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We had A & E out 4 weeks to repair a 4 year old Kitchen Aid microwave. We told them it was the microtron (which had a 10 year warranty). The factory rep came out and looked at the microwave and agreed it was the microtorn. However, the rep didn't have the part with him. The part had to be shipped to us and they would reschedule to come out and replace it at another $60 service fee. The part was to be here in 5 - 7 working days. They called and scheduled many times and then whoops, the part actually hadn't shipped yet and they would have to schedule it again. My husband and I have taken a total of 4 days off (we had to notify work ahead of time) and the part never arrived. We now have the part and I have called Kitchen Aid direct to see if we can install the part ourselves as I am not paying another $60 for them to service it and miss another days work. I agree with the other woman the "supervisor" I talked to was very rude. I tried to get a phone number for their headquarter to file a complaint and he refused to give me a phone number only an address. I WOULD NEVER HAVE THESE PEOPLE OUT AGAIN and unfortunately they are the people Kitchen Aid recommend as their certified service reps. I am so sorry I have a kitche full of their products.


  • Di
    disgusted almost Cust Apr 23, 2016

    one of their techs was so rude to me with words whatever I think he said the nasty word b also (under his breathe).. i tried asking him info & his comment was to ask for my supervisor. he told my supervisor that he felt threatened cuz he stated I wrote down all the info (now keep in mind he's driving an official truck that has all the business info on the van. I didn't write anything down as he lied to my supervisor)..he then called the corporate office reporting the lie...this shows me that this company (well that tech) doesn't wish to help people at all...its a shame that he drives an official working vehicle being not only rude & nasty but he turned down a business offer for his company he works for...unhappy consumer..

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  • Ap
    April Z Mar 28, 2011

    A & E came out to fix a problem with my 3yr old whirlpool fridge. After removing a part in the ice shoot (which could not be put back in because they broke it)they advised me that I needed to replace the freezer door. They quoted me a price and advised me that I could order direct through Whirlpool to save almost $300. 6 weeks later, the door was installed and I was having the same problem. I spent HOURS on the phone with Whirlpool & A&E. A& E advised me that they needed to confirm that the problem was not fixed by replacing the door before they could consider credit so the sent 3 different technicians out to confirm that I was still having the problem. Every time I contacted customer service, they gave me a different story. They refuse to take responsibility and credit me for the $320.00 door that they told me to order. They said that since I ordered through Whirlpool and not through them, there was nothing they could do. Whirlpool would not credit me either because they did not tell me to order. A&E claims that if I ordered the door through them at the higher price, they would be able to credit me. I don't think that they ever had any intensions of giving me credit, but instead they have been to my house at least 6 times and I have wasted MANY hours on the phone getting nowhere!!!They tell you what you want to hear and don't get back to you. When you call back, noone knows what you are talking about.
    I have used them in the past for warranty issues and never had any problems. The technicians are always very nice, but the Customer Service reps and supervisors lack quite a bit!!!

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  • Re
    reinabrady Oct 26, 2010

    When my 2 week old dryer broke last year and it took 3 visits ((1) yup its broken 2) put in the part and call it fixed, when it wasn't fixed they guy told me it was in fact fixed and had somehow rebroken it in the 30 seconds since he walked out of my house and wouldn't come back even though I could still see his truck! 3) to actually fix it... with the time I took off work I could have bought a new dryer!) to get it fixed I intentionally went with another brand form another store to avoid these [censored]...no luck I schedule an appointment for wednesday afternoon and they call tuesday morning to say they are on the way...I race home to find them in my driveway, argh. I know they can't carry every part for every model they service but they could at least bring the part that matches the error code, I can't wait to see how many visits this will take.

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  • Ti
    Tired of it! Sep 21, 2010

    A & E Factory Service does the in home repair work for the Maytag dishwasher repairs...Ditto on all of the above. My Husband is self employed and due to the nature of his business couldn't work the entire day for our time slot of 12 to 5pm. A&E didn't show up and apparently aren't competent enough to use the phone...so, we lost a minimum of $700.00 income that day. He called Maytag to schedule our repairs with a local service company. Maytag's name has already taken a hit so you'd think they would contract with a company that has higher standards than these people.

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  • Ze
    zeus2ez Aug 21, 2010

    A & E Factory Service entire organization is incompetent. I have a Fisher & Paykel Dryer that quit working over a month ago. It is still under warranty so I had no choice in who would perform the repair. Over the past 5 weeks, this A&E company has been to my house 4 times out of 6 appts, missed 2 appts. that they never bothered to call or reschedule, ordered the wrong part each visit, sent a different tech. each time, each tech. says the previous tech. ordered the wrong part, I have to wait a week every time to schedule another appt, I have over 20 hours of my own time wasted on waiting at my house and missing work due to their incompetence.

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  • Ap
    APDu Jul 30, 2010

    I was scheduled for and A&E visit to fix a Maytag dishwasher that was on recall for faulty wiring. My hours were from 8am to 12 noon. By 11:30 when no one had arrived I called to say that I would be home so just send on the repair person as I would remain at the ready. When I spoke with a representative she said I was not on the system, she could not find my phone number. I suggested that perhaps my address would be more appropriate as the phone was not being repaired it was the dishwasher. Sure enough my file was found under my address but the hours were not just 8-12 but rather 8am-5 pm. I said well just send on the repair person because I wold be waiting. I then asked for a more current timeframe so I could rearrange my afternoon activities as I thought by 1:00 I would be free. The representative said she would call routing and the service person and have them call me with an updated ETA. I waited 45 min and no call so I called again. The rep said a technician was on the way to my place and would arrive with 45 min. Once again no technician so I made another call and the same story was told to me. At 4:00 I called Maytag to complain about A&E. I told my story and the Maytag person, after a conversation with an A&E supervisor at routing, said yes I was scheduled but it was at 8:00am I was the first on the list. And after that there was a series of excuses as to why the tech could not make it to my apartment. The bottom line every single A&E person lied to me after 11:50 about the status of the repair person. When I spoke with the Maytag supervisor and the A&E supervisor to lodge a complaint neither one was taken aback by the lies told to me. All they wanted to do was reschedule with a four hour time frame. I suggested that because I was constantly lied to by A&E that I should receive a priority slot for the saturday appointed. All that was to no avail. I now await the Saturday repair person. What tales I might have to tell...

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  • Te
    techman25 Jul 20, 2010

    i have the missfortune of bieng split on these complaints, no service company can carry every part for every job every time something breaks, they would need a convoy of semis to do so.there are millions of different parts so think about it.however some Good service companies will pre-screen alls and send parts accordingly to specific error codes, this helps out a bunch.service technicians are people with lives and families and no matter what you might think you are most likely not their only customer, so cut them a little slack, now on the other hand some of sears service guys are real [censored]s and probly do good just to not piss on them selves when they use the bathroom.sears main goal is money, no matter how good one of their techs are at fixing stuff if he is not a salesman they will replace him with someone who has never worked on appliances before and whos training consists of watching [censor] videos and riding with a [censor] for a couple of weeks and them he is magically an expert.this company will waste millions of dollars per year trying to improve customer service instead of using comon sense and listening to the customer and (within reason) giving them the support they need and deserve.But that doesnt take care of the shareholders pocket.

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  • Mn
    mndtate Jul 12, 2010

    A & E is totally unprofessional and very rude. I had an appt scheduled for Sat. July 10th between 8 and 12. Tech never called or never showed up. He had to order parts for my air conditioner and I even asked him if we needed to call after the parts came in. He confirmed there was no need to call and that he would be back out on Saturday. I have 3 small children and in Texas heat it is hell on them. We have been without A/C for almost 3 weeks now because these [censored]es don't know how to do business. I called first thing this morning and argued with some people out of San Antonio. They were very rude and nasty with me. I will be filing a complaint against them with the BBB. Needless to say they can't fix my A/C until the 20th.

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  • Mo
    moxemerald May 06, 2010

    A & E Factory Service is totally unreliable, disfunctional and illusive. They don't show up on time, they don't show up at all, they don't call to let you know they are not coming and they blame it on every other department. They don't tell you, when they make an appointment, if you don't answer your phone, the repair person will not come to your home. So, even if you have been waiting for 8 hours and you don't hear the phone ring, they don't show up. They are disorganized and have no idea what the word SERVICE means.

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  • Na
    Navig97 Apr 18, 2010

    Don't ever use A & E Services unless you want to be ripped off. Our Whirlpool washer that we have had for about 10 months and is still under warranty started making a loud knocking sound as the solonoid that controls water flow when filling was turning the water on and off at about 5 second intervals as the washer was filling. The washing machine is located in the laundry room up stairs and with the laundry room door closed and I sitting down stairs it sounded like someone was tapping on the wall with a hammer. I called Whirlpool and explained my problem to them and they set up an appointment for A & E Services to service the washer since it was under warranty. I was told they would be here between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM. They finally showed up around 1:00 PM. I explained the problem to the technician(?) and he said that it was normal to make the banging sound. I asked why is it that I have had the washing machine for 10 months and it has only made this banging sound the last two times we have used the washing machine. He then came up with a story about the outside temperature was causing the solonoid to turn on and off and make the noise. I explained the outside temperature has been about the same for the last two weeks and we went through a summer and a winter and it never made a noise. To make a long story a little shorter the technician(?) was here for less than 10 minutes and he said the charge would be $132. I told him that was outrageous. He said he got a lot of service calls for this same problem and I could call Whirlpool and maybe get some of the money back because he knew some people had gotten some money back from Whirlpool so I was not the first person to be ripped off by them. As soon as he left I called Whirlpool and explained the outrageous charge and they agreed to reimburse me the $132. The bill showed the $132 was for explaining operation of the washing machine. I used the washing machine again this morning and the noise is getting louder. Since this is a Sunday I will be calling Whirlpool first thing tomorrow morning to set up another repair request but it will certainly not be with A & E Services.

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  • Ex
    Ex A & E Employee Feb 12, 2010

    I work for A and E and it is owned by Sears. They dont like to stand behind their employees or their customers. All they care about is how much money can we soak our customers for. I would get at least 4 to 5 emails a day about driving revenue. I asked for a raise and they said to me I need to bring in more money in per call. So time goes buy I bring more money in per call and I asked again for a raise. They gave me .21 Yes its twenty one cents... 1 yr later. So I left and I started my own company. Stay away from sears and A and E... always go with a local guy who is cheaper and get your repairs done QUICK!

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  • Jj
    jjsam Jan 05, 2010

    I had A & E out in September to look at our Washer. I called Whirlpool and they set up an appointment with a service rep. I was under the impression someone from whirlpool was coming out, but A&E showed up and looked at our washer that had been leaking. I never had a mention of a service charge. He showed me the damaged water pump and my 4 month old was screaming her lungs out while I was on the phone with my husband asking him if we should pay $200 something dollars to have it fixed. He said to do it and he called me back a minute later to cancel it and it was already completed. A minute he replaced that part. Looking at my receipt he charged $129 for labor and $70 for the part. I couldn't believe it!!! I felt raped!!!

    January my washer started leaking again. I called A&E thinking after paying that kind of money that they would come out and look at it. It took about a week to get an appointment. The service repair agent called me to make sure I was going to be home and reminded me that it would be $129 just to drive to my house and look it because it had been over 90 days. Why didn't the customer service agent tell me that over the phone when I had told her they were out in Sept??? I told them no way I was going to pay that kind of money for a drive to my house.

    I will never use A&E again!!! There service is horrible and labor charges are outrageous. I don't know how they stay in business. I'm sure it's because of people like me when I originally paid that outlandish price for labor in the first place!

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  • Sp
    SPJKP Dec 02, 2009

    We purchased a Whirlpool washer less than a year ago and the transmission & motor burned up. The washing machine was smoking terrible when I went to check on the noise I heard. Good thing I was home because I'm sure the house would have caught on fire. We called ABC Warehouse and was told a service tech would call us. A & E Service called and said they would be at our house between 12pm & 4pm. My husband works on the road and asked to be called before they showed up so he could meet the tech at the house. Neither one of us are able to take time off work during the day and have no vacation days left. The tech showed up without calling and of course, no one was home. The tech left us a message that we would have to reschedule. We rescheduled and asked our son to be at the house for us. The tech arrived and informed us the total cost would be $518.11. Since the washer is less than a year old, it is still under warranty but I have expressed my concerns about the cost of fixing the washer and the safety of our house using the same washer. Everyone keeps passing us off to the next person. We called A & E Service yesterday morning at 8am to let them know the parts were not delivered yet so the tech should not show up at the house. Well, the tech did show up and left us another message stating he couldn't do anything because we weren't home. Another wasted trip to the house because A & E Service doesn't listen to their customer. The parts were delivered last night and when I called for service - YUP - you guessed it...another 5 days before a tech can come out and they will be there between 12pm and 5pm. Since when did the consumer start making concessions for the business? Isn't customer service suppose to be #1 on a business's mission statement? Are these companies given so much business from the major appliance stores that they do not have to worry about what the customer thinks??? I agree with all of the above, they will never be called to our house again!

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  • Sg
    SG04 Oct 26, 2009

    I would NEVER have A & E Service in my house. Fortunately, I didnt have to have an actual experience with their less than capable technicians. But I will share my story about A & E Service and let you make up your own opinion based on mine and all the others:
    I have a Whirlpool Dishwasher that is 11 months old. About 3 weeks ago, the dishwasher started smelling very strongly of burning electrical during the heated dry cycle. I did some research and found that Whirlpool has an extensive history of "overheating motors" in their dishwashers. I immediately called Whirlpool on a recall for my dishwasher, and they promptly scheduled a technician to come out and look at my dishwasher. I was so lucky as to have had them schedule A & E Factory Service to come out to diagnose it. On the day of the appointment, I took a half of a day off work and waited patiently at my house for the technician to come. I had a block of time that they could come between 1PM and 5PM. At approximately 4:00PM A & E Factory Service called my house and notified me that they were running late and would be at my house between 5 and 5:30PM. At that time, I started doing some things around my house (still inside the house, but in a different room), and about 15 minutes later went outside to get the mail. It was then that I noticed a paper stuck to my door that said "SORRY WE MISSED YOU" and the time it had on the note was 4:18. I checked the time and it was 4:23. Literally 5 minutes later. I immediately called them to see if they could dispatch their technician and have him come back, as it was now obvious to me that an open garage door, truck in the driveway, and open blinds on the house were not obvious signs to the technician that someone was home and awaiting his service call. It was also obvious to me at this point that he never rang the doorbell, or called either of the 2 numbers provided like he was supposed to. When I called, the only explanation I got from A & E Service is that they utilize Union technicians and that they refuse to go back to a jobsite if the time is after 4:00PM. It was more obvious to me than ever that they came to the house, knocked quietly, wrote out the note quickly, put it on the door, and called it an early day. Though I was upset, I decided to give them an alternate date to re-schedule this service. After some thought on the subject, I called Whirlpool and asked them the schedule a different contractor to come out to service my ailing dishwasher as I decided that if A & E Factory Service deserved the work, they would have taken the opportunity to service my dishwasher in the first place. I then promptly called A & E Factory Service back to cancel their re-scheduled appointment. It was then that the employee on the phone would not let me speak to a manager because he did not have a record of me re-scheduling an appointment with them. This speaks volumes for their record keeping! So as a result, I notified him that it was no bother anyway, because I was canceling their service anyway.

    A&E Factory Service is easily one of the most unorganized, disrespectful, and overall worst customer service businesses I personally have ever had to deal with. And for that matter, if your Union technicians dont want to work any harder than what they displayed on my house-call, it is obvious that A & E Factory Service will not stand the test of time.

    They will never be called for another Service call at my house again!

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  • Mi
    mintyone Jul 10, 2009

    &E suck. Suck a big lemon. I was forwarded on to A&E by Fridgidaire. I never thought I would ever encounter an appliance repair service that is worse than Sear but I found it. The appliance repair man showed up on June 30, 2009. He said I needed a suction line and a compressor. I received the parts on July 6, 2009. I called to schedule service. So far so good. On the day of the scheduled appointment I called twice in the morning to schedule service. I called again in the afternoon to confirm. By 5:30 pm the technician had not showed. I called and was told by the customer service reps that the technican had been to my house and had sceduled an emergency part? Go figure. The managers lied thru their teeth and told me the technician had been at my house. I did record most of the phone calls. It is amazing what this lying pack of thieves will do. I have been without a refrigerator since Memorial today. Today is July 20, 2009, This has been the hottest summer on record. It is cruel and inhumane to deprive anyone of a refrigerator is cruel and inhumane. Did I mention that this refrigerator is under warranty? No wonder this country is going to the dogs. I have not talked to such a lying pack of thieves since I talked to Countrywide.

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  • Fi
    firstuser Jan 23, 2009

    A & E stands for ###s and Enemies!

    This is one of the most pathetic, incompetent, and outwardly hostile company's I've ever come in contact with!

    I was misled two times about what time the service technician would show up. He finally showed up 5 1/2 hours after he was supposedly "on his way". Once he arrived, he showed no remorse for the fact I was lied to about his whereabouts and spent no more than 10 minutes at my house. He proceeded to diagnose the problem without even taking apart the dishwasher and said that I would need a new motor.

    After he abruptly left my house, I called A & E customer service in order to expedite the particular. I was informed that this could not be done, and that I would have to wait for the part via the mail.

    The part did finally come and a new tech came to my house to install it. Upon closer inspection, he found that the motor was not the problem, it was in fact only a plastic disk that had come loose. He was schocked that the first technician did not take apart to dishwasher to correctly assess the problem.

    I was now informed that an emergency order would be placed in the system and that I should call when the part arrives.

    I asked the technician for the local branch telephone # and proceeded to call the local service number, which is the most tightly kept secret since Watergate! At this point, I was met by 2 of the most unsympathetic customer service agents the world has ever seen. Their basic attitude was..."let's not review the past and focus on today!" One agent interupted me 5 times, not allowing me to continue speaking about the past, only about the present. Insensed, I called her manager and got the same defensive, unapologetic, and insincere attitude.

    This is my story in a nutshell. At all costs, avoid doing business with this company. They are incompetent, unaccountable, unsympathetic, hostile, and most of all deceptive!

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  • Kr
    KRIS May 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • St
    Stef Mar 27, 2008
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    Verified customer



    What a scam! What a total rip-off! Never, ever will do business with them again!!!

    $300 parts and labor for a plastic piece for my brand-new $350 dishwasher?!? No way! I found it for $35 and my contractor snapped it on. What a bunch of jerks.

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  • Sb
    s. blanchard Jan 22, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A & E is listed under Sears Roebuck address 1300 Louis Henna Blvd Round Rock Texas their number is [protected], although I don't know what good that will do for you. You'll probably get the same old royal run around that they're oh so famous for.

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  • Lm
    l. mcswain May 26, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I so agree with all of the complaints expressed thus far about a & e. I wish I knew about this complaint forum such a long time ago. I called kitchenaide ( a joke in and of itself) to request service for a new oven/range that was outside of its warranty. I of course was prepared to pay for the service myself but needed to know where to go. Of course I am thinking that the manufacturer is going to send me a quality service provider... WRONG. They send me a & e.

    I don't even want to rehash all the probs that I had between lowe's (yes, also a joke) where I got the oven; kitchenaide, who made the oven; a & e, the people who were to incompetent to fix the oven; plus a host of other competent service providers who were unable to fix the oven.

    A & E did not arrive at their scheduled time, so I had to call to find out where they were. I was told that the person coming to fix my oven was running behind. I was asked why I did not get a call letting me know this before the person failed to show within the four hour window that I was given. The person apologized and said that they would inform the tech.

    The tech called me to tell me that he was going to be forty-five minutes late. I asked him why I didn't get a call to let me know this. He told me that he was only given my ticket that morning. He also told me that his company called me and told me that he was going to be late (why don't they think that phone records can confirm that they are lying?)

    Two techs tech arrived at my home, were rude to my mother and ultimately my husband (caught both of them on a good day).

    They said that they did not have the part because they did not know what was wrong with the machine. My husband told them that that was a lie because his wife (that's me) is thorough, and would have made sure the problem was well known ahead of time. He remineded them that a & e ask the root of the problem when taking the service call in the first place. I had an error message on my range, and I relayed this to the person when I set up the appointment.

    My husband reluctantly paid them the $60 service fee. They told him that they had to order the part, which was going to take three weeks to order. If we went with them for service, the $60 would go toward the service.

    My husband told them that he knew that I was not going to deal with them again. One of the techs responded that I had not choice because they were the only people who could fix the unit. WOW!

    I called kitchenaide and gave them a piece of my mind. I relayed the complaint, and was issued an apology. No one ever called me back for a follow-up call. Before calling kitchenaide, I called to make a complaint to a & e. I asked to speak to a supervisor with the company but no one ever called me back.

    I went to lowe's for a service provider. Why they initally tried to reschedule me with a & e is beyond my imagination. When I called back to tell them that I don't want anyone from that company to step foot on my property, I was told that they no longer deal with that company.

    With their reputation, I don't know how a & e is able to function.

    NEVER EVER AGAIN will I purchase kitchenaide. I wanted to buy their mixer, but cringed at the thought of having that thing needing service!

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  • Ro
    Robert Dirnfeld Oct 18, 2006
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    Verified customer

    I have a whirlpool concept fridge, i bought it less than 2 years ago, 4 ice makers after, a&e employees think they have the world by the neck, have a bad attitude, have no respect towards the customer. Esperanza at their office when i requested the supervisor, i counted up to 12 times that request and here response was no and that i should keep on counting, nasty attitude as well as service, they should remember that they have a job due to mishaps by the manufacturer, i requested whirlpool for the next service to be another company, a&e has a lack of respect towards the customer..................complete rip off.

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