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charge twice for a payment

This is my first time dealing with this company. I set up automatic payments and when I check my bank sttaement I had two payments drafted from my bank account from them on the same day. I call on a Saturday to ask why I was charged twice they claim my account was set up for auto draft. When I ask for a refund they tell me I have to wait. Then I get a call Monday morning telling me I have to provide them with my bank statement showing the money was drafted. I am so pissed, they take forever to refund when they charge you twice, but if I would have been one day late on a payment them I would get a negative mark on my credit report. And when you call you speak with a different person every time and they ask your information everytime. They have messed up my budget for this month and they way they operate I will not get my refund back until the end of this month. Even though they drafted the money autmaticlly I have to wait for a check in the mail.

  • Updated by Quinn20 · Nov 04, 2019

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    This is my first time dealing with this company. I set up automatic payments and when I check my bank sttaement I had two payments drafted from my bank account from them on the same day. I call on a Saturday to ask why I was charged twice they claim my account was set up for auto draft. When I ask for a refund they tell me I have to wait. Then I get a call Monday morning telling me I have to provide them with my bank statement showing the money was drafted. I am so pissed, they take forever to refund when they charge you twice, but if I would have been one day late on a payment them I would get a negative mark on my credit report. And when you call you speak with a different person every time and they ask your information everytime. They have messed up my budget for this month and they way they operate I will not get my refund back until the end of this month. Even though they drafted the money autmaticlly I have to wait for a check in the mail.

  • Lo
    Lovelyw2010 Nov 06, 2019

    The same thing happened to us this month and 2 months ago. They claimed we made a web payment as well as our automatic payment. Which is not true bc on the web site you make a payment they charge you an extra 5 bucks. We ended up disputing it with our bank again instead if waiting on them to refund us.

    Be careful bc they also change their stories a few times before they settled on the lady one. This company is so shady and I am not sure how they an A+ rating on BBB.

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  • Gc
    Gcort Jan 07, 2020

    They have harassed the crap out of us over payments one day late. Additionally they tried to tell me last night that I have a daily interest rate loan. I have the original contract when I purchased my boat before this got sold to SST. It is a fixed interest rate loan. No one can show me where they have the right to charge me $4.95 per day and why my payoff is way more than I owe.

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secure loan

I have been charged my monthly payment twice in one month more than once. Each time has been the fault of the company and they give a hard time for the additional charge to be refunded. The process takes at least a month, in which the next payment is due so the refund becomes pointless. This throws off the budgeting for the customer. Additionally, no one ever seems to have an idea of how to resolve the situation, although they can see an additional payment was charged. When the refund is finally approved, it is sent as check through the mail which makes the process even longer and more inconvenient.

rv loan

My husband and I have a joint loan on our RV. His credit report says we are current, but mine is showing we are 30-60 days late, with February's payment showing not made. What the heck?? These people are a joke!!! We've also been paying on this loan for 2 years, but my credit report says we have paid off 0% of our loan. How can you pay on something for 2+ years and have paid off 0%??? I am beyond frustrated with SST, but with this being on our credit report, I can't refinance somewhere else. I'm sure that's why they do what they do, so people are stuck with their sorry asses!!


11/02/2018 - 11/13/2018
CL942339 Estate Claim

I have made several Attempts to contact this company over a Estate Claim they have on a Estate account and I keep getting a runaround with the people that i need to talk to are never at work they are all ways out of the office.

they started off with a 20k claim and after they got the Boat back the claim was Amended to 5k and i am not able to get anyone on the phone that can help me with this. like i said every time i call they are not at there desk and i have left message to call me and i have never gotten a call from the Rep's nor have i been able to call in and get them on the phone. i am always asked to leave a message and they will call me back.

If i can get anyone on the phone that i can talk to i am going to ask for a brake down of the sale of the boat. at this point my Attorney is going to close the Estate account out and they will be excluded due to not ever able to talk to someone.
my Attorney has call as well with the same runaround. they are not able to furnish any claim to the Estate and keep telling me they no longer have the file that they need. but the department that does is never at work and no one seems to be at there desk if these people even exist.

poor communication from phone system

I have been a customer to SST for 14 years and their customer service is very poor. The main phone line puts customers through too many prompts and questions from the actual representative which can cause a person forget what they need assistance about. I called 5 times trying to dispute a charge and got disconnected three times and a representative referring to me as "honey!" Very poor customer service hands down! I am going to close this account once I receive my new card from a more reputable credit company.

collection calls and poor customer service.

On March 31, 2016 at 2:02 pm, I received a call from the aforementioned company. It was an automatic dialer...

customer service - auto dialer

This company is awful !! I was 5 days late with a payment. Called and gave them a date for the next week for...


This company is the most terrible people to work with! They are so rude. I feel like they are keeping my...


First off this company is by far the worst company ever. I would rather deal with collections. I have two loans through this awful company. I sent both my payments at the same time and they received one and not the other makes sense right? It was around Christmas time and I don't check my account daily to see if it came out or not. Well they said they never got my loan payment for only one of my payments . I had to pay a late fee because they lost my check possibly. So then I decided that I would just pay the for and pay it online well not only do they charge you for the late fee but now you have a fee to process online. So I called to make the payment over the phone there is even a bigger fee to pay online. Needless to say this company loves money and that's all they care about!!!

  • La
    laurene mccune May 27, 2007

    Providian sold my account to SST. They keep calling my work and the card isn't even in my name. It's in my husband's.

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  • Ar
    Army Veteran2014 Oct 15, 2014

    This company is pretty bad, I would not recommend it to anyone. I tried to pay off the loan early and they made me sit through 5 minutes of some policy I had to listen to. I just wanted to pay off the loan. The lady who was helping me told me I had to listen or should would not give me final balance. It was the rudest experience I had. I hung the phone up on her and called someone else and got the balance then paid it off. 3 weeks letter I got a form letter from the company stating that they were going to report me as a bad credit.. I never missed a payment and paid the loan off early...Go figure!

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customer service

It is so difficult to reach someone with this company. You have to search online for a number because the number that was on my statement was disconnected. When I called to pay off my balance the automated system told me that "there may or may not be a fee charge, " but doesn't say what that fee may be. I never received bank statements for my payments. I sent a message on their website for someone to contact me via phone, but they just sent an e-mail. When I responded to the e-mail and asked again for someone to call me it took 8 days ((yet they said we'll contact you and your convenience)). I unfortunately got my loan transferred to this bank by M&I (now HMO) but I recommend that if you have a choice do not pick this bank!

  • La
    Laura D. Root Feb 01, 2008

    Had a card with Washington Mutural and it was sold to SST Bank. Since then They have been raising my interest rate for no reason. We agreed to 42 dollars a month. Now it is 66 Dollars and I sometimes get a statement and sometimes do not.

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  • Mi
    Miranda Bardo Apr 08, 2008

    Tell me about it! I thought I was the only one. They tried to tell me that they sent a statement. Finally, I decided to pay my bill online at and now that doesn't work! What is going on here?

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  • Ka
    Katie Apr 29, 2008

    Why are they charging me for the same thing twice on my credit report? What is going on?

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poor profesionalism, interest rate

Sst financial calls me on average 8 times a day at home and about 5 times a day at work, even after i have...

trying to deposit photocopies of post dated cheques after account has been paid in full & cheques returned

Loan account paid in full before term in Sept, 2012. Requested 3 post-dated cheques to be returned. They were...

havent received statement after 7months

wells fargo i have been contacting them for about a year with my new address and to send my stements and...

I dont trust these people

i just dont trust this company, as i have read alot of complaints i think it might be a good thing cancel it...

failure to provide account information

I had a loan with wells fargo that was sold to dbgs anthem lp and sst financial is supposed to be collecting...

collections misconduct

I opened a $20, 000+ loan with sst in july of 2005 and have always made my payments on time. When the economy went bad a few years ago I started to struggle to make payments, but always kept the account under 30 days past due, and always answered the phone when they called and talked to them. I have maintained a current account for the last year and a half, and owe less than $3000 on my remaining loan currently. This month my payment was literally four days past the due date because I was waiting for the bank to clear a check, and they put my account into collections and started calling a work number I never gave them, nor did I give them permission to call every 20-40 minutes. I immediately called them and told them they could not call that number or I would lose my job, and they needed to delete it immediately, and also inquired as to why they were calling me at four days late anyways. The agent was snotty and disrespectful and informed me they would not delete the number, but instead put a note not to call it that could take up to 48 hours to go into effect, and that they could call collections anytime after the day the payment is due. I am disgusted with this company knowing I have made my payments faithfully all these years only to be treated this way for the last few months of payments. I will never do business with them again. Ever.

  • Ke
    Keith Haffner Jan 30, 2012

    If I ever get another car loan it will not be with SST. I made all my payments within the month. I was never 30 days late. Starting on the 10th day of the month the collection calls were relentless. Every day all day. I explained to them that I could not make my payment until later in the month. Nothing I told them stopped the calls. I finally made my last payment. I have SST out of my life for good!

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  • De
    Densmom12 Sep 14, 2012

    I hated them as well. They would call me starting on like the second day after my payment was due. I knew I had a 10 day grace period before they could start charging interest but they insisted they did not have a grace period. Also my last months payments should have been only about 120.00 but somehow they managed to make it a full months payment. I would never finance through this company again. They do nothing but harass you.

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shady practices

This company should be put out of buisness immediatly and I agree with a class action lawsuit. I pay my rv loan on time I have bank receipts proving the payments but they always say I am 30 days overdue. They cant seem to figure out how to read a calander and they have fuzzy math. My loan was bought out by this # company from bank one. I had no issues with bank one until this un fit company bought out the loans. Its been hell like everyone else is stating and they do call neighbors, work, parents sisters brothers cousins whatever. They dont care and they are poorly trained and extremely rude and very un professional. If anyone knows someone who has a legal action and wants me to sign on I am all for it. Do not do buisness with this company!!! They constantly ask where to rv is I say its here and there and if u are so good at finding things go find it. They cant... I agree with the person stating finding criminals etc and they would end up finding themselves.

wrongful debit charge. unfriendly. web site is horrible.

yrs now I have been with SST. I have breast cancer and this was the most outrageous time of my life. I have called, email and written letters many times to this company regarding my account as far as working with me on the principle. Or anything for that matter. There is no lean ency from this company. I know I have read many complaints. Now, it has come to this in me getting a loan from my bank that I trust so that I can be done with this outrageous unsympathetic company. This is way to long to be paying for a loan. Regardless if am a couple of days late which I highly try to avoid. With a disability check and two young mouths to feed during surgery, chemo and radiation is no wonder so many are getting sick. Not only that the Web Site is unreal! You have to pay $4.95 on the web oh and YES if you pay by phone you have to pay a fee. If you are one day late you pay a fee ...fee's fee's fee's! This is ludicrous. My credit has been extremely excellent considering what I have to go through. I even tried to email the CEO or VICE PRESIDENT TO NO AVAIL. My BIGGEST complaint is I went to web site to see what the pay off was and guess what...THEY TOOK ALL MY MONEY! I was livid to say the least how am I to live now! I called they told now I have to wait it only took them a minute to get the pay off. What can be done about this company who do I need to email the President of the United States!

If you have to give this to the president please do so there are so many out there that have went to the complaint board about this company from customer service, web site, the phone system how some can't talk to anyone just a machine. My words will not change anything as I have tried many times before. Just know I will surely spread the word to all that I know in U.S. Sorry, that is just how I feel now I also know how they treat there employee's and this is no wonder when calling you can truly hear it in there voice. Customer service is number one and that is what makes a growing well known company.

I will also mention to all my colleagues about this company and it's unfairness no leeway no forgiveness no peace of mind on how we live and survive today.

#[protected] Principal $ 111.57 no wonder this payment is taking forever! I suppose the company will tack on more fees as time goes right. There is no mercy with this company and I relay on that plus fairness by all means. America does for that matter no wonder we are falling due to companies as this one. PLEASE HELP. My proof is my bank statement. I need this money back. I will mail of course the title back.

  • Ab
    abbeyrose Feb 10, 2013

    Our loan is serviced through SST, Inc. from Medallion Bank.Yes, we had a bankruptcy in 2009. Our loan is on a camp trailer, which in the past we are allowed to deduct the interest on the loan because this can be considered a second home. This company gouges people trying to rebuild their credit by charging outrageous amounts of interest! This company will not send out any documents for taxes. You cannot get any information on the website for your loan. I am in Utah, and apparently this company is the ### of all companies. Next complaint will be with the IRS and whoever else is responsible to regulate this company.

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billing errors and no help

My account was sold to them without my knowledge. My bill is higher than the other company. It seems redcious that they can just sell a card to someone else without your permission. I had credit with the old company then when SST took my account te credit was canceled. I was paying my bills?? SST said they would not give me a card but wants my bill paid. This is so stupid.
The SST company doesn't want to do anything to make it easier.
After all, I paid payments on my bill they were current.
We all need to stop this scams. Please help fight these companies that just take over.

  • Ka
    KAshley Apr 21, 2013

    i had a card with a company that was taken over by SST. they miss the payments by not cashing the check on time but i get the blame. we always pay 2 weeks early incase the mail is late. now they are calling 5 or 6 times a day 7 days a week. you can't talk to a human or if you do they claim you must pay the whole bill ASAP & are rude.

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organized croime

SST, First Equity, NCO associates and affiliates are running organized crime reasons are they have different companies listed at the following PO Box 3997, st. joseph, mo [protected] these people use the same po box but with different company names their payment address po box 23060, Columbus Ga [protected] also when you attempt to pay them online they have many different domain names examples are, notice cap locks also so when you pay them they act like they did not get paid and play collections over the phone when you quote the Fair debt collection practice act to write not call they disregard this as well stating they will continue to call they also keep mispelling my wife's name even though they are paid by money orders showing her name. This brings us to another point when you pay them by mail Certified return receipt they sign the receipt and act like they still do not get paid writing letters we keep sending them photocopy of money orders showing we paid them.

The actions taken were the following

made complaints to the FDIC, Currency comptroller waste of time

filed arbitration Company refused

complained to the State Attorney General

This looks like a classic case of blackmail, extortion, racketeering, mail fraud, tampering, piracy of legal documents, identity theft all summed up this is organized crime what happended to protecting the inhabitants of the land from these kinds of activites

  • Mr
    Mr strongfire Jul 21, 2010

    Wow these people truly are mafia like criminals

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  • Mi
    Missytoo Aug 05, 2011

    Have been trying to pay these people on-line as I have in the past but their system keeps bring down my internet explorer! And they have never been a group to listen, just to harass.

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auto loan

I would of never looked at my account if it wasn't for seeing this website.They were charging me the wrong pay off amount.The wrong pay off date and will not explain how their daily interest works.they will not let me talk to a supervisor.If anyone else has had any problems send me a message.I want to try to get a class action lawsuit against them.if intrested leave message.


Wow!! crooks scammer etc. Have been trying to get a final payoff amount for months from them, as soon as I...

credit card payment

I have tried to pay my First Equity credit card bill online and was informed that First Equity is no longer handling my account. It's been sold, I guess, to an outfit called SST (Systems & Services Technologies). I tried going to their website to sign up, but was unable to do so. (Told my account number was incorrect.) The message on the First Equity line says go to to pay but the site that takes you to looks like some kind of search results, not a credit card service site. In researching this situation online (since I can't call the customer service number on a weekend) I've seen numerous complaints about what appear to be a scam operation: they make it almost impossible to pay your bill online or on time, then charge exorbitant service charges, etc. Worse, a lot of people claim to have made payments that SST says were never made. Most of these complaints appear to be two or three years old. Has anyone else had more recent trouble with this outfit? I wasn't informed about this until I went to try to pay my bill and then I had to do all the detective work to find out where to go, who to contact. The whole thing smells fishy to me.

  • Wa
    W&J May 25, 2010

    This is happening to us as well. I am trying to pay them off but it is from my First Equity Account. I am getting constant phone calls and to no avail. This is ridiculous!

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  • My
    MYA2010 Oct 12, 2010

    AGREED... I also had a first eq account.. they got so stupid with their finance charges i stopped using it. Was good for a while with lowering my interest and bam i was over the deadline on my online payment and they jacked up my interest rate so I stopped paying it. Since then I have called this number to try and resolve something or get lower interests to pay it off and they say only for 6 months then it is sky rocket again. This was a business credit card for me so it is a high balance . I refuse to pay it until they come up with some better plans for us to use and a way to pay.

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my loan

I have dealt with some many companies concerning my car loan... First it was Centrix.. then Peak 5.. and then some one else and for some reason now SST has it. I spoke with them on 2/16/10. They gave me a complete pay off amount and I wire them the amount told with in the hour of talking with them.. Gave them address to send my title and on payment I wrote paid in full and they accepted it. Now 8 days later they are coming back and stating that they have applied more charges since pay off. They are hateful when you call in. They will not give you a break of what charges that have been applied to it.. They just want to rip people off.. Beware and have no dealings with them. They will ruin you!!!

  • Su
    sunrise102883 Jan 16, 2011

    I have been through all 3 companies as well. I agree they do not try and help, and when i talked with them last the woman kept giving me different information. I am not sure if she is just untrained, or just plain lying to me. I have also had problem with what I actually owe them. Thank goodness I only have 3 payments left. After reading your comments I am now afraid of what they will say when it is paid off.

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once your account is closed, sst will open another one in your name!!

I'm another customer sold to SST. After paying and closing my account somehow another account was open under my name. Now my credit report shows 2 accounts under SST one being closed and the other a past due amount. Please Obama do something!! It seems to be ok that white collar theft is Legal!

does anyone know where these people live?

I cannot believe I finally found this website I have been at war with these dirt bags for 6 months. I had an 813 Fico score and they have single handedly destroyed it without cause. After trying to get in touch with them for 3 months I finally talked to 7 supervisors and worked out a deal for something that they screwed up regarding my auto draft. I have to fax a paper? WHAT?? I might as well send a check via carrier pigeon! I gave them all the money they asked for. I was never late on a single payment for 4 years. They have yet to fulfill their end of the deal because my credit is still ruined. How can a single piece of [censored] company have all this power and no checks and balances. They make threatening phone calls even though the account is in good standing. I am now having trouble getting a place to live and I have a baby on the way and when you start messing with my family’s well being I get very upset. Please if anyone knows a physical address, post it ASAP. My friend and I would like to pay them a friendly visit to straighten things out. It will not be as easy to put me on hold for 34 minutes.

auto loan

This company is ###. I have made my payments on time for 5 years. During the beginning of my loan I added a...

interest rate

I have an sst credit card. Sst purchased my account from providian. When this happened I learned that sst would never increase my credit limit... Which is hard if you are trying to build credit.
Recently I missed a payment by 2 days. I thought I had scheduled a payment, but when I went on the website to monitor that payment (which I always do) I saw that there was not a payment yet made. I immediately went on the website to make the payment, actually a greater payment that what was due.
I just received my most recent statement in the mail and my interest had gone from a fixed 9.99% to 26.99%. Needless to say I was shocked. I called the cc company and they admitted that I had never been late with a payment (before this last one) and never over the credit; however, with their terms even if you miss 1 payment the interest rate automatically goes up and will never come back down. This is ridiculous and I will be paying this cc off as soon as possible. I would suggest everyone boycott them. Seriously 3 times as much???

credit card scams

I had a Providian credit card for a year or two and then all the sudden my card was changed to a SST company. I would not recieve bills and would pay payments when they would call and say I was over my limit. Unfortunately not recieving a bill confused me greatly, so I would make my account good and the same thing happened the next month. I then got online to the online address to pay my bill and noticed other people were experiencing the same dilemma. I call SST and they said I "shouldnt believe everything I see on the internet". That was all they could say. I asked them to get online to SST website they said they had "no desire to". It seems they wanted me to not pay the bill on time so they could charge the astronomical interest rate of 29.99%. I still have yet to pay them nor will I. I have asked them to take me to court to get their money simply that way I have witnesses to show I paid them. I originally owed them around $400 now since not paying-I owe $700 something. However I know not paying is making the problem but when they didnt send a statement, I didnt remember. Other times I did pay and they said it was late, so either way I'm at a loss. I want something done with this company they need to be held accountable for their actions. I just recieved a phone call from a company called APEX today and they first said they were from Providian-Washington Mutual- How they have my new phone number I'm not sure. I asked the man are you from Providian or SST he says no now its APEX. I am not paying them a dime, he was threatening me and I told him to take me to court. He said smartly " Whos your attorney lady?" I think somethings need to be looked into with the company. If I could pay what I owed in the beginning to a court and have it documented that it is paid, I will do so. If not FORGET IT!!! They are scam artists and with this economy we need to have all the help we can get. Please someone do something!!!

unfair practices

I was sold to SST in 2006 by Washington Mutural and since then the interest rate has skyrocketed to 29.9% interest. I was getting burried. So they said if I skipped 3 months they would give me a hardship rate of 9.9%. So I did that they completely ruined my credit and now they are going to raise the rate back up to 29.9% if I am lucky. I now owe more on the card now then when i was trasfered what a rip. I want my credit back and my card paid off. I tried to settle for a cash settlement. They did not seem to interested in that either. What is a person to do?

  • Jh
    jhowe Jun 24, 2009

    SST is an incredible money making machine, my due dates change billing cycle to billing cycle, account balances seem to go up much quicker then they come down, they want $10.00 to make a payment to them via telephone, they have fees for everything and they do anything nad everything to find a reason to bill you for them. Requested my account have someone audit it but was told it would freeze my account, but bill would still be due, and would cost me $50.00. My account balance seems to go up by 5 - 40 dollars each month, and yet no one can tell me why and they do not seem the least bit interested in figuring it out because it puts money in thier pockets. I do not know where to go or how to proceed to get this looked at by someone with ability to do something about them.

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default interest

I have recently been trying to pay off this account with sst for the last 3 months I was late with a payment...


sst will call a day after my bill was due, sometimes 3 times a day. Whatever happened to a grace perion

  • In
    Integrity Sep 28, 2008

    This harasssment the National Board of Collections has rules & regulations. They may only call you 1 time per day. Every person working in Collections know this and must sign the disclaimer. Report them, further write a letter to you local Senator its election year, remember...

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  • So
    someoneyouallknow Jun 17, 2009

    I am an employee of sst, and its a grace period from only late fees, not the calls, and its not harrassment when your past due. i am tired of people saying that we charge them outrageous fees and interest, PEOPLE READ YOUR CONTRACT YOU SIGNED ON YOUR OWN WITHOUT RESERVATION. it explains in detail of what you are agreeing to, and if you dont understand call us and we will explain and or send you a copy of your orginial contract that we abide.

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  • Gc
    Gcort Jan 07, 2020

    I have my original contract for my boat with Sallie Mae, with a fixed interest rate. SST bought the loan and informed me yesterday they are charging me a daily interest rate because I have a daily interest rate loan. No one can show me where? Because of this they say may payoff is about $7k more than I actually owe-don't defend them, if you do you are brainwashed into being a crook. I have my written contract- I would never take out a daily interest rate loan!

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ruined my credit

I was a member of Washington Mutual a couple of years ago. I faithfully made payments every month and was able to monitor my account online and there was also links to free credit monitoring on the website. I had tried to payoff my account one month for about 150.00 and they payment went through. About a week later I received a notice that my payment was late. But I knew that I had made the payment throught the automated payment on the website. I called the 800 number on the back of my card, I was given a new 800 number to call. The call was tranferred to SST. When the customer service person replied by "Thankyou for calling SST" I said Oh! I hav emy account with Washington Mutual. They then told me that WAMU sold my account to them. They told me that for some reason the payment didn't go through. I check my bank account and it had not cleared my account yet, so I proceeded to pay the amount over the phone. Now mind you my limit was only 350.00. About 2 days later, I saw that there were two payments for the 150.00. I called my bank and they said that one payment was automated and the other was a direct debit, which means that it was paid on the website. I called SST and they said that they would not refund me one of my payments, and they applied both payments. Then I began to get ovet the limit fees of 39.00 and late payment fees of 39.00 because I never received any bills from SST. I could not access their website to access my account. My original limit was 350.00 and now because of all the fees atc. my balance is over 600.00. Because of thir 29% interest rate I have barely been able to pay this down. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do. I am currently having this payment paid through a credit counsiling agency. Once again, I too was never notified of the "buy out" nor did I ever receive terms and agreements of SST.


I had a WaMu credit card which was sold to SST bank. They promptly decreased my credit limit, without notification, and started charging an overlimit fee. Then they started calling 10-15 times a day on all numbers associated with that account to tell me that I wasn't past due but was overlimit (even though they did not notify me of their actions) and if I didn't set up payment over the phone they were sending me to collections. I was paying for the acct protection which covers you if you lose your job. I was laid off, called them to notify them & provided proof of such by my employer, and they refused to enact the coverage and started calling 25-30 times a day until I paid down the balance $400 under the limit. They are a bunch of crooked sharks.

web site error

My account was sold to sst, I always paid my bill on the 1st of every month, even after it was sold to sst...

web site scam!

Your card is the biggest scam. It will not work and when you call they state they have problem...

scam and rip off!

I received a credit card from washington mutual I got ill with a heart condition and was off of work for 4...

scam and fraud!

I never authorized or was ever informed of a buy out of providian to sst?? Who ever they are!!//I pay my bills on line each month before the dus date, yet I am charged a late fee/ for the record I will not pay these late fees. They are a scam and illegal in my opinion, it is not my fault it takes this company days sometimes weeks to process a payment done on line/get with it sst who ever you are??

  • Pp
    pp12327 Mar 20, 2016

    These three people are fake and till now They have taken lots of money from many people. So, please don't entertain these peop[le because they are big lair that they will send to dubai, canada, singapore but they are lying all of them Sanjay Tripathi, Jyoti Sharma, & Gaurav Jha. Now these geese are speaking that going to Hong Kong for Bhagwat Katha on star criuse, But nothing is like this. so please dont any booking there because this is fake. They have make fool to their staff also. They didn't give them salary to all staff and staff didn't knew that this company is fake. so jisne bhi inki company me pesa diya hai wo inpe case kare inki complaint kare.

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credit card company

After paying off my loan I was charged an over limit fee. I had only gone over the limit a small amount. I...

online lockout!

I cannot believe this is happening again! I can't get into the website to pay my bill. How convenient. No bill in the mail either. I'm sure this is a great excuse to jack up my interest rate yet again and charge me more late fees. This company is ridiculous why are they still in business? I read about class action lawsuits and petitions against this company... sign me up!!!

  • Th
    Thursday Robertss May 03, 2008

    I'm not sure if this comment is going into a black hole or not.

    I pay all my bills on line and have for years. The only time a payment hasn't gone through is with SST. Interestingly they call you after a couple of weeks to make a collections call. The first time this happened I was horrified and immediately paid the bill.

    I have never been late paying a bill except for this time. Two months later the same thing happened. This time my interest rate went from 10% to 28.99% not to mention the late fees, etc.

    At this point is seemed obvious that there is something wrong with their website. It hadn't occured to me that they do this on purpose. I spoke to several customer service reps who all were firmly inflexible. I made it up 3 levels of management. One of them told me that I should get a confirmation number and an email confirmation on the payment.

    It is interesting that you do not get a confirmation number when making a payment nor do you get an email confirmation.

    This is another example of how individual consumers can be stomewalled and abused by big business with no recourse.

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  • Pr
    private name May 28, 2008

    They did the same thing to me, but was a mailed in check that was depsoited by sst before the due date, yet they claim it was late. They don't give a rats ### about anyone or anything, including the law. Congress needs to investigate this piece of trash company. Basically I have told them repeatedyl to go to hell. I aint paying anything on my bill and could care less what they say or do. 29% interest and fees is why. They wonder why all the defaults in the u.s.???? Hello you ###s, it is because of your chitty attitude with your customers and the way you treat them. So now i treat them the same way they have treated me.

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  • De
    DEAN KNIGHT Jul 27, 2008


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  • Ma
    maddy41 Jan 25, 2016

    I have been trying to pay my bill and it say the web is not available... I called the 1-800-388-1806 and then get a recording and disconnected...What is going on here?

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