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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved false account information

I attempted numerous times (8/07, 11/08 and 1/9) to inquire about a fraudulent account and charges from Amp'd mobile in the amount of $1, 179.68. I asked how to dispute charges and file an affidavit proving that the charges were never made by me. The collection company (AFNI) stated that there is no affidavit processing and I am responsible for all charges. I attempted to reach another representative on a different date and have received several messages that the customer service line is experiencing difficulty and cannot take my call. The last attempt to contact AFNI was on 1/3/08 at 10:48 am ct.

Resolved T-Mobile

This company has sent a notice stating that my husband owes T-Mobile $ 1, 061.73, from 2002 we have never used T-Mobile and we have had the same service since 1999 which is not T-Mobile. When I asked them to send me proof such as a signature they stated that by law they do not need to and that they had a photo ID when I asked for them to send me such proof because to have that, they have to have a signature no just sends a photo ID out to anyone. She stated that she did not need to.

I stated then you are just letting anyone do things in anyone elses name and she hung up the phone on me. I can not beleave that the law would allow people to do such things.

If they have proof let them show it, if not do not harrass hard working people to scam them out of their money I know that the only cell company we have had is our current company which we have been with going on 10yrs.

  • Ba
    bajaskier Dec 31, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Afni is well known for this. Record all phone calls. Tell them that since you have already told them the the charge is bogus, and that they cannot provide any proof, you will no consider each telephone call to you a "consutlting call" with $50 fee per call. Again, be sure to record the calls and tell them that you are recording them. Inform them that if they if they cannot provide proof, you will see them in court to collect your fees. If the calls continuie, follow through and take them to small claims court, suing them for harrassment as well as $50 for each phone call.

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Resolved Scam Debt Collector

I received a bill from them from 2017 for 35.00. I sent them a letter like this one...

Resolved Zombie Debt

Buying "zombie" and "false" debt from AT&T, MCI, and AT&T Mobility! We also need to file complaints with the...

Resolved Fraudulent collection on fabricated &final bill&

I checked my credit recently and found a collection from a company I'd never heard of - Afni. This collection account dropped my FICO score something like 70 points - MAJOR damage. This makes it almost impossible for me to get new credit, and could cause my current credit holders to increase my rates.

I investigated further by calling Afni (http://www.afniupsourcing.com/). I finally got someone on the phone who claimed I owe Amp'd Mobile $262. Amp'd Mobile went out of business in 2007. I paid my final bill. The only thing I ever got from them in the mail was the bankruptcy notice for the company. Not only was my final bill paid - I was on auto-pay all along with this company. So if there was additional money due they certainly could have simply taken it out of my account!

I explained to Afni that I paid my final bill, and that now they had ruined my credit AND wanted me to pay money that was never due for a company that is out of business. Of course, the response was "This is not my concern." I was offered a "deal" of paying it off for $150. Of course this would not remove the entry on my credit report - only change it to paid. If you know about credit you know this doesn't particularly do anything meaningful or positive to your score. So ... even if I allow them to extort this money from me - I still suffer from this lie for 7 years!

I've decided to fight it. I called Afni back several times [protected]). I told them I'm disputing the debt and that I wanted proof faxed to me. After being told by a rude agent that they would fax the "numerous" bill statements they have, they instead faxed me a letter on Afni letterhead essentially saying "This letter confirms you owe us $262." Uh, no. I called back. Finally reaching someone polite (on try 4), she informed me that I did open a dispute, and that Afni will now investigate the account. If there is any proof (which she said the phone agents don't have access to!!), they will mail it to me within 30 days.

These people are, clearly, liars. Three agents told me they had my bill copies on their screen. Now they don't know if they have proof or not. Either way - the bottom line is - step one is call and dispute the validity of the debt.

If (when) this does not resolve it I intend to make complaints to the Attorney Generals of all involved states and take any other measures necessary to ensure it is resolved.

I pay my bills, and I've spent many years building good credit. Too many years to have it ruined by a dishonest collector like Afni. I have to imagine that there are many interviews on the net outlining Amp'd's disastrous billing system - including an admission by the company's own CEO - will strengthen my case.

  • Mf
    mFey Mar 30, 2009

    I had a very similar experience. AMPD was horible, I changed to Sprint and cancelled in April and they kept biling me despite numerous calls, I disputed with my credit card and they refunded the charges because AMPD couldn't support them. ANFI sent me a collections letter, I replied and now there is a collection item of about $80 dropping my FICO from about 750 to about 660 and costing me a mortgage. This is extortion and no protection against consumers because there is no consequence for their actions. ANFI knows that people probably wont take teh time and effort to file a class action and they will play games with "missing" paperwork to make things as difficult as possible.

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Resolved Fraudulent Collection Account

I recently checked my credit report because of the fact that someone tried to use my name before and so I made it a must to regularly check my credit for fraudulent activities and I noticed that I had a new collection filed which was by AFNI, Inc. Now, I don't know who the heck these people are but they claim that I have a bill for Verizon for a little over $162.00. I know that this bill is fraudulent becasue I've had phone service with my cable company for as far back as 2000! Before that I lived with my sister-in-law for about 6 months at her place where she had her own phone service and before that and right before getting married I lived with my mom who also had her own phone service. So when was all of this to have taken place? The thing is most of the people on her received a letter, AFNI didn't even send one to me, they just put the bill on credit. I'm writing to the State of New Jersey Attorney General's office, the FTC, the BBB and to the credit bureaus requesting an investigation as well as requesting them to remove the account. What's even more crazy is that I have a fraud alert on my report that's supposed to prevent any new accounts from being opened in my name without my notice and is supposed to also prevent any new collections from being filed without first contacting me to verify the account. None of these steps were taken and I was not informed by mail or by any other form as they are supposed to do legally. I suggest that people also make it a habit to regularly check your credit reports for fraudulent activities and don't let people like AFNI get away with commit such unethical acts.

  • Us
    uspvteyes Apr 13, 2009

    They are a complete fraud. Call the State Attorneys Office and file a complaint against them.

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Today I found a collection in my credit report from a collection agency called Afni, Inc. alleging I owed $50.00 from 6 years ago - 2002. Verizon has provided my phone service for the past 10 years and I don't believe I have ever missed a payment. They never once mentioned I owed them a cent from 1998 and even I overpaid my bills to an even dollar amount. I had no problem ever with Verizon. in 2005 when I received the letter of collection from AFNI I contacted them, When I called Afni, Inc, a particularly rude young female told me she wasn't interested in anything I had to say, while I was asuring her that Verizon conferm that I owe nothing other than the last bill, And if there was any charge it would appear in my regular statement during the period AFNI Inc. claiming [protected] ) with no exact date. Also at least my telephone service would affected if I have any unpaid charges, while the same line and same company. So with her mean way of communicating I hung up and disregard the collection claim as advised by Verison. Now about 4more years they came back and hurt my credit report. I totaly disagree to pay off any false claim even if it's only One dollar.
I'm sending this complaint because I'm sure that I feel I'm not the only one. I hope you can take the right action to protect myself and the public from these fraudulant acts.

Joseph Gabra

  • 8a
    8athome Mar 05, 2009

    My story is the same as all the others.. AFNI sent me a notice for a wireless phone bill from 6 years ago. I did not believe it was my account. When I asked them to verify the debt they sent some vague, cobbled together 'statement'. They were unable to provide my original billing address, contract dates, account number, etc.. I mean, anyone can put together a bogus statement like that. I did a little research on AFNI and found numerous complaints exactly like mine and yours, with all the same characteristics. Further investigation revealed that in July of '08 the Minnesota Attorney General's office filed a lawsuit against AFNI, Inc for fraudulent collections practices. Bottom line is, IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE YOU OWE THIS BILL, FIGHT IT. I filed a complaint with my A.G. Consumer protection office. It took about 2 months, but AFNI finally gave up their ruse and sent a letter stating they were closing their account on me and removing the negative report on my credit. My bill was only about $35.00 but, the principal is worth all the time, efforts and insults. And, the more people give them a hard time, the sooner these crooks will be out of business.

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phone bill

I've been recieving for alomst a year now a collection notices from afni, inc for a verizon phone bill I've never even had. I've been here in TN now going on 10 years. I've tryed to contact them thru email but there web page will not come up .How do I get the letters to stop?

Predatory collections practices

I, too, am a victim of AFNI, Inc., Bloomington, IL. It started in 9-2006 when I finally called about a collections letter for a cable company I didn't recognize. It turns out that it was a company I had service with 18 years earlier (21 now)! I told the man I talked to that I wouldn't be paying it because it was so old and that I didn't believe I even owed the money. The next week it was on my credit report as being "opened in 10-2006". I filed 2 reports with FTC and disputed it with Equifax twice. It's still on my credit report. Equifax investigated and came to the conclusion that it is a "valid debt". In April of 2008, I called the company again and talked to a "supervisor" who told me the final bill was sent in 11-2003. I moved from that town in 1990 after stopping all services! In the meantime, they have charged me $73 more for a Qwest bill that I don't owe and that is now on my report as well. I just filed my 3rd complaint with FTC as well as a complaint to the Oregon Attorney General. I don't know what it will take to get these people to stop. It seems that they can charge people with any amount of money for any bogus debt! In my case, they are making up false debts from companies that I actually have done business with far, far in the past. Maybe we can band together to stop them. Do the words "Class Action Lawsuit" sound good to anybody?????

  • Wi
    wildboaraza Sep 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I never had any service from Qwest nor Afni. They appeared on my Experion annual report recently.
    Peculiar, I'd had Verizon wireless service only since moving to Arizona in 2007.Most people in this small communty are on wireless phone service; they don't duplicate telephone service adding landlines-the cost is not needed, necessary.
    Qwest has the worst reputation on service and a mass of slamming reports in this area and other areas all over the internet. The internet is loaded with complaintants sites about Qwests illegal practices and Afni's illegal practices.
    This Afni was from Bloomington, IL and did not provide a telephone number on my credit report. I did a lot of deep research on the internet finding out how Afni uses fraud to make-up non-existent accounts and bill anyone they want for them, and Qwests greedy extra profitteering account-making -up(fraud) as they know many people don't care to have landlines.
    I've never received anything in the mail in a form of a bill, th like from either company, never called either, won't do business ever withe either. I gave the credit bureau much information and they are investigating the fraud right now.
    As always on other issues, I will continue to post and repeatedly post smearing Qwest and Afni on all internet consumer complaint sites. And write to the Attorney General, FCC, State Senators and Rep in Arizona
    Cordes Lakes, Arizona
    Would be very glad to participate in any class action suit applicable! Send the info!

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  • Ga
    Gary Hansmeier Jul 28, 2011

    I am currently fighting with AFNI over a bogus bill from Frontier Wireless. When I cancelled my DSL service with Frontier they claimed I owed them a $ 75 cancellation fee even though I had completed the 12 month term the fee was applicable to. They also billed for 15 days beyond the date my service was disconnected. AFNI is taking the position that if Frontier billed it I owe it. They don't seem interested in listening to any explanation to the contrary.

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fraudulant charges/collections

I recently received a letter from a collection agency called afnicollections stating that I owe an outrageou...

fraud collections

recived a collection noitce for a verizon phone number that i never had. i have had a verizon account with a different number for years with no notice of this other number or ever recived a bill for that number. try to call and they claim the wait is to long to help. this place is fishing for your personal info and is totally a fraud.this should be illegal .

  • B0
    B025 Jan 26, 2011

    We received a bill from them. I am very picky about my bills and accounts. I keep a well filed system. I could not find any where on any of my spreadsheets dating 8 years back this account number or this amount. I plan on calling them tomorrow, I am glad I read this so now I am prepared not to give any information. Thank you B, Dallas

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I received a letter stating that I owe AT&T Mobility $374.57 and that I had service with them in Killeen, TX...

Fraudulent Collections Attempt

I am having an insanely difficult time remedying a bogus collection attempt by Afni, which operates in...

amp'd mobile

I just received a bill for cell phone service for AMp'd mobile. I've never heard of this company...

Fradulent Bills

I recieved two bills from afni, stating that I owed Alltel for two accounts. One stated I owed $1064.44, the other $488.40. When I called they told me that they did not have the dates these accounts were opened. When I called Alltel, they have no record of either account. While I was looking for afnis' website I found these complaints!! I can not believe these people. They need to be stopped!! how can we fight these people???

False collection attempt

This company sent me a bill claiming I owed $128.37 for a Quest bill made in 2002. I immediately called them to request more information because I have never had a Quest account. They gave me an address and I told them I had never lived at that address. They said that is not the service address, it is my last known billing address. I told them I have never lived at the "last known billing address" they gave me. I then asked if I could call Quest to find out more informaiton and they said that Quest would not give me the information because they had purchased the debt from them. I asked them for the address of service and they said they did not have that information. They said if I disputed the bill to go online and submit they dispute. I went online and put in my Afni account number. I t would not bring up my account because they did not have the last four digits of my social security number correct. I called them and told them they had the wrong person because they did not have my real social security number. They asked my what the last four digits were and I gave them fake numbers to see what would happen. They miraculously informed my that they had transposed some numbers and it was right now. This company needs to be shut down! I am going to send them disput letter and am notifying the FTC. These scammers need to be stopped.

  • Ja
    jassie Feb 24, 2009

    I had a very similiar problem with this company. My husband had a credit report done recentally and this Afni Inc. were on it for an internet company we currently have. After 3 phones calls to this company, the first call, they were asked to send a confirmation to us via through email or faxed to us. Nothing, so the next day I called back, and was told by someone else that they cannot send us a confirmation of payment because the account is still active...Okay I have never heard of a collections company that wont send a confirmation or, wont verify that the payment was recieved.
    I decided to check with the internet company on this matter, to see if we have ever had a bill sent to collections, and explained to them the situation, the internet company pulled up a summary of our account, and checked they database for any inquiries of another account in my name that had been active at one point. Nothing the internet respresentive even gave me a summary of what he found to send to us, with limitations of course if we have to make legal actions towards this debt collector.
    After my conversation with the internet company I then called the Afni Inc back told them "I need a confirmation by today to verify this has been taken care of. I then told them, that I have contacted the internet company and that they DO NOT enlist any of their credit reports to any company by your name, and if this payment has NOT been confirmed by you within 24 hours, I will be taking legal actions to get you guys off my credit report...

    I will also be filing a complaint in the FTC for the Act. Fair Debt Collections

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  • Km
    kmerly Aug 10, 2009

    im going though the same thing and i wish there was one number you could call to fill a legal complaint and get them investigated!!!

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work order in someone elses name(ex)

Work order back in 1998 was in ex husbands name, and I am to pay it now that it is 2008, i am tired of getting screwed over by people. why is afni after me when work order is in his name, i want afni to press legal charges to pay on the person name who the work order is in, because of this, I can't get tv, internet or phone service. all i know is that i am NOT paying it, craig g rose of 455 prairie avenue fond du lac, wi 54935 can pay it,

Resolved Scam and rip off

Wow! I really thought I was alone with my AFNI issues until I see all these reports. I've been...


What is it with CINGULAR I just got a bill from this collection saying I owe Cigular $65.95 but, afni Balance...

Have wrong person

My son who is in the Army and is serving in Iraq received a collection notice from Afni, Inc.
I called and they were pressing me to pay it so that it doesn't show up on his credit report. I told them of my son's situation and that I would email him, but didn't know when he could get back to me. Afni said that it will go to the credit bureau soon. To keep my son's credit in tack while I emailed him I had them charge the bill to my credit card. I emailed my son and told him what it was and the address that they had on his records and he said he had never lived at that address. When I called them back and told them that they said that they couldn't do anything about it. I told them they had the wrong person. That didn't matter to them.

I thought it was weird that he would get a bill for something that was 5 years old. I was leary, but didn't want his credit to be affected.

They are trying to collect a bill that doesn't belong to my son.