESS. It won't even let me open a dispute anymore because "15 days since you received the item has already passed." Also, the only way to extend the 15 days buyer protection period is through the seller, not Aliexpress. So basically, the seller is totally in control and can screw us over. The seller is uncooperative and not going to help us, and Aliexpress does NOTHING to protect buyers.

Also, there's no actual live chat feature or any real human being that you can talk to. When I tried to use the "live chat" feature shown on the website, I ended up talking to a bot! It just asks you questions and gives you canned responses that are not helpful in resolving the problem. ALL of Aliexpress's customer service features are FAKE. Ebay, in comparison, still manages to help us when we have trouble with a product or seller.

I pretty much get the idea of China and their business!

Jan 10, 2019

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