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WIZZ Air Hungary Ltd

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WIZZ Air Complaints & Reviews

Wizz Air / not received compensation of denied boarding

Sep 19, 2019

Denied boarding due to overbooking by air company on flight from Vilnius to Athens on 14th of August 2019 . According to their Policy, should be paid compensation and refund of tickets. In the airport was filled all necessary documentation (DENIED BOARDING COMPENSATION FORM) which was sent...

Wizz Air / shocking treatment at luton airport arrivals

Sep 12, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam I had a terrifying experience this Tuesday September 10 when I arrived on Wizz air at Luton Airport between 13.20 and 14.00. You need to know that the arrival arrangements at Luton Airport left me traumatised, scared and humiliated. I subjected to a most degrading treatment and...

Wizz Air / wizz air scam of so called "tax for currency conversion"

Aug 18, 2019

Wizz AirHi! Sadly I am a regular customer of Wizz air, but what happened with my last booking is outrageous. I bought tickets for the flight number W63771, my confirmation code being L9MLPS. On the date of 16 August 2019, at the end of booking reservation, I chose the end total sum: ‎lei1...

Wizz Air / check in

Aug 18, 2019

I was unable to check in on line so arrived at the departure airport (Sofia) 3 hours prior to take off. When I eventually got to the end of the line I was told I had to pay an extra 60 Euros for not checking in on line or I could not board the plane. This is blackmail and extortion. There...

Wizz Air / Ødelagt koffert

Jul 26, 2019

Wizz AirVed ankomst til Bergen, I dag 25.7. 2018, var Håndtaket på kofferten ødelagt. Det er det Håndtaket som kan dras opp og ned. Nå kunne det med anstrengelse dras opp ca 10 cm, men skal kunne dras opp ca 25 cm. Kofferten er ikke mye brukt. Merke Epic Pop, cava 75cm troll ( 75×53×30) Kostet ca 1500 norske kroner I 2017 Mvh fra Grete Bremar, Norway

Wizz Air / wizz "check-in" rip-off,

Jul 16, 2019

OUTBOUND - W9 4471 LTN to BRI 14/07/19 - Firstly the online check-in process seems to be designed to frustrate, deceive and extract the maximum amount of money from its customers. The check-in menu isn't clear at all and doesn't cope with more that one passenger checking-in at a time. The...

Wizz Air / harassment on interviews

Jul 05, 2019

It's really bad that wizzair is harassing people over 30, who went on interview for cabin crew. Many people with experience and great cv-s were sent home because of their age, and young and pretty girls with zero English and experience were chosen for cabin crew. I've traveled many time...

Wizz Air / luggage

Jul 04, 2019

Wizz AirYesterday morning, 4th July I flew from Charleroi to Sofia with flight number W6 4328 which departed at 8.45h from Charleroi airport and landed at 12.20h in Sofia. First of all we waited for our luggage for more than 45 minutes. Than I thought came on a different conveying belt which wa...

Wizz Air / customer service / wrong information provided.

Jul 04, 2019

I wasn't allowed to travel as my e-visa wasn't printed. My problem is not with the fact that the visa should be printed! My problem is that I wasn't told that at the check in desk where I had the chance to print it outside the airport as I had time and Taxi's to do so. I was told that it...

Wizz Air / extra charges, any opportunity to charge extra

Jun 13, 2019

My son and I flew to Cluj with Wizz Air on 25th May on a return flight coming back on 27th May. On the way to Cluj I checked in, entering all details on line and printed our boarding passes at home. On return flight we hadn't printed our boarding passes so when we got to the airport we were...

Wizz Air / I had missed my flight.

May 17, 2019

Wizz AirHello there today on 17 of may 2019 i have missed my flight from Sofia to Larnaca, i dont know who fault it was but that gonna cost me quite much. So let me explain what happens. The flight is at 6 oclok in the morning at 20 minutes to 5 which means 4;40 i got checked out and the guy told...

Wizz Air / unethical conduct

May 09, 2019

I have been a regular wizzair customer. I pay my yearly membership fee and fly with them multiple times per year. I even have their app on my phone. I just tried to book my fifth trip with Wizzair in the last year. Two minutes after making the booking (LYDI9M London Luton - Tel Aviv, June 5th...

Wizz Air / poor recruitment team

May 08, 2019

I was part of open recruitment day and I'm really disappointed from what happend, they didn't choosed people with experience and fluent English, they chosed people who are close to them, who they have connections or they are friends, I'm disappointed from your company, and on the end if...

Wizz Air / I am complaining about your wizzair club discount.

Mar 10, 2019

Dear Sir or Madame: I wish to express my dissatisfaction with your online service. I have bought your standartd memebership. Not only it did not give me a discount for the plane ticket that I bought at the same time with wizz club discount, but it does not want to give me the discount for...

Wizz Air / flight cancellation and delay

Feb 02, 2019

Hello I am a regular passenger of WizzAir company and had my flight on the 31.01.19 at 23.10 from London Luton to Chisinau and was heading towards the airport at 19.00 by bus. When I got to the airport, I was told that my flight was cancelled and I need to wait for the next one, which had...

Wizz Air / cancellation of flight

Jan 12, 2019

i has been to fly at 11.01.2019 from Kishinev airport to London Luton.i was waiting 8 hours with no information about my fly and after it was cancell at all.wizz air move my fly now at 20.01.2019!from 11.01 to 20.01 is 9 days delay!I want to have my money back because of this delay in 9...

Wizz Air / feeling of being robbed

Dec 28, 2018

On the midnight of Dec 15, I did a reservation for return flights from Tel-Aviv to Budapest for the period of Marc 12-16, 2019 that cost me 4369 ILS. Less than 9 hours later Dec 16, I changed the flight's dates to March 19-23, 2019 as the original reservation was done with wrong dates (wa...

Wizz Air / change of flight schedule

Nov 19, 2018

Dear Sir/Madame, In June 2018 I booked a seat with you for the flight Larnaca to Vienna for the period 14-19/12/2018. The booking procedure was successful and I immediately proceeded with an early booking of my accommodation in Vienna due to prices rising. Last Friday (14/11/2018) I received...

Wizz Air / extra charges (unnecessary)

Nov 14, 2018

Arrival at Liverpool airport, check in desk. You have not printed off your boarding card, this will cost you £32.00, please walk to the end of the airport and pay. However, the lady I spoke to saw that I had paid for on line booking and spoke to the desk girl and all was cleared up. After returning...

Wizz Air / seek any opportunity to overcharge

Nov 01, 2018

I'm angry and disgusted with the way Wizzair treated us during our flight from Budapest to Nice on October 20th, 2018. We arrived to the Budapest airport with one checked bag that I had paid online together with the ticket reservation. Upon arriving at the checkin counter, they asked for...

Wizz Air / damaged luggage

Oct 25, 2018

Wizz AirMadam, Sir, my complaint is related to damaged cabin luggage. Our flight with Wizzair W6 1442 from Rome to Warsaw on 23 October 2018 was delayed and even though I had only 1 cabin luggage within the parameters, I was asked to have it put in the bottom of the plane and was not allowed to take it...

Wizz Air / wizz airline

Oct 13, 2018

Dear whom it may concern, My complaint is about the booking that I have done in the website and I did not receive any email or booking reference due to to system error. So the money has been collected from my account without receiving any tickets from the company. Therefore, I would like to...

Wizz Air / billing for wrong service

Sep 26, 2018

Your travel itinerary: L7HZ6S INVOICE NUMBER |046195424Z 1, 00 pcs / db 248, 68 0.00 % 248, 68 0, 00 248, 68 GBP Hi, I purchased a Privilege Pass with the booking above and when I made my last booking the services were not available. I called the customer service to find out that you have...

Wizz Air / lost hand luggage in wizz air

Sep 15, 2018

I flew with Wizz Air, flight No 6119 from Ukraine Kiev airport to Frankfurt Date: 07 September 2018 Time: 11:55 am A lady (airhostess) removed my Hand luggage by force from me. The hand luggage has my original and very important cerificates and documents. She said it's Wizz Air procedure...

Wizzair / double charge

Aug 22, 2018

We booked 2 air tickets from wizzair's website, for Prague to London in Aug 2018. We did not print out the tickets so the check in counter lady told us to go to Menzies Aviation to pay 125 czk. However when we were at the Menzies Aviation, the counter man gave us the [censored]iest attitude...

Wizzair / damaged luggage / both of the wheels of my luggage broke during the flight on 20 july from budapest to london, luton airport.

Jul 22, 2018

WizzairTo Whom It May Concern, When I collected my luggage after the flight on 20 July from Budapest to London, Luton Airport, I realized that both of the wheels are broken. THe cover of one of the wheels was broken and lost and the cover of the other wheel was split and partly lost, the other...

Wizz Air / unauthorized debit card charge

Jul 22, 2018

Wizz AirHi I was buying the ticket from London Luton to Kaunas Lithuania for 19th of August 2018 6:00 return 25th of August 2018 flight number 8122. Confirmation number MYJJJZ and was charged twice. When I clicked buy the first time didn't received email with confirmation so thought it didn't go...

Wizz Air / breach of safety rules /half demonstration

Jul 21, 2018

wizz air did not complete the safety demonstration on board flight w6 2209 Budapest to Luton friday 20th july 18.30 hours The cabin crew performed the demo for showing the exits and using the face mask but NO demonstration for the inflatable life was completely omitted and when...

Wizzair / flight w64459 from london luton airport to cyprus larnaca airport on july 1st 2018

Jul 10, 2018

WizzairOn July 1st my wife, Diana Nicolaides, and I, Andreas Nicolaides, PNR ZDCLUG, were flying from London Luton airport to Cyprus Larnaca airport with wizz air flight number w64459 scheduled to depart at 12:00 noon, at the check-in desk the person who served us explained that as wizz priority...

Wizz Air / they charge air passenger duty for children, illegally, on flights departing from uk

Jul 10, 2018

They are charging Air Passenger Duty for children when this is clearly illegal as this charge doesn't apply to children under 12 under the UK legislation. However, when booking tickets for children the full price is charged leaving the passenger to claim a refund for APD. They respond to...

Wizz Air / wizz air

Jul 07, 2018

We booked a package holiday with last minute and our flights were with Wizz Air. Before this I had never flown with Wizz Air and had doubts as I started reading reviews on it prior to my holiday. Our flight going was delayed by 2 hours. Which was very annoying as it was a 5.55am flight from...

Wizz Air / extortionate charge for a baggage. want a full refund.

Jun 26, 2018

Wizz AirWe departed from Luton Airport on 13th June 2018. We were originally supposed to fly with Easy Jet, but they saw fit to cancel their flights and LoveHolidays arranged for us to then fly with Wizzair. (We paid for Easy Jet 3x 23kg luggage), to our slight dismay we discovered that our...

Wizz Air / online check-in additional fees

Jun 04, 2018

I wont make this a long wall of text. point is: Went to budapest without a problem. On the return, we were unable to check-in with the app and website. because when we click on check-in its empty. so we expected that it was not needed or already processed. On the side, they also did not...

Wizz Air / lost my luggage

May 14, 2018

Wizz AirTo whom it may concern. Hello, Would you mind to help me to find my luggage? My flight was with your company from sofia bulgaria to barcelona spain. when I arrived my baggage wasn't there. I have confirmation from sofia airport that my bag is sent to barcelona. I was the only one from the...

Wizz Air / check in procedure at luton airport uk

May 10, 2018

Here's our back story Snow closes Luton airport on Sunday 10th Dec 2017. Luton reopens Monday 11thDec 2017. We arrive at 9.30am on Monday for our wiz air flight W6 7674 to Kosice at 13.35. At this stage there are not many people around. We went to checkin and were told by Wizzair staff...

Wizz Air / flight delay

Apr 25, 2018

Assertion of compensation claims according to Art. 7 Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 Dear Sir/Madam, I, Zurab Katsitadze acting on behalf of Ekaterine Shonia and Saba Shonia. (Can provide declaration of assignment if necessary) I hereby claim compensation according to Art. 7 of Regulation...

Wizz Air / cancellation of flight

Apr 23, 2018

Wizz AirConfirmation number: NEJG3K Wizz Air flight from Oslo - Sandefjord (TORP airport) til Skopje on 16 April 2018 was cancelled. According to standard passenger rights, the customer can get refunded flight expenses AND travel to and from airport. My flight expenses have now been credited to my Wizz...

Wizz Air / baggage fees

Feb 02, 2018

Flying with Wizz Air I had the worst experience ever! I have traveled a lot with many different airplane companies in the world and I can tell you that there is no other company that will not allow you to carry your personal backpack with you. Every company policy that I know off i...

Wizz Air / could not check in online

Dec 28, 2017

We were booked on flight W62202 on 27 th Dec 2017 under PNR UG5V8H Peerkhan x 3- we tried to check in 3 times and each time we received reply check in pending. We went to the airport and had to pay GBP 96 to be able to fly. We want to get our refund as this was purely your mistake. We also...

Wizz Air / all passport officer discriminated us

Nov 07, 2017

i was for 3 days as tourist in budapest together with my husbunt. when we were flight back to albania first 1. i made my check in online and unfortunatly we lost printed form and ask for help at airport terminal b2 wizzair ther were 3 worker and ask to make a print again and he ask 10 euro...