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+44 330 977 0444 (United Kingdom)
+43 900 373 729 (Austria)
+32 90 315 005 (Belgium)
+359 90 063 949 (Bulgaria)
+385 60 502 022 (Croatia)
+420 900 140 809 (Czech Republic)
+45 90 111 114 (Denmark)
+372 609 4141 (Estonia)
+358 60 019 053 (Finland)
+354 539 0620 (Iceland)
+31 202 625 762 (Netherlands)
+351 707 500 209 (Portugal)
+40 900 310 020 (Romania)
+41 900 000 178 (Switzerland)
BUD International Airport, Building 221, H-1185

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Complaints & Reviews

May 28, 2020

Wizz Air — Overcharging for service and abuse by staff

I am writing to file a complaint in regards to a ticket sale at Stockholm Skavsta Airport on April 20th 2020...

Wizz Airflight refund

Re Wizz Air electronic invoice BWUK-2822589 / PF17RT
I am in receipt of this confirmation of cancelling my wife's flight from (London)Luton to Tromso from 2nd to 9th March 2020. I am keeping my own flight .
The circumstances behind this cancellation are medical. My wife Sheila Redfearn who is 76 has developed a serious foot problem as verified by the attached Doctor's letter.
I realise your policy as regards cancellation penalties but hope you can consider a refund in view of the genuine and unplanned nature of this case.

I look forward to your response, yours faithfully, Michael Redfearn (Revd)

flight refund

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    Jan 13, 2020

    Wizz Air — [protected] (wizz air flight budapest to athens on january 11, 2020)

    I am filing the following complaint: On January 11, 2020 I was forced to pay 25 euros extra from malev Ground...

    Jan 11, 2020

    Wizz Air — unfair charge / money return request

    Hi, I would like to request a refund and make a complaint. I don't normally fly with your airlines (and...

    Dec 29, 2019

    Wizz Air — refund for seat plus compensation for discrimination

    My name is Lubka Sivakova. My flight, W9 7674 on 28th December was terrible. I paid for my seat 37D and when...

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    Wizz Aircustomer assistance

    Wiz air has no email customer assistance??? All mails to their mail ids gets bounced back which is very bad!! V r on a holiday in Norway and don't have a fine access and want to reach the customer support !! How do v do this if all
    Mails are bouncing back and no reply for any of our mails !!!very Sad service fm a reputed airline like wizz

    This is my concern

    Our booking ID is PIV79E
    Pls note- we would like to cancel our seat selection and instead opt for a 20kg baggage per head.pls suggest how to go about this.

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      Dec 23, 2019

      Wizz Air — booking ygprua and g6v8tl

      Dear Skyscanner, I have submitted this below complaint about the conduct of Wizz Airline. I would welcome...

      Wizz Airdelay payment

      Flight was delayed by hours in June and have been waiting for the repayment and this has not happened

      I have contacted them by email on several occasions and they still have not paid the money.

      They replied by email stating that they accepting that they accepted the liability for the delay and the would refund the money and they have not responded to me since November. I am a student and wanted the money back in my account by Christmas and this has not happened. It took 4 or more calls to get through their customer calls and then they said that someone would get back to me and this would be paid within the week, this I find unacceptable.

      Chloe jones

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        Nov 29, 2019

        Wizz Air — wizz air will not compensate the airport registration fee due to wizz air fault

        I had a flight with this suck airline in Sept 2019, WizzAir changed the airport of my flight back to London...

        Oct 31, 2019

        Wizz Air — v86s5v

        --------- Forwarded message --------- From: Wizz Air Customer Relations 1 Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2019 at...

        Wizz Airnot received compensation of denied boarding

        Denied boarding due to overbooking by air company on flight from Vilnius to Athens on 14th of August 2019 . According to their Policy, should be paid compensation and refund of tickets. In the airport was filled all necessary documentation (DENIED BOARDING COMPENSATION FORM) which was sent to WizzAir complaints department. They answered 1 time asking to send this documentation again and disappeared! No answers to my several emails, no information at all when the compensation will be issued! Almost 1 month and no answer, no clear information!
        How is possible nobody even answer?!

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          Sep 12, 2019

          Wizz Air — shocking treatment at luton airport arrivals

          Dear Sir/Madam I had a terrifying experience this Tuesday September 10 when I arrived on Wizz air at Luton...

          Wizz Airwizz air scam of so called "tax for currency conversion"

          Sadly I am a regular customer of Wizz air, but what happened with my last booking is outrageous. I bought tickets for the flight number W63771, my confirmation code being L9MLPS.

          On the date of 16 August 2019, at the end of booking reservation, I chose the end total sum: ‎lei1, 254(amount in Romanian currency) to be paid in British pounds. The operator is allowing this change so, I've paid the requested amount in pounds- £264.54

          On the date of 18 August 2019 I've called Wizz customer relations at 10.58 AM to discuss about the amount paid- £264.54, how the company reached this number. On my calculations, the amount what was paid in pounds, conducted the value of pounds converted being lower than the Euro!! At this date, one pound is rated at 1.09 euros, so imagine my consternation- I've paid the value of the tickets on pounds rated lower than euros!!
          But no, mr. Emanyo from wizz air- customer relations, had the ability to explain to me what really happened- I have been the subject of 'tax for currency conversion', meaning the company taxed me £20 for this conversion.

          How is possible even to consider this to be a conversion- the company site is allowing you in what currency to make the payment. There is not any note/ sub-note to inform you at this stage when you are about to pay the amount- if you chose to make the payment in other currency you'll become subject for an extra tax.
          Furthermore, Mr.'s Emanyo explanations left me with a bitter taste-'you signed the terms and conditions yes, so you'd better read more carefully those because this tax you can find it explained in there.'
          Hilarious is the fact even the issued invoice no. 065691659Z (attached in here) has no reference to the conversion tax or the currency in which was done.

          This for me represents a Wizz air scam- one to make extra money from customers, even disregard some of them -including me, are regular.
          Please respectfully find a proper solution to my request, one to refund my money and why not a solution to avoid in the future further similar situations.

          wizz air scam of so called "tax for currency conversion"

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            Wizz Aircheck in

            I was unable to check in on line so arrived at the departure airport (Sofia) 3 hours prior to take off. When I eventually got to the end of the line I was told I had to pay an extra 60 Euros for not checking in on line or I could not board the plane. This is blackmail and extortion. There was no discussion, pay up or don't travel.

            I have absolutely no expectation of a refund so won't waste any time on this, other than to say that I will never trust Wizzair again and will tell everybody else to avoid this thieving company.

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              • Un
                unsetisfied custumer no. ? Oct 24, 2019
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                The same thing happened to me. The application did not register my check - in and I did not receive any email reminder that would at least let me know that the check in was not successful. I realised It wasn't successful at the airport when I was denied when trying to enter the airport. I went to the desk office and they charged me 35 EUR!!! (my tickets for the tip were 37 for both way!!!) for a new boarding pass and of course directed me to make a complaint. Pissed as I was I tried to made the complaint on the airport. It turns out you have to 1) register or login to make the complaint 2) the site is not working any way because of an "internal error". I ended up sending it to the general wizz air email. Of course I will never get my money back. They definitely lost me as a customer and I really hope people start boycotting them. It is about time they stop operating or change their policies.

                -1 Votes

              Wizz AirØdelagt koffert

              Ved ankomst til Bergen, I dag 25.7. 2018, var Håndtaket på kofferten ødelagt. Det er det Håndtaket som kan dras opp og ned. Nå kunne det med anstrengelse dras opp ca 10 cm, men skal kunne dras opp ca 25 cm.
              Kofferten er ikke mye brukt. Merke Epic Pop, cava 75cm troll ( 75×53×30)
              Kostet ca 1500 norske kroner I 2017
              Mvh fra Grete Bremar, Norway

              Ødelagt koffert
              Ødelagt koffert
              Ødelagt koffert

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                Wizz Airwizz "check-in" rip-off,

                OUTBOUND - W9 4471 LTN to BRI 14/07/19 - Firstly the online check-in process seems to be designed to frustrate, deceive and extract the maximum amount of money from its customers. The check-in menu isn't clear at all and doesn't cope with more that one passenger checking-in at a time. The system mixed up our passport numbers which didn't show up until the return journey which caused a additional delays and more confusion.

                RETURN - W9 4472 BRI to LTN 15/07/19 - We decided to check-in at the airport this time to avoid the painful online check-in experience we encountered on our outbound journey but had no idea what was about to hit us ! - We had to pay an EXTRA 35 Euros each at the airport check-in because we were told that as we didn't use the online check-in facility, and we just had small cabin luggage (and not any cargo hold cases) we had to pay a fine !!! Also, Boarding Gates changed two times just before the plane was due to take off. First Gate change was real (but not announced over the tannoy), the other change was a tannoy announcement error, so we had people moving all over the place not knowing what was happening at all.

                Oh, the flight was delayed 40 mins because of this too.

                Obviously, this will be our first-and-last time we'll risk using this outfit.

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                  • Dh
                    Dhope Jul 22, 2019

                    This is ridiculous! The same thing happened to us yesterday! We must come together and sign a petition! F***!

                    0 Votes

                  Wizz Airharassment on interviews

                  It's really bad that wizzair is harassing people over 30, who went on interview for cabin crew. Many people with experience and great cv-s were sent home because of their age, and young and pretty girls with zero English and experience were chosen for cabin crew. I've traveled many times with this company and am disappointed. You can't have only pretty faces that will do you no job. Flight attendant needs to communicate with people, not just look good .
                  I'd say wizz is harassing people which is against European laws!

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                    Wizz Airluggage

                    Yesterday morning, 4th July I flew from Charleroi to Sofia with flight number W6 4328 which departed at 8.45h from Charleroi airport and landed at 12.20h in Sofia. First of all we waited for our luggage for more than 45 minutes. Than I thought came on a different conveying belt which was not even announced. As a result when I opened my luggage at home, I found out some things were missing. In Brussels I had put a brand new bottle of perfume in my luggage, which I didn't find in Sofia. Please, let me know how I can be compensated for that inconvenience!


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                      Wizz Aircustomer service / wrong information provided.

                      I wasn't allowed to travel as my e-visa wasn't printed. My problem is not with the fact that the visa should be printed! My problem is that I wasn't told that at the check in desk where I had the chance to print it outside the airport as I had time and Taxi's to do so.
                      I was told that it should be printed only at the boarding gate! Now I've worked in Ryanair and I know that a passenger will be refunded in the case of an agent mistake. My second problem is the treatment I received from the Agent (which later I found that she was the supervisor of the flight).
                      I was trying to talk and reach a solution and explain the fact that its not my mistake by her answer was "when I say no stop talking to me" that was the only time she forced me to raise my voice cause this is not customer service at all! We were taught to never stop the conversation as long as the customer did not! After so I asked for a manager from another agent which was not aggressive and seemed to be trying to help and when she told the supervisor in hungarian that I want to see a manager she laughed! And told me there's no manager or supervisor and that she is the supervisor of the flight and in case of any issues to contact the customer service. So I was left in the airport with a very disappointing treatment and hours of waiting in the airport making phone calls to solve the issue.

                      This makes me not drop the case and I will chase it till the very end! Note (I saw several people having fights with Wizzair during the waiting hours in the airport). Bad reputation matters Wizzair!

                      Its not anymore a matter of money only, its more of a matter of treatment and zero understanding very unfortunate to say!

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                        Wizz Airextra charges, any opportunity to charge extra

                        My son and I flew to Cluj with Wizz Air on 25th May on a return flight coming back on 27th May.
                        On the way to Cluj I checked in, entering all details on line and printed our boarding passes at home. On return flight we hadn't printed our boarding passes so when we got to the airport we were asked to pay 70 Euros to get our boarding passes.

                        We asked if we could check in on line on our phones as all our passport details were already entered but the answer was no as it was less than 2 hours before the flight.

                        I find charging 70 Euros for two boarding passes and not allowing customers to check in on line because if is less than two hours before the flight unacceptable.

                        I would like to request a refund of 70 Euros.

                        Our travel itinery is printed below

                        Fwd: Your travel itinerary: JIRIXE

                        ---------- Forwarded message ---------
                        From: Nasrin Nasseri
                        Date: Fri, 24 May 2019, 15:52
                        Subject: Fwd: Your travel itinerary: JIRIXE

                        ---------- Forwarded message ---------
                        From: Cyrus Imregun
                        Date: Fri, 24 May 2019, 14:25
                        Subject: Fwd: Your travel itinerary: JIRIXE

                        ---------- Forwarded message ----------
                        Date: Thursday, May 23, 2019
                        Subject: Your travel itinerary: JIRIXE
                        To: cyrus.[protected]@gmail.com


                        facebook icon twitter icon instagram icon youtube icon linkedIn icon
                        FLIGHTS HOTEL CAR RENTALS MANAGE
                        MY BOOKING TRANSFER PARKING

                        Tel: in the UK: [protected] (local rate)
                        Please note this number is for existing bookings only.
                        Please have your booking confirmation code ready.
                        Flight confirmation code: JIRIXE
                        Passenger info
                        Title First name Last name Route Cabin baggage Checked-in bag Seat
                        MR Cyrus Imregun LGW-CLJ 1/40x30x20 0 -
                        CLJ-LTN 1/40x30x20 0 -
                        MS Nasrin Nasseri LGW-CLJ 1/40x30x20 0 -
                        CLJ-LTN 1/40x30x20 0 -
                        Flight details
                        GOING OUT Flight Number: W6 3310
                        Departs from: Arrives to:
                        London Gatwick - Terminal South (LGW) Cluj-Napoca (CLJ)
                        24/05/2019 21:00 25/05/2019 01:50
                        COMING BACK Flight Number: W6 3303
                        Departs from: Arrives to:
                        Cluj-Napoca (CLJ) London Luton (LTN)
                        27/05/2019 11:10 27/05/2019 12:10

                        YOU ARE PROTECTED
                        Book your car or hotel within 24 hours via these links to benefit
                        If you book additional travel services for your trip or holiday via this link/these links, you will NOT benefit from rights applying to packages under Government decree No 472/2017. (XII. 28.) on contracts for travel services and in particular contracts for package travel and linked travel arrangements.Therefore, Wizz Air Hungary Ltd. will not be responsible for the conforming performance of those additional travel services. In case of problems, please contact the relevant service provider. However, if you book additional travel services via this link/these links not later than 24 hours after receiving the confirmation of the booking from our company, those travel services will become part of a linked travel arrangement. In that case Wizz Air Hungary Ltd. has appropriate protection in place to refund your payments to Wizz Air Hungary Ltd. for services not performed because of Wizz Air Hungary Ltd.'s insolvency, and, where necessary, for your repatriation. Please note that this does not provide a refund in the event of the insolvency of the relevant service provider. More information on insolvency protection.
                        Payment summary
                        Payment date Payment method Payment ID Status Base Amount and currency Payment in selected currency
                        23/05/2019 V3 [protected] declined 559.96 GBP 559.96 GBP
                        23/05/2019 V3 [protected] confirmed 559.96 GBP 559.96 GBP

                        Fare price 165.49 GBP
                        Fare price 165.49 GBP
                        Fare price 99.49 GBP
                        Fare price 99.49 GBP
                        Administration fee 30 GBP
                        Grand total

                        559.96 GBP
                        Reservation information
                        Customer contact name: MR Cyrus Imregun
                        Customer company:
                        Customer address: 16 Courtfield Road
                        Confirmation code: JIRIXE
                        Booking date: 23/05/2019
                        Add travel services
                        ASSIGNED SEATING
                        Wizz Air now operates assigned seating!
                        It is still not too late to select Front row or Extra Legroom seats for added comfort.
                        UPGRADE SEATS
                        For more information click here
                        WIZZ PRIORITY
                        Only passengers with WIZZ Priority will be able to bring their hand luggage (55x40x23cm, max. 10kg) onboard subject to boarding procedures at each airport.
                        ADD WIZZ PRIORITY
                        For more information click here

                        Baggage allowance
                        Please find all baggage related information by clicking on the link below.

                        BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE
                        This itinerary is a confirmation of your reservation and part of your electronic ticket. Your booking is now confirmed and you do not need to contact us before flying to re-confirm your travel arrangements. This ticket is issued as a ticket with fixed flight date. According to the tariff rules, all fares, taxes, charges and fees for other services for unused flights are non-refundable except as explicitly provided in the general conditions of carriage. All Wizz flights are economy-class only.
                        Travel documents
                        Approved photographic ID is required on all flights to comply with the requirements of your departure and destination countries. If you have checked-in online you must present the same travel documents given during the web check-in at airport security and boarding gate.
                        Guide to faster travel through the UK border

                        If your reservation includes a child/minor please make sure you are aware of the rules of the departure country regarding children travelling abroad. Please make sure that you are in possession of all the necessary documents (eg. permissions from parents not travelling) required by that country. If you are travelling with an infant and have checked-in online, please print the infant's boarding card as you will need to present it at the boarding gate.
                        Changes of reservation
                        You can change the date, time and routing of your flight online or via the call centre and up to 3 hours prior to scheduled departure time. You will be required to pay change fee and any fare difference if applicable.
                        Acceptance of the baggage without complaint made before leaving the transit area and without completion of the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) is considered to be evidence that the baggage has been delivered in good condition and in accordance with the contract of carriage. For more information regarding baggage claim please refer to the proper section of the general conditions of carriage.

                        Complaints relating to the carriage by air (other than baggage claims) must be made in writing as soon as possible, after arrival of the flight in connection with which you would like to complain, but not later than within 2 months from discovering the circumstances giving rise to the complaint. You are liable for any loss or damage arising from the delay in making your complaint. Wizz Air will assess the complaint according to the general conditions of carriage effective on the day of the contract.
                        Medicine on Board
                        We kindly recommend taking any necessary MEDCINE on board with you which you might need during the flight. Keep medicine in your HAND LUGGAGE at all times in its original packaging, carry enough to last the duration of your trip and carry it in your HANDBAG for easy access. We kindly recommend that you inform your cabin crew of any ALLERGIES or ILLNESSES. Wear a Medic-Alert bracelet or necklace. Consider avoiding travelling alone if you have health problems.
                        Conditions of contract
                        Carriage is subject to the applicable tariffs. Please refer to the general conditions of carriage available on wizzair.com.
                        If the passenger's journey involves an ultimate destination or stop in a country other than the country of departure, the Montreal Convention or the Warsaw Convention may be applicable. These conventions govern and in most cases limit the liability of carriers for death or personal injury and in respect of loss or damage to baggage. Please refer to the general conditions of carriage and applicable national and international legislation for complete information regarding air carriers' liability limits and claims procedures.


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