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12:18 pm EDT

Air Canada flight and broken luggage

theresa M grossett...M5MHDV res code business class
good day

December 31, 2017 my flight was cancelled due to no crew... was originally to leave at 16:25 but never left till the next morning Jan 1, 2018 6 am ... (by the way now i have to pay tax because i cant use it as a flight out for 2017 taxes .. for my Yukon bonus .)Had to stay in Toronto overnight at a cost of $168.37 at the sandman (would like refund) . i had to pay for my room i never got to use in Jamaica at cost of $80 us Jan 1, 2018 (would like compensation) I'm al so very upset that when i booked business class i had a pod from Vancouver to Toronto and on return both ways as it turned out had a pod to and from Jamaica both day flights .. i was upset that when i got on the plane at 11 pm march 16th 2018 no pod and some old plane that was very cold i was given a small green blanket .. ( bait and switch) i would have never booked business class if i knew I was going to have to sleep in a seat sitting up that's not why I booked business ... When i got to Vancouver discovered my bag was broken at the wheel the baggage claim had nobody there to deal it was 1 am .. the agent in Vancouver the next day was helpful she help me wrap it to get it to Whitehorse without my stuff falling out ... i will say that most of the stewardess were kind and caring .. thanks Theresa Grossett [protected] [protected]

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Update by Theresa Grossett
Mar 19, 2018 12:28 pm EDT


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4:39 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Air Canada baggage delay

My husband and I arrived via Santiago on March 11, 2018, my husband's baggage landed, mine did not.
I completed the forms over the desk, same day, same location as where I was supposed to pick up my suitcase. I was given a form with a case reference # YYZ AC 32328 and was told that my suitcase was still in Santiago and was going to be coming back to Canada the day after (March 12, 2018).
On March 12, at about 15.30 hrs. I got a call from an Eric from American Airlines saying that he had my luggage, he was going to have the suitcase through Customs and I could pick it up from him soon after.
Unfortunately and I called the number in the form given to me while reporting the loss luggage and the first called caused a further delay of 3 days with numerous phone calls to 1888 689 2247, spoken with perhaps all the staff during those 4 days and got nowhere. There answers varied from : "your suitcase is doing Customs it can take from 24 to 48 hours..." to yesterday "your suitcase cleared Customs and is now with the Currier company, it can take another 24 to 48 hours to get a call before delivery". And today, upon requesting to speak to a supervisor, a Nolan shared that I could pick up the luggage from American Airlines terminal 3 etc, etc. Furthermore, to get it delivered I had to complete another form?
Of course I went to Pearson and collected my suitcase from American Airlines from an office where has been since Monday March other words, the staff at baggage claims don't know what they are doing, they don't care about the call they get and don't bother even trying to look after the customers. Nice manners over phone but absolutely no action. A disgrace that has no limits, a frustration to know that nobody care. I learnt later on of so many cases of complaints with AC and baggage, How is that you can get away with such a poor performance? you should be a shame.

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2:48 pm EDT

Air Canada misinformed baggage information and missed connecting flight

I flew on flight AC0857 on Sunday March 11/2018 LHR - YYZ. Upon check - in LHR I was informed my bag would be available for pick up in DFW after a connecting flight AA 2588 YYZ-DFW. I ask the Air Canada gate agent 3 times if I had to retrieve my bag in YYZ and she said "NO" it will transfer and you can pick it up in DFW.
I get to YYZ go to the American terminal and customs won't let me clear because my bag did not clear yet. I go to Ameican to find out where my bag is.
American said Air Canada did not transfer your bag.
I now have to go back to Air Canada to find out where my bag is. 2 hrs. later they find my bag, it never transferred. I now have missed my AA 2588 flight to DFW.
I finally get my bag and ask Air Canada to book me free of charge to DFW because by not transferring my bag I missed my AA flight. Air Canada agrees to get me on the next flight to DFW free of charge.
I now am standing in front of the ticket agent and she and a manager who is on the phone with her can't decide how to code the ticket. They keep discussing its until the point where I am going to miss this Air Canada flight also.
She then says to me that if I want to buy a ticket now and then file a complaint with customer service later that would be the best way to get to DFW tonight.
So I did that, the ticket was $662.49 and the bag fee was $26.35 and I am asking for a refund to my American express in those amounts.
Thank you

Jeff Holub

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8:22 pm EST

Air Canada missed connection - reimbursement of $10

I am writing to complain about Air Canada's Poor compensation for a missed flight segment due to Air Canada's Delays. I was flying from Buenos Aires to Canada, all flights were with Air Canada. I landed in Toronto 30 mins after my connecting flight from Toronto to London had already left at 0730. Everyone I spoke to at the counters in Toronto were incredibly rude to me. I was told if he did not wait over 12 hours until the next flight they could put him on at 9:20 pm he would lose his remaining flights back to Buenos aires. Who is going to sit in Toronto and wait 13-14 hours to catch a 40 min flight? Instead I waited 2 hours for my fiance to drive to Toronto to pick me up. I paid over $200 dollars extra for the convenience of flying into London instead of Toronto. So not only did we spend the extra $200 on flights, we needed to spend the money on gas to drive 4 hours to pick me up from the airport. After we returned to London I called Air Canada regarding this issue, I was kindly told my remaining flights would be okay and that a refund for the missed flight segment would be processed. I was satisfied until I received the refund a couple weeks ago... $10 dollars! Is this a joke? Why even bother?!?! It is a complete slap in the face. It would cost the airline more to give food vouchers for a delay over 12 hours that is their fault. Are you seriously telling me that you sell the flight segment from Toronto to London for $10?!?! Can you please tell me why it is always sold for few hundred dollars more?! We are frequent travelers and this issue will most def be taken into account when booking future travel.

Aldo Ariel Dobrowlañski

Toronto Pearson to London (ON)
Departing: Sat Dec-16, 2017 at 7:50
Arriving: Sat Dec-16, 2017 at 8:33

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11:16 am EST

Air Canada flight ac 7735 on dec 29,2017

had arrived inToronto, flying from Beijing. Had flown to Beijing on 12/6/17, all went well, and was thinking of continuing to use A. C. for my next flights to Beijing. our flight to Mpls from Toronto was delayed due to weather by 3 hours. When we finally boarded, we sat for 2 hours on the tarmac, waiting for our luggage to be loaded. no explanation, finally a supervisor loaded our luggage.

I missed my ride to my home, arriving in Mpls, Mn. after 1am. had to take a cab which cost me $25.00. I was due to arrive about 7:30pm. I understand about the weather delay, but there was no excuse for not loading the luggage and leaving. I am asking for reimbursement for the cab fare to my home.

my seat number on the flight was 16C. I still have the boarding pass if you need that. the other number on my ticket is ETKTO148696039406

Marilyn Louise Anderson

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12:09 pm EST

Air Canada flight change time and food quality

I booked a flight in December to Lima Peru from Toronto departure date Feb 5. Two weeks later your airline changed the flight return Lma to Toronto Feb 22 from 315 am to 540 am
This time was very inconvenient I would not have chosen this flight when I purchased the ticket.
I know that airlines have the right to change flight times. However I discovered that your airline has a pattern of doing this
In fact to the same flight.

The food offered on Feb 5 Totonto to Lima smelled bad I ate it and had abdominal pain during the entire flight.
On the return Feb 22 I decided not to eat and instead brought an apple and crackers.
My paid airfare included a meal, a quality controlled one Food that is stored properly and healthy.
I have been a star alliance member for many years. I would like to know what will be done so this does not happen again. And I can confidently book with Air Canada again.


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8:08 am EST

Air Canada delayed and cancelled flights

Recent Air Canada Trip-A Comedy of Errors, Cancellations and Mishaps

I have flown with Air Canada over many years, and have often received Elite status, including super-elite one year. I have also supported Air Canada in many ways, defending them as an excellent airline. I am now largely retired, with my Elite status expiring at the end of February.

I recently travelled to see my son and family in Amherst MA. Flights were first reserved from St John's to Montreal on AC 7529 16 FEB 18 130P and then to Hartford on AC 7302 16 FEB 18 415P.

I was informed on 16 February that there was a delay to the flight leaving St John's, enough to make the connection to Hartford impossible. I then re-booked for Saturday 17th, and flew through Toronto rather than Montreal. All went well on these flights but I found out that the flight from Hartford to Montreal the previous evening had been cancelled. It was as well that I re-booked!

A garrulous employee on the flight to Hartford told me that they were short of airworthy aircraft.

My return to Montreal was booked on AC 7301, 22 FEB 18 at 230P. I arrived in plenty of time, nice day, to be told that the flight was cancelled becaused of freezing rain, in Hartford and Montreal. There certainly was not any freezing rain when I arrived, and friends told me that Montreal had good weather that day. You can check for yourself, obviously you have more information. The person conveying the information (Joe) was quick to insist that the arline had no responsibilty since the cancellation was weather-related. Joe could benefit from some training and guidance on how to address passengers in a pleasant and respectful way.

I was then re-routed through Toronto, arrived in Montreal the early hours of the next day (23 February) instead of at 355 pm on the 22nd. Something of an ordeal.

For my return I was booked on the flight AC 7530 on 24 FEB 18 at 810P, a late flight, I thought that I would watch a movie. No such luck, flight was delayed by 3 hours, and the entertainment system was non-functional.

I don't like to be a victim, but I have often noticed service on the flights to St John's is much poorer than on other AC flights, even though the flights are generally full. None of the original flights on my itinerary were on time-they were either cancelled or considerably delayed. Service to Hartford from Montreal seems like a joke, to say the least.

Ian Jordaan (FREQUENT FLYER - AC [protected])

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4:51 am EST

Air Canada dinner almost killed me

Sunday Feb 25, 2018 took AC flight from Munich to Toronto. Departed 1.5 hours late, or after 1 pm. We were served lunch, I ordered the pasta with red sauce thinking it would be a safe choice. 2 hours later my blood pressure dropped, I felt the most horrible headache ever, I started seeing white and had to run to the washroom, where literally exploded.. I went a couple of more times and arrived to TO puke bag in hand and totally sick.

Do eat before your flight, unless you want to risk certain death by food poisoning.

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11:22 am EST

Air Canada flight delay/staff rudeness

We were flying from Montreal to Toronto - Billy Bishop Island Airport on Flight AC 7969 on Monday, February 19. However, due to a dense fog, and after 45 minutes of flying in circles, the plane was not able to land and returned back to Montreal. While we understand weather conditions change and security should always be a priority, I am disappointed with the lack of information provided by the AC crew. The flight attendant provided status flight information to selected passengers only, however, when I asked for an update, I was confronted by a rude and impolite attendant. While I tried to not take the situation personally, the staff purposely did not serve me beverages but offer beverages and snakes to other passengers.
Air Canada's service felt apart gradually once we landed back in Montreal. The Customer Service station on Gate 1 was extremely unhelpful. I tried to get on stand by on the next flight to Toronto but was informed in a ruddiness manner to contact the AC help desk. To my surprise, the same agent booked other passages in the stand-by list. In addition, the phone attendant told me that all flights to Toronto were booked, however a passenger beside me advised that she was included on a stand by list for a flight leaving at 9 pm.
After a 30 minute back and forth walking between gates 1 and 57, I was put on a stand by list for flight AC 425. The flight did not leave until 11:30 and while I recognize the flight attendants were tired; their lack of customer service and professionalism shocked me. We were all tired at that point, and also concerned about the possibility of having to flight back to Montreal - as indicated by the pilot -one additional time. The inability presented by the flight attendants on flight AC 7969 and AC 425, combined with the poor customer service at the gates at the airport, showed me that Air Canada needs to train staff with competence to be passionate and helpful when situations where passengers are stranded for endless hours.
I am revolted by the poor customer service provided, and unfortunately, I will have to look at other airline options where my business is appreciated when booking my next flights.

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7:35 am EST

Air Canada service

Today we were once again delayed on a flight 1854 from air canada, today was just under 1 hr I believe 45 min trying to depart that was supposed to be 12:15 am but finally left 12:45am np reason why, but then getting our bags to come up from the plane took an additional 1.5 hrs so far... this is not acceptable
Last year we had a similar issue with air canada and were stuck on the tar mat waiting to depart from phoneix and waited 2 hrs in the plane due to a water issue on the plane
You are one of the most expensive travel providers yet continually disappoint your passengers with no reasonable explanation just a "I'm sorry" answer
This is unacceptable regardless of the issues surrounding today's issues manpower, too cold was what I was told by your representative that staff can only stay outside 15 min before requiring a break... so you make accommodations you call in extra staff you do what you need to do to get people moving.
We live in canada you deal with the weather just like everyone else that lives here
You charge us more then enough to travel at least you could ensure that we are not further delayed due to your issues

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12:57 pm EST

Air Canada im would like to register a complaint about the inflight wifi

hello my name is micheline valade ima dedicated customer and I usually always enjoy my air Canada flights but my last flight was a little different. on my flight to san Francisco from Montreal I was eager to use the inflight wifi as the crew proudly stated on the intercom. I logged onto the wifi and went straight to Netflix hoping to watch and episode of house of cards but it didn't load. I got confused and googled youtube hoping it world be there as well but that couldn't load as well. it seems that the plane that I went on didn't have good wifi. I am sending this so that when i go on my next flight I will get the joy of watching anything I want. thanks for reading

(this is written by her grand-daughter on her behalf)

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11:57 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Air Canada flight

You guys should really get your act together. You cancelled my moms flight made her miss Christmas. Then made her take a flight the next day. Delayed it and delayed it again is this a joke. And there's no money back or discount for another flight. Oh boy you guys really need to get ur act together you better watch ur back. This is a joke. You guys are the worst airline. Never again.

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5:39 pm EST

Air Canada delayed/missed/cancel flights

To Whom it may concern:

My bags were checked at the air Canada counter in Logan airport in Boston. The original flight was suppose to be from Boston to Toronto ending in Lisbon Portugal. I Checked in 2 bags I payed an extra bag fee, final destination for my bags and myself was Lisbon with air Canada. The flight from Boston to Toronto got cancelled, I was rebooked through air Canada on a new flight from Boston to Montreal then to Toronto, the flight was delayed so I missed my connecting flight from Toronto to Lisbon. I spoke with an air Canada agent to rebook a flight for me to Portugal, because I still had a connecting flight from Portugal to the Azores that I did not want to miss. A flight was arranged from Toronto to Miami then onto Lisbon Portugal. The problems with my luggage started in Toronto my bags were missing I was unable to go through customs without my bags. After two and a half hours my bags were located, I almost missed the flight to Miami because of my missing luggage, I was shown a computer picture of my two bags, I confirmed that the picture of the bags on the airport treadmill were my bags. I was approved to go through customs.
I was now on the flight to Miami, I arrived in Miami had a layover in Miami and waited for my connecting flight to Lisbon Portugal. I arrived in Lisbon on December 20th
But my bags did not arrive in Lisbon. I have checked the website that I was given and one of my bags are in Miami the other bag is missing. This is unacceptable my Journey started in Boston on December 18 and I traveled for four days a total of 70 hrs with a great deal of delays lost luggage and anxiety no bath no clothes, no sleep. To now arrive at home in the Azores and my bags are missing. This is totally unacceptable.
I would need a response to the inquiry on my luggage as soon as possible.
I have traveled extensively and never have I seen such incompetence.

Any news on my luggage would be greatly appreciated

My claim ticket numbers for my bags are as follows.

My phone number is [protected]

Thank you
Ana Fialho

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10:36 pm EDT

Air Canada boarding agent rude and condescending

On September 1, 2017 we were booked on AC flights from Kelowna to Dublin via Vancouver. The international flight was great. Our return flight AC 1905 On September 23 from Edinburgh to Toronto was also great. Our boarding passes issued in Edinburgh showed our prepaid seats from Toronto to Calgary that one was incorrect. We were advised to check it out in Toronto.

We arrived at our departure gate Flight AC 143 Toronto to Calgary 2 hours ahead of boarding. Your boarding agents didn't arrive until 10 min before boarding time and this was a full flight. My husband was still in his prepaid seat of 16E and I was now allocated to row 20 middle.

Upon inquiring and showing our travel documents from Maritime Travel that confirmed we had paid for these seats on Mar 7 we were rudely told to Sit down and I will get to you.
When over half the plane had been boarded we inquired again to be rudely shouted at again I'm working on it. She eventually got it straight and the agent checking boarding passes said you must be happy she got you exit row seats. My reply was we paid for those seats 6 months ago.

We purchased seats so we would not have seat issues with multiple flights.
What is the point of purchasing seats when someone in AC seat selection
can change a prepaid seat at will. My husband and I have the same last names and all our documentation was all linked

Your boarding agent in Toronto was rude, condescending and totally unprofessional. I understand that things get chaotic when boarding large volumes of travelers but being polite and courteous is part of the job. Also agents arriving more than 10 minutes before boarding would have certainly helped there stress levels.
All the Air Canada boarding agents in the other airports were excellent.

This is unacceptable behavior of an Air Canada employee. We have told our travel agent in future please do not book us through Air Canada if possible and definitely not through Toronto.

Yours Marilyn Duffin

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3:13 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Air Canada overbooking of our honeymoon flight ac 1640

Aug 06th 2017
my wife and I arrived at Toronto's Pierson airport well in advance to catch our confirmed 8:15am Air Canada flight (AC 1640) to Miami.
(we arrived at Toronto Terminal 1 at 3am or there abouts)

When we arrived at the Air Canada baggage drop off…. We were informed that we were on “Stand By”. Apparently, the “flight (AC 1640) was overbooked”. The lady at the counter was very pleasant and she indicated that we “may be ok” but it can not be confirmed. At 3am I looked behind me and saw no one standing in line to catch an 830AM departure the airport was quite deserted actually.

I explained that we have a cruise ship to catch and we really have to be on that flight.
I even showed her our paper work that indicated we had a “confirmation” to be on that flight. (See attached photo)
She put a note on our account to this effect and indicated that we would probably be ok but she could not guarantee it. She hinted that there may still be space in First Class.

We were now VERY CONCERNED, that we may not catch our flight to begin our belated honeymoon cruise. Not a pleasant way to start a holiday.
Naturally, I asked if we should upgrade to first class.
She could not process that at her terminal.

When we got through security, we waited near the gate not daring to leave so we could be the first person to speak with the gate personnel. Not a very relaxing way to spend the first few hours of our honeymoon.

We also called Celebrity and explained the situation.
He indicated that if we did not catch this flight, they would fly us to San Juan.
Not the most ideal but a suggestion and possible solution non the less.

While waiting at the gate I noticed 2 (Air Canada) ladies at a different counter.
When I approached them I stated our case and the one lady was kind enough to look things up for us.
She indicated the same story….. you are on stand by. You MAY be OK but I can not guarantee that.
She also indicated that if we did get on the flight, my wife and I would not be seated together.
(NICE! Our honeymoon and we may or may not be able to sit together!)

I asked if we could upgrade to first class.
She looked into a few things and then processed the request.
She assured us that by doing this upgrade we had a guaranteed seat and we would be bedside each other.

Bottom line we went $659.40 ($329.70 each) out of our way to ensure we had a seat on a confirmed flight so we would not miss our cruise ship in Miami. (See attached Photo)

On a side note…. I feel that people that do not do “Online Check in” are at a great disadvantage.

We did not do Online Check In either simply because the day prior to vacation was quite hectic.

All we are asking is that we get reimbursed for our upgrade to first class so we were assured to catch the "confirmed" flight to Miami.
We booked well in advance.
We arrived over 5 hrs before flight departure.
Air Canada overbooked the flight not us.
We experience a very uneasy start to what should have been a wonderful experience.

Should you have any other question or concerns …. Please do not hesitate to call or email.
[protected] [protected]

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1:26 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Air Canada flight delays and no offer of accommodation

I recently flew from Havana to Sydney via Toronto and Vancouver on 13th, Booking Reference K53BXI, Air Canada incoming flight was delayed from the scheduled 0745am departure to a revised 10, 45 but then actually did not leave until close to 1300.
I arrived in Toronto an hour after my connection had departed for Vancouver.
There were no more business class seats available on the next flight and after paying such a large amount for business I was reluctant to travel the next sector on economy without a refund.
I was then stuck in Toronto for 2 nights until an available business seat become available on next 2 segments.
I was offered no assistance in accommodation due to being delayed by Air Canada. I travel with a number of other airlines and have never been left to find and pay for my own accommodation when delayed by late flights.

My flight from Havana which was originally supposed to be 9th September was cancelled but that was because of Hurricane IRMA and outside Air Canadas control and I was happy to pay for the 4 nights stuck in Havana but it would have been nice if Air Canada had emailed passengers about the cancellation rather than leaving the whole flight standing in line at the check in with no one to advise passengers what was happening, it was a shambles and no representatives were available to assist with rebooking etc.
I had to get my partner in Australia to contact Air Canada in Canada to re organise alternate flights. No one was at all helpful.

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2:39 pm EDT

Air Canada aeroplan: cancellation of points

A few years back, when Areoplan announced that points would expire if an account was inactive for one year, an Areoplan agent told me that all I had to do was to buy gas at an Esso Station (inserting my Areoplan card during the process), and that the points earned at the Esso Station would keep my account active. However, despite getting gas at Esso in the past several months, my points have expired. I called Areoplan and the Agency told me that Esso points sometimes do not get recorded! She said that I have to look at my receipt (despite inserting my areoplan card into the pump as part of the process) to ensure that the Areoplan number was printed. And even then, she said the points may not be recorded. NOW THEY TELL ME THIS! SHE SAID IT WAS MY FAULT FOR NOT VERIFYING THAT THE POINTS WERE BEING RECORDED! I had cancelled my Areoplan Visa card 8 years ago because the flights were near impossible to book, but kept accumulating some points with infrequent travel with Air Canada. It was a terrible Plan back then, and obviously hasn't gotten any better.

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8:43 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Air Canada luggage falling from overhead locker

I wish to make you aware of an incident when I was flying back on AC848 seat 40H last Wednesday from Toronto Pearson Airport to Heathrow. I was sitting in my seat and whilst we were waiting for people to board a maximum sized hand luggage suitcase fell and hit me. Luckily I saw it out of the corner of my eye and stopped it with the back of my hand but needed ice on the flight to keep the swelling down. It had been placed on the top of a full sized briefcase, also owned by the same person, on its wheels which made it so easy to be dislodged just from people walking on the plane. My concern was it could have been far worse hitting someone on the head and although my bruising was only for 2 days plus jarring to my shoulder and arm only a day to recover from, I believe the policy on hand luggage has got too lax as an Indian woman in front of this chap had put 3 bags in the same locker, one being full of clothes but twice the sized I believe she was allowed. The cabin crew who gave me the ice was very apologetic unlike the passenger in question in 40G who said nothing just moved his briefcase when prompted by cabin crew. Surely if you put the cases in on top not wheels down this could stop this or the limits adhered to? I had to put up with halved leg room on the flight there as the seat in front had been lowered to its max, as a 6 foot tall person I am unsure why this is allowed. 7 hours flight both ways was hampered for either reason. I am not one to normally bother to complain but this time it has forced me to send this. Your comments and consideration in this matter would be much appreciated.
Kind regards
Andrew Kidd

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9:39 am EDT

Air Canada crazy processes at berlin airport and toronto to board air canada.

8/29/17 Berlin Airport is a crazy mess for all including Air Canada passengers. The "Air Canada Rouge" designation is confusing coupled with the flamboyant male black flight attendant with bright red long fingernails and tight pants we then encountered on our flights to get home to Seattle from Copenhagen through Berlin and Toronto after completing a Princess cruise. And Toronto's Air Canada procedures including face photos, passport checking at least five times, a computer screening that says "wait for your initials to appear" only the initials are not on that computer screen but ceiling height on a different big screen, and then prohibiting my boarding because that screen said 0/0 for no checked bag even though it was checked through to Seattle - almost made me miss the plane with my four traveling companions. My bag WAS in Seattle last night. Air Canada Rouge perhaps means "rogue?" Crazy mess for sure. And if "Rouge" really means trans and homo, I will vote with my feet and go elsewhere.

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5:35 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Air Canada lost bag in toronto airport before departure

My name is Abeer Aoun, my flight from Toronto to Beirut(Lebanon) was on August 18, I had two grey Delsey
luggage, but when I arrived to Beirut international airport I have received only one luggage, but the biggest one was missing.
Today is August 30, and I still did not receive my bag.
I live in the south of Lebanon which is almost 3 hours far away driving from the airport, and I was checking on daily bases but no response and no luck.
after many calls and check ups we found out that the bag is still in Toronto airport and never been loaded to the plane.
I am so disappointed that no body even did an effort to find out whose bag is that missing bag in Toronto airport, besides my whole vacation is 20 days only, and I still did not get any response from there.I had my most needed and valuable stuff in the bag, and I had to buy lots of stuff to replace whats missing.
I am so depressed that even i have a wedding for my cousin and i had to buy a new gown and the bride's gift again!
This experience honestly has ruined my excitement and joy to visit my parents and country overseas!
Contact details:
Abeer Aoun
flight number Air Canada 848
Reference number# qugv7z

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Update by nabih aoun
Sep 01, 2017 6:16 pm EDT

We are still waiting and nobody seems to care

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Air Canada In-depth Review

Overall Rating: Air Canada provides a satisfactory overall experience for travelers. While there are areas for improvement, the airline generally meets expectations.

Booking Process: The booking process with Air Canada is straightforward and user-friendly. The website allows for easy navigation and offers a variety of options for flights, including flexible dates and destinations.

Flight Experience: Air Canada offers a comfortable and enjoyable flight experience. The cabin crew is friendly and attentive, and the seats are generally comfortable. The airline provides a good selection of in-flight amenities to enhance the journey.

Customer Service: Air Canada's customer service is generally reliable and helpful. The airline has a dedicated customer service team that is available to assist passengers with any queries or concerns. However, response times can sometimes be slow.

Baggage Policy: Air Canada's baggage policy is reasonable and allows for a sufficient amount of luggage. The airline provides clear guidelines on baggage allowances and fees, making it easy for passengers to understand and comply with the policy.

In-Flight Entertainment: Air Canada offers a wide range of in-flight entertainment options to keep passengers entertained during their journey. The selection includes movies, TV shows, music, and games, catering to various interests and preferences.

On-Time Performance: Air Canada generally maintains a good on-time performance record. While delays can occur due to unforeseen circumstances, the airline makes efforts to minimize disruptions and keep passengers informed about any changes to their flight schedules.

Food and Beverage: Air Canada provides a satisfactory selection of food and beverage options on board. The meals are generally of good quality and cater to different dietary preferences. However, the variety could be improved.

Loyalty Program: Air Canada's loyalty program, Aeroplan, offers a range of benefits and rewards for frequent flyers. Members can earn points on flights and redeem them for various perks, including upgrades and free flights.

Safety Measures: Air Canada prioritizes the safety of its passengers and adheres to strict safety protocols. The airline regularly updates its safety measures to ensure a secure and comfortable travel experience.

Destinations and Routes: Air Canada offers a wide range of destinations and routes, both domestic and international. The airline provides convenient connections and options for travelers to reach their desired destinations.

Pricing and Value for Money: Air Canada's pricing is generally competitive, offering good value for money. The airline frequently offers promotions and deals, allowing passengers to save on their flights.

Accessibility and Special Assistance: Air Canada provides accessibility and special assistance services for passengers with disabilities or special needs. The airline offers support and accommodations to ensure a comfortable and inclusive travel experience for all passengers.

Business Class Experience: Air Canada's business class experience is top-notch. The airline offers luxurious amenities, spacious seats, and personalized service to enhance the comfort and convenience of business travelers.

Economy Class Experience: Air Canada's economy class experience is generally satisfactory. The seats are comfortable, and the airline provides basic amenities to ensure a pleasant journey for economy class passengers.

Frequent Flyer Benefits: Air Canada's frequent flyer program, Aeroplan, offers a range of benefits and rewards for loyal customers. Members can enjoy priority boarding, lounge access, and other exclusive perks.

Website and Mobile App: Air Canada's website and mobile app are user-friendly and provide a seamless booking experience. The platforms offer easy navigation, real-time flight updates, and convenient features for managing bookings.

Airport Facilities: Air Canada operates in airports with modern and well-equipped facilities. The airline provides comfortable lounges, efficient check-in counters, and other amenities to enhance the overall airport experience for passengers.

Sustainability Initiatives: Air Canada is committed to sustainability and has implemented various initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. The airline focuses on fuel efficiency, waste reduction, and carbon offset programs to promote eco-friendly travel.

Complaints and Resolutions: Air Canada handles complaints and resolutions in a professional and timely manner. The airline has a dedicated customer service team that addresses passenger concerns and strives to find satisfactory resolutions.

How to file a complaint about Air Canada?

1. Log in or create an account: To begin, please ensure you are logged into your account. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one by providing the necessary details and verifying your email address.

2. Navigating to the complaint form: Once logged in, locate the 'File a Complaint' button situated at the top right corner of the website and click on it to access the complaint form.

3. Writing the title: In the 'Complaint Title' field, briefly summarize the main issue you have encountered with Air Canada. Make it concise yet descriptive enough to convey the essence of your complaint.

4. Detailing the experience: Provide a detailed account of your experience with Air Canada. Include key areas such as booking issues, flight delays or cancellations, customer service interactions, baggage problems, or any other service-related concerns. Mention any specific transactions, including dates, flight numbers, and any correspondence with the company. Clearly describe the nature of the issue, the steps you took to resolve it, and how the company responded. Explain how this issue has personally affected you, such as causing missed connections, additional expenses, or significant inconvenience.

5. Attaching supporting documents: Attach any relevant supporting documents such as receipts, boarding passes, correspondence, or photos. Please ensure you do not include sensitive personal information in the documents you are uploading for your own security.

6. Filing optional fields: Use the 'Claimed Loss' field to state any financial losses you have incurred as a result of the issue with Air Canada. In the 'Desired Outcome' field, specify what resolution you are seeking, whether it be a refund, compensation, an apology, or any other form of resolution.

7. Review before submission: Carefully review your complaint or review to ensure that it is clear, accurate, and complete. Check for any spelling or grammatical errors, and verify that all information provided is correct.

8. Submission process: After reviewing your complaint, click the 'Submit' button to officially file your complaint or review on

9. Post-Submission Actions: After submitting your complaint, make sure to regularly check your account on for any responses or updates related to your complaint or review. Engage with any responses if necessary to further your case.

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