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VVM reviews & complaints

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VVM - Vodacom

I've been listed by VVM apparently for a Vodacom account Vodacom could not resolve. VVM seems unsympathetic and not interested in resolving it either. Instead offered a 30%. What next? I was promised yet another "escalation" (whatever that means). Vodacom offered me a contract of R49pm and instead billed me R99pm. Phoning Vodacom resulted in being referred from pillar to post with a promise of an escalation. Visits to Vodacom stores resulted in referred to phone in. It's just been a battle for almost year. Easy way out for them was to blacklist me. How coward!

Desired outcome: Resolve the issue and get my profile cleared.

VVM - Arrangement not met

My name is Bakang Kgosiemeng, ID [protected]. I received a call from a VVM Consultant this morning 19/10/2021 and the person speaking to me was rude and insulting and became personal with me.

I know I owe Edgars and didnt stick to my arrangement however I need to be treated with respect.

The consultant in question doesnt know me and I demand a formal apology from both the Company and the person who called me.

I would also like a copy of the call to listen to how I could have provoked such unprofessional;ism.

I have worked in the Call Centre industry and know of Consultants receiving training.

Please address this situation with the urgency it deserves.

Desired outcome: Formal apology

VVM - Account outstanding

We wanted to buy a databundle with vodacom on 1 Oct 2021 but we were denied as they stated we own them an amount of R1447.39 due with REF I0685142. We we did not know about as we have never received sms or email or letter or phone calls for money own till we went to vodacom on 1 Oct 2021 to buy a data bundle. When we contacted VVM as request a full account to see for what this amount is due for we only received sms with their banking details but no outstanding account. We requested numerous time for the account to be emailed but no response. We have been trying from 1 - 7 Oct 2021 to get an account in order for us to do payment
This is NOT LEGAL DEBT Collecting, if we owe money then they must be able to show for what it was for.

Desired outcome: Want the outstanding acount to be emailed to us with the banking details for payment


VVM - Illegal trace locator

I have received two messages on Friday 10th September with two references from VVM in respect of Cell C advising I have been handed over but of course when I responded to the WhatsApp line provide, no response from VVM after asking for proof as to how this is possible when I don't have any dealings with Cell C since I switched to Pre-paid but no reply. Then I emailed VVM and of course also no reply.

Received two threatening SMS to say a trace locator has been put on my proof which I am sure is illegal and also tried calling then but still no callback or feedback. I am not one that can be threatened to get a rise out of me but I also cannot deal with incompetent people who only know how to threaten but unable to provide physical evidence.

Desired outcome: Trace removed, apology provided as well as evidence

VVM - Vodacom account

Good Day

I need an paidup letter urgently. I have send email no one replies to I have ask numerous occasions on the what app group and stil nou reply this account was paidup on the 13 of August. Could anyone please urgently assist me. I'd number is [protected]. I have forward the proof of payment on the 13 Aug. Vodacom did not receive payment from them.

Aug 25, 2021

VVM - unfair handover

i have placed order with Homechoice but only to find out that my account is on debt review. Homechoice instructed me to contact you as to why my name is under debt review.
I have been with Homechoice for a long period not even a single month that i miss payment, i am so suprised to hear that my account is with you and they cant approve my order because of this debt review thing

please i need this be cleared

Desired outcome: clear my name

Aug 13, 2021

VVM - Poor services

My name is Gregory Oliphant id: [protected]. I was called about 2 weeks ago regarding my account and i requested a special discount of 30% On my account. I was told there is a 20% discount available which amounts to R9200. I said thanks but i can only afford the 30%.
So i told the consultant if i can perhaps speak to the Manager. I think her name was Ronel, she is an Indian lady. She reemphasized the above and i asked if she could please request from the client which is Truworths, if they can give me a 30% discount considering that im willing to settle and also taking in consideration the current pandemic we are facing and where things are very very tough. She first hesitated and then i managed to convince her to request it from Truworths. Then she said they will call me back.
I haven't recived any feedback since then not even a follow up call to say they have done the request and are still waiting for feedback.
So this week as from Tuesday i called VVM's office everyday even today and please asked if i can speak to that manager or any other manager cause im willing to settle with R8500. Which is more than the 30% but less than the 20%. No one is taking me serious and no one is getting back at me. I even called Truworths and they said they have not received a special request of 30% from VVM for my account.
Im so frustrated and i dont know what else to do. Please assist. My cell is [protected]

Desired outcome: I need my offer of R8500 as fulll and final payment to be accepted please

VVM - Paid up letter

I am very disheartened by the service that I have received from VVM. When I called to arrange payment, the consultants were friendly and helpful. I was told that once I've paid I'd get a paid up letter within 72 hours. Then after 72 hours I was told to wait for a week. After a week, I was told 7-21 days. Even in this constant waiting, the service I received after paying left much to be desired in terms of customer service. The friendly, helpful customer service was gone. I'm really disappointed because I started with such a positive experience with Vvm and now that they have their money, I can't get my paid up letter and move on. Please assist me. My ID number is [protected].

Desired outcome: Receive a paid up letter

VVM - Service given

Good day

I cant believed the is such a company that is still running in this day and age that has such poor if nothing of a good service. I have settle my account two month ago and till this day io have not received a letter that I was promised by vvm stating that my account has been paid up. When I call their agent will promise me to sent it till now they are sending it. Vvm is useless and their agent dont know the product and service to offer is zero to nothing they must retain their agents and stop making promises to customer that are filled with lies

Desired outcome: i want to be sent a letter for my account update

Jul 06, 2021

VVM - Harassment

Your company / reps are continuous arising me of the last 2 yrs from mondays through to saturdays ref no [protected] I dont know the person madeline and we have had this number since 2006 and if your company doesnt have true caller on your system to see who you harassing
So if you dont take the phone no of the system I will file an harassment case against you and publish it on hello peter

VVM - Edgar's acc

I finished my installments last month which was R665 even that installment I don't know where it was coming from because I finished my installments in April. And now I'm getting an sms saying I'm still owing R500 I've been overpaying you for months. Something is wrong here


VVM - Service

I have made a payment to settle my account with Vodacom. I provided more than 21 for the paid up letter to be emailed to me as instructed by one of VVM reps. After 30 business days have passed I asked VVM where is my paid up letter. They directed me to deal with Vodacom directly as they no longer hold the account, yet I had a verbal and written agreement with VVM to make payment. It does not make sense as to why they would take payment and not provide me with the letter that we agreed upon. When I sent them an email asking them what is to stop me from going to ombudsman with how my file has been handled, i received the paid up letter same day. This made me feel extremely uneasy about continuing paying VVM for other accounts.

I asked VVM if I should rather deal with Game directly considering how badly they handled my Vodacom account and they stated it can take up to 7 business days to get a response. It has been more than 7 days and there is no response.

I have made multiple payments to VVM as agreed with VVM, but I feel uneasy in doing so as they seem dodgy as hell by passing the buck and dodging questions.

Desired outcome: I want an answer if I should pay VVM or Game directly, since VVM seems shady AF and I do not trust VVM in the slightest.

VVM - Makro account

I had a Makro account which was paid up in July 2020. In September 2020, this account was handed over to VVM attorneys and unknowingly I paid the account up again. When I called in in January 2021, requesting a paid up letter I was told on numerous occasions that the letter was sent through however it was not...maybe because the account was already paid up previously. I advised and sent through all the proof to both RCS group and VVM on numerous occasions requesting my refund of R4500 and have been pushed from pillar to post. I am promised call backs which never happens and most of the time my emails are ignored. I am given different stories and false information time and time again. Initially I was told that their client which is the RCS Group advised that no refund was due however after contacting RCS Group, they advised that a refund was due to me and instruction was given to VVM to refund me. Two and a half months later and this matter still has not been resolved and I am still being shoved around. I have reported this matter to the ombudsman and now I'm going to refer this matter to the council for debt collectors - i have had enough

Desired outcome: I want my refund

VVM - Refund

I mistakenly paid an amount into their account because i previously had an account with them and it was loaded as a beneficiary.
I requested a refund a week ago with all instructed documentation advised by their consultants who know nothing about whats happening in the business.
I've tried to follow up on this refund because i have not recieved any feedback to my email, and yet the consultants say that they don't know i just need to wait for feedback. Now that is pathetic service.

Desired outcome: I want my refund

VVM - Information

Telkom erroneously billed me, the issue has been resolved, I have forwarded all the emails to [protected]@vvm.co.za. now they want 6 certified signatures, for what? I can only imagine what fraud that will be...

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VVM - The call center agents are rude and have no way of talking to people

You guys need to train your call center agents to talk more decently to customers as they are rude sometimes sarcastic and have no way of addressing clients. No one wants to talk to an unpleasant person on the phone. Also I don't see why they should call every day to tell people that are making payment that they need to pay yes its their job but its an irritating reminded that no one needs . not all of the are like that but a lot of them need better telephonic manners
Thank you

VVM - Settlement letter & update on national inquiry

On the 30/11/2020 a sum of R3478.73 was debited from my account as arranged for the settlement of Makro account with the reference number:[protected].
I was not sent any settlement letter and the full amount is still appearing on credit beaurox. I phoned VVm and a very rude consultant instructed me to phone Makro because apparently there was no such account appearing on her side.
Kindly send me my proof of payment and update the credit beaurox(s)' status

Desired outcome: Paid up letter & an update on national credit beaurox

Hi my name is Sibusiso Dlamini, ID NO [protected], i had an account with Coricraft and the account has been settled, please send me a settlement letter, my eimail is [email protected]

My name is Doris Mkhomazi from Nelspruit, I used to have an Edgars account long time ago and it was settled during 2016. I'm still waiting for a settlement letter please.!

my contact number : [protected]
[email protected]

VVM - Thando keeps calling

Thando, if you do not send me a functioning email so I can send proof of this issue that has been solved last year already, you will get a whistle in the ear, then to add insult to injury, I will sue you and your company for harassment and emotional stress, with costs. Do not test my patience. Martiena Sliedrecht Telkom case numbers [[protected]]Re: [[protected]]Account / Billing Enquiry

Aug 29, 2020

VVM - No response from vvm ref:[protected]

Countless time I have been trying to get through to a consultant to no avail. How then am I supposed to make payment if I dont get any form of help. I am unable to pay due to missing beneficiary details. My Bank cant help me at all if I dont provide the details. Now I have been listed. How was I supposed to pay without the full banking details. I have called this number [protected] and sent emails can someone please get back to me with the details. Listing someone without giving them full details to enable then to pay is not fair at all


VVM - Not being able to get hold anyone to assist me

Countless time I have been trying to get through to a consultant to avail. How then are we as clients supposed to make payment arrangements we are reminded of if we won't get any form of help. Can I kindly be contacted ASAP on [protected]/[protected] and ask to speak to Ayanda. If not can you email me me on [protected]@gmail.com with an I can reply to. Thank you in advance

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