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This is no Joke. A company called AFNI, Inc. P.O. Box 3472 in Bloomington, Il. 61702 is a third party collections company. They buy old worthless, incorrect and often out of statute of limitations debt portfolios.

Recently, ANFI, Inc. sent out a second notice collection bill on an old phone account through Verizon California Inc. they said I owed from 2001. Note I never received a first notice. They offered to settle for half of what they said I owed, about $45.00. Dumbfounded I knew I never had any account of any kind with Verizon, so I called Verizon Cal. Inc. and spoke to Eric, Feb. 2008. He looked in his data base for my name, SS and the phone number. He said there was nothing about me in any of their files. He also said the phone number wasn't even a Verizon number. So I did a phone number search at my own expense and found out what I already knew, it was not mine.

I checked my credit reports and found in violation of the Fair Debt Reporting Act they also placed this bill on my consumer’s credit reports without ever notifying me, and re-aged it from 2001 to 2007, which is also against the law. If you receive one of these bills from AFNI, Inc. and you know that you had never had Verizon; or if it is a bill you never heard of before, check your credit reports right away.

I checked other web sites and found out a lot about AFNI, Inc. scamming people, not just a few but hundreds, thousands across the USA. I then disputed the bill by Certified letters. Also, I filed with my state’s Attorney General and the IL. A.G., the FTC, and the BBB and every web site I can to get the word out on these ###. The IL. BBB says that AFNI, INC. says it is my bill from 2001, but they have not validated it yet. Even if it were mine, it is out of SOL in California. I am not sending them one red cent and will sue them if they continue to report this on my CR or sell this worthless paper to another debt agency.

I have heard to NEVER, NEVER call AFNI, Inc., as they will capture your phone number and start calling and harassing you; AND NEVER give them your Information as they will use anything against you. For More Information on the AFNI, Inc. scam check BudHibbs.com or simply type in consumer complaints AFNI, Inc. into your search the web box. There are hundreds of complaints against these scam artists.

Only by banding together and filing reports against AFNI, Inc. can consumers shut these guys down.

Best of luck everyone!

Fraudulent billing!

identity theft! I never had an account w/alltel as they claim. I attended college in North Carolina many years before they claimed the account was opened. I didn't even live in North Carolina at the time they claim the account was opened. They are lying. They are destroying my credit based on a fraudulent claim. Should I go to the police? Which agency would handle something like this... Plz advise smb!

  • Do
    Don Born Oct 23, 2008

    I did nothing after calling and complaining to both AFNI and Verizon and now I'm screwed. The amount was only $37.00 but it was the principal. They just reported it on my credit and my credit score dropped nearly 100 points. Over $37 bucks!! I still wont pay it but it's going to take me a long time to clean this crap up.

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  • Al
    AllyKat Dec 29, 2008

    You can add MCI Long Distance to the long list of phone type companies selling "zombie' or "false debt" to Afni. We got hit with $a $74.06 this year, right after my husband's bankrupcty was discharged. Seems these type of "scams" happen when your credit history or credit report changes for whatever reason. My husband wasn't sure if he ever had MCI, and we had no documents to prove he didn't owe it, so we just sucked it up, and paid the darn thing. He has also been targeted by AT&T, which he was sure he paid, but then again, couldn't prove it, and recently by Southwest Collections for AT&T Mobility (his son's bill) These companies are SELLING our information to these collection agencies, and that's a violation of our privacy!

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Collecting an already paid debt to Verizon!

I received a collection and settlement letter(s) at the same time from these people about a week ago. The First letter stated that I owe Verizon $340.00 for a telephone account that was paid off and canceled back in 1999, the second letter receive at the same time sated that they (Afni, inc) will be willing to settle for $170.00 half of the original amount. I called Verizon to dispute and find out about this so-called debt, but they could not give me any information because they only keep information for 7 years and older accounts 8 + years that owe money are sold to Afni or other collection agencies, my account was sold to Afni. I still puzzled why my account was shown as open with a balance. So preceded to contact Afni and the rep was only interested in collecting the money and not willing to listen or help with my problem, instead he started to intimidate me saying that if I decide not to pay they will report the debt to the credit agencies and/or sue me. Anyhow I started to inquire about this collection agency on the web and find out that my case was not the only one, according to this web page and others containing complains about Afni there is something very suspicious about this collection agency, now I do have a couple questions, according to the statute of limitations in my state any for debt considered Open Accounts is 3 years this means that Verizon had the chance to collect this debt from the last time the account had any activity until 2002. My current credit nor my old credit reports show anything regarding this supposed debt with Verizon, however, I did notice but not payed close attention to the fact that Afni had inquire on my credit report back in 2006, why? I wonder if that is legal since they do not give credit or extend loans. A dispute letter was sent out to this collection agency and still pending a reply. I would suggest anyone having this type of problem to first not to agree to pay or settle with this people unless of course the debt is valid, second request a copy of the history from the original creditor and third dispute the debt in writing (you can find more info here http://www.debt-n-credit-letters.com/) hope this help people facing this problem and help stop this collection agency.

  • Sh
    sharon knight Apr 21, 2008

    so-called collections agency says I owe a past due amount to cingular which is untrue and they refuse to send me any paperwork to back up their claims

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  • Am
    AML Apr 21, 2008

    I rec'd a letter from AFNI today regarding a Cingular bill - I can't remember having a Cingular phone in my name ever. The lady told me it was from 1997-1999. There is no collections info on my credit report - I have never rec'd a letter from Cingular regarding a past due amount. At a loss at what to do... any suggestions?

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  • Ke
    Keith Jul 17, 2008

    AFNI / Verizon,
    Recenlly my wife got a call from AFNi. I was regarding a payment through Fax. We managed it somehow. But beware of AFNI scam! I heard off few such from debtcc community members here
    There I found few other information on collection agencies. Thanks to them for this service

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Fake verizon bill!

I received a fake bill from verizon stating that i owed verizon $391.29. I never received a bill from verizon stating that i owe this amount. I was informed that this was a bill from 10 yrs ago. I told the representative that i have had the same telephone # for 20 yrs now. I did not know the number on the bill.

  • Sc
    Scott Johnson Mar 04, 2008

    Did you go over the details of the account such as the service address, the phone number, and the last four of the SSN? Does the SSN match yours? If so, then you need to file a fraud dispute with AFNI. If there is no SSN and the name is similar to yours, then you need to write AFNI stating that they have the wrong person because there isn't a SSN and that isn't your account.


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  • Do
    Don Born Oct 23, 2008

    I did nothing after calling and complaining to both AFNI and Verizon and now I'm screwed. The amount was only $37.00 but it was the principal. They just reported it on my credit and my credit score dropped nearly 100 points. Over $37 bucks!! I still wont pay it but it's going to take me a long time to clean this crap up.

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Terrible company!

I just received a bill from AFNI concerning a phone bill stating that I owed Verizon phone service over $1300.00 from over 11 years ago. When I called them they were rude, and the only thing they were concerned about was the money. I have never had Verizon phone service to begin with. I ended up hanging up on them.

  • La
    LA INNOCENT Mar 12, 2009

    OK...my case, Equifax sent me an alert that collection agency made an account on me and it says $949.00!!! I didn't even receive the collection letters! I checked everything I could and ended up with calling CINGULAR WIRESS. They couldn't pull out my information while we were taling. They said they would call me back in a few...I had to teach and couldn't take the phone call from AT&T (I wish I could take!!), they left a message and they transfered 9 Dollars 47 cents in 2005 to AFNI (which I still had no idea that I owed to cingular since I have been paying off everytime I received invoice from them). And this is truly the beginning of the nightmere! I called the number AT&T gave me (which is AFNI, of course), and the guy was sooooooo rude. HE OFFERED $478 for the settlement!! I just couldn't believe it! How come 9 dollars 47 cents become $949!! then make me pay the half for the settlement???? I kept telling him that let me call AT&T and call you back again...but he just kept insisting me to pay.

    I am sooooo screwed now and scared...

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Scam collectors

Today is 2/25/2008 and I have just received a bill from Afni stating I owe on an old Verizon account; in the amount of $90.86 and that they will settle for $45.43. This is very intresting because I have never had Verizon.
They have never appeared on past credit reports. So I checked my all my current credit reports and found them listing that I owe them.
Of course I called the number they listed, and yes it was disconnected. I called Verizon and they said that that isn't even one of their numbers! I visited Budd Hibbs and [redacted] on the WWW only to find out that this agency was scamming me.
I E-mailled the BBB, FTC, State attorney generals office and next I am going to file mail fraud with the USPS; and I even paid to do a search on that phone number with no results!
I am really upset about this bogus claim on my credit report and have never had the phone number they claim I had, nor have I ever had a Verizon account. I owe nothing to Verizon or these people and I am not giving them one red cent.
I want an apology from Afni, Inc on their letter head signed by their owners and managers; and I want them off my credit report as well as print outs at their expense of the corrected credit reports.
What gives them the right to steal my identity and make up a bogus bill?
How many more California people have been scammmed by this outfit?
Someone needs to shut these type of rip off artists down and fine them big time.

  • Ba
    barbara feldman Nov 01, 2007

    I received a letter claiming that I owe 284.60 for an old verizon phone bill from 2000. I am going to dispute this charge since all of my bills have been paid in full. I am not sure if this is a scam since I have read other blogs or if this agency is really buying old accounts from verizon to collect on. What I don't understand is why Verizon would wait over 7 years to collect with no attempts of their own. They bought out bell atlantic in 2000 so chances are they would have had audits done at that time. If you receive a similar notice please contact me. I think we should all work together to stop this SCAM!

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  • Ms
    msmith Jun 04, 2008

    I just received a letter in the mail exactly like the claim above. It is from Bell Atlantic for a total of $127.44 but stating I only owe half - $63.72 if I pay now. I've never had Bell Atlantic as a carrier in my life, and the phone number they list has never been mine.

    Can anyone tell me if they can legitimately pursue this claim? Or, is it just to hope you'll pay with no questions asked?

    Thank you.

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Fraudulent Charge

I received my debit card bank statement, and had a 82.49 charge from AFNI Inc-Trust along with a reference number. I did not even know what this was, so I contacted the bank. The bank stated that the charge went through, and that I would have to contact the company in Bloomington, Ill. This company does not have a number or site address for me to contact them. I never authorized them to charge anything, and do not know how they got my debit card number.

US Cellular

I recieved a letter in the mail from Afni stating that I had an unpaid account with US Cellular for $307.00 from Sept 2005. I have never had a cell phone with US Celluar. When i called them all the information they gave me sounded very odd. This company is trying to scam people out of their money.

False collections on Verizon acct.s!

I want to add my complaint to all of the people making note of a problem with Afni Inc.. I have also had a problem with them due to a false claim by them about a phone bill from 1997. I never lived in the city where the bill was from nor have I been there. I also have reported my trouble to both the police and the Federal Trade Commission. A very common thread here with Afni seems to be old Verizon bills. The officer who investigated my report called the phone number in question. It went to a church office not an apartment as Afni claimed. The person at the church claimed that the phone number had been used by the church since about 1995, two years before I was supposed to have had it. I was told to report this to the Attorney Generals Office. Everything that has been discovered since I reported the ID theft to the Police has brought about more questions about the validity of Afni's claims as well as making me very suspicious of the operations of this company. If we all start reporting these problems something will be done about them.

Fraudulent collections!

I received TWO collection letters from Afni Collections for Cingular, stating two different amounts. I have NEVER had a Cingular Cellphone in my name, yet the ignorant fellow that I spoke with claimed that I this phone and paid on it from 1999 to 2003. He asked if I knew a person whose name I did not know and associated me with an address I never lived at, but knew my entire Social Security number. I told him that I would not pay the bill and he asked if this was how I handle all my debts.

As I said I have NEVER had a Cingular phone in my name nor did I pay for such phone ever.

  • Je
    jenn Apr 27, 2008

    Afni Collections - they apparently are a bad debt junk dealer. They buy bad debt from companies like Verizon. The debt is beyond the time period that they are legally allowed to collect such debt in most states.

    I was sent a bill for someone with the same name as mine, and they somehow how my ss attached to this person incorrectly. I tried to call and get this straighted out to no avail. They scream at me, told me I was a liar and a cheat for not paying my bills- pretty unbelievable if you ask me.

    They claimed I owed thousands of dollars. I did research for my state on debt collection and found that in PA there is a 4 year limitation on any type of utility debt and that all I had to do was tell them that. If they tried to contact me further for this fraudulant charge they could actually be charged $1000 fine under the fair reporting credit act. I sent them a certified letter telling them this and the debt was removed from my credit reports, I was sent a letter stating they canceled the debt entirely and would not contact me further.

    To make sure I also contacted my better business bureau for my area/state and filed a legal complaint. They follow up on this and were sent the same letter I was.

    So you probably do have some recourse against Afni.

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  • To
    tommyrott Apr 20, 2010

    just received a offer of a discount settlement on my pre-paid cellphone, called my carrier and was informed that no such debt existed for my phone # am going to the postal inspector to file a claim of mail fraud. if anyone receives anything from these clowns contact the mail fraud division of the postal service with luck we can shut these a-holes down

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False 7 yr old past due sprint cell phone bill!

I'm so glad i found this website! I received a second attempt collections notice from Afni Inc today. Whats weird about it is that i never even received the first attempt! I've been with sprint ever since year 2000 and the collections notice i got today is in regards to a past due account in 2001. So i called sprint today and they said that there is four things wrong here. 1) The full name on the past due account is missing "ONE" letter. 2) The social security number on the past due account is different by only "ONE" number. 3) The address at the time of the past due account is an address that I've never even lived at. 4) The past due account number did not match my current account number. Remember now, that I've been with sprint and had the same account number for the last 8 years. The people at sprint thought that was very suspicious. They even pulled up my payment history and saw that I'm current on my bill and has never been sent to collections! Sprint suggested that i call AFni Inc. So then i called Afni Inc, and talked to a guy named Robert. I could hardly understand the guy. It seemed to me like he had a middle-eastern country accent. By this time i had a gut feeling that Afni Inc is trying to scam me! So i played along liek this was my account and got the guy to tell me the address on the past due account and the social security number that he had on file and came to find out that i was right! This is a scam! I called the Social Security Office and they suggested that i report it to the credit bureau and the federal trade commission. Here are the phone numbers: Trans union Credit Bureau 1.800.680.7289 and Federal Trade Commission 1.877.438.4338. I'm going to call and report my case to them. Maybe if all of us come together and complain, Afni Inc will get shut down and put in jail for fraud and identity theft.
So if you get a collections notice from Afni inc, make sure you check those four things listed up above. And then report them!

Fraudulent verizon bill!

A collection notice appeared on my credit report by a company called AFNI which was for $42 and claimed to be owed to verizon. I haven't had an account from verizon since 2001 and have never received any notice from them about an outstanding bill. I decided to sue them and googled them. I was delighted to find that several people had already posted on this site about the exact same thing. An outdated verizon bill that they didn't even knew existed. Thank you! I'm still trying to find their street address to serve them legal papers.

Bogus phone bill!

Today I received a settlement letter stating that I owed verizon 123.90 for a phone service I never applied...

Collecting debt that I possibly can't owe!

I received a settlement letter from these people about two weeks ago. The letter stated that it was one of the many letters sent to me about some debt with Sprint from 5 years ago. First of all, first letter I've gotten from these people. Second, I've never have had Sprint in my life, and at that time I was 15 and didn't even own a cell phone. So, I'm pretty suspicious and decide to call em. I deny that the debt is mine and some guy says it's ok... it happens a lot so they'll take my name and address out the system since they had a completely different SSN. I was glad to supposedly get that over with, but I still felt something was off. I called Sprint just to see if there was ever anything in my name, address, etc. They confirmed that they had no clue what Afni was talking about and suggested I call them back and tell em that Sprint has no records for me. So, I call em and find the guy before lied: my name was still in the system. This other more professional sounding man pretty much told me that I needed to fax them a copy of my driver's license and SSN card to prove that I'm not the person who they're supposedly looking for. That sounded a bit shady, so I looked them up and lo and behold found all these other complaints.

I sent them a certified letter saying I'm contesting the debt and want it verified that I'm the person they're looking for, etc. I also contacted the BBB and my Attorney General to give them the heads up. So time goes by and I finally get a response from them. Their "verification" is pretty much a copy of their original letter: the name of the creditor (Sprint) and the balance(369.19). However this time, they included an SSN number... too bad it's X'd out. So, they didn't comply to my request and now are stating since they responded they can collect once more. I'm pretty much at my wit's end and don't know what to do. I'm probably going to check my credit to see if they've affected it so far. But after that, I'm not sure what to do aside from perhaps sending them a final letter stating I refuse to pay them since they got the wrong person.

  • Su

    I keep checking my credit report every month for the past 4 years. When I checked this month I saw a collection account by AFNI INC. I have no clue of this account and how it appeared.I do not know what to do now. My credit score is down by 50 points and moreover I do not whom I owe this money. I have no recollection of any bill that i did not pay.

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  • Wa
    Wayne Genthner Sep 17, 2007

    Afni just sent me a collection notice demanding payment for a telephone service account I never had with Verizon. Afni said that the bill dates back to 1987. I called Verizon and had them search through their files and they could find no evidence of ever providing service to me with the associated account information provided by Afni. When I called Afni and indicated that I was investigating this bill their representative became very hostile and refused to give me any information about the company she works for. None of this adds up and I am filing a complaint against Afni inc. with Florida's state attorneys office for fraud.

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  • Co
    ColonieNY Mar 03, 2008

    Once again Afni has struck again. I received a notice that I have a past due Bell Atlantic bill ($263.40) for a telephone number that I never had. I have been at the same number for 20 years and Bell Atlantic have never been a provider here. To make matters worse they want you to enter the last 4 digits of your SS# when you go to their website. They don't need that information in order to pay a bill. Can we ever stop these people from ruining our credit with these fraudulent collections...

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  • Da
    Damian Mar 14, 2008

    I recently checked my credit report and it states that I owe Verizon 47.00...which I know I do not. The reports states that the bill has been sent to collection --- AFNI Inc. --- and that it has been in collection for months. The issue is that its being reported as opened in Nov 2017, which I know is not true information. I did not open an account with Verizon within the last six months easily. I am disputing it now. I have become more aware of what is on my credit report since having my personal information stolen a couple of years ago, so this raises my suspicion. When I get this issue resolved I will post the steps I took in doing so.

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  • Ja
    jacqueline smith Oct 26, 2008

    your company has benn withdrawing $39 from my account. I dont know why but when you do you overdraw my account each time. I wish you would stop i cant afford it...

    thank you
    J Smith

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Crappy business

My parents received a letter from AFNI (from Charter comm.) about a week ago. My father called me and gave me all the information from this letter. The weird thing about all this is that my parents have moved in to a new house since I left the house, and they do not receive any other mail for me. When I called Charter they said they didn’t have my account; which seems to be the classic sign that the account or file was sold to some trash collection agency.

I called AFNI and I tried to be nice about this whole thing since niceness usually gets you a bit further but with these guys it wasn’t true… right off the bat they started out rude and were not willing to answer any of my questions, they instead wanted me to give them the classic personal info which I refused to share. They said the debt was owed from an address that I had never heard of. I have a very common first and last name, so I asked them how they got my parents new address which they would not answer. It seems to be that I’m not the person they were looking for and instead of doing some research they just looked for all the people with my same name in Fort Worth TX and sent them all letters including me which is weird because I have never lived at my parents new house.

I will be filing a complaint and I plan on doing a search on the internet of my name and calling all the other people with my name which will take some time, but if my theory is true they could be in some deep doodoo.

Anyone owing money to these people do not pay them, once you pay them you open a can of worms. For example if they say you owe $1000 and they settle with you for lets say… $100 that’s you admitting that you owed $1000 and once they get their $100 they will try to get the other $900. If you’re not the person that owes money but they contact you please file a quick complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. This will take an hour of your time but it’s worth the time and can help take a crappy business out.

  • He
    Heather Mar 02, 2008

    I have recently dealed with Afni and had no problems. My bill was an actual bill and I settled for half of what I owed. They sent me a letter that stated I paid off the bill in full and would contact Charter. Charter confirmed that the acount was paid in full. I have not heard anything else from Afni.

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  • Jk
    jksmith Apr 23, 2008

    You are a loser! Get a life... calling all the people with your same name? That is ridiculous.

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  • Kj
    KJ May 18, 2008

    I just got the same letter from them and tried to call charter to figure out what was going on only to have them say that they have turned the matter over... they're talking about something from 5 years ago. When I asked what the address they had for me they had to go down a whole list of people to try to figure out who I was. Seems odd that charter would have continued to provide service to me if I owed them any money at all.

    I sent back a standard letter to AFni saying I dispute the debt, now they send one back saying I should give them a copy of my DL or passport when and where I lived and receipts proving I don't owe the debt. What they missed was that that is what I was asking for, wast proof that I even owed the money...

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  • Us
    uspvteyes Apr 13, 2009

    Every one should get it, they are a total fraud, under investigation in several states for fraud. The case is so large and so many victims that when they get arrested they will never get out of jail. Its in most of the states. They just make up these bills. They get your name from old phone books and old phone numbers. I investigated then last year, total fraud, Verizon has no record of them. I looked into dozens of claims from them they
    said was from Verizon. Verizon never heard of them. I checked with Verizon on several of the past due bills and found non of them owned any money to Verizon.

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A collection in my name?

I have reviewed a recent copy of my credit report and found out that my name is in collection with you guys. ...

Hurlburt Field Collections Agencies

Bogus phone bill!

I received a bill for a phone I don't own requesting payment of $533.55 on a Nynex cellular line. I tried to contacted to file a fraud compliant and the phone number listed 888.257.1585 if bogus as well.

  • Sc
    Scott Johnson Dec 22, 2007

    That is the correct AFNI number because I just called there. If you didn't have the original number listed nor if you had a Nextel phone then you should contact them to see what address is on file for that service. If it isn't yours you will have to file an identity theft report with the company.


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  • Jo
    JOSEPH MAROTTA Jan 28, 2008

    Thank you for your complaint .Ijust recieved a bill for a phone I never owned too for $1509.95 And I just about had a coranary.I called them and explained Ive never had that number .They then tried to reduced the fake debt! I said no way and said I would send them my letter of dispute and I did.

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  • Ho
    hootervillemike Mar 03, 2013

    AFNI Collection Agency sent me a bill saying AT&T turned over a debt to them..Was a LIE. Talked to AT&T, and they said I was up to date and was never late on a payment. Sent them a letter telling them to sue me for the debt and to "take a flying f#@k at a rolling doughnut" TOO MANY SCAMS OUT THERE!!!

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Fruadulent collections agency!

I received a false bill from Afni, Inc stating that i owe to Bell Atlantic $600 for a phone bill from...

Fraudrulent Bill Claim

Afini Collections used my husband and my address, used an old Verizon Telephone Number of ours,
going back seven years ago, researched my daughter's out-of-state address, sent her a bill with our address, and accused her of owing a bill for over $350.00! She never had a Verizon Account. Futhermore, how did they go about accessing Verizon's data, and sending my daughter a bogus bill to
my daughter's current address. This against the law.

  • Ke
    kesha brady Mar 04, 2008

    I totally agree with the complaint I read, because Afini bought my alleged account from some other company whom I never recieved word that I allegedly owed them for a Verizon bill. I've only lived in L.A since my move from Ohio and now I have to make a complaint regarding fraudulate use of my name and Afini collection group.

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  • Wi
    William Bartlett Sep 25, 2008

    Im not sure what kind of research they do but, it can't be much! Im going through a simalar thing right now. They sent me a Verizon bill 4 years old that IS NOT mine! I haven't had a phone in my name since 1984! This bill they are trying to milk me for is almost $500.00! Don't know the address and surely never lived there. In all this time, i never recieved a bil from Verizon yet AFNI finds me without a problem! Curious! They even gave me a name of the person recieving the bill and a separate address for the actual billing of the service! Now they are threatening to post it to my credit report! This is "BOGUS"! I've spent the past years rebuilding my credit and now im gonna get a black eye over a bogus debt! Im livid over this!!! Their has to be help for this out there somewhere...
    William Bartlett

    0 Votes
  • Tr
    trap17 Jan 03, 2009

    I have just received a notice saying I owe $488 FOR tMOBLIE. i NEVER HAD A TMOBILE PHONE ALWAYS VERIZON AND ONE TIME FOR SPRINT.

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