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Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group [HRRG] Complaints & Reviews

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group [HRRG] / fake calls bogus collection agency

WRG on Jun 14, 2017
I have received calls twice now from numbers showing as from the 414 area code in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but each time I call back I get a different horse's [censor] in Florida. They claim to have sent "a notice" about two weeks prior but will not tell me what it is about. They...

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group [HRRG] / harassing for er bill

emtromb on May 24, 2017
For over two years I received calls from numerous numbers calling themselves HRRG and that they were collecting a debt from an ER visit in 2015. When asked about details, they said they worked through the ER doctors who were paid through them "a private agency". The first red flag...

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group [HRRG] / erroneous medical bill

Kelly Sarad on May 19, 2017
Got a bill from a medical provider, they said that we owed a specific amount... However, my eob clearly stated that the maximum amount the provider could collect was $143.00 less than what they were asking for. Contacted the billing department and sent them copies of the eob, and asked that...

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group [HRRG] / it isn't that hard to follow up on a fax

KaraMil on May 3, 2017
They will call everyday to get money, but when your bill has been cleared as it was a mistake in the first place and you over pay and send a check and see from a printed bank statement when and where it was cashed and have to send a fax of the printed copy, they are taking over a week just...

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group [HRRG] / medical bill resolution - rude and belligerent associates

Michael Abare on Apr 17, 2017
I received a phone call today (April 17, 2017) from a gal name Elaine at HRRG Collections. I did not hear who she worked for so I asked for the company name. She said HRRG (Healthcare Recovery Group). She informed me she was a bill collector and this was an attempt to collect a debt. She...

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group [HRRG] / bill collection

Sheree8609 on Apr 3, 2017
I received a letter with the service date of March 6, 2017. A creditor IPC of Nevada had hired them to collect a balance due, but it is not my bill. When I try to sign-on to their website, they did not even have the correct date of birth. The pin number is 1.31625108.505 and the validation...

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group [HRRG] / calls stating I must call them about unspecified unpaid pill

Martinova on Feb 28, 2017
I have no unpaid medical bills. I have resources to pay all legitimate bills. No medical service provider has sent me a bill that has not been paid already. I have had no hospital medical services in decades. They provide no details about a bill in anyone's name for any amount. No bill...

HRRG Medical Collection / unfair billing and lack of communication

Penny Stephens on Dec 6, 2016
mY DAD a Vietnam vet and 84 years old paid Walton Co. hospital his co-pay for a 9/1/2015 Emerg. room visit. He was there less than an hour and the bills were exorbitant. Pat Peale 2015276-8046585, 18-15247-620-390 Case number for MedicareR201609750420 We found out that the hospital had...

HRRG Collections / debt collections

A Small on Jun 14, 2016
HRRG collected almost $3000 from me for what they said was an outstanding bill. They mailed me a letter asking for payment, then called to say they were going to report me to the credit bureau if I didn't pay the bill immediately. I was told by my insurance company that they were paying...

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group / ignorance and abusive representative

Reviewer90873 on Sep 8, 2015
I am the guardian of the individual who owed a debt (my brother), and I have been his guardian for a very long time. When I told the lady that she would not even speak about the situation with me, without faxed proof of guardianship. This I expected, I told them I wanted to get thi...

HRRG / trying to collect money

Nanndder on Dec 8, 2014
Hrrg called and said can i speak to your husband which was not here at the time call came in and she stated that did this number show on your caller id and i said yes and she hung up in a hurry no name was giving... So when my husband got home he called number back that was on caller id...

HRRG / Overpayment to Frost-Arnett

Senior64 on Oct 15, 2014
In Sept. I mailed a payment to HRRG towards a hospital bill in collections with Frost-Arnett Company who seems to have several branch offices. I was called by each branch 3 times a day automated, never left a message. I mailed $1, 097.00 to get them off my back, I am a senior/disabled. I...

HRRG / company didnt even send claim to insurance.

kginesdk on Nov 16, 2013
I received a bill in May stating that i owed HRRG $900.00 from a ER visit. They have called me non stop since I first received the bill. I finally on 11/13/13 asked the lady from HRRG if she could look and see if my insurance had paid any on the bill, she states that insurance didnt pay...

HRRG / super rude

shagara on Mar 19, 2013
So I kept on getting calls from this place, because of a medical bill I need to pay for my son, they called me at 8:00 pm when I was half asleep telling me that I needed to pay up and when I was trying to get more info the lady started being very rude and Hung up on me so I decided to call...

HRRG / emergency medical bill

Willycubed on Dec 3, 2012
I recieved a phone call from them about a month ago. I had missed the call so I called them back, and they told me I had an unpaid emergency room bill, which I did. I asked them if I could pay a monthly payment out of my debit card each month and the woman told me no that I had to pay it...

HRRG Collections / false billing

Randy Bramwell on Oct 27, 2012
I went to the hospital for 3 different visits and I understand that the physician services are billed separately. I have a very low income. I couldn't afford to pay the hospital charges, and I spoke with a representative at my hospital. She had me apply for the Care Program and I wa...

HRRG / harrasment

texash on Sep 4, 2012
How do you expect for people to pay you money they "owe" if your being OUT OF CONTROLLABLY rude!!! This company is the most unprofessional co. My daughter has had chip for a year now, went in May to the E.R., and all of a sudden doesn't have chip that month but then gets it the...

HRRG / difficult to deal with!!!

rmrojo524 on Aug 13, 2012
My 2 year old had to go to the ER a year or so ago. He's had Molina through Medicaid since birth but for some reason, his benefits were terminated the month he went to the ER and then reactivated a month or so later...at least that is what I was told. So I have been trying to get...

HRRG-Florida / breaking the law-fair debt collection harrassment

AngryInDebary on Jul 10, 2012
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) regulates how debt collectors must behave when attempting to collect debts.HRRG knowingly violates the law as a calculated risk. They are hoping that you aren’t aware of your legal rights and that you will crack under the relentle...

HRRG / rude hrrg employee

CHRISTINA CHERYU on Jun 29, 2012
I went to the er twice this year because I had menorrhagia the bills came and I called for assistance because I couldn't pay the bills. And three months later I received a letter from the hrrg people. So I called them. I spoke to a lady who was so rude!!! Her name was dee according to...

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