AliExpress / dispute process on my order [protected]

Overasselt, Netherlands

My name is Jim Turner. The dispute started on April 7 2017, immediately after receiving the dress.

The dispute type had to be selected from the avaible options provided by Aliexpress on your web-site. The dress does not conform at all to the ordered product and the quality of manufacture makes the product useless. The option I wanted to use would be "Full refund without return or with return pre-paid by supplier", this option is not provided by Aliexpress therefore "Full refund with return had to be chosen". The text submitted with the dispute included explanation about the requirement to chose an incorrect type. The following is the text provided:

"See previous correspondence with supplier. Dress is far too long, hallow to floor given as 150 cm, dress should hang to just below the knie, is now on the floor. Armpits are much too tight and are different sizes. Garment cannot be worn and is therefore useless. Very happy to return to supplier but as the produced product does not conform to order and is useless, the supplier should pay return costs".

Clear photo evidence of the non-conformance and shamefully bad manufacturing quality was provided and has always been available for the dispute team to examine.

Why should the buyer pay for the return shipment when the supplier has provided a totally useless product and is 100% at fault? - not at all reasonable.

After a very irritating and long negotiation where the supplier tried many many times to trick us in to accepting an unreasonable and often already rejected proposal which together with many promises, later turned out to be tricks and not true. Aliexpress stepped in to help.

The help from Aliexpress has been of no use at all - nothing. The message today from the dispute team shows that the dispute was not reviewed or studied at all, they just looked at the original Dispute type / option we had to select.

The E-Mail from Aliexpress dated April 27 2017 states that agreement has been reached and that we must return the garment for the refund. THERE IS NO AGREEMENT TO THIS SOLUTION AND THERE NEVER HAS BEEN. IF THE SUPPLIER WANTS THE GARMENT RETURNED THEY SHOULD ORGANISE AND PAY FOR THE RETURN.

This lack of real customer care really means Aliexpress's claim is not true and is a joke. No attention has been given to the facts of the dispute and rejection by us. The dispute team have not even taken the time to understand the dispute.

Please change the solution to be full refund to us. If the supplier wants the garment back they must pre-pay the return shipment and we will gladly release the garment to the shipping company at our home address.

Please confirm that you have understood this complaint and agree with the proposed solution which should be updated on the order [protected] by May 1 2017 ( we have been given a 9 day limit on providing the tracking number or our payment will be released to the supplier).

Please take this compaint very seriously, this is the last chance for Aliexpress to save this customer.

Yours truly
Jim Turner

Apr 28, 2017

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