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Pacific Sales Complaints & Reviews

Oct 07, 2020

Pacific Sales — Warrantech direct services

I have an extended warranty through WarranTech Direct for a KitchenAid refrigerator. Have an issue with the...

Jun 20, 2020

Pacific Sales — Delivery of stove

On March 15, 2020, I purchased a stove from Pacific Sales and Best Buy of Emeryville California. It wa...

Pacific Salesgeneral electric washing machine

I have already posted a complaint about my GE washing machine purchased at Pacific Sales Woodland Hills on 7/28/2012 and had it replaced on 10/13/2012 .
I started calling on 10/02/17 regarding my washing machine door literally falling off.
i have called Pacific Sales and they refer me to Warren tech who refers me back to Pacific Sales. my machine model # GFWS3500LW. My customer number is 346-3737. Serial #F3811869T.
the problem is that Pacific Sales did not update the warranty date to reflect the date of the replacement on 10/13/12. They are still using the original date of 7/28/12.
I've called your customer service and they seem unwilling or unable to be of any help. please call me at [protected] cell phone.

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    Pacific Salesshould have learned the lesson before

    Ten years ago we ordered appliances through Pacific Sales and had a horrendous experience. Now we needed a new refrigerator and went to Best Buy, unaware that their appliance department had been taken over by Pacific Sales. Nevertheless, we ordered a refrigerator and were given a two-week delivery window. The appliance was due to be delivered tomorrow and TONIGHT we received a call informing us that the item is not in inventory and WE HAD TO go back to the store and RESUBMIT OUR ORDER. Needless to say, we will not be doing this. Twice burned, forget it. STAY AWAY FROM PACIFIC SALES!!

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      Pacific Sales — home delivery

      === urgent - need your strong supports! === Hi, This is lifei cheng and we did ordered the appliances more...

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      Pacific Sales — be aware

      They talk about their great service and acceptable prices too much. I wish everything they say was true...

      Pacific Salesunsatisfactory delivery service

      The delivery service for Pacific Sales and Best Buy appliances was poorly performed for our newly purchased LG refrigerator. We had requested at Pacific Sales that the door hinges be reversed, but the refrigerators were delivered without the reversal. The two deliverymen appeared to be unprepared to reverse them. It took a long time to perform, and we are concerned that the doors do not fit correctly. This is of further concern since a small dent occurred when they moved the refrigerator through the front door.
      We are requesting a cost-free inspection of the door fit, and compensation for any work that needs to be done. It is noted that we tried to reach you by phone, but our voice messages were not returned. This time, we are asking for a response to this message.
      Ingrid and Richard Grabow

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        Pacific Salessamsung refrigerator rf24fsedbsr/serial#w65043bda00171e

        Purchased 10/31/2013 Pacific Sales Huntington Beach with Warrantech 5 yr. warranty til 11/07 2018.
        Service call 10/16/14 water leak
        Service call 4/20/16 frost clogged icemaker
        Service call 7/18/16 Motor/ fan noise
        7/22/16 replace sensor
        1/30/'7 motor noise again-Warrantech called --no show by technician.
        3/1/17 returned from vacation - ice cube maker not functioning again and ice on the unit. I removed ice myself with blow dryer. Still working at this moment.
        3/2/17 I noted milk and was souring and thought it may have been poor store product. Refrigerator was registering 34 degrees!
        3/12/13 checked temp om refrigerator which registered 34 degrees. Used my own thermometer in the frig. which read 50 degrees . 3/13/2017 called Warrantech AGAIN.Will be here today. Food spoiled again!!!
        I consider this spoiled this to be more than a technical problem because the refrigerator was registering 34 degrees when in fact it was 50 degrees . This is a health problem because now you know you are knowingly exposing my family to possible food poisoning with Staph, listeria and other organisms. I had spoke to the manager at Pacific Sales H.B. last year and Samsung yesterday with no satisfaction regarding a replacement. I don't care if the replacement cost less, I just want one that keeps my food at a safe temperature. I will also be more than happy to use old fashioned ice cube trays rather than this troublesome automatic ice maker.
        Thank you for your attention to my problem. If you feel I am addressing this in the wrong fashion and should contact an attorney please let me know.
        Thomas Besley M.D.

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          Pacific Sales — samsung washing machine model wa50f9a6d-rusting bleach compartment

          We purchased a Samsung Washer and Dryer from the Pacific Sales department in the Best Buy store on north...

          Pacific Sales Kitchen, Bath & Electronicsselling products they don't have

          I purchased a Jenn-Air cooktop from the Corona, CA location on September 17, 2016. I was initially told it would be delivered on September 22, 2016. That day came and went with no delivery. I called on September 23, 2016, and was told it was strange but now the system said delivery would be September 29, 2016. Once again, the delivery date came and went with no delivery and no phone call. I called on September 30, 2016, where is my cooktop, now they have no idea when delivery will be. Here are the list of excuses I have been told since then:

          - We changed computer systems and it is causing a mess
          - We have no direct contact with our warehouse
          - Its because Best Buy bought us
          - We only stock about half the orders and actually wait for customers to ask us for the product
          - The one I thought we had in stock turned out to be an open box

          It's like they are reading from a list of things to say to keep the customer obligated.

          I will never purchase anything from this store. The final resolution was me once again having to reach out to the store (rather than someone calling me with updates) on 10/5/16 only to be told "we are now showing the product won't even be delivered to our warehouse until 10/17." I canceled my order. The only thing that Pacific Sales was able to do right was perform a cancellation and refund.

          So basically I ordered a cooktop on 9/17, was promised delivery dates twice in the next two weeks only to ultimately be told they wouldn't even have the product in their warehouse until a whole month after my purchase. I am not sure what kind of scam these guys are trying to run, but selling items you don't actually have is pretty poor. Needless to say, I will never take my business to this or any pacific sales.

          I implore anyone that thinks about buying from Pacific Sales to read the reviews over the past 18 months. Not just for this location, but other Pacific Sales locations. They all have numerous 1 star ratings complaining of the same thing I experienced. One off issues are one thing, but this is clearly a trend. The only thing Pacific Sales is good for is a big showroom. By all means, go to the store to physically look at appliances, but do not, I repeat, do not purchase from them unless you don't really care if you will ever get the product.

          Best Buy (the parent company that acquired Pacific Sales) really needs to get its act together because this concept is reflecting poorly on them and will actually impact my decision to even buy from Best Buy, a store I was just starting to find reliable again.

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            Pacific Sales — warrantech - your warranty company

            LG Refrigerator - I have been without a refrigerator since August 19 and have been sent two repair people...

            Pacific Sales / Best Buy — appliances not available as promised when purchased

            After meeting with a very knowledgable sale men who sold me a LG refrigerator and matching dishwasher he...

            Pacific Sales — refrigerator

            in feb 2016 we bought a fridge at the Oceanside store wich is defective.Had servicepeople out several time...

            Pacific Saleslg french door refrigerator, bottom 2 drawer freezer

            Purchased a LG French door with 2 drawer bottom freezer from Pacific Sales. We were misled to believe that this was a current floor model. This unit was purchased on September 01, 2013. After a short time the main panel in the door started to fail, called for a warranty . I was then told that the unit was out of factory warranty. Turns out that the unit was manufactured in 2010. We were granted an extended warranty by Pacific Sales at no charge. Again the door panel failed and had to be replaced. Then the ice maker failed took forever to replace. Again the ice maker failed to empty the made ice into the ice container. Request a warranty, took several days for the tech to come out for inspection, took about 5 minutes and declared it needed to be replaced and of course it had to be ordered. Finally 20 days later a "new" unit was installed on the 29th of December. on the 6th of January, the ice maker is failing again. As far as I am concerned no more dealing with LG or Pacific sales. Granted Pacific Sales is trying, but this getting a bit old. Will probably be buying a different fridge next month.

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              Pacific Sales Serviceservice

              This company is horrible in customer service... My washer is unbalanced and my dryer was squeeking and now won't power on. First they want me to do reset to my washer and dryer???? Huh? I'm not a technician that is why I'm calling you. Unplug your dryer for 30 minutes and they try to turn it on again. It's not a digital dryer however I do it. Now we need to hear the squeek... Ummm the dryer won't turn on. Now why is your washer balanced... Really???? After literally asking to speak to a manager and waiting 20 minutes (I think they expected me to hang up) I was told someone would call me back.

              I'm so done with this company - I wish I had never bought from Pacific Sales - Lesson learned. I will be filing a complaint with Better Business Bureau regardless of this outcome.

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                Pacific Sales, Chatsworth -- frig,, oven and range — deceptive sales

                Pacific Sales sold me one product that was supposedly new and two that were supposedly in the store for a...

                The complaint has been investigated and
                resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                Pacific Salesrude salesperson, poor customer service

                Pacific Sales will not do installation as promised during sales. Installer wanted everything set up just the way he likes it and all he had to do is to plug in the appliance (and they charged ~$180.00 for this plug in service). When I called to make the complaint, the salesperson was rude. He told me that my ears should be burning because they were talking about me and it was nothing good. Salesperson was very unprofessional.

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                  Pacific Salesstaff & manager very rude.

                  Lack of communication about products on order. We were given incorrect dates, we could have ordered the products on line oursevles. We waned to support local businesses, when we called up to inquire the person on the line wanted to argue. In person, even the store manager was rude & giving us excuses about old computors hampering their product knowledge. Comon courtesey was lacking...
                  We have been waitiing since July 17th for our products to arrive, we were first told the end of July. Than the 12th of August, when we called on the 14th of August, the employee wanted to argue, asking us "Who" told you that info. Give me the name. We were called on the 15th of August to pick up our faucets & only 1 had come in. I realize they are held at the mercy of their suppliers. I am only acking for communication in a non-confrontational manner. We are still waiting.

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Pacific Salesis bbb fair - you decide

                    Yelp said they do not want the following information posted on the Better Business Bureau.

                    The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota (or any other chapter of the BBB) seemingly will not confirm or deny Best Buy/Pacific Sales' claims as to how they got their BBB grade changed from an "F" to an "A+" almost overnight. The LABBB reported that Pacific Sales had approximately 150 complaints filed against it, approximately 14 of which were "Unanswered". The LABBB gave Pacific Sales an "F" rating. I was told by an attorney for Pacific Sales/Best Buy that the "F" rating was due to the Unanswered Complaints. The BBB claims that the reports on their website reflect a 36 month period of time. I was told by this attorney that once they answered these Unanswered Complaints (regardless of fact that they could have been as much as three years old), their grade was promptly changed from an "F" to an"A+". When Pacific Sales/Best Buy (recently) changed over to the BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota, the total number of approximately 150 complaints dropped to approximately 45 total (with no unanswered complaints). The BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota chapter indicates that Pacific Sales has an A+ rating. I asked the BBB of Minnesota to confirm or deny if this is how Pacific Sales' grade was changed (so easily), and if anyone could do this, and they have not responded to this question. If Pacific Sales/Best Buy can do this, I believe that any business should be allowed the same treatment, regardless of size, and regardless if they are a BBB member or not in order to level the playing field. I am sure that businesses that might not be able to afford BBB membership fees, might act differently if they knew they could get their grade changed to an "A+", even if the complaint might be as much as three years old, under the same circumstances.

                    I am still waiting back to hear about some other questions I had for the BBB of Minnesota, including why the BBB will not accept and post a complaint that it receives against itself (seeing as though the BBB is just a business like others they report on), what their definition is of a "Serious Complaint", or if they will waive membership fees for a verifiably honorable business that simply cannot afford membership, and still afford them any benefits that a"member" may receive. Any assistance you may want to provide to prompt the BBB to respond to these and other questions or concerns would be much appreciated. Please feel free to reply to this email if you have any comments. I have contacted the following parties referred to above. They are, Mr. Vincent L. Gottuso, President of the LABBB, for the BBB of Minnesota and North Dakota, Ms. Barb Grieman, Vice President, and for Pacific Sales, attorney Andrea Kloehn Naef from Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi LLP (Pacific Sales/Best Buy outside counsel).

                    On February 15, 2012, Ms. Lockett of the "Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc". wrote that they (Council of BBB's), "have not identified any policy concerns in the BBB's actions", but goes on to state the, "BBB of North Dakota & Minnesota retains the final authority in respect to complaint issues". So what is the purpose of the Council of Better Business Bureaus?

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                      • Joe Luna Mar 05, 2012
                        This comment was posted by
                        a verified customer
                        Verified customer

                        ABC 20/20 investigated the LaBBB on November of 2010 and their report was rather disturbing. Businesses like Hamas received an A- rating while Wolfgang Puck received an F rating. A CEO of the Arlington Va BBB prematurely left an interview conducted by ABC's Brian Ross. To see more about how the LaBBB operates type
                        "20/20 BBB investigation" on a youtube search. Hopefully not all BBBs operate this way.

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                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Pacific Salesnon-delivery-lied to twice

                      Cannot believe how this store lies through their unworthy teeth. This company cost me a good deal with another company that would have delivered my range in a timely manner by lying about delivery date. I had to finally cancel my order have 2 dates came and past with the same explanation of not having the range I ordered in their warehouse. I hope many people read this and choose to not go through the same trouble I went through. I will NEVER shop or recommend Pacific Sales. I'm totally disgusted.

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