Alamo Rent A Car Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / rental car

Oct 02, 2017

My rental agreement number is 748756486. It was supposed to be returned on September 25th and I am currently in the hospital. I advised the agent that I needed to extend the rental until Sunday October 1st. I still have not been released from the hospital and when I advised them to please...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / billing

Oct 01, 2017

I was overcharged for this rental. I started with a bill for one day total $44.61. Picked up the vehicle and handed the rep 3 $25 off coupons to use to pay. He added them to the invoice. My total showed $12.83 and a remaining $50 voucher amount. The car was dirty and smelled horribly but I...

Alamo Rent A Car / was misinformed on telephone at atlanta airport by alamo

Sep 28, 2017

#1150251849 Sept 21 to Sept 25. Atlanta Airport Alamo We rented a car at Atlanta Airport on Sept 21 to Sept 25, 2017 because it was 100 dollars cheaper then our neighborhood Enterprise would of ended up being even cheaper and much more convent for the airport is one hour away and had to pay...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / car hire from orlando international airport

Sep 27, 2017

We booked a hire car through Virgin Holidays who use Alamo WE booked and paid for a medium Suv from1st August 2017 through 29th August we ordered a medium Suv because when we did the same hire on Jan 15th this year we ordered a large suv and it was too large so we downgraded to a medium but...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / customer service

Sep 24, 2017

To whom it may concern, For starters I would like to thank you for the use of your cars for myself and two kids. Without this service it would have made our dream holiday very difficult. My only complaint is the customer service or lack of. Most of the staff we dealt with were ignorant...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / rental car services at iah houston airport

Sep 22, 2017

The experience at Alamo was beyond horrific. The customer service was the worst I have experienced on the day I landed. I went to collect my car that I had reserved but ended up waiting at Allamo for 7 hours with my daughter and her baby after flying for over 10 hours and then going...

Alamo Rent A Car / garmin navigator charger out of service

Sep 17, 2017

I've rented a car the 8 of September in S. francisco (340 O Farrel st _ RA # 748553732/ RES # 1245440370 ), a Jeep patriot with the addition of a "navigator Garmin". Unfortunately the first they give me was without charge and swich off each time I searching for a destination. The second...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / unsatisfied

Sep 17, 2017

I always rent my vehicle from Alamo. Unfortunately I recently rented a vehicle, that the breaks was no good at all and the check engine light came on. Due to us being located in Florida and Hurricane Irma was on approached I wasn't able to return the vehicle and exchanged it. So I finally...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / broken down rental/overcharged for replacement

Sep 17, 2017

To whom it may concern: 9/2/2017 rented from ALAMO, Dallas Tx, paid for premium rental and received a beautiful 2018 Cadillac suv 800miles on it. On 9/3/2017 the car broke down in 4 lanes of traffic had to call the police to get us out of harms way as per the representative with Alamo, a...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / wrongful damage claim

Sep 11, 2017

When I returned my car, I was asked about some damage to the bumper. We had not been in an accident, nor had I ever noticed the hole in the (lower) black part of the rear bumper. When we got the car it was backed up close to a pillar in the dimly lit garage. When we dropped off the car...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / I was charged twice for my gas and taxes, I paid cash at the counter and discovered later that they are not supposed to take cash

Aug 30, 2017

RA#747812432 REF#2779168 I rented a car on 7-28-17 from Ft.lauderdale airport. I prepaid for the car when i booked my flight. When i got to the counter to rent the car the man told me that it dod not include taxes which he said i needed to pay. He also asked me if i wanted to prepay for...

Alamo Rent A Car / bait and switch overcharge

Aug 24, 2017

My wife booked a 5 day vacation to Fort Meyers through Expedia. She paid for the flight and car rental including the additional insurance coverage. At the Alamo rental desk in Florida the Alamo Representative explained that the car she rented was a tiny compact that he said he wouldn't feel...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / I will never do business with them again

Aug 23, 2017

What kind of service is that? The worst experience in my life. I reserved a car through a travel agency. At the airport, I got to their counter The woman behind it looked like she hates everyone and didn't want to be avoided and talk to anyone at all. She wanted me to pay for a different...

Alamo Rent A Car / money customer service

Aug 21, 2017

Rude, unprofessional, I will never rent from Alamo again they have unprofessional people working at the location in Greensboro NC. Employee named Donna was rude upset about simple questions I needed answered concerning prices Never been so rushed/Forced. I felt the racial tension I did ask...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / car rental damage claim

Aug 19, 2017

Hello I am writing to your Customer Service Department at Alamo Car Rental Company in order to report that I have received several letters claiming damage to a rental vehicle I had rented in June 2017. The letter of notice I received first was dated July 3, 2017. Since I was away when the...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / don't trust them

Aug 17, 2017

I rented a car through their website and paid ahead. When I arrived at the airport I decided to choose another one, I had to pay $20 more. But they cheated me and charged even more than I paid for the previous car. As I was told I had to pay a $1100 difference. I don' know how it ha...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / exaggerated bill.

Aug 15, 2017

We rented a car on 10/08/2017 in Nice-France, the rented car was a Mercedes CLA, we arrived at the site of the survey, the car was waiting for us, Black color, we did all the visas in detail in the vehicle, took about 15 minutes, When a fuel conference or even met with ¼ of the tank less, ie...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / car rental

Aug 10, 2017

I rented an economy car from Quad City Airport (Moline, IL) one way to Kansas City. I picked the vehicle up approximately 5PM July 19, 2017. Upon my approach to the vehicle I noticed nothing wrong with it. The car was backed into the parking space so my approach was from the front of the...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / lost item customer support

Aug 07, 2017

I rented a car from Dallas Love Field on Saturday August 5th, to be returned early morning on August 6th (1am). I left two items in the car, which I did not realize until the next morning. I called customer service to try and get the telephone number to the location directly. I was given...

[Resolved] Alamo Car Rental / fraudulent collection

Aug 06, 2017

June 2017, I rented a car for a week with Alamo. The night before I was to return the car, I stayed at a hotel 1 mile away from the Kansas airport where I had rented the car. It hailed that evening and the next morning I did not see any damage to the car. When I dropped off the car at the...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / service from manager andres de ocha

Aug 01, 2017

Last night I was renting a car in Miami international. At first a employee helped me a the kiosk, I came down the elevetor and met Andres, he told me go to row 1 and have your ID ready for the gate. I went to the gate they told me I needed the credi card, andres repeated the same thing. I...

[Resolved] Alamo Rental / policy/ charge

Aug 01, 2017

My sister rented a vehicle back in March & reserved it on line with her credit card. When arriving at St Petersburg FL Alamo service desk. I was going to be the driver. I had my drivers license and insurance card not realizing that I needed a credit card, that was no problem until I went...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / car rental damage claim/unethical and unfounded

Jul 29, 2017

I returned my Alamo rental Toyota Corolla to the Palm Springs, Ca. airport on June 30 2017 after having the vehicle for 4 nights. The car was in the exact same condition upon return as it was when I first drove it off the lot. I did not have any incidences that would have caused any damage...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / deposit not returned

Jul 25, 2017

According to your policy the car would be charged to my credit card and the deposit held but released as soon as the car is returned safely. I have been without $200 dollars for a deposit that was supposed to be released over a week ago. I called to speak with the rep and they told me...

Alamo Rent A Car / fraudulent, unethical employees, unauthorized credit card charges, deposit and franchise return

Jul 20, 2017

Before describing! I have already sent detailed email to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] but no one answered! We rented a car during the period from 05.07.17 to 10.07.17 from alamo by ent. Address nice airport car rental center - aÉroport de nice...

Alamo Car Rental — Costco Travel / alamo car rental

Jul 17, 2017

I am writing in regard to an issue I am having with Alamo Rent-a-Car, one of the rental company you promote on your Costco Travel website. On March 21, 2017 I rented a vehicle from Alamo at Tampa Intel Airport. The rental period ended April 3, 2017 and I returned the vehicle on time. Up...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / service: rental counter at tampa int'l airport

Jul 12, 2017

My wife and I rented a car from Alamo (TPA) as part of a United Airlines package. The attendant who served (using the term loosely) us was quite rude to my wife and obnoxious overall and totally not customer-focused at all. He apparently thinks his job is beneath him, given his overall...

Alamo Rental Car / product/ subject of complaint

Jul 02, 2017

Some people in front of my Mini Van that i have requested a 7 seat Dodge Grand caravan, which holds 4 large bags #529305823, We had 6 passengers plus bowling bags. Those people decided that they did not want their car that was sitting there, they wanted the Van that had just came in for me...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / pre existing damage

Jul 01, 2017

5-12-17 rented a SUV from Alamo that had pre-existing damage, however prior to leaving the lot was told the "vehicle" was all set to go and based on that assumption presumed the vehicle didn't have any damage. Upon returning vehicle, we told the clerk and it was noted. Alamo sent us a bill...

Alamo Rent A Car / alamo

Jun 27, 2017

The most horrible experience in a long time I came from Los Angeles California to Greensboro North Carolina upon my arrival me and my husband experienced a non-professional greeting where the young lady was on her phone in a mini skirt. I reserved a full-size vehicle only to find out that...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / car rental

Jun 25, 2017

I am complaining about the $500 drop off charge we paid.We picked up the car in San Francisco on the 24/05/2017.We were charged $500 to take it to New Orleans the car is registered in Tennessee according to its number plate! So in reality we were doing you a favour by taking the car most...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / damage claim that I did not do

Jun 20, 2017

On Tuesday, June 6th, 2017 at approximately 9:00 AM I picked up my rental, a gray 2016 Honda Odyssey (rental agreement 538413660). The vehicle was parked in the Bob Hope Airport parking facility in Burbank, CA. The weather conditions were cloudy and overcast. The parking structure was on...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / repayment of a tire I had to purchase for my rental.. not happy

Jun 19, 2017

I rented the car on May 27, 2017 from Fort Lauderdale - On our way back to the airport on June 3, 2017 -my fiance noticed a nail in the tire - WE called Alamo and they told us go to a tire place and have it fixed and we would be reimbursed. After several phone calls and trips to different...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / alamo damage scam

May 31, 2017

Alamo Disneyworld Fla, made a couple of scrapes on the fender nothing to bad this was 4/31/2016, They sent me a bill for about $180 paid it, a few months later received a statement saying all was ok and my balance was $00. Just got an email on 5/30/2017 with pictures saying there is an...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / charged me twice

May 29, 2017

We rented a car from Alamo in May for a week while in Germany, and have had a horrible experience. The car was picked up in Munich and we dropped it off in Nuremberg. The charges weren't too high and the deposit was €250, which we were happy about. However, we got charged the full amount for...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / abusive luggage service

May 15, 2017

When I was returning the car, a man started to get all my luggage and putting into a cart (I haven't asked him to do so), he told me that he was not part of Alamo and that he works with tips. The way I understand tips, they are not predefined and that guy told me that for less than five...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / deposit being taken out my account

May 04, 2017

I rented a car through hotwire with Alamo Rental in the West Palm Beach Airport Terminal on April, 26 2017 and hotwire charged me $112 and change for the rental for 5 days. I opted out of all the extras to keep from spending more money so the Alamo rep scanned my card which was a deposit...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / stealing from customers with illegal charges

Apr 30, 2017

On April 19, 2017 I rented a car at Sanford international airport in Florida. Several days later I was glancing at my contract and noticed the contract was stamped "return empty". Since I did not authorize this charge I called your customer service department to report my concerns. I wa...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / fraudulent charges to credit card

Apr 28, 2017

I rented a car through Kayak for a rental car from Raleigh airport to be retuned at the Greensboro airport 2 days later. I returnedthe car at the agreed day/time and everything seemed normal with the check in. No damage was reported and the rental aggreement was for $131 in total. I later...

[Resolved] Alamo Rent A Car / service

Apr 25, 2017

Please everybody check the condition of your Alamo Rent A Car, they could charge you for something you did not cause! Alamo at Miami International Airport - MIA is charging me a damage in my rental vehicle that I did not cause. The vehicle provided by Alamo had a dent and they made a...