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A&e Factory Service (Wi) / a&e disservice!

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I've read the many complaints and had some fear of using them based on blog feedback. Guess what folks? The complaints are real and are becoming an ugly reality for me.

My Kitchenaid front load washer is still under its warranty period but has stopped working. A&E has a contract with Kitchenaid for service coverage.

First call was placed on 3/15. Tech came out and did the analysis and informed me that I had a bad electronic board b/c I used too much soap. The overabundance of soap caused massive suds to develop which short circuited my electronics board. I have a hard time believing that but I'm no Tech so I had to put some trust into what he said. He placed an order for $900 worth of parts that took 8 days to arrive. 8 days!!

Second call. They finally arrived and informed me that the electronics board was fine after 4 hours of replacing twice. They then inform me that I had a bad motor and had to order this part too! OK...another 5 days. This time was shorter b/c it was "rushed".

Third call. It is now 4/3 (20 days after the first call!) and they told me they will be at my home between 8am - 5pm. They finally called me at 4:25pm and said they were behind schedule and had to reschedule me for 4/4. Like most people, we work in my household and it makes it difficult to explain to my job why I needed 4 days off to fix a washer still under warranty.

If you cannot sense it by now, I am completely and utterly frustrated with A&E's lack of customer service and sense of urgency. I would recommend you request a local service company immediately and bypass A&E all together.

This company is a joke.

Good luck.


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