[Resolved] Air Canadacustomer service

First of all every time you call its over an hour wait time. Not good for travelers.
My daughter was given wrong information about seating. She purchased her ticket and was wondering why she could not select a seat except for payment. Other airlines allow you to chose a seat.
After waiting for over an hour, she was told that she would have to pay for a seat and that she only paid for the fare. She was confused as to how could A person book a fare without a seat. Doesn't make any sense. After rephrasing the question many different ways, she was told that she would not have a seat unless she purchased one and again that she only paid for the fare. That did not make any sense, so just to make sure she had one she paid. Later to find that she would be able to choose her seat 24 hours before. She will now attempt to get a refund. Why were they. It able to explain that?

  • Resolution statement

    Well, it turns out that you are really on “standby” unless you pay extra to make sure they don’t sell your seat from under you. You are not guaranteed a seat even if you paid for the flight. This is crazy. The practices are not resolved, but our issue has been taken care of.

Jul 27, 2018

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