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Afni Collections / AFNI attempting to collect on previously paid debt

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I had a debt to Cingular Wireless in 2003 and was sent a collection notice from Bureau of Collection Recovery, Inc. I paid this debt in January 2004. NOW in 2007 this Afni company is attempting to collect a different amount supposedly turned over from Cingular. I called and attempted to explain that I had receipts and canceled checks from having already paid this, but the representative refused to hear any of it, stating that a negative entry had already been made on my credit report. I have since sent them copies of where I paid this debt once and basically am saying "SUE ME" to Afni because I refuse to pay the same bill twice. And their web site, what a joke!

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  • Kr
      13th of Mar, 2007
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    I had the SAME thing happen to me with a cable bill!!!! The cable company I had previously had service with was bought out so I couldn't even go back to them about it. I sent AFNI copies of payment as well and they said that account number didn't match their account number. Well neither matched the original account number! So I'm still trying to figure out how to fight this. Their validation of the debt was just a letter saying the debt was verified and I owed them money. If you find out how to fix this, please let me know.

  • Da
      15th of Apr, 2007
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    The SAME thing happened to me.. in 2004 I closed my cingular account for orders overseas (military).. cingular gave me a zero balance report and here we are in 2007 I get a bill from AFNI for over 100 dollars.. cingular cant help me and AFNI wont hear anything... SUE ME!

  • Jo
      29th of May, 2007
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    I to am facing the mighty afni I nicknamed it "ain't found n0-one intelligent!" They claim I owe Cingular 1100 bucks from '02. Cingular is my provider now, and was then. I have tried to resolve this with Cingular and they tell me they don't have me owing this bill... Well, the people at "always frigging nose it" tell me I owe. Put it on my credit report as a "Major Derogatory" but not until I started ### did the MD designation come up. Well piss on em, let my creditors call me on my singular phone number and we can discuss it. I am going to start calling them every moment I have free, like stuck in traffic or whatever and try to resolve this issue at the expense of their bottom line. If the pissants can pay people 9-10 bucks an hour to call and harass, I can sure burn the time sheets up by becoming an inbound pain in the butt. Using my CINGULAR phone. I wonder who Mr. Jacksons boss is?? Lol, thats who I wanna talk to.

  • Su
      16th of Jul, 2007
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    Can some one help me on AFNI INc. Today I checked my credit report and In my history it was said that I owe 1600+ dollars for singular. They told that it was the bill from singular in Sep2001. The funnest part is I came to US on 2003 only. How can I have a bill with singular from 2001 onwards. When I called AFNI on the same they are asking every thing including Address, Social, and employer etc... They gave me a number and asked to file a complaint in and they gave me a AFNI account #. But it never worked for me.... when i try to reach the same people I am not getting a response at all. It says register an appointment to speak to a customer service agent. To do this I ahve to book an appointment from the same website where i didn't find such link at all. Now my credit score i went to very bad state because of this. How can I get help on the same. I don't think I can get a solution with AFNI instead I am going to loose my Identity information calling them again. Is there any way I can get rid of this issue...? Is there any government agency where I can make a complaint...? Eagerly waiting for your suggestions friends...


  • We
      24th of Sep, 2007
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    We received a collections notice for $117.70 for a bill back in june of 98 that afni is trying to collect. I called verizon the customer service rep. said they have been receiving calls like this for the past couple of weeks, she told me not to pay and contact your local house of representatives. So I am in the process of that. located in upland, ca.

  • Fr
      11th of Oct, 2007
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    I received a settlement offer to pay the half balance $92.06 of the original amount was $184.11. Once I paid the $92.06 this account will be closed and I will no have to worry about this obligation. I have copy of this offer. Afni Account # 012248759-02 , creditor singular creditor account # 10646420. I received this settlement offer 9/14/2007. My address is P O BOX 1121 Camuy P R 00627 . Call me 787-518-6976.

  • Re
      18th of Oct, 2007
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    Today I received a collection notice from Afni, stating that I owed $293.34 to Verizon North, Inc. Also today, I received a settlement offer to resolve this matter if I would pay half the amount! I have never had the phone number they listed and I have never lived in Bloomington, IN. I sensed right away that it must be a scam and that was verified when I checked my credit report-Afni was not listed, and I saw the 300+ complaints against Afni on a Rip-Off website. The scam must be working or else they would not continue with this scam. It's incredible to me that it takes so long for the Indiana Atorney General to put a stop to this. I live in East Texas and can see that this scam is all over the US.

  • Su
      5th of Nov, 2007
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    My daughter received a bill from AfNI amounting to charges in excess of $1100 for a Verison New York phone number. Ironically, she's never lived in New York. I filed a complaint with the Verison and said they needed to prove that the number was once owned by my daughter. They said I needed to take it up with AFNI. I said, "AFNI says I need to take it up with you..." This conversation went back and forth with Verison several times. The more I insisted that they produce some sort of records the more they began to question AFNI. The next thing I know, I get a letter from AFNI telling me that "..they've investigated (I know, I was shocked, too) my dispute related to the referenced account and based on their investigation the account was being close." WOW you say? Don't be so sure. Two months later my daughter gets a bill from AFNI "making us a settlement offer to pay HALF the amount due on our over due account..." I'm telling you, they're a bunch of idiots with bogus credit reports who prey on good people with good credit histories to get MORE MONEY because they know they'll pay rather than risk getting dunned on their credit reports. It's shameful. Report this agency to everyone you can!

  • Ch
      15th of Nov, 2007
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    I actually used t work with this company and can understand some frustration this might help some of you and with other collection agencies.
    Are they calling because they own the debt or do they call saying they are a "third party collection agency" for verizon or cingular? If they are not third party then they may have purchased the debt from VZ or Cingular. This is perfectly legal and they can put it on your credit report if it is under 7 years old. Keep in mind that the only way that they get this is from the company they say the bill is from. Often people will contact a company like Cingular without realizing they have an internal collections department and they may have records not available to their customer service, or may have wiped the records if they sold the debt to afni or another agency. Afni is the jewel of collection agencies and prides itself in being overly compliant with the law, so don't take the frustrations out on the person on the phone. Here is what i would do.

    1. If any agency tries to collect on a bill over seven years old politely ask them for their address then send them a letter certified mail asking them not to contact about the matter any further, some will do this if you tell them but legally they can keep calling unless you do so in writing.
    2. Fraud is only a valid defense if you never had the service, arguing that you never had the service when you lived at the address of the service will get you nowhere. keep in mind that the burden of proof is on you when it comes to your credit report. If you never lived at the service address you must show where you lived during that time, tax returns, bills, insurance are all ways you can prove where you lived. If someone has stolen your identity they have committed a crime! This includes family members!!!! To claim this as fraud where you are not responsible you must file a police report, and a report to the Federal Trade Commission. This is very important because people that steal identities won't just use them once, these reports will help with future problems. If it was a family member that did this keep in mind that if they did it to you what would they be willing to do to someone else?
    3 Read two things, The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act they dictate how agencies can collect debts and you can file a FCRA complaint when they overstep their bounds.
    4 Ask if they will settle this for a lesser amount. Many times the older the debt the more likely they are to settle this. Most agencies will give you a first notice and 30 days before they report the debt to a credit bureaus, if the debt is already been reported to the bureaus keep in mind that if you take a settlement it will be reported as "Settled In Full" not "Paid In Full" and this may affect your credit less favorably. Get any settlement in writing before you pay it.
    5 This will not work with AFNI because it is a legally gray area, but ask for credit deletion in exchange for payment, sometimes it works sometimes it does not.
    6. Record every conversation, If they break the law this may be your best proof.
    7. Ask for a bill copy, and do so in a formal dispute in writing if you think you do not owe the bill.
    8. Do everything in writing and keep copies of it all and any responses.
    9. Know the laws of your state, some states are more restrictive than the federal laws.
    10. If you owe the bill pay the damn thing! Don't refuse to pay because you did not like the service or its just the "principle" of it. You may think that $200 phone bill won't affect you credit but if you refinance a house and it lowers your credit scour just enough to cause the bank to loan you the money at a interest rate only a fraction of a percent higher in can cost you more in the long run. For example a house loan for $100,000 for thirty years the difference between 6.00 and 6.1% interest is over $1,159
    11. Read all terms and conditions of any service agreement!!! Phone, Cable, Sattelite and other companies have very restrictive language in their service agreements, there are often clauses only allowing returns within 30 days, early termination fees ( with some phone companies $200 per line thats $1000 for cell phone family plans with 5 phones!!!, and of course you may think that you will just sue them but guess again you agreed to waive that right!!!! The best defense you have is keeping informed and get involved with group putting pressure on politicians.

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