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Airtel Datacard Gprs / customer cheating and hopeless service!

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A copy of email to Airtel:

I have got a DataCard with GPRS plan of 599 which allows 500MB quota. Before 10 days GPRS showed Not OK & I wasn't able to connect. Helpline told that its due to upgrade activities. I waited for 2 days & called again to know my bill has exceeded credit limit & card is blocked. I couldn't connect for more than a week.

When I personally went to Airtel store, I was told that nothing can be done until my bill is ready on 23rd Jan. On 26 Jan I called helpline to know that the bill had exceeded my credit limit [god knows on what rate you calculate the bill?] but now I was given a discount as per the plan of 500MB. And my card was working from 27th Jan.

My question is -[1] why did you not inform me about such a hopeless billing method if it was sure that my card will exceed the credit amount if I use even 200MB whereas actual quota is of 500MB??? [2] Why did you not adjust the credit limit or rate of calculation as per 500MB plan? Am I supposed to go through all this torture every month? This is CHEATING since you are not giving 500MB completely. I can only use 200MB at this billing policy.

I demand a written explanation on what is your stand on this and assure me that I will be able to use full 500MB every month without any problems related to billing system.

I promise you that if you fail to reply to this or a single time my connection fails, I am going to drag you to Consumer court and make sure that no one I know purchases such a hopeless service!

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  • Br
      8th of Mar, 2007
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    I am full agreed i with your comment.

  • Ra
      20th of Apr, 2007
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    I have taken data card connection, the speed is horrible..I too faced the same problem as above. Customer care supervisor (Mukul), his words: we told that maximum speed is 236 KBPS and we never committed min speed. This was not communicated to me when I called up pre-sales inquiry.

    Airtel are cheaters!

  • Vi
      21st of Jun, 2007
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    The speed is horrible and Mukul is making fool of us. When i contacted them they said to check datacard at Okhala service center. There the people at desk said for speed airtel poor network is responsible.They just make people fool by advertising highly.

  • Ma
      17th of Jul, 2007
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    I too purchased Airtel USB Model (Data card), the speed is too horrible. In the morning around 5 AM the speed is around 8 - 10 KB / sec. But after that the speed is less than 1 or 2 KB/sec.

    Also the service never worked all over India. (23 states) I have no connectivity in my home town. If I call 7070 from my mobile then this calls are charged as I am in roaming.

    Without even informing me they just disconnected an active connection saying that the address verification is still not complete. !@#$%^&*() Why was the connection active before being verified?

  • Aj
      22nd of Aug, 2007
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    I agree, the same problem is offered by all of the internet providers in India. You will find hundreds of complaints regarding cheating customers, giving false commitments at the start, over billing without giving clarification, sudden disconnection with any intimation.

    I have used all of the firms and find each company has set some kind of policy to rob customers on routine basis and even periodically. The Customer Care Officers sitting in airconditioned rooms make you round and round their offices and run from one desk to other.

    The Telecom Regulatory Authority even are supporting these firms but not attending complaints of customers. I believe that this is done as per the instructions of top people sitting at the managerial level. You make complaint to any level, nothing will help you. Yes, on one sudden day you will be sent a summon by their lawyer forcing you to pay whatever they demand.

    We are in need of their services that they know. The last thing left is we should make a group and file our complaint with Respected Supreme Coart of India. I am we will receive the best help and justice.

  • Ra
      1st of Sep, 2007
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    I agree, the same problem Airtel making the customer full. My data card is not working from last 2 days in my area but they said to me that we have given you time limit i.e SLA of 72 hr call after the SLA. Means you have no work to other than calling customer care and top of this if you call more than 3 times they BAR (block) your customer care. This is hopeless other service provider not do like this.

    Also the customer care people behavior is shameless.

  • Az
      9th of Oct, 2007
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    Airtel Isp - Poor service!

    I am using airtel as my ISP and cannot access my site from this ISP where as it is easily accessible from other ISPs like Tata Indicom; & BSNL. There seems to be a routing problem with airtel and the error is RTO (requested time out).

    Very poor service!

  • Ji
      11th of Jan, 2008
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  • Ji
      11th of Jan, 2008
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    I was using Airtel data card.It was working fine suddenly it stoped woring with error 'The connection has failed [0x8007027e].When i spoke to customer care Executive he said there is problem in the Airtel SIM.So i got my SIM change from Airtel outlet.But the data card did not work.Again i spoke to executive he said problem would be in datacard so i need to repair the datacard,next day ha said problem would be in Laptop or in operating system but the thing is that my data card is still not working and i am thinking to purchase a new Tata Indicom USB data card.

  • Ud
      20th of Feb, 2008
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    Yes, there are some serious problems with AIRTEL ISP. I am also using airtel datacard for past three months, when I try to connect to the network, the connection will hold good for 5 to 10 mins and after that, the connection will be fine, strength will be good bt there wont be any data transfer (mean, sent will be zero and received data will be zero). When I complained they made me a fool with regard to the GPRS services, datacard support guy says, therez no GPRS activated and get it activated. When I call 121, they say as it is datacard, we are not responsiblem datacard support will help you. But lately they accepted that therez problem with AIRTEL ISP and they are working on it. But till now therez no resolution for the problem.
    IS TRAI listening to these problems from their providers who are gaining by charging customers for nothing.

  • An
      22nd of Feb, 2008
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    Same is the case with me.

    On February 19, 2008 at 8:00 AM, I found my internet connection not working properly.

    On February 19, 2008 at 6:00 PM, I called for technical support to data card help line 7070. Mr. Vikram reset my account and said that problem will be solved and it will take 4-8 hours BUT could not solve the problem.

    On February 19, 2008 at 10:00 PM, I called for technical support to data card help line 7070. Mr. Amandeep said that GPRS is down and registered the complain by complaint no. 15648879 and said that problem will be solved and it will take 4-8 hours BUT could not solve the problem.

    On February 20, 2008 at 2:00 PM, I called for technical support to data card help line 7070. Ms Neha said that GPRS is OK and said that problem will be solved and it will take 4-8 hours BUT could not solve the problem.

    Mean while I continued several times at 7070 BUT the executives sometimes said that GPRS is down and sometimes said that GPRS is OK i.e. there was no clear information that what the problem is actually.

    On February 21, 2008 at 4:00 PM, I received call from no. + 91 124 4246281 your technical support female executive (after expiring query time line February 21, 2008 at 12:30 PM) who said that GPRS is OK and I have to search my SIM network manually by GPRS enabled handset. I get it done at Kingsway Camp, Delhi outlet (North West Marketers (P) Ltd. 33, Main Bazar, Hudson Line, Kingsway Camp, Delhi – 09) I as I don’t have GPRS enabled handset BUT could not solve the problem.

    Meanwhile my complaint no. 15643379 was terminated without solving my problem by your Technical Support Team. I got this information by Ms Neha on February 21, 2008 at 8:00 PM who also re-registered my complained by ticket no. 15649358.

    On February 22, 2008 at 1:00 PM, it could not solve the problem.

  • So
      1st of Apr, 2008
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    I strongly agree, airtel's data card is pathetic plus the customer care people are not knowledgable enough to be able to help you with your data card issues. Its painful to talk to them.

  • An
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    I have taken Airtel GPRS connection on my mobile. Monthly Rs.399/- is charaged as rental. While taking connection the executive told me that whenever you need connection send AGPRS as SMS to 121. and When you dont want connection send DGPRS to 121. and you will be charged rent only on daily basis. But AGPRS and DGPRS never worked. Even after sending DGPRS to 121 it never got de-activated.

    I am charged full Rs.399/- for last 2 months. only in weekends (maximum monthly 5-6 days i need to use GPRS. I send AGPRS when I want to use and DGPRS when I stop using. But it never worked).

    This is a clear CHEATING from AirTel. I never expected this from one of the india's biggest telephone company.

    Never ever take AirTel GPRS connection, if you dont want to get Cheated.

  • Na
      17th of Mar, 2009
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    i agreee. AIRTEL is a BIG CHEATER, I took a data card from Airtel with a post paid number. Those pathetic idiots first did not activate connection for two weeks citing all sorts of reasons. when finally it got activated it was aroun 2kbps/sec speed. after 1 week that too got disconnected. Whwn we called them they said that as address verification has failed our connection was not valid. The FUNNy thing is that we got no call for address verification from them. Despite repeated calls no one came for verification. When we finally sent mail to they informed us that the connectiion has been permanently terminated. I dont know is this their standard of ### service or they are deliberately out to harass people. I think they should be banned from the Indian market.

  • Se
      12th of Apr, 2009
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    Definitely I agree.
    They are worst in service and quality.
    There is no difference with thier post paid and prepaid mobile internet. Sometimes, the pre-paid is good.
    I nearly called more than 100 time to get a service, but everytime, they told that we will call you back in 1 days, in some hours and soe minutes also immediately, but nobody called me.

    So I decided don't pay the bill, whatever comes.
    But they send 3 letters to pay the bill, after that they forgot.

    Also regently, they announced another service in thier pre-paid scheme, that's "pay as use", is chargable of 30paisa/50kb.

    Please read and comment...


  • Se
      12th of Apr, 2009
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  • It
      14th of May, 2010
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    I bought Airtel datacard 4 days ago still not activated and I am disappointed to think about when it will be activated.
    I dial to 121 by another cell no. and they all time all guy say to dial 7070 . When i dial 7070 by my prepaid connection of airtel got recorded message this number is not valid.

    Also the guy who are provided the datacard they are not picking the phone.

    Now I am not getting what should i do. After One day I have to go outdoor from delhi to bihar but Still datacard is not activated.

    Pravin Prakash
    Mobile no - 9958322078
    G- 11, Saurabh Vihar
    Jaitpur Road
    Badrpur Border, New Delhi - 44

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