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workmanship and customer service!

We purchased a Maytag washer from Sears on January 1st 2008. We used it for maybe 3 loads and the knob broke. We called Sears to find out what to do. We were told that we could either bring back the washer or have a repair that would be under the Maytag warranty. What a mistake, we should have returned the washer and would have saved ourselves a lot of aggravation. A&E came on a requested Saturday appointment which their time frame to show up on Saturday is 8-5. The repairman didn't have the part and ordered it and we made the follow up appointment for the next Saturday. The repairman showed up and stated that "I have never changed on of these before" should have been a red flag to me. He installed the new part that had been delivered to my home and left. The knob broke again he had to come back, no part in hand, and reordered etc etc. They have been here 5 times. The last part that had came had a neighboring city on it for our address so when they reordered the part we made sure that this was corrected. The part never showed and I called customer service. I spoke with a supervisor named Joyce and she acted like she was doing me a favor by re ordering the part and I had some nerve to ask that it be overnighted so that my Saturday appointment could be kept. She actually had the nerve to ask me if I had check the address in the other city to see if it was there after all it is MY washer. I called Maytag and filed a complaint and they stated that they had other repair people that do their warranty work in my area which is not what Sears nor A&E stated to me. Both said that A&E was the only company doing warranty work on behalf of Maytag. I, like the other people on this site, will never have A&E in my home again unless I really feel the need to be treated like dirt by a so called "customer service" representative. Please beware they do not know what they are doing nor how to handle customers.

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    Kevin Le Aug 02, 2008

    I agreed that A&E is a scam company. They've rescheduled a repair appointment twice already. The service contract is a waste of money. My washer is a Maytag front loader. It had stopped operating. No error codes, just a stuck noise when it is turned on. It's the same stories when you search online. For my story, the "repairman" called and said that he locked himself out of his van. This is at 5:30 and after I had called to check on why there has not been anyone coming to fix my washer. They've made me wasted 2 days of work.

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  • My wife called for an appointment on Wednesday morning of this week and was told that the earliest available spot was on Friday "between 8 and 5", which seemed like a ridiculously large window of time to wait. I took the day off of work to meet the repairman at the house, and called at 8:05 in the morning to see where I was at in the queue for the day. I was told that I was number 7 of 9 appointments for the day for the repair man. I raised a concern to the nice lady on the phone that 9 appointments seemed like a lot, and in fact, 7 appointments for a tech seemed like a lot, but she reassured me that they would get to me today, although not until later in the day. The math still didn't add up, which should have been a red flag, but I continued anyways. I asked her when she thought I should expect the repairman, and she said probably between 3:00 and 5:00, but continued to assure me that this would not be an issue.

    Shortly after 3:00 in the afternoon, I got a call from A&E, which I'd assumed was the tech calling to tell me that he was on his way. Instead, it was someone from central reservations telling me that they needed to reschedule my appointment, and that they would be here "Tomorrow between 8:00 and 5:00".

    I went onto the web, and found another appliance shop that was able to come right out to the house this afternoon, despite the fact that I was calling them after 3:00. So I called to cancel the appointment.

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  • Co
    copper1418 Jun 03, 2016

    Why is it that people seem to do research on a company after they get screwed. I wish I'd have taken the time to do my homework.

    I have a Maytag Microwave that had a broken handle we looked at for two months. It seemed like an easy fix with the right parts and I finally got around to the task. Maytag advised that they don't sell parts and could only refer a contractor for a service trip. The customer service agent (CSA) said that the contractor could sell me the part and that they didn't know what the contractor charged for a service trip. An appoitmment was scheduled and I was told three times that the contractor would contact me before they came to the house to discuss parts and pricing.

    The contactor, A&E Factory Servcice, hadn't called or showed up so I went out for the afternoon while my mom stayed with my kids at home. Apparently, a service tech called the house and said they were coming out. The tech came inside and put one screw in the microwave before asking my mom for $140. She didn't know what to do, so she paid with her credit card.

    I contacted A&E who stated that Maytag should have told me of the service charge (by contract) when I scheduled the appointment. Of course, they never did. Maytag told me that they aren't aware of what their contractors charge and that it is their policy not to inform the customer, because they have so many contractors with varying rates. They also said that their contract with A&E specifically states that they are to advise the customer of the service fee when they call to tell the customer their on the way and again before they come into the house. This never happened, either.

    Why didn't A&E contact me? Why didn't they ever dicuss the service fee? Why is the service fee so outrageous?

    I have spent no less that four hours on the phone with CSA'S and Managers with both companies, however, they blame each other and neither party wishes to address the other. They both played, "Who's on first" with me too. I explained to Maytag that A&E is dependent upon service referals given to them and that they have leverage on the company to do the right thing. A manager with Maytag agreed and finally said she would take on the problem and would be contacting A&E to get me a reimbursement.

    I definitly don't trust A&E and I'm not holding my breath with Maytag, either. If Maytag doesn't come through on this, I will never buy another GE/Maytag/Whirlpool product again!!!

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horrible customer service!

I too had a horrible experience with A & E Factory. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau...

terrible attitude!

After waiting over a week and at least 4 calls to find proof of my extended warranty coverage thru Whirlpool Extended Service Plans. (Only after I called sales told me the fax failed to connect from warranty sales to service dept.) This company was dispatched to repair my two year old Whirlpool Dishwasher. First visit on 2/4/08 had to order part. (A complete motor assembly which certainly should not fail in a 2 yr old Whirlpool) Received part 2/8 and called for another appointment was given 2/12/08 8AM-5PM. Waited all day called 800 # at 4:50PM and was told tech got no answer at 3:28PM. -Was told would call first- never got a call_ A BOLDFACED LIE! I was home, have dogs that would bark at any noise at door and it was snowing lightly and no foot prints at walk or door! Despite speaking to a supervisor made to wait till 2/18/08 for next appointment. They had a could not care less attitude. STAY AWAY!

  • Je
    Jeff Puma Mar 05, 2008

    The customer is Cr*p!

    A & E Factory Service, is negligent in their warranty service. It took them over 3 months and several visits before the manufacturer had to replace the new washer/dryer combo.

    A & E Factory Service, could not repair the unit and the water damage resulted in thousands of dollars of damage to my personal property. They told me it was my fault and to put the claim through my homeowners insurance.

    A & E Factory Servcie should be legally restrained from operating as an appliance repair company.

    Government Consumer Advocate Agency's have their number!

    Jeff Puma
    New York

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  • Re
    REGGIE LONG ISLAND Mar 13, 2010

    they told me that the time frame was 1-5pm...i waited to 530pm called them and they said " Due to the weather the canceled my appt. at 452pm ...they never called me to tell me this and set another appt. for tues. from 8-12 wtf...i am NOT GONNA WAIT AGAIN !!!

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  • 26
    26924 Jun 03, 2016

    An A & E tech came 1 wk ago to repair my refrigerator under an extended svc plan. He spent no more than 10 min talking to me about the problem; never did anything more than open the refrigerator door; and told me it was 1 of 2 parts, both of which he would have to order.

    He said the parts should arrive by the end of the wk (which they did), but for safe measure he suggested scheduling a return visit for 1 wk. We agreed upon a time slot of 1-5pm for this afternoon.

    Because I heard nothing from A & E, I called their 800# at 2:30pm to be told that there was no appt set for today. According to the person w/ whom I spoke, an appt was arbitrarily set for A WEEK from today btwn 8am-noon w/out ever asking me. And, even though I have both ordered parts in my possession, no one from A & E was available to come out to repair my refrigerator any sooner.

    When I said I wanted to register a complaint, the person w/ whom I was speaking asked if she could put me on hold and then disconnected me!

    Bottom Line: I won't have use of my refrigerator for 2 WEEKS and A & E could care less.

    Unfortunately, I did not see all the online complaints about A & E until today. I will never use A & E again. Hopefully, others will read this and other complaints before they agree to use A & E for appliance repairs.

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  • SearsCare Jun 03, 2016

    Dear 26924,

    I'm so sorry for the delay in responding to your post; however I did want to reach out to you. I was concerned with what I read in your post and I'm sorry your A&E repair experience was not a pleasant one. My name is Scott, and I'm a case manager with the A&E Solutions team. At your convenience, please contact our office via email at [email protected] so that we can further discuss your concerns. In the email, please provide a contact phone number and the phone number the appliance was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. Also, in your email, please provide the screen name (26924) for reference to your issue.

    Thank you,
    Scott J.
    A&E Cares

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[Resolved] awful service!

A & E Factory a warranty company for Whirlpool are incompetent, unprofessional and rude. A total of 5...

worst service ever!

1. No communication between dispatchers and technicians. 2. The technicians have no competent professional...

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outrageous cost for repair!

A&E was called to repair a KitchenAid microwave and oven unit that stopped functioning. They are recommended for service by KitchenAid on their web site. The technician said I needed a new control board. He ordered one (which cost $600), it came (marked "refurbished") and he promptly installed it and the oven and microwave unit worked again. He also asked for the old control board back. I did not give it to him. I asked him what was wrong with the old control board. He said that the fuse blew. No wonder the company wanted the old board back. It would cost them about $1 to fix my old control board and sell it for $600 to the next owner of such a unit. I asked A&E to send me all paper work relating to this repair. Under "technician's remarks" was a statement that the fuse was "open."

I paid $600 for a fuse! This seems unconscionable to me and I would certainly be wary of ever using this company again to "repair" any of my appliances.

horrendous service!

A&e factory service repair is horrendous! They should be put out of business! Had I known just how horrible they were I would never, and I repeat never, have contacted them. They are liars and they are completely incompetent!!! They came to fix my fisher & paykel dishwasher nearly 3 months ago. My appt time was scheduled for between 1 and 5 yet no one showed until 7pm. The guy who came diagnosed the problem and said that a part would need to be ordered and that he could do so and re-schedule to install it in two weeks (They don't carry parts). I said fine. The part arrived the day before the scheduled appt time and I received a recorded phone message from a&e the day before confirming the appt. The next day I waited between 1-5 and again, no one showed. I called the 1-800 number and was told that the guy would be coming but probably wouldn't be at my home until closer to 7pm. I was not happy since I have small children that I need to get ready for bed at that time but I waited for him anyway. He showed up around 7pm and he was clearly not happy to be working so late and complained the entire time that he was tired, that he couldn't reach his hand in to where he needed to get to properly, that he needed a second guy there with him and couldn't do it himself, etc. He proceeded to attempt to get the new part in and in the process, I believe he damaged something else because the drawer was falling on the floor, parts were dangling from their wires and the guy was clearly stressed and sweating. He stayed for nearly 2 hours and then advised me that the new part must be broken too as the machine is not working still (My guess is that he broke something else!!!) he was so incredibly incompetent and whiny it was pathetic. He said that he would re-schedule me for 2 weeks later and get a new part delivered and took the current "new part", which he claimed was broken, with him (I'm sure it worked just fine). I called a&e the next day to complain and advised them that the next time they send someone, not to send this technician because he was horrible and they agreed. Two weeks later the new parts arrive and they call me again with a prerecorded message confirming that they will be coming the next day between 1-5. I wait home all afternoon and by 5 when no one has showed I call them to ask when they will be coming and they advise me that the technician was out sick and couldn't come. I asked them why they hadn't called me to let me know and why I had to sit home all afternoon then and all they could say is "i'm sorry", "I can re-schedule you in 2 weeks." I was furious but since I had no choice I agreed to this. This time they promised me that the technician would arrive by 3:30. At 2:00 I called them to see if they were still on schedule. They told me that the technician had 2 stops before me but would be there as close to 3:30 as possible. I knew it wouldn't be possible but at that point was just happy that they would be coming. At 3:30 I called them again to see when they would be coming and got the shock of my life. They advised me that the technician had just been to my house a few minutes ago and rang the bell (Not true), no one was home (Not true) and left a call tag on my door (Also not true). They also told me that their routing dept. Called my home phone number (Not true) left a message on my machine (Not true) and did the same on my cell phone (Also not true) and that they would need to re-schedule yet again. I went ballistic. I asked to speak with a manager but they claimed that there was no one I could speak with and I even asked to speak with the liar who claimed that she called me but they said that that would be impossible as well. I am beyond angry and frustrated and am at this point considering taking them to small claims court for taking my money (First appt), stress and aggravation, missed work, breaking my dishwasher further, etc. I am also going to report them to the better business bureau. Beware!!! Do not use this company!!! They are the worst!!!

incompetent repair service!

The people that work in the call centers are the most unhelpful people you have ever seen. They have no idea...

dishonest company!

Our Whirlpool Calypso washer broke down when only 1 1/2 years old. I soon found out it was involved in a class action lawsuit but told that was washers before a certain date. Our washer was not part of it as I was told by Whirlpool. This was the 2nd week of November. We live in a smaller town and there is not main authorized repair people. The first company Haskins Appliance & Repair called me after scheduled 2 weeks and said they double booked. I said why did you wait till the night before to tell me. I could have came home early etc... needless to say... this gentleman had a board meeting, could not come early am because took his grandkid to school etc... We got stuck with A&E after complaining to Whirlpool about their authorized vendor. A&E tech came out after it took 2 more weeks to fit us in. The tech tried to tell my husband it was going to be $600+ to fix. I was livid since our machine is not that old. We did not buy the extended warranty. I called Whirlpool again to complain and was told the parts were covered under a limited warranty. I guess like a powertrain on a car. They called A&E and found out what parts they were. They overnighted the parts directly to us. We waited a few more weeks. A&E never showed at the one appointment. Called again said they did not have it and would schedule. The same tech came out and said the parts were all not there and he could not fix it. They ordered off parts he said. This is the same crook that tried to charge us for parts covered. After calling complaining again... no call back. They just ignore you. I called Whirlpool management and they offered to send me $50 for laundrymat expenses... I have spent over $125 to date thus far. They tried to get ahold of the company to contact tech to see what parts they needed. They said they would just have to come and diagnose this again. So waited today for them to show. I ran to get the mail at the road and missed a call. They said they would have to reschedule. I called immediately. They say between 8-5 and I miss a call by a minute.... and they can't come. I called and was on hold for 20 minutes... then I got a person said need to transfer me disconnected. I called back again and was on hold. I keep getting names of people to no avail. When I did get a supervisor Eloy told me he was at X18875. Well I called back and they can't locate someone by extension or a phone number. I have spoke to Brigette ID 71892, Felisha ID 75746, Shaquita ID 61009, Felisha ID 75746, Denise ID 12423 and Gloria at the national customer service line. I was given the name of the CEO of A&E Mr Reader... told he is out of Round Rock, Texas. If I could have found his name and number on New Year's Eve day I would have called him. This company has no right to be in business. I did charge back the initial $65 fee that I put on my credit card. I still have a washer machine that does not work and I feel that Whirlpool should be embarrassed to have them as an approved vendor. I am disgusted with A&E FACTORY SERVICE as well as Whirlpool (who also owns Maytag). I do not believe I will ever by another product from them if I can help it.

  • Li
    lionsd Dec 18, 2008

    This is the worst service company I have ever dealt with and Whirlpool is aware of it. I will never buy another Whirlpool product again because of A&E. What a bunch of scam artists! I just wish I would have checked this site out first.

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I had a repair scheduled with A & E for Dec 11, 2007 on a Haier washer/dryer. I was told the repairman would be in the area anywhere from 9am to 5pm & that he would call when before coming for the repair. With that very broad expanse of schedule repair time, I had to set aside the entire day so that I could in the vicinity to let the repair man in. By 3:00 that afternoon, when I still had not heard from A & E, I called the A & E 800 number to give a back-up phone #, so that someone was sure to be home for the repairman's call. The A & E call center said that the repair man would be there some time in the late afternoon. By 7:00 pm that evening, I still had not heard from the repairman. I called the A & E call yet again. I was told the repairman was still in the area & had one more repair stop to go before coming to me.

The repair man never called, never showed.

I called the A & E call center again at 9:00 am the next morning to inquire as to why the repairman never showed & to request the repair man come today. I was told some odd story that the repairman's computer was not working & that was why he didn't show or call. I was also told by the call center manager (Brandy, badge #70941) that, even though the fault for the missed service call was completely on A & E's end, it was "impossible" to expedite a new service call and that I would have to wait for the next available appointment...3 days later. A date for which, of course, I couldn't take off from work. Brandy's ironic rationale being "that we have other customers scheduled up until that time and we can't interfere with their appointments."

So, here I am having taken a day off of work, and waited all day for a repair man who never showed nor called, and now having to wait almost a week for the next service call.

The true kicker to the story is that when I tried to demand for the repair man to at least come in the morning for the new service call so that I am, not again, wasting an entire day waiting around...Brandy's response was "I can make a notation, but I can't make any promises."

Customer service at its new low.

failure to show for service appointment!

A copy of this was sent to jeff fettig, ceo of whirlpool:

My whirlpool dishwasher was scheduled for repair (The 4th time in 8 months) on saturday, december 1, 2007 between the hours of 8:00 a. M. - 5:00 p. M. Est. The appointment was confirmed the preceding day by a phone call from a&e factory service to me. At that time I was advised that the service technician would telephone me as he was leaving his preceding appointment and advise me when he arrive. Having not received that call by 4:45 p. M, I accessed the whirlpool website and located the toll free number. The whirlpool operator then contacted a&e factory service and advised me that the service technician was on his 7th service call, and that I was next in line. Again, I was advised that he would phone me upon his departure from that appointment. At 6:00 p. M. Est, I once again phoned the whirlpool number, but received a recorded message that they were closed. I then went online a second time to access the national number for a&e factory service. Their operator sent a message to the service technician advising him to call me with an estimated time of arrival. However, I never received a call and the service technician did not show up. I feel that this level of customer (Non) service is unacceptable and wanted to ensure that you are aware of the actions of your sub contractors and how their unprofessionalism negatively affects perception of whirlpool.

Best regards,
Diane patino
9748 walkers glen dr. Nw
Concord, nc 28027

nightmare service

I would like to complain about a subcontractor you are using to service your products. Our washing machine...

worst experience in my life

This company does not care about customer satisfaction. It seems that they go out of their way to make it the worst experience in your life.

1. Very money hungry

2. No training to employees

3. Reps on phone are incompetent

4. Upon request, still No calls from Customer Relations.

5. They lie.

I would like to tell you about our experience with A&E.

DAY 1 - The tech comes out to diagnose the problem. Takes the temperature of our freezer because it would not hold temperature. Then tries to remove the panel in the freezer but unable to, so finally says the problem is the control panel. I said "how do you know". He says "that is always the case with these refrigerators". I questioned him not knowing anything about refrigerators because his diagnosis seemed suspicious. We went back and forth with the questions and so of course, we ordered the control panel. A different tech arrives to install it. She says "based on her experience, the control panel usually does not malfunction", so she installed a thermoster and to call back if the problem persists. Of course, it is still a problem so we call back to get an appointment. An appointment was scheduled between 1 - 5pm. We waited and about 4:45 pm, we get a call from the company that the tech had gone home for the day and we need to reschedule. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I thought it was a joke. We complained to the rep, and the supervisor but nothing could be done, according to them, so we rescheduled. Now from this point on, we have gone without a freezer for 3 weeks because it took 10 business days for the part and we've gone through 2 techs. Upon rescheduling, I had asked for a certified tech that knows the type of refrigerator we have. According to the rep, all techs are certified but I found out from one of the many reps that I had contacted, that the tech we need is a CFC certified tech. Now this guy knows what he is doing. I am very happy to mention his name (Mario) ID#0606103. He is a very experienced worker and very articulate on the process and operations of our refrigerator. He explained the problem, but unfortunately we need to order a different part. The part came from Indianapolis and it took 4 business days to arrive. We have a scheduled appointment and requested for the same tech but the rep could not guarantee the same tech. Now that seems very odd. The tech (Mario) that diagnosed the problem may not come back to install the part even upon request. I was even willing to wait 5 - 10days if we must, to get Mario back, but the rep could only input our request and it may not be granted. So we left it at that. Then the appointment day came and I received a call from the rep, and she asked if we received the parts. I said yes and asked who is scheduled to do the repair. She said it was the 1st tech that came out which we were very disappointed with. I asked why cuz we requested for a CFC certified tech, and looking into the notes, Mario's name was included so I was ecstatic. Couple hrs later, the 1st tech arrived but no Mario. So, I called the rep and she said there is no one else scheduled. We went back and forth and so I suggested to call routing. She came back and said that I was right and Mario was scheduled too. Now if this tech was competent, she would have called routing herself but unable to process the situation and apply critical thinking, she just kept saying that the system shows only 1 tech. Anyways, both techs came and Mario was right. The refrigerator works fine but the service and the reps, they just don't care. You take off from work to accommodate their schedule and they don't even show up. That is very unprofessional. Then we have to adjust our schedule for a tech that is not even qualified to the work. The reps know what kind of refrigerator we have, so send someone who is familiar with that kind of refrigerator. I am very tired and frustrated with their service. I hope those with problems know what they are getting themselves into if they were to call this company. Of course, this is just an anectode of our story, I could go on in detail but it would just waste my precious time venting. Words really cannot express my disappointment.

P.S. They lied about calling and leaving messages. We did not receive any messages from them.

  • Ma
    MARY WALLER Aug 15, 2008

    a&e made me take off a day of work and told me they called no one aneswerd the phone that is not true at all I lost a day of pay and they did not care at all I called the service # and they gave me a&e I knew this was going to be bad but i forgot that i needed m&w not A&e but they gave me a&e I never called them any more now my dryer was not drying at all the man came out I his name was i dont know A&E only gave me his tech#0537654 he told me it was the timer for the heating element when he gets there to my house he changed that part then he is on the phone trying to fix my dryer and then he says it is the motor my dryer was working it was not the motor and then he changed the motor that he had in the truck that was shipped to a house to belle chasse louisiana ups said they left on the pouch of that address now that motor was put in my dryer and now the dryer sounds like a freight train and now it is taken to long to dry clothes I did not have these two other promblems til a&e touch my dryer and the sides of the dryer is pushed in and it was not like that before . so I called the address on the motor and the lady told me to throw it away .her husband fixs dryers now why would they say throw it way this company is not helping people I think they are useing parts over and over and getting paid for new ones we need help to get these people now i got to use them again to try to fix my dryer

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refund dept / customer service!

A&E Factory Service is the biggest ripoff artist in Amercia. They come into your home don't know what they are doing. I had a tech come on Nov 12 to fix my Maytag washer. The washer was not spinning or emptying any water. He quickly determined that the belt that was installed was the incorrect size. He changed it charged me almost $200.00 and left. The machine was fine when empty. After I loaded the machine it was the same exact problem as before. I made the huge mistake by paying him with a check. The company couldn't give me another appointment till after my check cleared. One week later they come back and determine that I should pay another $200 plus for a new motor. They kept me on hold for more that 30 minutes and hung up on me.

The employees will not give their last names. Only the supervisors gave an ID number. They are scamming people. Once you pay beware you won't get your money back. I was promised a call from the refund dept in 24 hours guess what It's almost 1 week later. I hope everyone will see this and never use this company again.

no customer service/refund

On Thursday, October 14, 2007, we started experiencing problems with our Maytag washer’s timer control. To make sure we got the appropriate service for our washer we consulted the, “Maytag User’s Guide” that came with our washer. It states on page 11 to call [protected] to locate and obtain authorized factory service. I called this number and I was given the name and phone number of A&E Factory Service in my area. Then I looked on the Maytag website and I found that A&E is listed their number one ”Nationwide Service Provider”. I called A & E to obtain service for my washer. I got an appointment for October 18, 2007. When the service tech came out I explained to him what the washer was doing. He told me, without even touching my washer that the timer was out and he didn’t have one on the truck. He said he could order it and it would be here in three days. I said, OK and he placed an order on his laptop and I paid him $149.45 on my credit card. He said when the part came in to call the office and they would come right out and replace the timer.

Three days came and went and no part arrived. After a week went by and no part arrived I called A&E on Wednesday, October 24th to find out if they knew anything about the missing part. I talked to a guy named Aaron. After taking my information he informed me the part was on back order. He said it was on back order and is not scheduled to arrive until December 31, 2007. I was shocked upon hearing that I would be without a washer for two and a half months. And I didn’t understand why I had not been informed, by A&E that the part was going to be delayed. I told Aaron to cancel my part order.

He said he would cancel the part order, but another department had to refund my money. He said someone would call the following day. No one called. On Friday, October 26, 2007, I again called A&E. A man named Marcus answered my call and I told him what had been going on. He said he would cancel the part order and he would transfer me to a person who would refund my money. After waiting on hold for five minutes the phone clicked and went dead. I called back and talked to a lady named Becky. I had to give her all my background again. She told me that she would now cancel the part order and she transferred me to a lady named Debbie. Upon talking to Debbie she told me that no one had canceled the part but she would? But she couldn’t refund my money. She said she would cancel the part and I would have to call back for my refund. I asked her why I needed to call back when I was already on the phone with her. She said she had to fill out paperwork and call the parts department. I told her to call the parts department and cancel that part order and then I would stay on the line and we could fill out the refund paperwork together. She stated to me that to obtain a refund I would still have to pay the $50.00 service call charge. I said fine. She seemed reluctant to help me at this point so I asked her if I could talk to a Supervisor. She transferred me to a man name Dan who said he was the Customer Service Manager. For the fourth or fifth time I had to tell my story again to Dan. He tells me that “none of the other people I have talked to are allowed to cancel my part order only he could do that”.

I told him that I am getting the run around from his company. He says “he” will help me personally. He looks up my information and says he has cancelled my part order. He then tells me he can refund my money, but I will have to pay the $65.00 service call charge. I said wait a minute, I just talked to Debbie, your employee not more than five minutes ago and she told me the service charge was only $50.00. At this point Dan said because Debbie had said it was $50.00 he would refund $100.00 to my credit card and keep the $50.00 for the service call. I said that was fine and asked for his direct phone number in case I had any further problems. He gave me his direct line and assured me he would take care of my problem.

After a week went by and not receiving a refund I called Dan. I was on hold for ten minutes. I then called the service number and the lady I spoke to tried to call Dan at the number he gave me, and she was also placed on hold. She tried an internal number but no one answered. I then drove to A & E ( aka: SEARS ). I finally found “Dan” and asked him where my refund was. He said the employee who does the refunds had gone home for the day, which I found very convenient. He assured me that he would call me the next morning, which he did. He said that my refund would show up on my charge account in three days. Well three days turned into a week without a refund. I called Dan again and as usual he didn’t know what had happened, although he is the manager of the department. Once again he promised my refund would be in my account in three days. Again a week went by and then my refund was in my account, sort of. Instead of the hundred dollars I was scheduled to get I only got $84.45. So on November 12, 2007, I had to call Dan again about what had happened to my full refund. And as usual, Dan didn’t have an idea of what went wrong. He promised to call me back with the information. I’M STILL WAITING

  • Je
    Jeff Nov 20, 2007

    I had a very similar experience with A and E. The timer on my Maytag washer went bad and I waited 7 weeks for parts delivery and for the technician to return. The technician arrives and realizes the first technician ordered the wrong timer. I called a local appliance repair shop, within 2 days the washer was fixed.

    I cancelled the A and E order, but after 3 calls I had the same run-around on obtaining a refund. I gave them 10 days to correct the problem. After 10 days with no credit issued I called Visa and had my full refund within 3 days.

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service appointment cancellation

The manufacturer of my washing machine made an appointment with A&E to have a technician diagnose a problem with the washer (at the manufacturer's expense). A&E's idea of an "appointment" is that they will come between 8 AM and 5 PM. We rescheduled the appointed day to one when someone would be able to be home all day--one week after the initial "appointment."

After diagnosing the problem, the technician told me what the charge would be. I told him that the manufacturer was paying the charge. He told me that it would be easier for him to cancel the appointment after it happened rather than track down the billing glitch with the office. Easier for him, perhaps, but more difficult for me. When I followed up with the manufacturer to arrange for repair, A&E had no record of the visit. When arranging to have the part installed, I naturally asked for another service provider.

  • Ch
    Cherie Jul 23, 2008

    My Whirlpool Duet Washing machine was bought through Lowes. After it broke (only 1 yr & 2 mos old), they told me that A&E would come out on July 23rd. They gave me their phone #, etc. I receive a call at 9:15am on the 23rd to inform me that a technition would not be in my area on the 23rd. Well, then why was it scheduled? They told me they find out last minute if service people are available. This is ridiculous. Lowes has screwed me and now A&E screwed me. Isn't there anyone reliable anymore?

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destroyed my refrigerator!

The compressor on my 3 year old refrigerator broke. I was told to call A&E because it is under warranty. During the repair the tech told me he cut the suction line and that A&E would now have to replace the refrigerator it cannot be repaired. He said they would contact me within 24 hrs about the replacement. He also scratched and gouged my hardwood floor in the process. Customer service will not allow us to talk to any managers or supervisors and only that someone will call us back. Nobody has and it has been a week. They also said have your homeowners insurance take care of the damaged floor.


  • Al
    Aline Rizk Nov 03, 2007

    Rip-off artists, liars, cheaters...

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  • Qu
    Quality Appliance Nov 27, 2007

    Send letters to Sears, they own A&E but don't want to admit it. So many people are so dissatisfied with Sears that they won't let them in their house, so the Sears guy drives his truck back to the shop, changes shirts and gets in the A&E truck. Same idiot different truck.

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house flooded and washer then burned up due to a&e tech

My Maytag washer machine has been nothing but trouble since I purchased it a few years ago. On Saturday Maytag Warranty sent out A&E to my home because I noticed the carpet under my feet in front of the washer was went. The tech came to our home and took apart the machine and saw a very tiny pin hole in the black tubing. he went out to his truck and got some sort of glue that he said would seal this micro size hole and he would order a new hose but I could do wash after two hours of allowing the glue to dry. I did not do any clothes on Saturday but did a load on Sunday morning., Within minutes of me walking away from the washer my son starts screaming that my house is flooded. I run to the laundry room to see water gushing out from under the washer machine. I turn off the machine and call A&E. Of course on Sunday they had people manning the phones but no one to send out under emergency conditions due to my carpets being flooded, drywall soaked as well. They said I would have to wait until Monday.

I called this morning and explained that the tech had told my husband, two boys and myself that I could wash clothes after two hours to allow the glue to dry and that now my house is flooded. They said we will send someone out today. Well by 3pm my house is starting to stink from molded wet soggy air,,,so I call them back and ask when this guy would be coming out. They said before 5pm. I called again at around 4:30pm and he was supposedlfy on his way to take photos of the damage and write out a report. Keep in mind that this tech would not give me a print out of his visit on Saturday and the instructions he gave us. He arrives at 5pm and I asked him about taking photos of the damage and he said "I am not taking any photos, we are not allowed to". I told him that is not what the A&E office has told me on Sunday and again today. He opened up my washer machine and realized HE FORGOT to attach the one end of the black hose so it was NOT the pin hole he sealed off, it was a flood in my home due to HIS NOT attaching the clamp on to the one end of the hose. He fix the clamp, ran my machine and said "see, there are no leaks, I just forgot to put the clamp on the hose. I will make out a report about this damage". I asked him if I could have a copy of this report and he said "no, that he does not do the report until later on so he left my home again without giving me anything to even prove he was at my home.

During him fiddling around with my washer, clamping the hose up etc he ran the machine for a few minutes and then I walked into the kitchen to watch that my dinner did not burn on the stove and he wrapped things up and went outside to leave. I followed him outside and again ask him to write me something stating that it was due to his negligence that my carpets were flooded. He said he could not and could NOT and neither could the A&E people tell me just WHEN they would remove this moldy damp carpet and repair my base boards etc. This tech leaves my driveway and drives down the street and with that my son comes running to me saying the washer machine was on fire.....I ran inside and my husband runs from the other end of the house to find out entire laundry full of white smoke that smelled of burned wires. This tech had left my machine running but had turned off the water to it and the machine and drum ran without water in it and it burned up...I immediatley was on the phone with A&E and told them to quickly get this tech back to my smoke filled house. The put me on hold to about 10 minutes and came back on the line stating he would NOT come out to my home, and he told them that he never touched my washer machine and told me not to do any clothes,,,which ALL of that is a lie. He said and did all of these things that I have stated in front of my, my husband and my two teenage sons..

So now I have flooded floors, ruined, carpet, mold growing in my home and a washer machine that has been burned up due to this tech NOT watching what he was doing. A&E should expedite this matter, authorize me to get estimates today, which they did NOT, and fix my home and now replace my washer machine that is burned. My house stinks of burnt wires, burnt something, and I feel I have no chose but to take these people to court.

I have informed Maytag that I feel after all of this that they are sending out a company that is rude, uncaring and not honest to say the least and has left me with no washer machine and flooded floors, base boards and drywall and they act like they could care less about the mold factor and air quality in my home.

This is just unreal...I asked A&E for their Corporate Headquarters phone number and they would not give it to me,,,they said the company would rather have you write to them with complaints. I finally got their website address and I can not find a place to email this company a complaint...

  • El
    ELGIN L. NICHOLS Oct 23, 2007

    I have been a retailer and servicer of appliances in Michigan
    for 35 years. The consumer is not aware that since Whirlpool
    purchased Maytag, Amana, Magic-Chef and Jenn-Air they
    have changed those product service requirements to match
    Whirlpool policy. Independent services were paid millage to service appliance customers outside of a 25 mile radius. Now that Whirlpool owns these companies they have made it clear to us that A&E is to service all of their products during warranty if outside of the 20 mile zone. I was told by Whirlpool that independent services are too expensive compared to A&E. We have gone behind A&E to pick up their mess and to do the job right the first time. I want you to know that we are concerned that, you and other consumers are losing... this type of service is going to be the norm for consumers. As more and more independents are pushed out of the market it won't matter what brand you buy A&E or another company like it will be the Final word... bigger does not make better !

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  • Jo
    Joe Smo Oct 23, 2007

    Well... Why blame A&E??? You were the one who bought a maytag!!! You are the idiot!!! Buy a new one. Buy a Whirlpool!

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  • Qu
    Quality Appliance Nov 27, 2007

    Send letters to Sears, they own A&E but don't want to admit it. So many people are so dissatisfied with Sears that they won't let them in their house, so the Sears guy drives his truck back to the shop, changes shirts and gets in the A&E truck. Same idiot different truck.

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  • Qu
    Quality Appliance Nov 30, 2007

    Contact Sears, they own A&E even though they don't want to admit it.

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  • To
    Tom Mar 21, 2008

    There appears to be a corporate culture at A&E, which is prevalent from coast to coast, of misinformation and downright deceit. I've been over two months waiting for these people to repair my microwave oven which actually worked prior to their initial arrival. (There was a suspicion that it may have been involved in a recall - it wasn't) Since December, 07 until now March, 08 I still don't have a functioning appliance. Parts are never available, technicians are unavoidably delayed and that's not my department is typical of the kind of abuse unwitting customers are subjected to.

    It's no wonder to me why Sears is on the rocks. As far as I'm concerned Sears can fail and take A&E with them. For anyone now working for these companies, I'm sorry for you and your families. Quick, get another job.

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  • An
    ANTHONY V. BATTAGLIA Mar 22, 2008


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fraud & cheating!

This spring, the fan in my frig/freezer went out. I thought the door hadn't closed all the way so waited 2 days to call. When I finally got service, he said again and again and again that this kind of frost meant the fan went out. This month, the same frost pattern happened. I called right away and requested a different person since this was supposed to be a "rare" problem. But the same guy was sent. I let my husband handle it. Seems there was nothing wrong with the freezer, just didn't close all the way even though it looked like it. He pronounced the freezer to have no problems. The he greased the perfectly good rails and charged $35 in addition to the visit. I complained and was stonewalled. So I called back to go higher and learned more of their practices. Seems back in April, we were charged $119 in labor that was under warranty. The guy on the phone told me I was supposed to get an authorization number from Maytag. Huh? So I requested copies of the bills so I could pursue the $119 as well as the $35 (well, let's just add the $45 home visit since I was "mislead in April). The "copy" came but the $119 was not noted -- just totals. I'm pursuing this and will probably have to report them to the state. Whatever happened to business ethics...

  • Je
    Jennifer J. Ray Dec 31, 2007

    I am in Georgia and this company is crooked. I am going to write the Consumers Affairs Dept for the State of Georgia... the tech came to our house and tried to charge $500+ dollars for parts covered under a limited warranty by the manufacturer. I told my husband to reject quote and I would call Whirlpool. Whirlpool sent us parts directly so it was free and A&E was to come out and fix it. The same tech came out and did not even try to fix it and said not all the parts but it was the parts he had put on the quote. I agree with you... to make a long story short. We should contact Clark Howard... he looks out for consumers as well.

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unreasonable delay of service!

I would like to file a formal complaint against A&E Factory Service and request a replacement of my Kitchen Aid microwave oven. Following is the horrified experience I have with A&E factory service:

My Kitchen Aid microwave oven (model KHHS179LSS0) stopped working in June 2007. I called Kitchen Aid where I have an extended warranty and was told to contact A&E for repair (Claim # [protected]).

During the months of July and August, 2007, A&E sent two different technicians to my house every two weeks to repair the microwave without success. Each time, more parts were ordered. The final service call was on September 15, 2007.

09/15/07. A technician named Bill (ID 0637405) came. After working on the unit for two hours and replacing all the possible components, he failed to fix the microwave. He declared the microwave “not repairable” and wrote a report recommended replacement. A copy of the report is attached herewith.

09/17/07. I called A&E and spoke with Kathy. She told me to call Kitchen Aid at [protected] about replacement. I called the toll free number she gave and heard the message "Thank you for your patient, we will be with you shortly" continuously for 30 minutes before I could not wait any longer and hung up.

09/17/07. I called Kitchen Aid at [protected] and talked with Fran. She said that she did not know anything about the [protected] number that Kathy of A&E gave me. Fran told me Kitchen Aid needed to hear from the A&E service tech about the reason why my microwave could not be fixed before authorizing replacement. She told me to call A&E and requested the service tech to call Kitchen Aid.

09/17/07. I called A&E back and spoke with Mel. She said she would contact the tech and asked him to call Kitchen Aid. She told me to call Kitchen Aid the next day to find out how long it would take for replacement.

09/18/07. I called Kitchen Aid and spoke with Dalton. The A&E tech had not called yet.

09/18/07. I called A&E and spoke with Brittany. She told me to call to the district office in Glen Burnie, MD at the telephone number [protected].

09/18/07. I called the district office at [protected] and talked with Darlene. She told me that she will submit the case to the tech manager for approval of a replacement. The replacement unit will call me within 48 hours at my cellular phone number [protected]. I waited for 12 days and there were no calls or messages from A&E.

10/1/07. I called A&E and talked with Crystal. She said that she has found the phone number of the tech and will call him personally to request that he calls Kitchen Aid. I should call her back in the afternoon to check.

10/1/07. I called Kitchen Aid and spoke with Karen. She said that Kitchen Aid was still waiting for the call from A&E tech in order to start the replacement. I told her that I am in the middle and had not been able to have the case moved forward and that I have a copy of the report from A&E and asked if I could fax it to her. She put me on hold to check with her supervisor whose name is Elsa. She came back and said that her supervisor asked her to call A&E to obtain the detail.

10/1/07. I called A&E at 4 pm. After 12 min of waiting I was connected to Karina. She told me I should talk with a replacement manager named Val. I was put on hold for an additional 20 mins. Karina then told me she will call the technician herself while I waited. The phone was cut off after 32 mins.

10/1/07. I called A&E again at 5:00 pm. After 30 mins of waiting I was connected to Crystal again. She said she called and left a message for the service technician but he did not call back. Nothing she could do. I asked to speak to her manager. I was told that the manager (named Heather) was not available. I asked for the address; she told me that it is at 597 B Ordance Rd. Glen Burnie, MD 21060. She confirmed that the suite was “B” not “E” as printed in Bill’s report.

Since September 15, I have made 7 phone calls and talked to 6 different persons at A&E (Kathy, Mel, Brittany, Darlene, Crystal and Katrina). I believe that I got a run around by A&E.

Beware people!


Mrs. Tara T. Vantoai
cc: The Better Business Bureau, 1414 Key Highway, Ste. 100. Baltimore, MD 21230
Whirlpool Corporation, 1800 paw Paw Ave., Benton Harbor, MI 49022
National Product Care Company, 1000 Milwaukee Avenue, Glenview, IL 60025
Aon Innovative Solutions, Inc., 1795 Clarkson Rd, Suite 200. Chesterfield, MO 63017

  • An
    ANTHONY V. BATTAGLIA Mar 22, 2008


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  • Hb
    hbva Aug 10, 2010

    I am horrified at reading all those comments about AE Service after I had them replace an icemaker motor module on my 2006 Whirlpool side-by-side refigerator/freezer. I only wish I had checked them out before I did. My only excuse is that I got them directly from the Web site and scheduled them from there as well. How could I suspect that I could not place my trust in Whirlpool??? In any event, AE Services is a rip-off firm that overcharges for parts by about 75%, and who knows by how much for labor. I needed only the icemaker motor module, and they charged me $175.61 for the part, when I could have ordered the entire icemaker from the Whirlpool online parts store for less than $100.00 (including shipping). The technician spent about 30 seconds diagnosing my problem, and about 2 minutes installing the replacement part, to the tune of about another $185.00 for labor ... that's a darn good wage for 2-1/2 minutes of work and, of course, the cost of the gas for service call! Then, on top of it all, he made a mistake in charging my credit card for the entire icemaker. When I called AE, they assured me that a credit for the "inadvertent" overcharge of $55.36 would be posted to my credit card account immdiately and that I would also receive a $70.00 credit for the "service call". on which I had insisted before agreeing to the repair. Here it is, 10 days later, and no credit! Well, I know how to fix that ... I'll contest the entire charge when I get my credit card statement and let the credit bcard company fight it out with AE! All I can say, is AVOID THIS COMPANY LIKE THE PLAGUE!!! Their rates are nothing short of usurious and they will rip you off if you let them! hbva. Alexandria, VA 22304

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