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Airtel / poor customer service!

1 India Review updated:

Considering Airtel as a professional company, I took a decision in haste to go for the airtel landline as well as broadband connection. In order to register me as a client, the customer care executive pitched up on the 2nd day, collected the registration amount, received all the required documents and confirmed that the phone with the broadband connection will be installed within 3 working days. I had to travel outside and when I returned after a week, I was informed by the CC executive Shankar that one document is missing. I arranged it same day itself and I was once again promised that the installation will be done next day itself. Since then, it has been 6 days and there has been no action whatsoever from airtel. Customer care executive Shankar has stopped answering my calls, let aside feeling sorry for the delay. It has been an extremely pathetic service and something like this is not expected at all from the growing company like Airtel.

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  • Ma
      5th of Feb, 2007
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    I use airtel prepaid with nokia 3230 set. From about 2 months i cannot send sms. I want to use so many services but these services can be only started by messages. When I send a message from my mobile on any number then a message appears on the screen "message sending failed, check your network services."

    My second problem is that I cannot talk to customer care with my sim card. My number has been blocked by Airtel. I do not know why. Whenever I dial 121 then it says "Send your queries within 130 words by sms on 121.Your problems solved within 24 hours."

    I told Airtel about the problems eleven times to customer care by my friends number but every one make me fool. They told within 5 days your problems will be solved but my problems are as it. Airtel has very poor service.

  • Vi
      15th of Feb, 2007
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    I have a plan of rs 69 on which national sms is charge by rs 0.10 price. On 14 feb they deduct rs 2.00 for a sms. They did not inform me as well as i check my a/c i know of this situation. That is very bad way of doing business, actually it is cheating to its customer what they did.

    I want to aware the all others to see all others option before going for such one, and also check all others morality which i don't know.

  • Pr
      7th of Mar, 2007
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    I receive electronic itemized bill from Airtel India every month and I am not very particular in reviewing this month on month. And one good thing is I also receive a SMS on the amount of the bill for the month.

    However, due to some claims that I had to submit I was in need of Two months electronic bill and when I check there was discrepancy in the bill amount for the month of Jan with what was actually was debited from my account. Electronic bill showed 800/ and SMS 1234.

    When I call the customer care to explain this and request her to send me the corrected version of the bill, it is so disgusting that the executive cannot digest the question and recklessly asks me to repeat the question at least four times.

    She was not capable to take my query and hence I asked her to put me to her supervisor and after some time she disconnects my call.

    Again i called with a direct request to talk to the supervisor and teh executive on hearing teh query again disconnects the call.
    I thought this is the problem with my phone hence I used the other phone to call them and I get for the third time the message that the supervisors are busy and without intimation disconnects the call.

    This is really very frustrating.

  • Ad
      19th of Mar, 2007
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    I had made a request to Airtel to install a parallel connection on my Landline (Airtel) on date 5/2/07. They gave me a deadline of 1 week. After that no response. Filed more than 3 complaints but yet no action taken. Its been more than a month and half.

  • Su
      6th of May, 2007
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    I have been applying for the broadband connection from Airtel from about 3-4 months, through website , service centers and customer care phone. Every time i do so they tell me that a person will come at your place within 48 hours and tell you the proceedings and a lead number is provided.

    Then after that there is nobody to take care of it. They just make fake promises. They don't even respond , if they can give me the connection or not.

    Its now gone overhead. Someone please provide me the number of some manager or regional head from Airtel.

  • Te
      1st of May, 2007
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    Problem issue:

    1. Service Barred without Giving Specific Reason,
    2. Service Not Getting Restored even after all efforts from My Sides…
    3. Repeated request for Same Service still no response from the Organization
    4. 25 days of services Barring & 19 Repeated Request Only False commitments from the Team
    5. No Escalations in spite of repeated requests from My End…
    6. TLs at Call center are never available to take the issue…
    7. Financial loss more then Rs. 1,00,000 (Details available on request)

    Detailed problem History given below…

    My problem Started some time in the month of March
    My Billing Date is 28th of every month

    My Invoice Dt 28th Feb was of Rs 617; with Due Date sometime around 18th March; as my regular Practice I Dropped the cheque in the local Droop Box,

    My Next Invoice Got Generated on 28th of March;
    I Got the confirmation in the Bill; "Payment Received"

    Life was as usual for me, then suddenly on 2nd April 07 My out Going Services were barred; I Being unaware of situation called up Customer Care help line to find out as to what went wrong…
    I was told: ”Sir your payment is reflecting in our system but there is some problem, we do not know what’s the issue, seems some error from our side, your services will be restored in 4 HRS”

    Thanks to my luck it got activated in 4 hrs time… I was Again Happy things started working well BUT… ONLY for 1 Day
    Next Day My Broadband services were barred I again called up Customer Care help line to find out as to what went wrong…
    I was told, ”Sir your payment is reflecting in our system but there is some problem, we do not know what’s the issue, seems some error from our side, your services will be restored in 4 HRS”

    Thanks once again to my luck it got activated in 4 hrs time…
    Once again I was happy; things started working well BUT… this time ONLY for 2-3 Days

    As they say “you only live Twice”… This time My out Going as well as Incoming both services were barred

    I again Called up Help Line this time they found a reason they told my check was dishonored. I Checked with my bank I was told that there as some signature Mismatch (A Technical Reason as per banking term). I Requested Help line PPL to Surrender the Dishonored instrument (Which is mandatory as per RBI Guidelines) and I’ll immediately make the payment against it but they refused “We do not have any such Policies”

    I Tried Several times but it all went in vain finally tired of all this I made a payment of Rs. 650 some time around 18th April 07 Reflecting in your System Dt. 20th April 07

    Still my services were not restored I Called up Help line spoke to many a agents spoke to Retention team Agent name Akhilesh; Pooja etc. No Results, they say still there is some Outstanding on my A/c because of which they cannot restore my services
    5-6 calls to help line no response same reply O/S on my A/c so they cannot do any thing… Finally fed-up of all these issues I made one more payment of Rs. 650 on 25th April Reflecting in your system on Dt. 27th April 07

    Thank GOD… Out going restored (that too after 1 day)

    BUT… BUT Still the problem is not over my incoming service are barred. More then 12 Calls at help line during last 4 days no result... only false commitments:

    “will be done in 1-2 Hrs”,
    "will be done in 4 Hrs”,
    "will be done by 10:00 AM”,
    ”in 15 Min.” etc…

    I’m currently in a very miserable state of mind

  • Si
      14th of May, 2007
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    Re: Airtel

    I had very high opinion about the Airtel and it's customer care service. My experience revealed that it is not true. On 12.4.2007 I bought one cellphone handset along with one Airtel SIM card from NOKIA Priority dealer at Coimbatore. I gave whole documents required for registration and activation. My cell phone was activated with in minutes.

    To my surprise I received a message from Airtel stating that my enrollment application was not received and asked me to submit the same to avoid interruption. I understood that the dealer did not send the documents and he promised me that they would send them immediately. My out going calls were blocked with effect from 17.4.07.

    Believing that the dealer would not have sent the documents, I sent one another document to your Tudiyalur office through one another dealer on 20.4.2007. As the out going call facility was not restored, I directly approached your office situated at cross cut road, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore and explained all and gave one more application and photo on 24.4.2007. They assured me connection would be restored within 5 days. But till now connection not have restored ie30.4.2007. Whenever I dial your customer care Number 121, a recorded voice is repeating to call 121 but no resolution. I called your customer care center several times. The employees are not prompt and not interested/able to solve the problems.

    As I have purchased your product, I could not able to use the service for the last 15 days due to your poor customer care and your prompt less dealers. I regret very much for wasting my money and valuable time by trusting your product and service

    Thank you!

    With regards,

  • Mo
      15th of May, 2007
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    I have taken one Airtel Mobile connection, and activate Rs-250 GPRS on mobile but they are told me activate within 48 hours, but it will activate only after 5 days, and they are providing fabulous service daily nesry 2hr browsing only, they are telling 1 month unlimited, most of the time i spend to speak the customer care, but they are not responding. Very poor service!

  • Na
      23rd of May, 2007
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    I am an airtel subscriber (mobile , landline 41311037, broadband)for the last 3-4 years. My March 2007 bill was 1055 and I paid 1300 (Rs 245) extra . Because of that while paying the April 2007 bill I paid Rs 246 less. Your customer executives disturbed me so much asking about the remaining money even though their account reflect that my money is already available with you.

    Every time I spent 10- 20 mts just explaining about this and the heights of this is you disconnected my outgoing calls on 22nd. I couldn't believe that Airtel kind of company not valuing the customer time and pestering them by disconnecting the service .

    The heights of that is after disconnecting this we have informed airtel an your customer executive told me that they wll be reactivating it with in 4 hours and now even after more than 12 hours it is not activated .

    Today morning I've spent around 45 mts with your customer executive explaining him what happened in my bills , (atleast try to appoint who understand little bit of math ), As he couldn't understand I asked him to connect to his manager , he put me on hold for 5-7 mts and disconnected the call. his name is "Shreyan" and I called form 9845443433 mobile.

    I didn't expect this kind of approach from a company who value the customer and that might be the only reason why I am still with airtel.

  • Su
      10th of Jun, 2007
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    There is no log of complaint made to customer service executive, every time we have to repeat the same complaint. Feedback given is not reliable. Reaching customer care executive is a herculean task by itself.

    God save the organization who do not care about customer issues.

    Surajit Bahulikar

  • Bm
      10th of Jul, 2007
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    Free holl tone my cell : 9989742038.

  • La
      23rd of Jul, 2007
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    Collection officer come to the door step and threaten the customers for the outstanding bill for the number for which complaint has been already registered to 9845012345, customer service, for the cancellation of outgoing calls which was failed to do by customer care executive.

    After two and half months they comes up saying need to pay the bill, of about Rs.13000. on requesting for the bill detail they threaten and denying for the same. Even after personally calling up the senior executive corporate collection they do the same back. My point they having our email address for sending the bill details why cant they put the word across in the mail for the same before sending the collection people.

    Secondly why are they denying the bill detail to furnish me. Thirdly its the mistake of the customer care executive for which i need to bare this agony and sufferings. Need for the serious action to be taken against them.

  • Mi
      23rd of Jul, 2007
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    I have purchased one airtel sim card from India and I am using that in Dubai with the tie up of etisalat. Now someone entered the pin code incorrectly and it is blocked. Now it is asking for the PUK code. What is the solution for that the purchase card i left in India.

  • Bi
      5th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    Today early morning i enabled mobile office inorder to surf net on my holiday. Around 11 o clk connection gone.I cald the customer care thy r telling tat it wil be ready on Monday only. Thn why r those idiots sitting there?My 20 rupees gone. Holy crap !!!

  • Ar
      21st of Nov, 2007
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    i m not getting the incomming call who call to me just plz help me in this matter

  • Sh
      21st of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I am having airtel broadband connection for last 1 yr, first 1 yr i got good downloading speed like in the day 8-10 kbps and in the night it was 30-40kbps, but ofr last 15 days i am getting only 6-8kbps speed. They are really started cheating.

  • Ma
      13th of May, 2008
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    Kind Atten. Airtel Telecom Service Department

    We are Airtel User, we have taken totaly 7 landline conection,
    but currantly we are required only 2 connections.

    so permantaly diactivate service from given Nos. details

    user name : Om Namah infrastructure & reality pvt. Ltd.
    Account No.: 13578694
    Diactivate this no. 40133291

    Kindly do the needful. your help is highly oblized from us.

    Mahendra Pal

  • Br
      18th of Nov, 2013
    0 Votes

    Now days the Airtel service is become bad to worst, I am trying to get a fixed line connection from last three weeks,

  • Ra
      1st of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hmmm… I guess they are taking longer as they have really strict policies with regards to giving out a new connection. All the paperwork has to be in place to avoid any mishaps later, so this is probably the reason why they have taken so long to activate your card, if not and u feel you have provided them with every document required, you should simply visit the nearest Aircel store. It’s the fastest way.

  • Ma
      3rd of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    i am a customer of aircel mobile, bihar circle under mobile no 9097275595,
    rupees 10 has deducted from my balance on 03.08.2009 afternoon without my any call or subscription by the system. customer care(Mr. Daksha) is unable to do any thing in this concerned.
    i, therefore request to you please arrange to refund immediate the fals deducted ammount. otherwise i am unable to use this number.
    an early action is highly solicited,
    manohar das

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