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I rented a car for my son through car for a 10/28/21-11/01/21 time period pickup at San Jose, CA airport. They refused to release the car because he didn't have a major credit card and only a debit/credit card. They refused to take a credit card over the phone. The car rental had been completely paid for at that point. They refused to give a refund or a credit for a future rental.

Desired outcome: Refund for the rental - refused to refund

I booked a car rental with my debit card through car They accepted my debit card as payment for an 11 day rental in Toronto Canada.
The car rental company did not accept my debit card for security deposit and cancelled my reservation, leaving me stranded.
I contacted several people within the company and have only been reffered back to the policy that the rental company would not accept a debit card as security, but why did they accept my debit card payment in full for the rental. I should have been provided full refund and will continue to try to obtain refund of 681.00. This is a ridiculous situation. If debit is not accepted they should have never used the card to pay for the rental in full!!

Desired outcome: refund - Car rental

Terrible service and even worse excuses. I have spoken with three different representatives with no luck. Here is what happened. I booked through car rentals and even paid the extra $50.00 insurance...

Read full review - Double charged. First at booking on line and then again when turning the car in.

Do not use this company. Book directly with whatever rental company you want to use. I was charged first when I booked, then a second time when I turned the vehicle in at budget. The car was in perfect condition, and the gas tank full. When I sent in my complaint (which was not easy, many steps, no human contact despite the fact that their resolution department is outsourced to get human). I was told that I added extra services, which I did not. Yes, I agree with other reviewed. This company is not honest. Do not use this company. - Charged twice

This is the worst company to use for car rental. I recently booked my reservation in Jan 2020 for June 2020. It was supposed to be for 3 weeks. Things change due to illness and I needed to change my reservation, and I have been struggling to change or cancel. There is no phone number to call and they keep emailing whenever they like. It has been my worst experience. They don't let you cancel the reservation and keep making excuses. They told me to book another reservation and then they will cancel the first one. Still they did not and now I am tied with two reservations. I have been charged twice. It is very frustrating. - Rental car booking [protected] & [protected]

I live in the UK but I am a US citizen and home back to the US every 3-4 months. I usually use and have always thought they were good until I realized they are impossible to deal with...

Read full review - Car rental

I reserved a "Pay at the Counter" car and noticed I was charged at the day of the reservation. Carrentals said they don't know what the charge is about, refused to refund me, and told me to talk to the car supplier.

When I arrived to pick up the car, the supplier said they don't see the previous charge either and demanded I pay again for the car. I did, under the assumption it'll get sorted out later. Then the supplier provided me with a very low-end manual transmission car, while I ordered a high-end automatic car. I contacted Carrentals to resolve the issue but they did nothing and I ended up having to use that car during my whole vacation, which was a nightmare.

Before even picking up the car, I sensed something was wrong and asked Carrentals to double-check everything's ok with the reservation and that I will be receiving the exact car I ordered, and they confirmed I will. Apparently they didn't.

After my vacation, I contacted Carrentals numerous times and haven't been able to get a refund for my double charge nor for the fact I received an inferior, barely-driveable manual car. They simply don't care. - I made reservations, due to flight cancellations, I was not refunded.

I flew with Frontier Airline (my first mistake) from St. Louis, MO. to Santa Anna, CA. on 8/17/19. My early flight was canceled & it was pushed 3 hours, meaning I missed my connecting flight to my...

Read full review - Car rental

Made reservation for two passenger van specifically Opel Vivaro since there were 14 of us and lots of luggages. Avis declined my hard copy of the reservation which clearly had the pic of Opel Vivaro and explained in two areas of the reservation "Opel Vivaro or similar" and offered us Opel Zefir which was much smaller 7 passenger suv. Since we could not fit in them with our luggages we insisted on Open Vivaro but they declined and said we need to contact with our issue. Finally we were forced to pay additional 150 Euro per day to upgrade one of the cars to what it was supposed to be. Send email to and they claim the reservation was for Smaller Opel Zefir and when I sent them the hard copy proof of my reservation for bigger Opel Vivaro there were no response. DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE IN YOUR RESERVATION WITH CARRENTAL.COM OR YOU WILL PAY DEARLY AND CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. They are scammers who will tell you anything you like to hear but after the sale there is not even a phone number you can call them

Update by Masoud H
Aug 05, 2019

Still waiting someone to contact and make it right - Allianz insurance

When I rented with Carrentals in ISRAEL (using Budget) they offered me an Allianz policy which I discovered excludes Israel and excludes non US residents. On both counts I'd be in trouble if I required to claim. Also on both counts Carrentals knowingly sell you the policy. Seems they automatically instal your residence as ‘Alaska' if you are a non US resident and ignore the fact you are renting in Israel. I noticed other consumers using this dud policy which is part of the deal!!! I cancelled mine and am waiting a refund. - Car rental

Hertz dindn't advise to me that I shall have an international driver's license. In all European countries y have driven and rented cars is the only one that not accept my home-country driver'...

Read full review - Rental car charges

Date of the incident 7/7/2019
Booking #:J0772908338
Description: Under the above booking, a car was reserved by Car with Dollar rent a car to pick up a Ford focus car for one day at 339 South End Avenue Manhattan New York. When I presented the Booking number, Dollar car rental told me they could not rent the car for quoted Total price/day of $146.89. There was no customer service # for car Rentals .com to contact also. I ended up renting the car at the rate of $161.54 and paid a total of $323.07 for 2 days
After coming back home I was unable to contact Car because the customer service number provided on the Website for Car Rentals .com goes to American Arbitration Association for legal action.
Please find in the attachment receipts from both Rental as well as Dollar car rental.
For no fault of mine I ended up paying $30 extra for the car rental.
The issue appears to be between Car and Dollar car rental.
Kindly resolve it and credit me $30.
This complaint has also been filed with:
New York City Department of Consumer affairs, 42 Broadway New York, NY 10004 - Customer service

Had the worst experience with These people are fraud and cheat their customers. I had made a reservation which I wasn't able to cancel due to their site being down (took a screenshot) as well. Couldn't get in touch with the customer support because of their hours. Finally they cancelled my reservation and charged $55 for cancellation. I explained their agent the issue I was facing and they promised they would not charge the cancellation fee, but I was still charged. This is complete cheating and scam, other rental booking companies honor what their customers say as well as keep their word. They just wanted to make money out of this transaction and they really don't care about customer relations or support. - scam

Vehicle wasn't ready at the reserved time. Bait & switch - I prepaid & was charged additionally. The place does not have 24 hour drop off for their "airport location" as claimed. I was charged an additional $20 for that. So all in all, charges $24 more than quoted & originally paid for. I waited 45 minutes for the vehicle & it still wasn't ready so I cancelled. refused to refund the money. They told me that maybe if I had waited AN HOUR OR TWO for my reservation they could MAYBE refund it. Unacceptable. - car rental advertises that you can rent a car with a debit card. They also popped up strongly when I searched via Google for companies who accept debit cards. But after I paid with my debit card, they said the company I booked with does not accept credit cards. And I do not own a credit card. took the payment from my debit card knowing this company does not accept debit cards.

Because I do not have a credit card, the car rental company refused to fulfill my booking. They shredded the booking although I already paid for it. is refusing to refund the payment because the booking was "cancelled" ! But I did not cancel it, the car rental company did.

So, who is keeping the money for the service NOT rendered? Both and U-Save car rentals seem to be working together to steal money in this devious way.

same thing just happened to me and I am furious!! - booked 12 passenger van actual car 5 passenger van!!!

BUYER BEWARE !!! You cannot trust reservations made of this site. I made reservations 2 months in advance for a 12 passenger van for a family trip. A few days later, I called the pickup location to ask if they could give us a 9 passenger van instead of a 12 passenger van. Imagine my shock when they told me that what I had booked through was a 5 passenger car (Mazda 5). I shared the screen capture and reservation email details with customer service that showed booking for a 12 passenger van.
I was told that they would check with provider and because this was their error, they would find me a new reservation and provide it at the same cost as my original booking.
I remember thinking WOW ! what good customer service!
But boy was I wrong!
When I called back to follow up I was told to wait as they needed to investigate further. The stories kept changing. Ultimately after a month of chasing I was told that they were unable to make a reservation for me nor give me a credit for the difference in current booking costs (because prices had increased in the month).

The final ultimate kick in the mouth was when their customer service team sent me an excerpt of their boilerplate T&C and basically said they weren't responsible for any mistakes and that I was on my own.

I shudder to think about the disaster I'd have walked into on the first day of my vacation if I had not discovered their screw-up by accident.

Stay away from their platform if you want to be confident about your car rental reservation.

They should change their name to amateurhour - I am complaining about lack of communication

the other day i had made a reservation the other day for today april 25 . I go to the place and for one they gave me the wrong address!!!so i finally found the place & they told me they didn't have any cars for me so i try to get my money back and car don't have a number and on the email they sent it say it's non refundable but i never got the car, this is so crazy i will NEVER order from this website again !!! - money paid upfront, rental car not provided and no refund given

Worst customer service experience, Booked rental car, Paid upfront, Car not provided.

Online Booking portal -
Car rental company - Routes car rentals (Toronto Airport)

I booked my car rental 1 month in advance through and while booking I picked airport as the pickup location. Additionally, their search page showed shuttle service from the airport.

I landed at Toronto airport and there was supposed to be shuttle service at 11:00 PM. I called routes and they said we cannot pick you up. You have to come to the location and we guys are open till 11:30 only.

Now claim please read terms and conditions as it says pick up is not available after 10:00 PM. Guys are you serious, why search page is showing shuttle service since I have already selected the pickup time as 11:00 PM ?? If there is no shuttle mark it and highlight on your website rather than having it somewhere in terms and condition and claim that you accepted while booking. Additionally Booking confirmation email said pickup as Toronto Airport. Screenshot attached for reference.

My friend came to pick me up and somehow we reached the location by 11:40 PM. Outside of their entry gate, it was mentioned timings as 11:30 PM only. I turned back and headed towards friends place for the night. They said we were open till 12:00 PM (Lights turned off, Operation hours board showed 11:30 PM as a closing hour, Website showing as 10:00 PM). Now if you are genius you have to guess people are still there inside the office. :)

Even I called to cross-check outside of the door at 11:45 no one picked up the call.

Next morning my friend took me again to their location and now things got messed up.

First, their staff seemed very rude while dealing. The lady sitting at the front desk said we don't have your booking and its expired. I had booked for 4 days starting 18th April 2019 at 11:00 PM till 22nd April. I paid all the money upfront while booking through They refused to give the car keys on day 2 morning of my booking.

Thus I had to book another car this time through enterprise for the remaining two days of my travel.

Now Routes car rental along with claiming that if you don't take the car within 1-2 hours your booking gets expired. Thus if you have some flight delay or baggage delay forget about getting the keys through these people.

I have never ever seen such an awful customer experience. Especially through an Expedia group company ( They even did not help me in this case. Additionally, I don't have words to express it for Routes car rental as well.

My only query is, I was not offered the car, return my money back.

Lately, since they know that it's not a good experience they intentionally send the email for 1 booking and not for the other.

Amandeep, tell us about your experience with Enterprise
Why not received an email for experience with Routes ?? - terrible service!!! my reservation be cancelled and abnormal charge. I just ask for change rental location.

Two days ago I had a reservation in to rent a car. After I placed order and paid for it. Next second, I knew it's wrong location. I asked for can I change pick-up and return locations. Yesterday, I got a email told my reservation was be canceled. Why? I don't understand. I wrote back a email ask for give me a call. But I didn't get any message .
I don't know what's going on!!!
Also the email told it need to charge canceling fee. But I totally want to rent a car !!
Now I can't get car and have a unexpected charge. I don't know what can I say! It's a terrible experience. - reimbursement for a car rental I never got.

I am writing you because I need to know how to get my money back for a van we had rented at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Air Port for Friday January 4- January 7th, 2019. I did a pre-paid rental. After having a 5 hour flight delay ( Which I know is not your fault) I get to Advantage Car rental and find over 150 people in line to pick up their cars. The people working behind the counter tell us that there will be at least a 2 hour wait for cars because they don't have any cars to give us. Now, I am in Phoenix for a short weekend and I don't want to or feel that I should have to wait 2 hours for a rental car. So, I am reaching out to you because I feel that you owe me my money back. Please respond to my email and let me know how we are going to resolve this. And if you can't then I need to find out who I need to talk to about this situation.

My Confirmation number for this rental was LADP0C42EAAD

Thank You,
Heidi J Reece

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