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attempting to collect on paid Alltel bill

Afni has reported to my credit bureau a fraudulent debt that was paid to Alltel. Every time I dispute they just reage it to make it look like it is a current default. AFNI ignores all my correspondence that has proof that this was paid to Alltel in full. They have ruined my credit! They need to be stopped.

This lawfirm is looking for victims to proceed with a class action on AFNI. I just contacted them.

Their number is: [protected]

Edelman, Combs, Latturner & Goodwin, LLC
120 South LaSalle Street, 18th Floor
Chicago, IL 60603
Consumer Protection Lawyers
Know Your Rights

If AFNI has sent you a letter and is trying to collect on a cell phone bill call:

I just contacted them!

AFNI - do NOT CALL or send them money

If you've received a collections notice from AFNI, do not pay it AND do NOT call their 800 number. ...

Outstanding bill from 1995!

A few days ago i received an outstanding bill from this collection agency called Afni. This bill was from 1995 when i had service with verizon. So i called Afni because this bill did not sound familiar. I talked to this collector named Amber, and she was very polite and she explained that this was a final bill that i had from when i lived in Chicago. the only reason that i did not receive this bill back in 1995 was because i had moved out of the city and i forwarded my mail with the post office but final bills do not get forwarded by the post office so i never knew about the bill. the original amount of the bill was for 302.50 but Afni offered to close the account for 50% off which is 151.25 but i went ahead and paid the full amount with my debit card and yesterday i went on their website and printed a receipt that shows that i paid the full amount. Afni was really helpful in this matter and i am glad that they brought this outstanding bill to my attention.

  • Ju
    Just my opinion Nov 11, 2007

    Final bills do get forwarded by the USPS. All mail gets forwarded.

    This is obviously an AFNI employee trying to cover up the their scam.

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  • Jo
    JOHN SMITH Nov 11, 2007

    I am not an AFNI employee!!! Just because I want to pay my bills I am a scam artist? I believe the scam artists are all you people who are crying on this ### website because you don't want to pay your bills are the scam artists!!!

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  • J
    J Feb 23, 2008


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  • Mi
    Miss Texas May 01, 2008

    Got a letter from Anfi too- I'm not delinquent, the person on the phone was not polite and I've disputed the claim. IN fact, when we called, we were almost assaulted through the phone line. We were just concerned that they had the wrong people. Not they they knew- but perhaps thought we moved when we changed addresses. Little did they know I still get mail at the other address. Fake claims that I did not receive repeated bills is a lie. I think that if I owed someone $50 from 7 years ago- they would have complained back then- not waiting until now. This poster sounds fishy-- a bit like someone working for the collection agency. If they were real- they should have asked for proof. I'm betting they are out $111 dollars that they should have kept.

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  • Do
    Donald Dec 01, 2008

    ANFI is a morge of outdated and most times unnacurate records. They are better known as 'Grave Collectors' and will try to collect from families of the deceased according to many many complaints of record. The best approach with this company is to issue a certified letter stating they are required by law to inform you of the accurate information of any debt within the statute of limititations or to leave you alone. Accord to the Fair Debt Collections Practices act, they have no right to bother you, but will act as if they do. Do NOT admit ANY DEBT to these people, send them a certified letter asking them to prove what they are saying is not beyond the scope of the law and you will be all set.

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  • De
    Debra Donovan Dec 18, 2008

    I have no Idea who these people are apparently they think I owe them 131.00 from aug 2004? No one from this company has contacted me saying I owe them money! and its in collections still?
    Please help
    Debra Donovan

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Bogus collection notice from Verizon wireless

This is the second time this co has tried to collect on a bill that we don't owe . On 3/28/07 we received the first collection notice for an account that has been closed and paid in full since 7/05. We called Verzion and they said that we didn't owe them anything and the account had been closed for almost 2yrs. Now we are receiving collection bills from AFNI for the same thing again only the amount owed is different. We have lived in South Africa for over 2.5 yrs now and it's costly and time consuming to continue dealing with this company from overseas. We have a very good credit score and hopfully this won't mess it up. This time we will file a complaint with the FTC, some how they need to stop companies like this.


I recived a collections on an over due account. For Charter Communications,past due amount of
$71.85. Asking me to pay a "settlement offer"of $35.93.No date of bill sent to collection.
What kind of collections company ever settled for half on another attempt to contact.

I have never had an account with Charter Communications.I will let every one know this is b-!!!!!.
Starting with Charter,Post Office and Better buisness buro.

  • Aw
    Aweysmom Mar 02, 2009

    I received a copy of my credit report and found two different items from AFNI Inc. A Charter account Listed for 166.00 and Verizon for 198.00.. I currently have Verizon service, however during that time fram listed on my credit report I did not have Verizon. Charter is listed on my credit file however I did not have Charter. It is amazing to me how many people have accounts listed that are incorrect for this company. The company will not provide with with any information on the account.

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  • My
    myzombeck Apr 17, 2009

    I received two letters at the same time for the same number from verizon. I did have this number but never with verizon. It is very odd that they are in my maiden name and have never showed up on my credit report. I have cleaned up my credit and know there is nothing. It is very odd that they would rather settle for a lesser amount than to take the full amount. My letters also have no date of when this is from. I can't beleive people can get away with stealing from others and its perfectly legal.

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  • No
    none123456 Apr 12, 2013

    I received a collections notice from Afni which said I owed them 109 dollars because I did not pay my AT&T bill. I have never had an account with AT&T in my life. I called the Afni to see why I had the bill. Of course a collections agent accuses me of lying and tells me I need to pay. The part I dont understand is how they have my social security number if I never had an account with AT&T. Then I googled them and found tons of compaints about them.

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  • Always be alert Apr 12, 2013

    Afini is a bottom feeding debt buyer...Sadly, most debt buyers don't care if the debt is valid or not, they gamble that they can get you to pay anyway, just to get them to go away. That's why the agent started abusing you (calling you a liar). Don't be surprised if the abuse gets worse every time you speak with them. They think if they make it bad enough for you, you'll pay to make it stop. Knowing your rights is critical here. Under the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collections Practices Act), the federal law that governs debt collectors, it is illegal to abuse someone when attempting to collect a debt. You also have a right to ask for validation of the alleged debt. If you ask for validation (in writing sent certified mail with return receipt requested) within 30 days of the initial contact letter, they must stop all collection attempts until they validate the debt. Asking for validation is as simple as stating that you are disputing the entire debt, and are requesting validation per the FDCPA. Ask for two specific pieces of information. 1. Proof that the debt is valid, and 2. Proof that Afini has legal standing to demand a penny from you. Type your name at the bottom of the letter. (Never sign letters to a debt collector. Those signatures have been known to show up on bogus documentation used to bolster a debt buyers bogus claims.) Sometimes asking for validation is enough to get the debt buyer to go away. Another option is to go to an attorney in your area who is a member of the NACA (National Association of Consumer Advocates), who specialize in dealing with debt collectors. Their website is www.naca.net

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past due verizon phone bill

I am yet another person sent a collection bill for a phone bill from a telephone number I used to have about 10 years ago with Verizon. This is not my bill. When I went to go online to contact afni collecitions, I found a torrent of people that have been subjected to scams from this company. These people need to be stopped. It's a shame that normal people have to spend time and energy fighting against things that other people try to get you with. You're supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around.

  • Je
    Jeannine Seymour Feb 04, 2008

    I knew the afni collection notice was a phony when I got it. It listed my old phone number in Los Angeles, and to the best of my knowledge, it was my home phone number, not a cell phone with Verizon. I have to say "to my knowledge" because it refers to an address over 10 years old, and I have no records dating back that far. (This notice came in October 2007, 10 years and 1 month after I left California.)

    I've been waiting 30 minutes to speak to a Verizon billing agent to verify that I've never had an account with them, but am losing patience. While waiting, decided to add my complaint about phony collection scams that seem to be of little interest to our Justice Department. I feel SO SORRY for people who get these things and just pay off the scammers out of fear and befuddlement.

    The American consumer has been declared fair game for scammers, con artists and usurio0us credit card companies. If you are tired of seeing them get away with it, VOTE IN 2008 for a change in Washington, in your state, and in your community.

    That is, if you can still vote, and if your vote is counted correctly. Hell, try anyway! It's our only hope.

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  • Ja
    Jann McClary Sep 22, 2008

    You, too? I got one a week ago from Afni stating I owed $942 and some cents for a bill from 2003!My ex and I did have modem service in May 2003 and had Verizon cut if off in Sept. 2003, but we came to find out thru MANY phone calls and letters to Verizon that the termination of service order wasn't put thru till many moths later. During that time somebody hijacked the line and made calls to Pakistan (!) at all hours of the night for God-know-long. After the back-and-forth with the Verizon reps, and payment of the portion of the bill we DID owe, my ex was told by Verizon that the bill was settled. How is it I never got a bill from Verizon after the thing was settled? How is it no one ever sent me any kind of notice that money was supposedly still due till now? I talked to a rep at Afni named Tess who was not rude or nasty, and I followed up with a written dispute of debt letter. But I'm taking Fred's advice an will file a report with the FTC about Afni about the BS they're trying to pull.

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  • Nu
    nursemgb Mar 09, 2009

    I just recieved a bill from the same company saying i had a phone after i cancelled and moved to new address

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Cingular bill fraud!

I got a letter from a company call AFNI, Inc. They said I had an outstanding debt from a unpaid bill to Cingular for $510.26 and I had to pay it to avoid damage to my credit report. I went to their online website and disputed it and recently received a letter that in accordance with 15 USC 1692g, Anfi will resume collection activities. I do not know where to begin to fight this. The phone number they have is a W. Palm Beach, FL number and I have never lived in Florida my entire life, but somehow they have my parents address in LA. I have always used Cingular, but I have always had the same number and never started a new account with them. They told me that the bills were sent to my parents house and were paid for two out of the four years that the account was open. My mother has always lived in the house I grew up in for the past 29 years she would not let a bill under my name go unnoticed. I called the AFNI and they told me that it was probably my siblings and I should question them. That would never happen in my families household!!! I really need to know what I can do to fight this and get this off of my record.
Thanks C.P.

  • Na
    Nathan Oct 13, 2007

    I just got the same deal for like 233 dollars. Good thing I got that credit report! Ive never had singular in my life. I don't know how to fight it either!

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Not a legitimate collection agency!

I have had a run in with this company before. I too contacted Verizon and they had no record of the debt. This company is similar to another "collection agency" called CAMCO (Capital Acquisitions Management Company). They purchase old debts that have either been settled for a lesser amount, charged off as part of a bankruptcy, or on which the Statute of Limitations for collection of the debt has expired and then attempt to collect on the debt. If they receive so much as one cent from you, the Statute of Limitations starts over and they can begin to report you to the credit bureaus. WE ALL NEED TO DO THIS: Write a letter to your local Attorney General's office letting them know whats up with this company, then send a cease and desist letter to AFNI letting them know that you know what they are about. This scam only works if you allow yourself to be bullied into paying them. I personally still had records indicating that the bill in question had been paid by money order several years ago so I was able to get them off my back, but if you don't have such records you can still get rid of them. The Statute of Limitations is there to protect you, who keeps records of paid debts for 10 or more years. They are counting on the fact that you don't have proof and you will give in. Don't give in, stand your ground, this is a SCAM!!

  • St
    st-perr Nov 14, 2008

    Umm.. The statute of limitations only applies to how long they can sue you for the money, and how long it was on your credit report, not how long a company can collect on the debt... and it doesn't start over when collected. Law states that it is from when the bill went past due.

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Poor service!

I called afni and was told I owe over $75.00 on a verizon account that was closed in June of '97. I have moved a couple of times since then, however I don't recall ever getting a bill from Verizon or GTE especially a delinquent one.

If the bill is legit though, the statue of limitations concerning old debts has run it's course. In my state thats 4 years. What afni is doing is buying old debt hoping that you and I are ignorant of our rights sending us letters trying to make us confirm or commit to payment and if we do, we ourselves have rolled back the statue of limitations to zero. I believe it's called "gotcha."

While I admit I don't remember back 10 years the circumstances surrounding this account, I don't believe I owe Verizon a dime. Without admitting anything, I told afni I would get back with them, and I have in the form of a letter stating: I request a copy of the original agreement, complete payment history from the original creditor, and proof that said collection agency has been assigned to the debt. Until I receive such information, I dispute the validity of this debt!

Their time has run out, and if they send anything to the credit reporting agencies while this collection is in dispute, I've got them by the you know what.

  • Br
    Brandon Tucker Feb 22, 2007

    AFNI-BLOOM has severely damaged my credit by reporting a COLLECTION account as if it were a CREDIT account. They have taken a 6 year old balance of $200.00 dollars to Cingular and have reported it as a past 120 days late revolving credit account.

    How is this possible?

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  • Ar
    Arlene C. Dec 18, 2007

    I have recieved a bill from Afni Inc. They state I owe Bell Atlantic (Now another company) $175.57. This for a phone number I had 8 years ago in another state! I have checked my credit report yearly, purchased and sold a house and NEVER had this come up!
    Are they this hard up for money they are making up old charges. I left the other state with EVERYTHING in good standing. This company is fraudulent and I will pursue action.

    Consumers in America, stand up for yourselves. DONT ALLOW THEM TO DO THIS TO US!!

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  • Ka
    Karen White Jan 28, 2008

    I have received a collection notice from Afni, Inc. They are asking for a $400.00 amount due to Sprint. They are giving us 30 days to contact them. If they do not hear from us in the 30 days they will assume this debt is valid. In the past they have asked for 1/2 the amount and then we will not hear from them anymore.

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  • Mi
    Michael Adams Feb 05, 2008

    Call Sprint and ask if they have turned you over to that group and why.

    Here's the number for their executive resolution team.


    Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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Illegal collection

Afni Collections company in Bloomington IL sent me collections charge from year 1996 for $629 with Verizon phone company with settlement charge $525.38 even I has been discharged from debtors in 1996 due to my bankruptcy.

They are trying to recover debt even charges between year [protected] on Verizon phone company in New York. I never used Verizon in those years in NY, I used New York Bell phone company, but obviously Verizon and Afni are trying to find bogus charges. They should be stopped from this fraud.

Incorrect and fraudulent collections!

I received a letter in the mail in July '07 stating that I owe over $600 to Verizon New York Inc. I immediately called the company and was told that the bill was from [protected] at a location that I am not familiar with hundreds of miles away from where I was living. I explained all of this to the representative "Rachel" and advised her that paying was not even an option. I had phone service where I was living during that time and was working for one of the companies that ultimately became Verizon. She listened and told me to fill out a form on their website.

I had a very uneasy feeling about the company so I started filling it out but then I canceled the entire fraudulent claim and advised her to send me the fraud claim package in the mail. She quickly advised that I had another claim for about $64. I am totally confident that wasn't the case but I listened to her and paid the $64 because it wasn't worth haggling over.

I try to maintain an impeccable credit history over the years, so needless to say I was livid about this mess. I worked for Verizon for quite a few years, had Verizon landline service for many years and have had their wireless service for many years. There is no way on this earth that they would allow me to have service with them if I owed them that money.

Thanks to all who complained about this company. I now know my next steps. I will definitely contact an attorney for assistance.

Something is not quite right with this company.

  • Li
    Liam Casey Sep 25, 2007

    I recently received an letter from AFNI regarding a ~5000 bill for a Verizon acct from 1996. I suspect this company is using some sort of phishing scam by using limited info to attempt to collect debts from whomever they can find has a similar ss# and address to the one associated with the acct. . I lost a half day of work (and some sleep) over this as I filed a police report stating that this might be a case of ID theft. I also sent a letter to the NYS attorney general's office. Then sent a letter and documentation to AFNI stating that I had done these things and demanding to see the proof that this acct was in my name.

    I used the following letter as a template
    /URL removed/

    I sent this letter with return receipt confirmation and then about 2 weeks after sending the letter i heard from afni that the case was closed. Don't pay these jerks a dime and contact your state's att. general bc. they are almost certainly engaging in some unethical activities.

    1 Votes
  • Fr
    frvr123 Jun 15, 2009

    THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN OUR ECONOMY GOES DOWN THE TUBE...### comes learking after innocent people!

    I am also going thru this hassle with Afni. I have been sent a bill stating that I owe Verizon 235.23. Since my 20's, I have had the same phone service with a different company and have no idea what this bill is about.

    This letter states that they will take a discounted payment offer of 15.00?? Really, what a deal! They want me not to pay the 235.23 but instead just pay 15.00! Do people really pay bills that are not even theirs?? Maybe some do, but I am not a fool! LOL I am going to check on my credit report and see if they are on it. If they are- is it worth sueing for the hassle they are causing us??

    Crap like this makes people go insane...it's not like we are not stressed enough in our wonderful world of finance!

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Fraud and cheating!

I received this collection notice from AFNI collections on the 23 of July 07. For the amount of $34.97...

Invalid claim for verizon!

Got a letter from AFNI indicating that my husband owes $976.16 for an account that he had in New York. He supposedly kept this Verizon account current from 12/1993 to 12/1994. According to Linda at AFNI Inc, the debt was taken over by AFNI in May 2007.

We have never lived in New York, we never had the phone number listed in the letter which is in New York. We have never received a bill from Verizon, all these years that we've lived in California at the same address that this letter was delivered.

This is a scam! AFNI must have purchased my husband's name, address, and ss# from an irreputable agency. Scary thought!

Bogus bill!

I thought I was the victim of some sort of identity theft. That is until I ran across this site. Apparently Afni goes after anybody they choose to. I was billed for a phone bill in Erie Pa. I have never been to Erie. Verizon bills seem to be a common thread here. I have sent proof that I was over 400 miles away when this phone service was initiated. They still, calm as day, asked for money. That was the point where I blew up. I do intend to contact Verizon and the Better Business Burea about Afni's tactics.

  • An
    angela martin Aug 18, 2007

    Ok let me tell you something... i use to work for a collection agency and they only go by the information that verizon sent them... i mean there are fraud cases out there but usually its not that common on a home phone plan. I can tell you right now contacting verizon will do nothing for you because chances are afni purchased your account therefore any information is unavailable to verizon. Now if this is still listable to your credit and to prevent it from going on there you re best bet is to just send your dispute letter and request bill copies because the better business bureau will not back you considering afni is an extremely large company and they are apart of the better business bureau... and as far as this sight... of course there are going to be negative comments on here everyone including myself hates having things in collections noone is going to write something positive about a collection agency... i mean come on now...

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  • Ri
    Rick Bradley Dec 27, 2007

    Angela, you fail to address the fact that AFNI ignores legal dispute and verification, thereby breaking the law; illegally dings credit reports; and follows no dispute resolution process. The original poster provided them with proof that the debt is invalid, they have not provided verification of the debt and continue to attempt to collect. They are breaking the law, repeatedly, regardless of the quality of the information they purchased. It is their duty to vet that information.

    I received a fraudulent debt collection attempt letter from AFNI, but I am very aware of my legal rights. My first action will be to send a certified-return-receipt verification and dispute letter demanding verification of the (non-existent) debt. Afterwards I will notify them that they are not to attempt to contact me or pursue this matter further.

    I presume then, judging by the hundreds of complaints about identical fraudulent collection matters, that I will be contacted further and will be forced to report the illegal collection attempts to the FTC, 2 state Attorneys General, and then consult an attorney to begin legal proceedings against AFNI.

    There is *no* excuse for their behavior. Making excuses for immoral and blatantly illegal practices as "business-as-usual" is simply shilling for the crooked. Enjoy the kharmic blowback.


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  • Ho
    Hodges Sep 27, 2009

    This is outrageous and maddening!!! afni is telling me I owe for AT&T Mobility hundreds of dollars and are black marking my credit report monthly. I've never even used AT&T Mobility. They refuse to cease!! Now my wife, in her maiden name, is also getting this bogus bill of almost a $1, 000.00 also saying AT&T Mobility, also never used them. Again, they refuse to say anything except offer to accept half! Half of a fraud debt!! WTF! How can they have such control over this? Why are they left un-checked? Where is the consumer protection?

    This needs to stop!!!

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Fake Verizon bill!

August 14, 2007

I receive a negative inquiry on my credit report from AFNI, INC for an original creditor Verizon. I have never had an account with Verizon. This company AFNI has made my life and credit score pure hell. This negative collection reporting has taken my credit score from 701 (good) to 573 (very poor) score rating. I am in the process of buying a house and I just keep receiving denials about my credit having a collection debt, which I knew this was not true. So I order my credit report to find out this company AFNI had put a collection of a bill for 1,846 from original creditor Verizon. I alert all 3 Credit Bureau of this company AFNI, reporting a delinquent account to my credit. Again I do not have an account with this company and further more I do not even own a cell phone or home phone number in my living area they do not even offer Verizon service. I spoke with a representative name Charlene with AFNI, per representative this was a bill in Lynchburg, VA for a phone number in 1994 I have not live at the address they provided nor had a phone number of 804 for Lynchburg VA. Lynchburg VA area code has been 434 for the past 10 years. When speaking to the representative she stated that Verizon brought out some company with this bill of 1,846.00 and they had the account open in January 2006 and recently reported the collection to the credit bureaus July 2007. Never once I had any type of collection nor any reporting to the bureaus about having any thing from Verizon or AFNI it all of sudden pop up on credit report; no statements, no itemized bill or nothing was sent to me. Speaking to about 10 representative of Verizon Wireless and Verizon as well as the fraud department they could not provide anything for the account number or my social security number. This company AFNI has made my life miserable as well as ruin my credit. The problem with Verizon they are allowing this company to use their name and to continue to practice fraudulent tactics using there company name. I have spent money and time just to clear my name and seem like I am not getting anywhere. Per Charlene she said the company take this information from a public record but would not provide me with the company that have such public record she stated it's only for collections agency. This is a complete fraud to consumers and ruining people credit reports and scores. Never once have I had a debt reported to the credit bureau in reference to any type of bill for Verizon or AFNI. Please Complaints.com let the publics know what this company is doing to people lives.

Thank You,

John Banks, Virginia.

Collection notice for phone number I never had

I received a Collections Notice from Afni Collections for $69.45 for a Disconnected telephone number that I have Never had. When I tried to call they said they had too many calls and I should go on their WEB Site to have them call me. This morning I got on the Web Site and saw a different number, after holding for 15 minutes I was disconnected. I called Verizon last night and they confirmed that they have no record of me every having that phone number. They are scamming people and I am outraged that they can get away with this practice. I will not pay this bill as it is not mine.

Old Alltel bill!

Back in March of 2007, I received a letter from Afni, Inc. demanding payment for an old cellular bill. Immediately, I contacted the "creditor" (Alltel) and asked for a copy of the $344.28 bill from over 6 years ago. Alltel told me that since the account was closed, they could no longer provide me a bill/statement.

I have asked that (Afni, Inc) prove this bill and they cannot do so either. They ask me dumb questions like... did you ever have Alltel service? Obviously this is all a confusing ploy intended to extract what money they can out of people who can't/won't do their homework.

The bottom line is that if there is a legitimate charge, there is a legitimate bill/statement. Unfortunately, the amount of money we are discussing is too low to hire an attorney. After seeing the hundreds of complaints in this forum I am convinced that something must be done.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in teaming up and shutting down this ridiculous company.

  • Je
    jenya rose Aug 01, 2007

    I just got one of these collections for $212. They said they would take $159 if I pay by the end of the month. This is a total scam, right? Has this ended up on anyones' credit? What can be done about these companies?

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False claims!

I just received a notice that I owe Alltel 1037.01 I have never had an Alltel cell phone in my life. What a scam to try this garbage. You have got to be kidding me!!!

  • Ch
    Christopher Nash May 16, 2008

    Identity theft has reaaly upset me. This program caused my bank account to have an NSF on our bank account. This is the second time it has happen. Everytime this happens $32.00 is taken out for a total of $64.00. I need that money back into our account. I feel as if we should be notified before someone attempts to touch the bank account. Thhis matter needs to be handled immediately.

    0 Votes

No response

I have followed procedures as outlined by AFNI Collections in order to dispute a claim. I have heard absolutely nothing from this company and their phone now says that it is out of commission and to try back later???

Copy of letter of dispute:

AFNI, INC ACCOUNT #: xxxxxxxxxxx

I have received a collection notice from you in regard to a Cingular account. I have tried to call you but I am put in a call rotation and never get an actual person. This Cingular bill is a mistake by Cingular. I had this phone yes. However, I traded this phone in and got a new phone threw Cingular. As I am sure Cingular can verify, my present phone number, (801.xxx.xxxx), was acquired when I surrendered the last phone #, and the last one before that.

That they did not turn it off when I traded in my old phone, is unknown to me. I am officially disputing the validity of this claim. I can and will acquire an attorney to represent me, if necessary. This is ridiculous.

  • Af
    Afni Jul 19, 2007

    Information below is all availble from their website:

    Afni's executive team

    Corporate Headquarters
    404 Brock Drive
    Bloomington, IL 61702-3097

    For collection-related inquiries, contact our Recovery Team at 1.800.371.3645, by mail at Afni, Inc. PO Box 3517, Bloomington, IL 61701 or email at: [email protected]

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  • Ja
    jane doe Aug 03, 2007

    I received a collection notice as well. I called Verizon to see if there were any other accounts (other than the ones I know I have) associated to me and they told me "No." I called Afni and STUPIDLY confirmed the last 4 digits of my ss# and date of birth. At that point I found out the charges were from 1997. In 1997 I was living in a different town and my telephone number was under my roommate's name. It baffled me that my current information was connected to this old "bill." But thank God they did reveal that information. HUGE red flag that I failed to notice immediately.

    In any case, when I was asked for my driver's license number through their web site I stopped in my tracks, did a search, and found this site. Thank you all for being here before me, as unfortunate it is that we all have been. Saved your family and loved ones.

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  • Fr
    Francia Lamus Dec 30, 2007

    I have received a collection notice of $75.04 from Bell Atlantic, now Verizon. I called afni and the clerk treated me like a criminal, "Well you opened this account, and you closed it after two years and owe this amount" , I replied "I never owned this phone #", and she said "well it happened 10 years ago, you were 31 years old". The forwarding address is wrong and I had a different phone # that the one in dispute. After my explanation, she said "you sound like an honest person, but you have to pay". Unbelievable, it's only $75.04 but It's a fraud. I contacted Verizon and I don't owe them a penny. What a waist of time. AFNI have to stop accusing people of false debts.

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Collecting on debt past statute of limitations

Just received a collection letter from Afni, Inc. for over $100.00 from Verizon New York for a phone # I did not recognize. I called and I was told that this is a debt from 1994!!! That is over 13 years ago! I told them to stop collections immediately because I cannot prove that I paid this bill without calling all my former banks and possibly paying them money to research months of canceled checks.

I also told them that the statute of limitations has run and they cannot sue me, therefore any further collection attempts would be solely to harass or annoy me.

They tried to tell me that the statute of limitations has run only to report on my credit report, I said, no you cannot sue me either. That was that!


  • Di
    diane Jan 24, 2008

    I received notice that I owed a bill from 1999 on a phone number that I still have. I asked why no one has contacted me in 8 years and he told me he would send a letter of validation. Whatever that means. What can I do to protect my credit rating... Plz advise smb!

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  • Ed
    Eddie Warford Feb 28, 2008

    This phone # that they said we owed was not ours or never had been. We have had Verizon phones
    and have never been turned down for an outstanding account balance.

    -1 Votes
  • Ju
    Judith Nerette May 04, 2008

    Attempting to collect a debt from over 11 years ago. Inever had a phone with Verizon Florida. I have lived in another state for 11years.This is ridiculous and after 7 years it should not even be happening. According to the credit bureau there should not be any thing like this on my report.

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  • Je
    jenni55 Apr 18, 2009

    Uhhh did you by chance even read what the FTC states is the statue of limt. ... i dont thingk you did. The statues protect you from credit repoting of a debt over 7 yrs and taking legal action after 7 yrs... But sorry bud there is no "debt fariy" that makes your debt go away after years you still owe it, companies can still collect on it and contact you about the debt. Any why do you companies have to be able to sue you for you to think you owe a bill thats kind of an odd comment to make for a person who pays their bills dont you thing???

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  • Yv
    yvonner Mar 20, 2011

    Another fraudulent attempt to collect charges for Direct tv. I have had Comcast for 9 years. Thank goodness I checked here before calling, at least they don't have my number. Did someone get Jessi?

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  • Lj
    ljunkie Feb 17, 2014

    You are an idiot. The statute of limitations in New York, which is never know as a "debt fairy" says that if you sue me for a debt that is over six years old, I can raise an affirmative defense saying: TOO LATE (in simple words for you to understand). If I do that, yes, the lawsuit (and the right to collect the debt) "magically" goes away!
    Also, I DO pay my bills, I explained there would be no way for me to PROVE it because the debt was so old. That is the reason they have that law.
    You sound like a complete ###.

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