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Complaints & Reviews

appointments and scheduling

I have received several calls from this agency. They call and immediately disconnect when uou answer. They also do not leave voicemails when you do not answer the call.

My last call was at 12:30pm on 01/20/2020. I answered the call and the agent disconnected without an introduction. I immediately called the number back and "James" introduced himself. I asked what the call was regarding and he disconnected.


These fine folks called me at 8:34 pm. I was furious at being woken up when I work early (which I've told them before). The rep says "well it isn't nine pm yet and according to federal law we can call until then. But hey you have our number so I GUESS you can call us back" *cue snobby tone. Seriously? You people are a joke. Everyone I have tried to speak to has been rude and I've even been hung up on for asking for a supervisor.

“customer “ service

Spoke w/ Christine today regarding a charge for the past 9 months. I have followed up with multiple people about my bill not being sent to my insurance. It was resolved last week...

emergency room / hospital bill

***BEWARD*** This company is a complete Fraud! how they are still operating is disgusting and shows that our Government does NOTHING to stop consumer fraud. The complaints about...

ethics / extortion

There are fraudulent entities within the continental United States acting as legitimate bill collectors, where they have harvested information from health providers. They collect the private user data and then use a company to produce mass mailers to collect the money. I have dug deep enough to find the name and photo of the person running the oper

numerous phone calls about the paid charge

I have paid $389.48 for my husband's hospital stay 8/27/17-9/9/2017 at Christus Spohn Hospital in Corpus Christi. I received the bill in July 2018 finally, and made promp payment...

HRRG — emergency room bill

On 09/20/18 I was taken to the emergency room for an infectected tooth. I was told when I got there that I needed my vital signs taken and then brought to a room of "a financial...

fake collection request

After receiving emergency services in April 2 018, and paying my bill in full, I received a statement from HRRG requesting payment. They claim to represent the attending doctor and some physicians group, from whom I never received services. MY doctor was listed in my full payment, after insurance covered their share . To this day, almost a year later, I am still receiving phone calls from HRRG. Today, HRRG sent me another statement and claimed that it will be turned over to another collection agency, ARS, which may hit my credit report. Needless to say, HRRG has no real physical address, or real phone number. Just a PO Box. ARS, who I suspect is also a fake agency, also has no real address or phone number. Beware of the scam.

continual calls and voicemails from different numbers after paid in full

I have paid my medical debt completely in full and even after paying my debt and verifying (with the original medical provider) that my account stands at a $0.00 balance, I continue to receive daily calls from HRRG. Upon calling them, I was contacted with a lady who barely spoke English and who lied to me by telling me that they were the medical provider. Per what the ACTUAL medical provider said, they are a separate collections company. She continually interrupted me and tried to collect information from me, to which I responded that I am not going to give her information because the debt is paid in full and I requested that she reach out to the company that initiated the collection and verify that it is paid in full. She finally responded in an irritated and disrespectful tone saying, "FINE, we will just send you a letter. Goodbye" and hung up on me.

It is scary to me that a shady company like this can have access to my credit information and potentially ruin my credit report.

debt collection for services supposedly rendered

My 10 year old daughter broke her arm on a 4-wheeler on mother's day in 2017. I made the mistake of taking her to clearview regional in monroe, ga. I had bcbsga insurance at the time. God bless the radiology department for doing the x-rays and showing me what I already knew, as I am a registered nurse. They were the only two employees that knew anything about their job. This particular doctor came into our room for a total of 30 seconds, looked at the x-ray and said, "it's broken." "duh!" I thought to myself. "tell me something I don't know." or... How about tell your nurses what they need to do. No! He couldn't even do that. The nurses were unable to find a cast mold the right size and said they'd return after locating the correct size casting. Around 1.5 hours later, the nurse came in with the long-awaited cast molding. They manipulated my daughter's arm to the point of excruciating pain and still were unable to apply the cast correctly. I told them they were trying to put it on upside down. They wouldn't listen. After the cast molding hardened, the nurses realized (finally) that it was upside down. It was removed, and the search began for another cast molding. Another hour and a half passed, a nurse finally found another molding. This one she got right. No doctor, no hospitalist, no social worker, no anyone, acknowledged the incompetency of the entire staff. After 4 hours, we were released. Fast forward to today... 1.5 years later, said doctor wants $185 out of my pocket. And, insurance paid said doctor $600+. Now, we don't even have insurance. And these people want me to pay another $200... For what?!?!? I could've done a better job myself, and no bill would be seen. Btw... Why does a procedure cost one-half the price when done for a self-pay patient? I absolutely refuse to flush my hard-earned money down the drain anymore! I don't have it to give away. So, for all of you "debt collectors" who want to say I owe you: kiss my ass! Do your [censored]ing job, and i'll pay. Until then, eat your words. I owe you [censored]. The world owes you [censored]. You should at least know something about the "debt" you're trying to collect when you send the bill. I call [censored]! My next move: bbb. Good luck [censored]es.

a 1556.00$ bill

598531 I have seen where hrrg has been sending out fake bills to people saying they owe outrageous bills, I have received a bill in the mail from hrrg collections saying I owe 1556.00...

dr katherine harvey

Dr Harvey is an attending physician at St Marys Hospital in West Palm Beach as well as her other practices. In May of 2018 I had a bad laceration on my hand that needed emergency medical treatment. I went to St Mary ER and was given a tetanus shot and four sutures. I explained at triage that my medical insurance was not set to take effect for two weeks, so I would be paying out of pocket. I was seen by a great R.N. and given the tetanus shot and was given the sutures by an equally amazing P.A. I was discharged and told I would receive a bill in the mail. Two months later I received a call from a company called "HRRG" asking for very personal information over the phone like my full Social Security number, and being terribly rude and unprofessional. Eventually I received a letter from HRRG stating they were trying to collect a $1, 580 medical debt for Dr Katherine Harvey for medical treatment while at St Mary ER. I tried explaining numerous times, to numerous people that I had already received a $1, 600 bill from the Hospital and that I was never treated by a physician. The response I received was "The Doctor works there and tell the nurses and assistants what ti do, so you have to pay her no matter what." I thought there had to be a mistake. I finally got to speak to manager in HRRG, and after I explained what the issue was, she told me she understood and that she would take care of it. Two months later I got a letter in the mail from HRRG. They offered me a settlement of $441. I went online and made a payment. Three days later I received a phone call from HRRG telling me I had to pay them $331 immediately or the debt would return to the original amount, and it would be reported as debt in collections. So basically pay or owe an additional $1, 000 and have your credit damaged...
Dr Harvey is part of a group pf physicians that own HRRG. So if you happen to not have any medical ins, but need emergency medical treatment at an ER; you go in and get treated and then charged an egregious amount of money for EMERGENCY MEDICAL TREATMENT YOU NEED. WITH NO WAY OF KNOWING HOW MUCH THE BILL WILL BE AFTER. With the caveat being that you will owe Dr Harvey, and HRRG will be there to harass you, threaten you and be rude ll while doing it.

Does that sound very ethical? Doesn't to me.

er bill

I have an ER bill that ended in HRRG collections when the creditor, Chase Dennis Emergency Medical Group, did not respond to my health insurance representative's legal letters via fax. The date of the ER service was 12/08/17. At the moment, my health insurance representative at Exclusive Care, has sent 3 legal letters via fax to HRRG. HRRG is not responding to my health insurance company's letters. The number of my health insurance representative is [protected] and would like to be contacted by HRRG to come to a resolution on this issue.

-Kaylee Sheppeard

er bill

false billing

I keep getting harassing phone calls from HRRG saying I owe $35 for a visit made to an urgent care clinic. I pay a co-pay and I have never received a bill. I'm being told this was the physician's fee and the co-pay was for the clinic. I'd be happy to pay if someone would send me the actual invoice with a physician's name. No one can/will do that. They can't even tell me the name of the Phycician who is billing me.
. I called the clinic and they said they had no idea who would be billing me for services I received.
I think this is a scam.

received call

I received a call from HRRG but I missed it. I called the number back (not knowing who it was) and a lady answered and said she was with HRRG. I explained that I just missed a call. She asked for my number and couldn't find anyone in the system by that number. I asked what the company does. She would not tell me. She asked for my name. I told her I'm not giving her my name! I just want to find out who this company is... she still wouldn't tell me what they do. I asked her several times who HRRG was and what they do. She literally didn't say anything two of the times. I thought she hung up. I asked if she was still there. She said yes. I asked again who they are and what they do. She then hung up on me. Seems pretty shady if you ask me. I've looked it up and see that it's a medical collections agency. I do not have any outstanding medical bills.

harassment is all they know...

I received a bill from HRRG for a bill of $34 from a Doctor.
I never received the initial bill and until today I have no idea who it is ...
They called me all the time and the first thing they ask me is for my information instead of telling me who they are or what they want. I did not know until I called them and they said that I refuse to give them my info... HELLO!!! I Am not giving my private information to anybody unless I trust who they are.
I asked them to send me the initial bill and they keep saying they have sent it already. So funny that I never receive the bill but I keep getting their calls AND their letters.
The person I spoke was trying to intimidate me about everything that I said was recorded... so what?
Rude, unprofessional and scam is what it seems to me.
$34.dollars is not a big deal but how come I never get the "invoice" I bet they do that with innocent people that pay without questioning anything...


Received a notice from HRRG that I owed $1, 401.00 on a bill dated 05/07/18. I asked them to validate this bill, which they refused to do. They sent me no proof that HRRG holds my...

fake bill and harassment

I had HRRG calling me for weeks. Daily. I called Kaiser and did not owe any bill that had not yet been paid. I called the ER for Roger Williams hospital and paid them in full...

amount owed on an outstanding bill that has been paid

Feb. 15, 2015 I went to Memorial Heights Acute Care. Paid $400.00 up front to be seen. Was treated with 1cc epinephrine with lidocaine for an infected spider bite to my ring finger. Received a bill for $1800.00 billing me for a "nerve block."
I submitted bill to Global Client Solutions Debt Consolidation Company. The settled the bill at $928.11 with a 50% discount in July 2015.
I am still be called and letters sent requesting an amount now for $821.00 and with a different account number.
I called Memorial Heights Center and they have no record of me. I have only been to one MH Acute Care Centers, and I have not lived in Houston in over 2 years.
I don't know where to go, or what to do about this bill.

amount owed on an outstanding bill that has been paid
amount owed on an outstanding bill that has been paid
amount owed on an outstanding bill that has been paid
amount owed on an outstanding bill that has been paid

HRRG Collections — fake bills-already paid for-scam

I have been harassed by this company for weeks, they claim I have outstanding bills from a hospital visit, Larkin Hospital. I have already paid for the bill and I found it to be...

fake calls bogus collection agency

I have received calls twice now from numbers showing as from the 414 area code in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but each time I call back I get a different horse's [censor] in Florida. They claim to have sent "a notice" about two weeks prior but will not tell me what it is about. They are using the full name and asking to speak to my disabled adult daughter for whom I am also her legal guardian. I know that all of her bills are fully paid and that nothing is owed to anyone. This is obviously some sort of scam as they are faking caller-ID information and are very evasive when you call back. I'll pay extra taxes to build the prisons necessary to lock these asspipes away.

  • Ri
    Richard F15 Aug 30, 2018

    I don't owe any money! This company is harassing me on my cell phone multiple calls per week. A recorded message from HRRG Collections AKA "Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group". These are Spam/Scam Calls that won't stop. My phone number was assigned several years ago. UNTIL HRRG Collections began harassing me, my phone was getting no unwanted calls. I have NO debt. These calls are bogus. I am keeping a records of each & every call. I would call THEM asking them to stop, BUT I hear that won't work, that they just keep calling regardless.
    I see lawyers that will sue them for harassment per unwanted call. I will probably have to take that route. It's time consuming & a hassle for me.
    This company is causing me unneeded stress. WHY ME? I Owe NOTHING!
    Hopefully they will go away & go after somebody who owes them an unpaid debt.

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  • Ri
    Richard F15 Aug 30, 2018

    This "Outfit" is very bad news & nothing about them is professional. Just the opposite! They continue to call my Austin, Texas cell phone number constantly. I have stated before I have NO medical debt that would have to do with "Healthcare Recovery Group" OR parent company "Team Health". As stated before by others, calling them to remove your phone number can only escalate their harassing NON STOP ROBO CALLS!

    I have no clue as to WHY they selected MY NUMBER to constantly cause me such annoyance. Sadly, legal action is probably what I need to do. Frankly this route is also time consuming on my part. I simply want them to leave me alone. If anyone on this forum has a simple way to stop their telephone harassment, I would greatly appreciate your thoughts. This "Outfit" sounds they use bully tactics to get money as they are a "Collection Agency". Many of these places employ bullies to make their profit legit OR bogus. With me it's FALSE AND BOGUS.

    I do not want to make a bad situation worse than it is already, yet this has got to stop. Why it suddenly started is a mystery to me. They are going after someone who owes NOTHING. That sadly is ME!

    Again, I am documenting every call, date & time they are sending these automated voice messages. Maybe they read these posts & realize their practices are harming innocent people. Doubtful though.

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  • Ri
    Richard F15 Aug 30, 2018

    This place is very bad news. Calling me daily with automated robo messages to contact THEM!

    Who is the victim of this? Sadly, its ME. Again I owe NO medical bills to any hospital or healthcare provider.

    "HRRG Collections" AKA "Healthcare Recovery Group" & their parent company "Team Health" are harassing innocent people like myself for no reason.

    I have read that contacting them for removal of my number will only escalate these " Automated CALLS".
    Their is no email listed on their site for "Support/Help".


    Whenever you call any Toll-Free Number, You Cannot Block YOUR Number. *67 prior to the call Will NOT BLOCK YOUR NUMBER ON ANY TOLL-FREE CALL..This is because that company is paying for your call. Most people are not aware of this. Therefore the best way to contact any company is to call their LOCAL/Non Toll-Free Number & *67 before placing the call. Too bad but finding a local number for most companies is nearly impossible.

    If I had a way to BLOCK my number, I would call them & get a fell for their attitude before confirming my number. Yes, I realize they have it already, I know...but again, they will probably assume I am their debtor & verbally abuse me (their victim) thus harass me even further. It seems like a no win situation, aside from legal action on my part.

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  • Ri
    Richard F15 Aug 30, 2018

    This "Company" is horrible.
    Continues calling me with robo/recorded message for ME to call THEM!!!
    It's total harassment to me ...someone who owes no medical debt whatsoever.
    This must stop soon or I'll take the legal course. I really don't want to hassle with lawyers, but I have no choice. Worn out with these annoying calls & abuse!

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harassing for er bill

For over two years I received calls from numerous numbers calling themselves HRRG and that they were collecting a debt from an ER visit in 2015. When asked about details, they...

erroneous medical bill

Got a bill from a medical provider, they said that we owed a specific amount... However, my eob clearly stated that the maximum amount the provider could collect was $143.00 le...

it isn't that hard to follow up on a fax

They will call everyday to get money, but when your bill has been cleared as it was a mistake in the first place and you over pay and send a check and see from a printed bank statement when and where it was cashed and have to send a fax of the printed copy, they are taking over a week just to confirm that they received a fax. I have to call at the end of the week and hope they actually received it. I have a feeling they will say they never received it and then I will have to re-fax it and wait what another 2 weeks? This is ridiculous.

I am just trying to get my refund of $448.91. I sent a cashiers check issued 3/07/17 and it was cashed 3/20/17 through a fifth third bank. The check number is [protected] made out to HRRG on behalf of Kara Milbrandt.

  • Ri
    Richard F15 Aug 30, 2018

    This place is very bad news. Calling me daily with automated robo messages to contact THEM!

    Who is the victim of this? Sadly, its ME. Again I owe NO medical bills to any hospital or healthcare provider.

    "HRRG Collections" AKA "Healthcare Recovery Group" & their parent company "Team Health" are harassing innocent people like myself for no reason.

    I have read that contacting them for removal of my number will only escalate these " Automated CALLS".
    Their is no email listed on their site for "Support/Help".


    Whenever you call any Toll-Free Number, You Cannot Block YOUR Number. *67 prior to the call Will NOT BLOCK YOUR NUMBER ON ANY TOLL-FREE CALL..This is because that company is paying for your call. Most people are not aware of this. Therefore the best way to contact any company is to call their LOCAL/Non Toll-Free Number & *67 before placing the call. Too bad but finding a local number for most companies is nearly impossible.

    If I had a way to BLOCK my number, I would call them & get a feel for their attitude before confirming my number. Yes, I realize they have it already, I know...but again, they will probably assume I am their debtor & verbally abuse me (their victim) thus harass me even further. It seems like a no win situation, aside from legal action on my part.

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medical bill resolution - rude and belligerent associates

I received a phone call today (April 17, 2017) from a gal name Elaine at HRRG Collections. I did not hear who she worked for so I asked for the company name. She said HRRG...

bill collection

I received a letter with the service date of March 6, 2017. A creditor IPC of Nevada had hired them to collect a balance due, but it is not my bill. When I try to sign-on to their...

calls stating I must call them about unspecified unpaid pill

I have no unpaid medical bills. I have resources to pay all legitimate bills. No medical service provider has sent me a bill that has not been paid already. I have had no hospital...

HRRG Medical Collection — unfair billing and lack of communication

mY DAD a Vietnam vet and 84 years old paid Walton Co. hospital his co-pay for a 9/1/2015 Emerg. room visit. He was there less than an hour and the bills were exorbitant. Pat Peale...

HRRG Collections — debt collections

HRRG collected almost $3000 from me for what they said was an outstanding bill. They mailed me a letter asking for payment, then called to say they were going to report me to the...

Healthcare Revenue Recovery Group — ignorance and abusive representative

I am the guardian of the individual who owed a debt (my brother), and I have been his guardian for a very long time. When I told the lady that she would not even speak about the...

HRRGtrying to collect money

Hrrg called and said can i speak to your husband which was not here at the time call came in and she stated that did this number show on your caller id and i said yes and she hung up in a hurry no name was giving... So when my husband got home he called number back that was on caller id and a man from hrrg stated verify your birthdate so he gave it to him and the man stated that my husband owes 500.00 on a bill to the er back 2 years ago and my husband stated he had insurance & never has recieved a bill on that and said that if its not paid in full that his credit report would be messed up due to not paying this false bill thus is a bogus and a scam and he hung up on my husband so he called back and a lady answers and she basically told him the same thing they were rude to my husband and needs to be caught up with and be put behind bars SCAMMERS... It makes me so mad how anybidy can get by with such CRIMES the buy throw away phones and does this crap to honest and hard working people get a real job

  • Ml
    M.L.M.C. Mar 11, 2013

    They are calling me 4 times a day asking for payment on a hospital bill that I do not owe and they wont stop calling me even though I have submitted proof I do not owe the money.

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  • De
    Deborah Farmer Jul 13, 2016

    These people at HHRG are idiots... I am going to sue for harassment.

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HRRG — Overpayment to Frost-Arnett

In Sept. I mailed a payment to HRRG towards a hospital bill in collections with Frost-Arnett Company who seems to have several branch offices. I was called by each branch 3 time...

HRRG — company didnt even send claim to insurance.

I received a bill in May stating that i owed HRRG $900.00 from a ER visit. They have called me non stop since I first received the bill. I finally on 11/13/13 asked the lady from...

HRRGsuper rude

So I kept on getting calls from this place, because of a medical bill I need to pay for my son, they called me at 8:00 pm when I was half asleep telling me that I needed to pay up and when I was trying to get more info the lady started being very rude and Hung up on me so I decided to call back and make a complaint about her and this other lady told me that we were in a new conversation and she didn't want to hear it so I Hung up on her they were being very rude and had a really ugly attitude, so I decided to call back again because I really wanted more info about what was going on with that "medical bill" I have to pay and this other lady picks up so I started explaining to her what i wanted to know and why was I being charged so this lady interupts me and tells me " mame I'm just curious, are u the one that just called to hang up" like really is she really gonna ask me that when I'm trying to get info about the medical bill. I would really like to know where can I call and make a complaint about them.

  • Sh
    shirleywesley Jun 25, 2013

    A lady just called me from HRRG and stated I owe money from a medical bill from august of a year or two ago now I have no knowledge of this visit but before a guy called. Me and told me to look into it now this trick calls threatening me about this damn bill and I have been unemployed for going on 3 years I am basically homeless I live from relative to relative even going to another state to find work ### just ain't working out so what can I do..I. asked her to give me a job she got upset hell I. Asked her for the money she still upset so I did make an effort but she didn't want to help me either so I am not denying that I may have a bill I am in so much financial debt its ridiculous but I don't know what to do but try to get this done and get these ppl their money if I do owe them cause when I was a patient at this hospital I had to pay for visits so if they would like to send me to jail they can cause I get 3 hot meals and a bed to sleep in I don't mind at all.

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HRRGemergency medical bill

I recieved a phone call from them about a month ago. I had missed the call so I called them back, and they told me I had an unpaid emergency room bill, which I did. I asked them if I could pay a monthly payment out of my debit card each month and the woman told me no that I had to pay it all at once. I told her well give me a week, and I will try to pay. The lady got very rude with me and wanted to know why I couldnt pay it right then and there. I told her I couldnt afford to pay it all up front right then and there, and it would be better for me to make a monthly payment. She said I couldnt do that again. So I told her that give me a week and I will call back and see what I can do. A week went by, and I called them as promised. A different lady asked me if I was going to pay the balance off today, and I said that I could only afford twenty dollars right then and that I would pay the balance off within two weeks. She hesitantly said I could do that but she gave me this warning. "Well, I will take your twenty dollars but I cannot assure you that we will not push forward and that it might be sent to court. I told her that I was going to pay the rest of it in two weeks, and she said to me that she still couldnt assure me that it would not press forward." I still paid the twenty dollars. Today as promised I called and paid the balance off and requested that they send something in the mail stating that I paid it in full and she refused. I dont understand that. How can a business refuse to send something in the mail like that?? This whole experience with them has been nauseating because they have all been very rude.

  • Th
    th!sman Dec 06, 2012

    Welcome to collections world.

    The mistake you did was you are too honest and have the same expectation on NAZI collectors. It doesn't work like that. These idiot scammers lie if their mouth is moving. For instance they cannot yuo can of course make payment arrangements and no one can take you to court while you are agreeing to payoff in two weeks. But just like the police who talk from a self elevated position when they demand to search you (that's illegal) to make you think you have to comply because they are counting on you not being informed of your rights, debt collectors do the same - they are counting on you not knowing your rights.

    Even as a debtor you have rights per federal fair debt collection practices act (FDCPA). First demand a validation of debt and an offer of settlement before you agree to anything. They will threaten court and all. Let them. Tell them no VOD no payment. You must have something showing the debt amount.

    The offer of settlement states you pay x and "the debt paid in full" <-- very important key words must be included. Then pay by check or money order only and keep the cashed copy/MO tab stapled to the settlement offer letter for life. They sell off your debt to other scam collectors and then it's the same story again.

    What you do is write them a CMRRR letter, state your debt was paid in full on xx date. Be return you are demanding a letter stating the debt was paid of in full within x days. By regular mail copy that letter to your state AG, FTC, CFPB, your local police, a local TV station to investigate and anyone else of authority. Meanwhile keep a copy of the payoff transaction safely and anything else relating to this debt, for life.

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HRRG Collections — false billing

I went to the hospital for 3 different visits and I understand that the physician services are billed separately. I have a very low income. I couldn't afford to pay the...


How do you expect for people to pay you money they "owe" if your being OUT OF CONTROLLABLY rude!!! This company is the most unprofessional co. My daughter has had chip for a year now, went in May to the E.R., and all of a sudden doesn't have chip that month but then gets it the next...this co. needs to be a little nicer, or else NOBODYS paying you. Oh did I mention, 2 representatives hung up in my face ?! Thanks...for nothing

HRRGdifficult to deal with!!!

My 2 year old had to go to the ER a year or so ago. He's had Molina through Medicaid since birth but for some reason, his benefits were terminated the month he went to the ER and then reactivated a month or so least that is what I was told. So I have been trying to get Medicaid to go "retroactive" on the bill. Medicaid did nothing for a year (big surprise huh) and I got so fed up I sent a strong-worded email to the Florida Dept. of Health. I get a call back within an hour!! Finally, the caseworker tells me my son DID have medicaid when he was in the ER, just not through Molina. She gave me instructions regarding what the providers have to do in order to get paid (send a claim to the local medicaid office). Well, one of the providers has a collection agency lucky me, it's HRRG. I call them and tell them the "great" news that my son did in fact have full medicaid during his $800 ER visit and all they have to do is submit a claim. The lady said WE CANNOT DO THAT. THIS BILL IS OVER A YEAR OLD AND WE CANNOT BILL ANYMORE. WE NEED THIS AMOUNT PAID IN FULL NOW. I said MAAM LISTEN TO ME, MY SON HAAAAAD INSURANCE!!! I CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. MEDICAID IS TELLING ME THAT THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT AND THE ONLY WAY YOU'RE GONNA GET PAID IS IF YOU FILE A CLAIM WITH THEM FOR THE OUTSTANDING BILL. She said LISTEN TO ME, AND LISTEN TO ME CAREFULLY, I CANNOT SENT OUT ANOTHER BILL. THIS ISN'T SOMETHING I MADE UP RIGHT NOW. WE ARE NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING. HAVE MEDICAID CALL US. THEY NEED TO PAY IF YOUR SON HAD INSURANCE AT THAT TIME. Boy was I livid. I contacted DCF and the case worker told me thatis the procedure --- THE PROVIDER NEEDS TO SUBMIT A CLAIM IN ORDER TO GET PAID. I don't even know what to do right now. Do i realy ahve to pay a bill that I don't need to pay?!!! Not to mention a bill I CANNOT pay?!! Just becuase of HRRG's so called "rules"? Very difficult to deal with. And I thought Medicaid was bad...

  • Et
    ethos Aug 13, 2012

    Don't get railroaded. Return that bill to them with cease and desist instructions to contact you and that they should bill medicaid. because they lie a lot send that letter CMRRR. copy that letter to medicaid, state AG and FTC and maybe a local TV station. Go to those guys are very smart with this kind of situations.

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  • Ke
    Kelly47 Jun 14, 2013

    Yeah send the C&D letter. You can find templates online. Send it via certified mail so if they call & say they didn't receive you have proof that they did. A company called me saying that they hadn't heard back from me & I told them I sent them a C&D letter & not to contact me. They denied receiving it so I said "I sent it certified mail & I have a copy of the receipt. I'd be happy to send you a copy (sarcastically). If you contact me again I will file a complaint w/ the FTC." They never contacted me again :)

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HRRG-Floridabreaking the law-fair debt collection harrassment

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) regulates how debt collectors must behave when attempting to collect debts.HRRG knowingly violates the law as a calculated risk. They are hoping that you aren’t aware of your legal rights and that you will crack under the relentless pressure and pay them. They get paid a percentage of what they collect. They refuse to listen to the insurance companies and are extremely rude - even when you try to explain. Please continue to report this agency everywhere you can and pay the original institution if you possibly can. Don't pay them. And - don't let them intimidate you.

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    ethos Aug 05, 2012

    you got it. their intention is make you emotional so you can be erratic and agree to pay them. get everything in writing, limit your phone conversations to debt collectors to once a week per my financial adviser but i say once a month if necessary, and keep payment proofs for life.

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HRRGrude hrrg employee

I went to the er twice this year because I had menorrhagia the bills came and I called for assistance because I couldn't pay the bills. And three months later I received a letter from the hrrg people. So I called them. I spoke to a lady who was so rude!!! Her name was dee according to another agent she was yelling at me. I was asking her questions and she didn't want to answer them or she would ask me the same question over and over. And at the end she hanged up on me. This isn't how you talk to people they don't have any manners

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    ethos Aug 05, 2012

    just buy an airhorn. next time you they call blow it in the phone.

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