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michelle henry - social media associate employed with afni

This event took place on September 5th in the early afternoon around 5 PM. Michelle Henry, your 'social...

collection call for wrong balance

Received a call from AFNI and had a person by the name of "Cat" tell me my balance with Verizon was $ 306.24. She stated that she was a Third party collector. (Afni according to Verizon is one of their divisions, so it is not a third party collector) When I finished with her, I got verizon on the phone and had them both listen to each other. Meagan with AFNI, supervisor, preceded to tell me the balance was actually $ 122.00, which is the correct amount. I asked why would Cat state is was $ 300.00, she stated that becuase we have a lot of calls, sometimes there are mistakes. I informed her that I as well handle collections and I have never, never, called a customer and given them the wrong balance. I preceeded to get her to pull the call, all of a sudden, she can't but her supervisor can, but is unavailable. If I was stupid, and didnt know my balance, they would have accepted the $ 300.00 and made a profit of $ 184.00. Drop Verizon, go with someone else, they are crooks and obviously hire thieves!

us cellular

Lost a job a couple years ago, and went in to cancel my phone contract during this rough time. The people at the local store said that it wouldn't be a problem to cancel, I just had to pay a fee of $125. So I paid it, in cash, out of pocket, right there. I asked if there was anything else that I'd need to do, and the woman told me that my last bill was already paid with the fee, and the contract was cancelled, so nothing should come up again.

July 3, 2017, nearly TWO YEARS LATER, I received a letter in the mail from a collection agency, claiming I owe them $347.80. For what? I called them and all they would say is that I owe them all of that, despite that I paid off my contract and any backed up fees.

Unethical behaviour, attempt to collect false debt

Just received a collection notice from Afni that I owe Dish Network $691.06. Funny...I have never had Dish Network service at any time. I have found that this seems to be a common practice of Afni to send out fraudulent notices as well as pick up old debts that are past the statue of limitations and attempt to collect them.
I am sending them a demand for validation of debt by certified mail just to make it legal so I can pursue legal action if they persist. Then I am contacting my states attorney general.
CHECK OUT http://afnifraud.blogspot.com/
Will re-post as this goes on to let people know as many details as possible.

False claim, stating i owe $8, 779. 44 to them, or my license will be suspended.

I just received a letter from afni inc, stating i owe them $8, 779. 44. For a loss and damages. . They...

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Former Employee

I am posting this to actually try and help you, and I encourage you to keep that in mind and read thoroughly...

Collection on account never had

Received a letter to settle an account that never existed. The letter claimed that I could pay half of the total balance of an AT&T Mobility bill. I have never had an AT&T Mobility account. I googled the company, and found pages and pages of reports of fraud.

  • Always be alert Feb 07, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We're always taught that we are considered innocent until proven guilty...This is not the case when it comes to debt collection. If you are sued, you must show up at the court date and dispute the debt there. Then you can finally force the collection agency to produce evidence that :

    1. The debt is valid
    2. They have a legal standing to sue you for the debt (a number of documents required to prove that they have the legal right to sue YOU for the money they claim they are owed. )
    3. The amount claimed is accurate
    4. The debt is still within the statute of limitations for legal remedies

    A note to 'How Long With This Account Last?"...Once the consumer is being hassled by debt collectors, (debt buyers) the OC has already written the account off. Paying the debt buyer has no affect on lending rates, because they have no influence on financial markets. Debt buyers almost NEVER have the legal standing required to bring a suit anyway. They know this, and still fill the courts with in-house generated 'affidavits' making claims they know they can not back up in most cases. They make their money from 'summary judgements' on the people who do not know their rights and don't show up in court to force the agency to prove their claim. If you don't show up, the assumption is that the debt buyers claim is factual! You will then be legally obligated to pay a debt that, otherwise might not even be valid!

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Settlement Offer

I was sent a "Pay only HALF OF YOUR BALANCE to settle your account" offer. I never have had an account with...

Trying to collect debt that does not belong to me

AFNI has attached my address to someone elses debt as it appears that me and the debt have similar names. I...

debt scam

April 06, 2012, I received a settlement offer in the mail, stating I owe debt to QWEST. I never have had...

Cable Bill

I got a Bill today from afni Inc offering Me a discount payment offer on a bill from a cable company that I had over 7 years ago. Mind you I, I haven't received a bill from this company, Telling me I owe this bill, Just out of the blue I get this payment offer from afni Inc, I looked up statue of limitations in Ore. And the law states, after 6 years you can't be sued for the bill.

  • Ly
    lyle1959 Oct 15, 2009

    They are scamming again.They just sent me a bill from Californa verizon inc.
    I have not lived in california since 2005.
    The agency is called Afni, inc.404.brock drive.
    po box 3427.
    Bloomington.il 61702-3427

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Fraudulent Phone Bill

I received a collections letter from Afni.Inc stating that they were "making another attempt to contact me regarding my overdue Verizon account. They were offering to settle for half what they said we owed ($577.75). The spelling of the first name of the person addressed on the letter was similar to mine, but not the same as my first name. The last name was the same as mine.

I have never had a Verizon account. When I checked with Afni by phone the manager said "they would remove my address from the computer so I should disregard the letter." When I asked why it was sent to me in the first place, the manager became verbally insulting and said "then I should ask you why you were opening other people's mail."

I called Verizon and spoke with their Fraud Investigation Department, and was told that they have no record of there ever being a Verizon account in my name or under my SS#. The Fraud investigator said Afni.Inc. was probably doing "skip tracing" with just the name on the account to see if they could find anyone with that name anywhere to send the collection letter to. I suggest anyone who gets anything from Afni.Inc. check on it carefully before paying them anything!


A company called Afni sent me a collection notice for an AT&T bill of over $500. The problem is that I have never once had AT&T in my life; I've only had Verizon. Furthermore I've never had any problems with Verizon and I've paid my bill on time and never lost service. So these fraudsters have tried to charge me over $500 to collect on a service I've never once used or paid for in my entire life! Plus they said in the letter that I only had 30 days to pay up.

Not only is Afni trying to get me to pay money for something that I do not owe, but they are threatening to try to damage my credit if I don't pay! They are harassing me for a debt that I've never had. This is extortion and is illegal!

If you get a collection letter from Afni Collections, Inc. do not pay them! Afni is a scam and a fraud and you can't cave into their illegal harassment! And now I'm worried that my credit will be damaged because these fraudsters will ruin it or that they'll hand over my fake debt to another scammy company!

alleged phone bill i dont owe

Afni Inc. alleges that i owe ATT $80.00 dollars which afni claims ATT has placed this acc with them for...


I am a forgery victim in the state of california for forgery with a bill I cannot clear out of my credit...

Cell Phone Bill

OMG! These people are plum AWFUL! I applied for service through tmobile and discovered that there was a old account created in 05 well i was only 16 in 05. So i was told to contact AFNI where my account had been sold. So i called and that lady was just so RUDE!!! Basically calling me a liar, and telling me my only option is to pay this 800.56 dollar bill!! Does anyone know if there is futher actions i can take to resolve this matter without paying for something i had NO IDEA about?
Thanks in advance for yall's help :)



fake company trying to use dummy companies to collect money

They sent me a bill stating I owe 929.52 for a ATT mobility and I'm seeing different complaints online...

Former Employee

I am a former employee of Afni, Inc. in Bloomington. I had to quit after my morals were pushed to the limit...


Recieved a collection notice for this FRAUD SCAM company which stated that I owed $2000 to T-Mobile, and would like to offer me 50% off for the settlement. Ok, the point is I `ve been use ATT as my cellphone carrier for 6, 7 years, , noting could be relate to T-Mobile, so I called AFNI, the guy was so rude and uncaring to help me to find out whats going on on my case, all he said is I opened a 10-lines account with T-Mobile on year 08/09, haha, this is so ridiculous, then I called T-Mobile, cuz I dont have T-Mobile account, so I gave the service lady my SSN, and she didnt pull out any infomation under either my name or my SSN, and she guided me to call their fraudulent service, and I called and filed. This company AFNI is totally fraud, scam and fake, I have no idea why Government would allow this company open in U.S.