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inexperienced technician

Our new refridgerator stopped going into the defrost mode. Like others, we had to wait for the part. Finally the tech arrived to install the part. A few days later we noticed things weren't keeping cold in the fridge, the freezer was working fine. Today when I poured a glass of sour milk I decided to take a look myself. I know how to use a nutdriver ;^) I took off the cover in the back of the freezer and just as I suspected, the vent tube that lets cold air to the lower part of the fridge was blocked. The tech replaced the foam insert incorrectly and it blocked the flow. Now if that's their way of getting another service call charge from Whirlpool or just plain inexperienced stupidity, I don't know for sure. A&E owes me for a gallon of milk. And they can also pay ME for the service call.

failure to keep scheduled appointment

I had a scheduled appointment for a check of refrigerator which is subject to recall for 8-12 noon, 5/22/09; at 10:05 a.m., I received a call reporting the service man would be unable to make it, and would not be able to get here until 3 P.m. on the date, 5/22/09. He has not shown up or called and it is now 3:30 p.m. I have spent my entire day now waiting on someone, to no avail.

dis not show up for 2 appts. for maytag recall

I have a Maytag refrigerator which is a subject for a recall because of a faulty part which can cause a fire. I made two appointments this past week for a time frame of 1:00 to 5:00. They did not show up for either one despite calls from me. Today, Friday, April 10, they gave the appointment to a serviceperson who did not do refrigerators. He did not come here but called to say he was not qualified to do the repair. Sears called me and said they were not coming and said they were affiliated with A & E. I called again to A & E, and they said they were not coming today 4/10. So I made another appointment for next week, and hope they will come. I am not hopeful that they will keep this appointment either. My name is Mary Ann Del Guercio, and I live in Manalapan, NJ. My phone number is [protected]

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    Frsutrated consumer May 19, 2009


    We purchased a Fisher & Paykel washer and dryer from Lowes. Along with that, we purchased the Extended Protection Program IN GOOD FAITH, that should we ever need repairs they would be done and done in a timely manner. NO SUCH LUCK!

    Our initial call was to Lowe's on April 30, 2009. We were given A & E's number and told to contact them as they were the contracted repair company. We called and got an appointment for May 5, 2009 between the hours of 12pm and 5pm.

    After rearranging my schedule so that I could be home for the repairman, I received a call around 3pm saying that his paperwork showed that we DID NOT have the EPP and that if he came out, he would have to charge us. Of course, I told him we would not be paying for services that were already covered and so the appt. was canceled. I called Lowe's (Service Advantage) to find out what the deal was and they reassured me that it was a mistake and that they would call me back. Well...I did not get a call back until the next day after 6pm. Their message to me was, "that for for some reason YOU canceled the service call and now we won't be able to get someone out to you for THREE WEEKS!"

    I finally reached someone on the 7th and explained exactly what transpired and that it was A & E' who dropped the ball. They gave me an appointment for May 12, 2009 (between 8am-12pm). At this point it has been 12 days without a washing machine. Having a family of 5, we do laundry a lot. So now I was left with no choice but to go to the laundrymat.

    May 12th arrives and the repairman actually shows up at 11am. I explain the problem. He tells me it's the pump and a fuse is out on the control board. (Note: my husband had spoken with A & E and told them they'd need to replace the pump!) I think, great! He'll go to the truck, get the pump and fuse, fix the machine and be done. WRONG!

    Now I'm told the pump needs to be ordered and he doesn't have a fuse. (thought: It's probably the smallest part there is and you don't carry one in your truck???? What a joke!) So, of course this means another appt. The A & E repairman explains to me that he's ordered the pump and it will come directly to the house. HE asks ME when I want to set up the appt. He also says the pump should be at my home w/in a week. I set the appt. for a week later, May 20, 2009. (which is tomorrow) GUESS WHAT HAPPENS?

    YUP! I get a message last night saying I have to call A & E to reschedule my appt!!! WOW! What a shocker! I call back this morning (Tuesday May 19, 2009) and am notified that the part is in fact on back order and they have no idea when it's coming in. (thought: how did the repair guy not know this last Tuesday when he said he ordered the part?)

    I spoke to a customer service rep from A & E who said she would contact their parts dept and see if there was anyway to get the part. She was also going to have the technician, who misinformed me, call me. From there I spoke with a supervisor (Perry) and was told basically the same thing. I reiterated the situation and was told by Perry that if their parts dept didn't have the part, he'd have his people check outside vendors in an effort to get the part. Why wasn't that done when they knew the part was back ordered in the first place??? I also asked who was going to pay my laundry bill that's over $100 now, since it's going on 3 1/2 weeks now without a washer? Of course the standard response was they do not compensate for that. NICE. A & E puts US out and refuses to take any responsibility. Shameful! Perry told me I'd get a call.

    GUESS WHAT? I DID! An hour after my conversation with Perry, I DID get a call. It was a customer service rep telling me that the part has been "emergency ordered" and "will ship our SHORTLY!" Uh Huh. I asked what does "shortly" mean? Of course, I got no clear answer. More of, well, as soon as possible...please call us when you receive it so we can set up your appointment. You've got to be kidding me! I guess we consumers have "SUCKER" written all over our foreheads. I'm certainly not holding my breath. I think it's disgusting that a company does business the way A & E does. The way they treat customers is criminal. A & E should not be allowed to be in business, and Lowe's and Sear's and any other major retailer, would be smart to kick them to the curb. These retailers should be embarrassed that they are associated with a company like A & E.

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    andreazab Aug 03, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is by far the WORST company to deal with and considering Maytag authorizes them its even more of a joke. I have been dealing with them for 4 weeks now on a top loading PIECE OF CRAP MAYTAG washer which I will never EVER own again. The keep bringing broken parts or the wrong part. They have now ordered a new motor and clutch, basically everything will be replaced when we are done.
    THEY NEVER COME WHEN PROMISED THEIR SERVICE IS TERRIBLE!! They are the most incompetent people you can deal with, I hope there is a good attorney out there who would love to file a class action lawsuit you'd have millions of complaints. THE WORST COMPANY! DO NOT EVER BUY A WARRANTY FROM THIS COMPANY YOU WILL BE SORRY!!

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So, my story starts in February. We bought a model home 2 years ago that came with a Whirlpool washer/dryer. After doing several loads of laundry one day, my dryer just stopped & would not turn on. I called Whirlpool to be told that I was "outside of the warranty" and was referred to AE Factory Service.

I called waited 5 days for a technician to come out, spend 30 minutes on a personal phone call on his cell phone & order a $400 part. I'm told that the part will come to my home (which it did 9 days later) & that AE will install it (waited another 5 days for a 2nd appt). Second technician comes, is very thorough & concludes that the part I paid for won't resolve my issue & takes the part with him with a promise that I will receive a refund in "7-10 business days".

At this point, I have been waiting for 90 days. 11 phone calls to AE, 5 supervisors and NOT ONE person can get my check sent to me. I have been told that "it should be 7-10 business days, 14 business days, 21 business days, the check is already being cut, you should have it by Friday, by Monday" and nothing.

I DO NOT recommend this company to anyone.

I did some research & found that the CEO is Dale Reeder. You can find him on LinkedIn or mail him at the address in Texas shown on AE's website.


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    ginicomplaint Apr 06, 2009

    I just had a Sears/AE repairman at my house to fix my washer. The first thing out of his mouth was that the part I needed was an electronic circuit controller board for four to five hundred dollars! Fortunately for me this idiot couldn't figure out what model washer I had and couldn't order the part. The next day (on a Sunday) I called a local repair company, they came out that same afternoon and forty minutes later had my washer running perfectly, the part?... the door latch was broken...the cost...less than two hundred dollars for parts, labor and the Sunday call out.

    Thank goodness the man was too incompetant to order the part or I'd be in the same boat as you trying to get my money back. It just stinks!

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    02roadking Aug 19, 2009

    We have been trying to get Ac repair for 2 weeks rude employees, Lazy shows up without tools, and several broken appointments still not fixed. This refelcets back on the manufacturer Whrilpool.

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  • thx Jun 26, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I scheduled a service appointment with this business through Whirlpool's website and they never showed up. A call to the 800 number I received with the service scheduling put me through to an automated system that wasted another 10 minutes of my time (on top of the whole Sat. afternoon I've already wasted) only to be told by a recording that their offices were closed for the weekend and to call back Monday during "regular business hours". Um. I don't think I will.

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terrible company

We bought our home in July 2008, new, from Pulte Homes. It was equipped with GE appliances, and we brought our own washer and dryer, which are also GE.

Within six months our dishwasher stopped working correctly. I contacted GE's repair scheduling department and we were set up with an appointment for the next week on 3/13 with A&E Factory Service Repair. We were told to expect the repairman between 8 and 5. At 4 PM I called the receptionist to confirm we would be visited, and I was assured that I was to be seen after 2 more house calls. By 5 PM we had no phone call and no repairman arrived. At 6 PM I called to cancel the visit - it was too late to have someone come into the home and we had plans for the evening. I was told 'We don't cancel same day appointments, but we'll let the repairman know that you won't be there.' It seemed as if this was an attempt to make the unfinished repairwork OUR fault for not being available after 6 pm. The repairman called us at home (unaware that we had already told the receptionist we were not available any longer), and explained he would not be out and rescheduled us.

Our next visit was just as frustrating. We were told the same thing - 8 am to 5 pm on 3/13. Unfortunately this was the only work day I had available, and when the repairman called me on my phone to tell me that he was about 15 minutes from my home, I explained that I was leaving a meeting at my place of employment and I would be there to meet him in about 15 minutes as well (the same time he expected to arrive at my home), give or take 5 minutes. I was told, rather rudely, 'I can't wait for you - you need to reschedule.' I found this to be exceptionally unacceptable since it was not my fault that I waited a whole service day without being seen and the reschedule was not by my choosing. I rescheduled the visit, and on the third appointment a very nice man came to the house, looked at the dishwasher for 5 minutes and told me that the problem was an installation problem, not an appliance problem. He said that the door was rubbing on the cabinet, causing it to interrupt cycles. No other cause for the problem was investigated and as it turns out, even after the dishwasher was moved, it still malfunctioned.

Again, I scheduled a repair visit for 3/25 through GE, and was told that the repairman would be there between 8 and 12. I verified the time frame because I had a previously scheduled doctor's appointment that I had to wait five weeks for. On the morning of 3/25 I called to verify that my appliance would be repaired. I was told by Jovanna that I was not on the schedule according to my phone number, she was unable to take my confirmation number and she could not find an appointment by my name. She was, however able to pull up my previous visits - I explained that no repair work was ever completed. I called GE and spoke with Aretha, who contacted A&E Service. Apparently someone on the scheduling side made a mistake entering my phone number and it was incorrect (which I don't understand since I've been in the system for at least a month now). It was determined that I had been scheduled for 8-5 service, which said was unacceptable because I had my previously scheduled appointment. This was about 9AM, and I was told that I was fourth on the list which would most likely coincide with my 2PM doctor's appointment. I told the receptionist that I would not be available, she replied that the tech would attempt to contact me and if there was no answer he would attempt to reschedule for a later date.

We've contacted GE and arranged repair work to be done with another service company. Furthermore, I contacted GE with a summary of all of the trouble that we've had with the repair of an appliance under 8 months of use, and I will also be contacting Pulte Homes to inform them of the issues we have had trying to get this repair work done. A&E contacted me via phone to apologize, but that does not get my dishwasher fixed.

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continous n0 show (s)

02/01/09 Scheduled pre-paid repair...earliest available date 02/14/09

02/14/09 A&E Technician arrives...unable to complete repair due to parts needed. Parts Ordered
Follow-up Installation Scheduled for 2/28/09 (earliest available appt.)

2/28/09 A&E, initially promised 1st visits, by Noon -- reported still on schedule.
By 5pm, No show - No call

3/2/09 A&E, finally calls to re-schedule, no explanation for missing appointment, next earlies
available date, 3/14/09.

03/14/09 A&E, initially promised technician to call btwn 11:30 - 1:00 p, by Noon -- No call, reported still on schedule.
By 5pm, No show - No call

03/17/09 A&E, again, calls to re-schedule, no explanation for 2nd missed appointment; only next available
date 03/28/09.

03/27/09 Called day prior to scheuduled appointment...NO RECORD OF ANY APPOINTMENTS.
Next available date: 4/11/09

Just isn't worth the effort and headaches...

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    RSTAMLER Aug 12, 2010


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    RSTAMLER Aug 12, 2010

    My advice to anyone who has to deal with A&E. Go buy a new appliance, you will go through more frustration and miss enough work to buy a new one. No respect for customers they simply dont give a sh*****t.

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continuous bad service

March 12 - approx 10:00am
A tech came to my office to run a diagnostic on a refrigerator that wasn't cooling enough. We had to pay $75 with a credit card on the spot for him to tell us that we needed to replace a few parts because of a surge and the total repair would cost nearly $500. I don't have the authority to confirm such repair so I told him I would have to get back to him to confirm the order. He circled the parts that were needed on the back of a receipt. I spoke to my manager and he confirmed that it was ok to order the parts to repair the fridge.

March 12 - approx 2:00pm
I called A&E to order the parts, I spoke to someone that said it was no problem and we could order the parts right away.

March 16 - approx 12:00pm
I called A&E to schedule a repair time for after the parts arrived. I spoke to someone that said that the parts weren't ordered on Thursday like I originally thought. She said because of this we could do an "Emergency Order" for those parts and schedule a tentative repair date on March 20th in the morning (assuming the parts arrived on time).

March 19 - early morning
I received a "robot" voice mail saying that my service would have to be rescheduled. I called up the 800 number and asked them about rescheduling. They said that the parts were STILL NOT ORDERED and that they can't take orders over the phone since we don't have an account. The person I spoke to kept saying that I "Declined service on 3/12 and that's why your parts weren't ordered." I mentioned that I didn't DECLINE but needed to POSTPONE our acceptance because I couldn't accept a $500 repair without approval. After sounding like a broken record (mentioning over and over that I declined service, thus blaming me for not getting parts ordered) they would only be able to order the parts AFTER a technician came to the office to physically scan a credit card. I asked why they couldn't take my credit card over the phone, they said they don't have that equipment. I asked when a technician could arrive, they said not til the next day... She apologized over and over and asked if I would like to file a complaint. I said that I would really appreciate being able to file that complaint. She said that I should expect a call 24-48 hours later to tell customer service what happened.

I spoke to my manager of the office and said that he thought the person I spoke to didn't know what she was talking about and to try back and see if I spoke to someone else if I could get someone that could order the parts. I called back and spoke to a man who directed me to Sears who were able to take my order and a credit card over the phone.

March 24 - 10:30am
I called Sears to confirm the arrival of the parts (scheduled to come today) and then A&E to schedule the repair. A&E accused me of saying that I canceled their service and said I was going to a competitor. They also mentioned that I had "Declined service" at the time of the diagnostic, at which point I took a breath and in my calmest voice said that I had received extremely terrible service with A&E and that I wasn't happy that I kept getting this "declined service" thrown in my face as an excuse for why I didn't get the parts through them.

I'm basically at wits end and mentioned how on Thursday I was supposed to receive a call from their service group regarding a complaint I wanted to file. The woman I spoke to said she'd resubmit the information and I would hear from their customer service.

March 24 - 11:00am
I just got off the phone with A&E customer service. The woman I spoke to once again accused me of "declining service" to which I replied that I hadn't declined service, but couldn't accept it yet. She said the repairman couldn't leave without closing the ticket (using inside jargon I couldn't understand). She mentioned several times that I declined service and that when I called to order parts on 3/12 and again on 3/16 that the language they used with me (emergency etc) indicated that an order wasn't placed as I was on a "collect call" (later she explained that this meant we don't have an account). Instead of making me feel better about the whole experience, she made me more flustered than ever.

  • Co
    cowgirl Mar 24, 2009

    i had an a&e tech come for a stove, who ended up breaking my refridgerator part that pulls out to replace the filter, that was in december and they will not pay to replace it, with out it we cant get the old filter out to replace with a new one. a&e sucks.

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suspect fraudulent company-terrible service

This company has made us wait 8 weeks for a dryer repair. After waiting for 5 parts, they set up 5 different...


A&E is a joke as a repair service. in our area they only have one service time available 8AM to 5PM. so i have to take a day off from work to be available the whole day. our washer moves around like crazy and will not complete a spin cycle without us holding it down. all he did was level the front legs. then he watched the washer go through a spin cycle and complete it with no clothes in it, still moving around like crazy. and commented, "wow that sure is moving around a lot, i haven't really seen a shake that much before." then he lied about it on the receipt and said that the service was offered (leveling legs) and the customer DECLINED it. i didn't read it til after he left.

our washer still would not complete a spin cycle if we put any clothes in it. then when i called to complain about it and set up another appointment because our washer still did not complete a spin cycle, there was no response from the person. they just wanted to know if i would like to go ahead and set up my appointment. i said no because i was angry and the lack of understanding and called back to talk to another representative. she told me their service was under warranty for 90 days and i would not have to pay another $65 house fee.

so i called back when i could take another day off from work to have it serviced after we tried a few things to fix it ourselves. and I was told that because no service had been provided (according to the LIE on the receipt that i had DECLINED serivice), it was only a 30 day warranty and i would have to pay the $65 house fee again. i try to explain to this representative that the technician lied on the receipt and NO service was actually offered, again no response they just want to know if i'd like to go ahead and set up the appointment. i tell her no because they did service it, the receipt is wrong and the warranty should be good for 90 days i'm not going to pay another $65 house fee. i don't want an incompetent technician to come out and pretend to fix things for $65.

i talked to a friend who has rented property for a long time and used frontloaders like ours. it described the problem. she says oh i used to have that problem a lot with mine. it's a strut in the machine that needs to be replaced. it's not that the machine isn't level or the fact that it's on a 2nd floor. it shouldn't move around like that, and the technician should have know that was the issue.

ridiculous. i'm filing a formal complaint with A&E Factory Services and will probably report them to the Better Business Bureau for incompetent service.

unsatisfactory service

My Problems start with buying Maytag products, but ends with their preferred appliance repair company, A & E Factory Service. My complete overall dissatisfaction of how A & E Factory Service treats their customers. Having problems with your appliances is acceptable, their service and attitude towards customers is completely unacceptable behavior. I bought these appliances on Maytag’s name alone and though they make a great washers and dryers, their presence in the kitchen appliance department leaves a lot of room for improvement. I find it in these tough economy times, that Maytag and their preferred service A & E Factory Service (Sear’s?) can stay in business with the service that they provide.
1. In 2004, I bought all new kitchen appliances from Maytag, right from the beginning the appliances started to break down, mainly with the range and the dishwasher. Somewhere in the range of 3 times each.

2. Dishwasher is now on its 3rd main brain. I now can diagnose the problem better than some of their own techs.

3. I was treated unfairly and rudely, not only by numerous agents, but the supervisors as well. I never wanted anything for free, just wanted them to stand behind your products.

4. Finally with no help from Maytag, I turned to their “preferred” appliance repair company. A & E Factory Service. I have had nothing but problems with these people and a month later, I am seeking another company to come in and take care of my appliance. Fortunately for me, there are plenty of companies in the appliance business willing to help me out. For this, I am grateful.

5. A & E Factory is now is possession of $158.00 of my money, like a idiot, I paid them up front, thinking they were a reputable business. (Maytag recommended them.) I will try through the court system to get this back.

In closing, buying Maytag has cost me a lot of time, money and frustration. Its not so much about appliances breaking down, its how their company deals with it.

A & E Factory Service is one of the most anti customer service companies I have ever dealt with. Their agents are rude, uncaring, out right lie, never show up for their appointments and from agents, techs, supervisor’s, just don’t give a damn.

What’s ironic is after I decided to have someone else come in and fix my problem. A & E Factory Service immediately sent someone over to pick up the part (Maytag had paid for this, not them1) The only time I could get them to do something is when it involved their money. I’m still out $158.00! LOL. I would never allow anyone in my house that acted like this. They are bullies and I will deal with them in court.

I can only hope for potential new customers, Maytag does the right thing and stand behind their products, but at all cost, stay away from A & E Factory Service, believe me, only head aches and frustration will prevail!!!

  • Ke
    kenny Jun 11, 2009

    I am a tech, but not for A & E-I would have refused to give the part back till I got a refund.
    After a few weeks with no refund I'd have sold the part on Ebay and told them the tech never left a part.

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fraudulent charges

We called A&E to repair our refrigerator since they were listed on the Whirlpool website. We were told when we scheduled the appointment that there would be a diagnosis charge of $65.00. When the repairman arrived, we had the refrigerator pulled out and my husband had the back off of it. The repairman made his diagnosis of a broken relay switch within five minutes. He told us what the problem was and then started to go out to the truck to get the part. At that point my husband asked him what the charge would be and the repairman replied that he 'didn't know'. He came back in and then for a total of 10 minutes worth of labor, he charged us $133.00. He did not even put the refrigerator back panel on the unit. We disputed the high charge and he said he had no control over the price. Why though, couldn't he have told us what the price was? Do they really get $798.00 an hour for labor? If they do charge $133.00 an hour for labor, why don't they tell you before they do the work and why isn't the amount pro-rated for the time that they actually spent?
When you try to complain, it is like pulling teeth to get a phone number from the call center. They refuse to give you the information for the local office.

Do Not call this company for repairs!

  • Rb
    rbmtech Jan 08, 2009

    Whine, Whine, Whine, poor me. How much would it have cost to buy new? The labor rate is set wheather it takes 5 min or 3 hours the labor is still only $133.00. Some Jobs take 5 min some take a couple of hours so forth and so on. Its costs money to pay for the Van, the tech needs to get paid. You got your fridge fix reasonably I might add. Yet you come on this site to ### about pricing. I say next time fix it yourself and see how long it takes to get the job done. Cheap people like you have no idea what it takes to get the job done, the training needed, having to put up with cheap ### complainers, whiners ect. Service people need to make a living also and put food on the table. For some reason service people are treated very poorly, and it gets worse every year. I would like to see all service techs go on strike for 30 days. Then lets see how cheap ### people like you make it without service. As things break down and they can't get fixed. Let me tell you something, as time goes on there are less and less people entering the service market. Over the years it will be harder and harder to get service. So before you whine and cry about service be thankful there are still techs willing to come out and fix your stuff.

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service contract on clothes dryer

This is the world' worst service (Or lack thereof). I scheduled four service calls to repair broken dryer. First technician was inept and didn't order the proper parts. Second tech said this was a job for two repair people and left. Third appointment, I was stood up. No one ever showed up. Fourth appointment, technician didn't show up yet again. I am totally fed up with this company. It's a scam... They take your money, promise you service and then give you the run-around over and over again. I've wasted countless days waiting for these people who either never show up or don't know what they're doing. Beware! They're are awful.


sears a&e factory services- Is the worst company i think i have ever worked for or seen..they are over charging, money hungry animals. all they care about is how much money we can charge or get out of the customers., they hire people who have no exprience what so ever in management or service people.they make the techs. stay out till all service orders are done, sometimes till 8:00, 9:00 p.m. at night. and get back up to do again.they dont pay you to stock your truck or to put ups. pack. in truck, when you get home.Then you have the customers- pissed off because its been 2 or 3 wks. waiting on a part. So they either cuss you out or want to chass you down and hurt you. then we have the dogs or cats-that dont bite, or so they say. the next thing you know is they are biting your arm off or chasing you to your truck teeth ready to rip you in two. Then we have the managers, no training dont know jack, telling you how worthless you are, ready to throw you out the door, because, you dont sellll enough for them.. I HAVE HAD MORE PEOPLE complain about the stores being roud and unhelpfull. saying they will never go to sears again.. I KNOW I WONT NEVER USE THEIR SERVICES OR ENTER A STORE AGAIN...

having a & e factory service work on my sears washing machine has been a 2 month nightmare

1. Sears is not the store it use to be. Appliances are poor quality, always breaking down. I have 8 Sears appliances and have nothing but trouble with my washers and dryers.
2. Store mgr. Sue passes the buck and tell me it's not her problem. If she worked for me she would be in the unemployment line.
3. The send A & E factory service to fix their poor quality appliances. They send rude, inexperienced, sloppy, unknowledgable repair men. This has been a 2 month nightmare. They have been to my house at least 10 times on the same washer dryer system . Every time they leave they say it is fixed and it is not. This is a joke. Twice my house filed with smoke because of improper repair job. They leave my house dirty and greasy, with finger prints on my walls and black filth in the grout on my floor. I have had 5 different men here including a senior tech twice and one is dumber than the next.
6. DON'T EVER, EVER HAVE A& E factory service come to your house for anything.

charged for no services done; arrived late as well; technician lied stating I declined estimate

I had a scheduled appointment for a technician to fix or at least attempt to fix my refrigerator today, 11/3/08 and they were scheduled to arrive at my home between the hours of 1:00-5:00p.m. When I scheduled my appointment, I gave the phone rep my cell phone number and asked to have the technician call me when he was on his way to my home. I called twice today with the latest being 4:30p.m. to make sure he was still coming. The rep told me that he was at job#7 and that I was job#8. At 5:12p.m. this evening, I received a telephone call from the technician stating that he was running late and wanted to know if I still wanted him to come out to my home. I told him yes, that I was only off on Mondays and that I needed my refrigerator fixed. The technician arrived after 5:30p.m. and needless to say, Phillip the technician could not tell me what was wrong with my refrigerator (not cooling properly is the problem) and asked for the $65 fee for coming out. I was upset stating to him that not only did he arrive at my home late, but he was charging me $65 and could not tell me what was wrong. I told him that if he wasn't going to at least see what the problem was, he should have told me over the telephone that due to him arriving late, that he would not be able to do ANYTHING and I would have rescheduled rather than to have him come to my home and do nothing and still charge me $65. When I asked for his supervisor's contact information, he would not give it to me. When I asked him for his worker number or at least his last name, he would not give that to me either. Phillip the technician or whatever his real name was printed out a ticket and asked me to sign it. After reading it, I refused to sign it because he had typed in Customer Declines Estimate. I asked him why would he type in such, knowing full well that I never declined an estimate. Because he arrived at my home so late, he said he wasn't able to do a dye test to determine whether or not I had a leak . So virtually am out of $65 and not only did he show up late, but he was unable to tell me what was wrong with my refrigerator. I contacted A&E and spoke to Sandra, a manager at the National Call Center. Sandra was of no help to me and there was no customer satisfaction at all. Sandra stated that she understood and agree why I was upset, but that I still had to pay the $65. Sandra stated that if I allow another technician to come out to my home again, then I would not have to pay another $65 service fee (no help now, considering late and nothing done?). Sandra stated that if I did not allow a technician to come out again, then she would see about getting my $65 refunded. I stated to Sandra not to kid ourselves. If she did not tell this technician who was still standing in my living room this evening while I was on the phone with her, not to charge me $65 because he had done NOTHING but show up late, getting $65 at a later time was inevitable. I wrote a check for $65 to A&E and wrote in the memo "showed up late, no diagnostic done". I can bet you anything that those money hungry people will still cash that check which endorsing it means that they agree to what was in that memo. But most of all what upsetted me the most was how that technican lied to my face stating on the ticket that I had declined an estimate. I refused to sign and he did not go into his computer to change it either. When I asked him why did he lie, he just stood in my kitchen looking at me stupidly and did not say anything. It is obvious that I got cheated out of $65 tonight and would like something done so that this does not happen to good people by very underminded and untrustworthy individuals.

not fixed/no show

I had A&E come out to fix a leaking dishwasher. The parts were ordered and then installed. The issue did not...


No complaints! Technician very qualified! It seams that the service vans the technicians drive, only care about [protected] parts. I guess if they all drove tractor trailers they could carry all parts needed for every repair! Guess what whirlpool dictates what parts trhese poor guys should carry. Unfortunately they can't carry every part, only the top parts that whirlpool breaks down. Since whirlpool owns kitchenaid-maytag-jenn aire-ropr & 80 % of the appliance, our anger should be taken on them, not the poor technicians, who are automatically scheduled 12 calls a day by their routing/scheduling dept. For the most part the technicians are good, it's the money hungry owners/sears who over book/over schedule the poor tecnicians, then even worse send parts from dallas, where all the broken parts are shipped. Give these poor technicians a break.


Kitchen Aid made appointment with A & E Factory Service On September 11 I had an appointment between 8-5 the...

scheduleing nightmare!!!

A & e factory service? More like non-service! Wow, after reading all these complaints I feel better that i'm...

poor customer service in sacramento

The ice dispenser on the front door of the Whirlpool refrigerator began to release ice intermittently and then not at all. A service call was made to Whirlpool for this refrigerator that is less than one year old. The service representative was determined that there was nothing wrong with the refrigerator and called me over into the kitchen four times to watch him push the button and the ice dispensed as though he was anxious to end the service call. Each time I removed the glass from his hand and pushed the button myself and viola, no ice. Each time he was surprised (yeah right) and when he asked me into the kitchen for a fifth time I approached him and told him that I was interested in participating in this continual experiment of whether or not the dispenser was working and that all I wanted him to do was FIX IT!

At that moment he called someone on the cell phone, told that individual all of the things that he had done to get the dispenser to work and that those things had not been successful. I heard him say that he was going to have to order a computer for the refrigerator and he hung up. In order for you to understand my frustration with this service call was that the timeframe given to me was between 8am and 12 noon, whereupon he arrived @ 2:59pm and left @ 3:45pm, so this back and forth insanity went on for nearly an hour.

Ultimately the computer was ordered whereby I was told that would be delivered to my home on Wednesday of the following week, which it was not. I called the 800 number to A & E Factory Service to be told that, “I don’t know why the part was not ordered, but I will send a message to the parts department and someone from there will call you back”. Before the end of the day no one had called me so I called back and this time I was told that the parts department had 24-48 hours to return calls. I explained that 48 hours would be out of the scope and timeframe by which the repair was scheduled to be done so what were the other options, and the person on the line stated again that someone from the parts department would call me back. My question is…where is the part and when is it going to be put in? I too am going to contact the Whirlpool organization to complain about the service or rather lack of service that left me, the consumer, without an operational refrigerator and no concrete information as to the fixation of this problem.

  • Jo
    joyxoxo Jun 03, 2016

    I had contacted Maytag about my oven, the bake button on the control panel no longer worked. They set up an appt. with A & E Factory Service. I then called A&E directly to see how much it was gonna cost and what was involved. They had the model number, serial number, and problem before they even came out. When the tech showed up, he opened the oven and scanned the seriel number barcode and said he needed to order a new control panel and it would be $400. He was only at my home for about 5 mins. I said "how do you know, you didn't even touch it." He said "I just know." Then said I have to pay him $129. Really...for what...he didn't even do anything. I called and asked to talk to a manager. They just kept passing me around. Finally I spoke with a lady who claimed to be the manager of tech services and I have NEVER spoken to a more ride person in my life. She didn't want to hear anything I had to say. When I would ask why am i expected to pay this money for nothing and my oven is still broken. All she said was "He came to your house didn't he"...WHAT...This was the worst service I have ever had from any company. I called Maytag right away to let them know how their customers are being treated by this company and that they should not use them anymore. Horrible Nightmare. And my oven is still broken!!!

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  • At
    at123 Jun 03, 2016

    Did you ever get your oven fixed? And if so, by who?

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  • Ms
    msullivan8 Jun 03, 2016

    I bought a maytag dishwasher 4 service calls in the first year has broken 7 times. And they say the Maytag repairman is the loneliest man in town if he is its because no one is buying Maytag. It is not a top quality appliance since they were bought by GE and that is another story. Mike From Canada.

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