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Toronto airport YYZ, Toronto, ON, Canada

Hey, Emerald member ‪ this is Aftab Yusuf, account of membership it's not working I complain many times already before many about that who manager and others YYZ I was complaining before since dec 2015 complaint regarding who there 2 managers and others they not working well as it's should be there I was complain before because they're not working & lies they locked account no reason And no rental national car rental and Alamo also enterprise without reason who two manager there Yyz terminal 1 N 2 are nothing there Toronto Airport that's why when I went there to rental car they was rude &  nothing to do any help customers there's they're not working well as it's should be I called and to send information department about that for report & to complain about all of them and than after complaining when I want rental there they're locked account without reason that's they have rude also they don't care about that job they don't know job that's they did don't know understand that's job what's about that job then after that I decided to go to rental other terminal one from terminal 3 others  to rental others company between 3 company others who there also managers together who came from terminal 3 from to terminal 1 there it's they there they was said same managers same company Alamo and national also and enterprise same company no rental without reason also lies I have 3 company members no reason but also they say lies about that for us customer & job after that then I was complaining again I telling name who managers that I claim about why they're do like that because important company to knowing that & because that's guys there they're don't know understand about job as it's should be I complain again about that shock who managers they saying lies for us customer after To make complaining to company about them I claim about that because they there have problem not me because I'm customer also long time many years no any like that that's why and I complaining many times about that no anything about that's managers & others also there lies about that no reason about that why because they there nothing to do about job no well they don't know understand job they not working well as it's should be there for us customer but there they are there managers they have problem working they who don't know job I was ask them why no rental no any reason question no answer  but there they're managers working there they are lies because there nothing that's happened to do I have all proof that's why because no other company like that because shocking no reason about than there managers they say no rental because same company be carefully about them who working managers enterprise, Alamo, national but also shocking about that also no reason that why they said who's managers who working there they say lies shock there they're lies also said like not working there they're saying deference department defense managers no understand about them what saying no any to say about that shocking for customer about that & no understand there who working there they don't understand job & lies there they're they not working there nothing there to do like that that's no understand & why that's there no good that's why no reason then Member company also without reason they're locked 3 Member company my membership account enterprise, Alamo and national car rental also 3 membership I don't know understand why there they did like that they was nothing there they don't want do they not working there as it's should be for us customer that's why there Toronto Airport managers who there's they was closed Member account 3 in 1 do not rent car list when I want rent car they're all there managers who working they have problem they're say no rental without reason & lies to saying to the company shock why company not find out about this issue to knowing true because they not have proof that's lies that's why I have witness also customer for long time no any problem so what's that happened there they're than lies why trust them they don't understand job they not working well as it's should be than no proof but lies than they're saying lies to company why company trust there's lies who working there's managers without investigation to knowing why trust them company not trust them others they're not good for customer because They're for customer remember I'm good customer since 2012 no problem Also find out who good customer who benefit should better just remind about that make decision this I'm good customer since many years ago that's shocking about company that why that's who's working there they not working well as it's should be than lies make investigation serious who not working well as it's should be this information should be there I claim to rental also other managers between them they're fired job there I complained also when I called department they say that's managers others no more there but why they're having trouble there about job they have problem knowing ready regarding customer why company they not be fix this problem issue to clearly understand that's when I complain they're said will be fix but it's nothing no answer who working there no calling to confirm no why crazy there also when I called others nothing company no understand what did what's said that's shocking about that because that's job why did that they're don't care job that's why they there nothing to knowing that job who working there they others nothing no understand what's working for otherwise complain should be serious about this issue and also about them there's who working there they no working company find out make investigation need to know about that understand true & lies about that this issue very important information make investigation about that to knowing more & to fix soon possible ok this is information for this I'm Aftab Yusuf my driver's License:, I complain since last year before and still yet no answer to knowing happened and reason also I need to know understand what's going on about that and who do not working well as it's should be carefully understood need to fix and investigation about that actived account and also take action about that because When I try to rent a car my account is not working since last year I'm finding about this problem somebody who locked my account he didn't know job his as It should be without any reason but there they have to lies for company & customer also know what to do there job working others all of them no that's why because when ever I call they told me that there going to send a request that somebody will help me out and fix this problem but nothing happen I did not get any call and no help so I'm shock about this and I'm good customer since long time so I don't know why national car someone locked again in my account no Active need to open account Active because good customer I'm good that's why that's I don't care but problem they're working there they nothing than company that be careful who's there they're not true that's lies they who managers and others who's working there they're that's said false that's why they're no me I'm good customer I don't care about this very carefully and because who's there and that's company for that's remember that's very important for because all I explaining about that it's up to them & company I can't make any rental car booking please fix this problem I've been finding out this problem since last year and until now why that employee did like this & without any reason please fix these problem if not I will cancel this emerald member club national car and other there membership andI will take other company if it will be not fix & like this because I complain already may time to all departments but nothing also head offices Management but nothing who working there did not working well as it's should be shocking that & no any company like that just reminder take action for the issued this to knowing truth who trust to knowing true than make decision sooner possible than to what's going on why's there employers & customers things about importantly for this all do good for knowing remember I'm good customer long time be better We will continue or I will closed that membership I will take other company if not fix knowing remaining & also I have other members Hertz I have no problem regarding this issue there they have problem that company who working there managers & other say lie about reason but it's not true also make investigation what's going on I have proof for evidence about them & witness about that there company  have problem about who's managers and others who working there need to be very carefully very important about regarding issue about it's emerald   Member national Alamo enterprise need to know Also this is last FinaL decision because when I complaining many times about that send e-mail and called than others saying go to Toronto Airport when I going to Toronto Airport also who's managers and others who working don't nothing to job don't understand about job no understand but nothing there happened because no any find out about this issue to knowing jobs this who others working there also not working well as it's should be there they don't job they don't care this for customer & also from there company no understand company be serious about them there for customers very important about that this I want know and this message send to head office important than again about that make investigation about there to that issue company who working there they didn't working well as it's should be because when I called to complain there nothing and who managers they send lies information to that's risk department it's was not true I don't why trust them they don't have proof Because I have proof when I complain about them then locked account and than they saying lies to risk department because I complaining them that's why and then also after I complaining there about that all Explaining and there and risk department no any to knowing who's true & no answer to complete to to know what's going on about that happened & no any to take action about that this issue for us also they not take investigation to complete job also no any this important issue regarding customer information remainder if not us not there because there for us customer remember that very important this is reminder and also again no any other company like that about this I complaining about that managers they saying lies they have problem they're don't know understand job that's and others nothing for us customer all explaining about that is shocking there be very carefully find out & fixing about that or closed all membership to knowing because I complaining many times about that but nothing happened that's why so need to know about that &  knowing or I will take care another company for us there remember finding out about this happened & should be to fix this also there us customer if not us not there this is also sending to head office to know about this Issue be carefully about for, its to there's hopefully understand hopefully Thank You.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Alamo Rent A Car Customer Care's Response, Dec 11, 2018

    Aftabyusuf, We’ve noted your comments and would like to have the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send us a detailed email to [protected] include the exact rental location, your contact telephone number, your claims, rental agreement or reservation numbers and any further information regarding your experience with us. Thank you! - Carol H.

Dec 07, 2018

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