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scam artists!

9/13/08 (Sat). Discovered our 3 year old Maytag Fridge died overnight. Fun. Called Maytag's 800 # and...

bad service

My family's refrigerator was not working. So I contacted A&E Factory Service. First time A&E Factory Service technician came out was on August 23, 2008, Saturday. Technician started diagnosing the problem and said that the total would be $345.28 (which includes $75 diagnostic fee) to have refrigerator to work. I figured that by paying that amount of money for repair, the refrigerator would work again as it used to be. So I agreed to that estimate and the technician replaced an adaptive defroster and did some other labor. After the technician was done with his work, I paid $345.28 with my debit card and he left my house. After several hours, I have noticed that the refrigerator was still not working. I was upset so I called A&E Factory Service (same day, approximately around 7:00PM). I spoke to the customer representative and she said that the earliest date that another technician can come out is August 25, 2008, Monday. I told her that date would not work since no one would be in house that day. I asked her if she can schedule an appointment on Saturday, August 30, 2008. She said `Yes` and supposedly scheduled an appointment on that day. Before I hung up, I asked her if there is going to be another diagnostic fee and she said `No`. After I heard that, I hung up. On Saturday, August 30, 2008, around afternoon, I called A&E Factory Service to make sure that the technician is coming out to the house. However, when I spoke to the customer agent, I was upset and furious to hear that the appointment was not made on August 30, 2008. Instead the appointment was set up on August 25, 2008. However when I spoke to the agent on August 23, 2008, I clearly said that the appointment needs to be on August 30 and that was the date the agent said she would set up an appointment to. I was furious and spoke to one of their manager.
That manager said that she was sorry about the inconvenience and that she would set up another appointment on September 6, 2008. On September 6, 2008, A&E technician named Ricardo came out approximately around 3:30PM. He started diagnosing the refrigerator and said that the evaporator and compressor needs to be replaced. He gave me an estimate of little over $1000. Since that was way too much, I told the technician that we are not going to get it repaired. After that, he told me that I would have to pay $75 for diagnostic fee. I was enraged to hear that. So I told him that I refuse to pay another $75 diagnostic fee. Two reasons on why I refused to pay $75 fee were: (1) I already paid $75 diagnostic fee when the first technician came out on August 23, 2008. He could have diagnosed all the problems from the beginning. He could have diagnosed on that day that there were problems with adaptive defroster, evaporator, and compressor. However he partially diagnosed the problem that there was a problem with adaptive defroster(which is a BIG mistake for any technician. Any technician should diagnose the problem all the way). (2) When I spoke to customer agent on August 23, 2008 around 7PM, she said that I would NOT have to pay another $75 fee. I told the technician those reasons above. However, all he would say was that since both repair/diagnosis were two different ones (one on August 23 and one on September 6), he would still have to get a diagnostic fee from me. I called A&E Factory Service at [protected] and spoke to another customer agent. She basically told me the same thing. I kept refusing to pay another $75 diagnostic fee. Ricardo, the technician, said that I have two options, which were either (1) I pay $75 diagnostic fee, or (2) I do not pay and possibly get billed later. I still refused to pay. So he left the house. I am extremely dissatisfied about the service I received from A&E Factory Service. When the first technician came out on August 23, 2008, if he would have done the job right, he would have diagnosed all the problem. However, he partially diagnosed the problem and made me pay $345.28. Thing is, if he did diagnose all the problems from the beginning and let me know that adaptive defroster, evaporator, and compressor would have to be replaced, I would have declined the repair service from the beginning because that would cost too much! (Just to get an adaptive defroster replaced was $345.28. Since the quote to get evaporator and compressor replaced was around $1000, the total would have been around $1400). This is almost as if A&E Factory Service purposely diagnosed the problem partially so they would get some money out from me. As a consumer, this is totally not acceptable. Like I stated above, I would have declined the repair service completely if the technician would have done the job right and quote that it would cost around $1400 to get my refrigerator to work from the beginning (with $1400, I can just go out and buy another refrigerator). So as a consumer, only solution that will going to satisfy me is that I get a full refund of $345.28 (from August 23) and get assurance from A&E that I will not get billed a diagnostic fee of $75.

Resolution Wanted: 1. Get a full refund of $345.28. 2. Get an assurance that I do not get billed a diagnostic fee of $75. 3. Properly train technicians to do diagnostics properly so similar incidents will not happen to others. 4. Train technicians to not to be rude to customers (Ricardo was being rude to me. He would constantly cut me off and start talking when I try to explain the situation. 5. Properly train customer agents to set up appointments.

This is the exact complaint I submitted to California DCA

  • Ri
    RichT85 Jan 28, 2010

    Stay away - They are absolutely terrible.

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  • Da
    Daisy Mariposa Jan 28, 2010

    A warning is nice, but it isn't the least bit helpful if you don't explain what the problem is.

    What happened? What did you want repaired? What did the company do wrong?

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  • Ma
    Madatyou2010 Apr 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On April 28th 2010, I scheduled an appointment with A&E to fix the dryer, the representative was not able to fix the first time he arrived at my home 8 days prior. I took a half day from work during the busiest time of the year for me to wait for the rep. I was told he came to my home twice and I did not answer the door.

    I am not sure whose home they went to or if they even bothered to show but they did not come to my house. I sat at my kitchen table for 4 hours waiting for them to come. I was in contact with them 5 times during the day to get some answers and gave them specific instructions to call when they arrived at my home (to avoid the so-called missed appointment; do you think they extended the courtesy to call before leaving? Of course not.)

    The next day I rescheduled the appointment told them to call before they were on there way and to call when they arrived. I schedule a specific time with them and was assured by the representative they would be able to accomodate that time as I was not able to take any additional time from work.

    Again they claimed they went to my house and I missed the appointment and of course again did not call.

    The dispatch has no way to communicate to the repair reps that they sent out and the only recourse I get is "Sorry we missed you lets reschedule for another day". I DO NOT WANT TO RESCHEDULE MY DRYER HAS BEEN OUT OF ORDER FOR 10DAYS... I HAVE TODDLERS AT HOME, CAN YOU IMAGINE THE LAUNDRY BUILDUP?

    Anyway I finally got smart and rescheduled with another company... but can I really only blame the service company.. why did my dryer break down after only having it for less than 6 months? Maytag?

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maytag tl washer repair

3 different appointment scheduled thru Maytag Dependability Plus. I was without a washer 6 weeks, 2 1/2 months and now going on 5 weeks because A&E claims that parts are on back order thru Maytag, but if you call Maytag directly, the parts are in stock. Their customer service stinks, they are nasty when you ask to speak to a supervisor and lie. I called to confirm that all my parts were delivered & was told yes. When the tech showed up to install them, he found out that I was missing 4 parts. A&E claims that these parts were coming direct from Maytag & no tracking number was available. The parts showed up late that afternoon after the tech left & were shipped from A&E. Unfortunatly I do not have the luxury of an alternative reair service because of my extended warranty.

  • Wa
    Warranty Repair Victim Dec 24, 2011

    Terrible customer service and scheduling. A&E attitude and motto... it is what it is. Company needs new management. Techs take the heat from what I see and have to mop up the mess. Maytag you are ruining your reputation having this company represent you.

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repair washing machine

My maytag washing machine had broke after only a year and a half. maytag told me to have a and e fix the machine. the 1st tech that came out cleaned the pump and charged me $137, he told me that it was fixed and left, he never even bothered to check. it was still broken. the 2nd tech that came out told me that it was beyond repair and i should just go buy a new washing machine. I called yale appliance where I had bought it and they came out for $149 and told me that every part was covered and will be order and they will fix it. I called A and E 10 times already and they do not care, they keep telling me that someone will call me back, no one ever does. I am sooooo frustrated

a & e factory service horrible experience & how to avoid it!

I hope this helps at least one person in their dealings with this truly horrendous *cough* service *cough* company!!! This experience started with my whirlpool duet sport washing machine leaving all clothes soaking wet after each use. So mush so that it took 3 hours in our dryer to finally get the results we wanted. 3 hours! I am going to name names below because they deserve to be named due to the absolutely attrocious lack of help & concern for the situation. Scroll down to bottom for tips on how to deal with a&e!!!

Okay, 07/20/08, an appointment for service was created via the whirlpool web site. The washing machine was purchased approximately 9 months ago and is still under the 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. A&e factory service is the service company selected by the web site to complete the task of fixing my washing machine. An eight hour appointment window of [protected] is given. The problem’s symptoms were soaking wet clothing after the machine has completed a cycle and a failure to go into the ‘high spin cycle’. I hate 8 hour appointments but I want the problem fixed so I agree tomiss an entire day or work.

07/21/08, first onsite service appointment: a&e factory service technician (Unknown name, but can described as a white male, 20s, glasses, and all he talked about was getting the engagement ring for his girlfriend of several months) arrives for the service call and I give him the computer printout of the purchase date to show that it is less than 1 year old and thus covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. He accepts the information and puts the data into his laptop. After looking at the machine, he concludes that the problem is a faulty pressure switch. He disconnected it, blew into the pipe that leads into it, and also checked various other portions of the machine during his test. He stated that after the new pressure switch was installed, the washing machine would work as it was supposed to. He stated that the part was going to be delivered to my house. I asked him if I could install it since it was such a simple part (1 wire set and 1 pipe leading into it) without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty and he said “yes”. He said that would be great as it would save him a trip back out to our house. He showed me how to install the old part twice and watched as I installed the old part twice as well.

07/25/2008, the part arrives via ups.

07/26/2008, I install the pressure switch and run a test load of laundry through the washing machine. I sit in my garage the whole time (Yes, it was looooong). When the cycle is completed, the clothes are still soaking wet due to the fact that the machine did not go into the spin cycle.

07/26/2008, I called a&e factory service and asked to speak to a manager. I was put on hold and a female reinstated the call saying her name was misty and that she was a manager. I explain that I have already lost one complete day of work due to the first appointment and the problem still existed. I ask that a technician be scheduled out side of the [protected] window because those are my work hours and I do not want to lose any more pay. She refuses that request and, frustrated, I ask for a smaller appointment window so I can at least work part of a day after or before the technician arrives. She states that the first available 4 hour window is on 07/29/08. It is from [protected]. I accept that appointment.

07/26/2008, I contact whirlpool phone representative dreyon after the conversation with misty and explain to him the issues I am having with a&e factory service. I state that I am calling to provide feedback regarding one of their service contractors and also to determine the steps that may need to be taken to send the malfunctioning washing machine back. After explaining the steps so far taken by me and a&e, he informs me that by installing the part myself, a&e can now say my manufacturer’s warranty is invalid because I am not a certified technician – even though I expressly asked the technician about this.

07/26/2008, I immediately call a&e factory service back and ask to speak with a manager. I am put on hold and a male reinstates the call saying his name is joe and he is a manager. I explain the events so far and ask him if my manufacturer’s warranty has been voided. He states that a&e has a 90 day guarantee on their work and the second visit is well within 90 days of the initial appointment. I state that was not my question and again ask if my manufacturer’s warranty has been voided. He fails to answer again. I ask him a third time and he fails to answer the question – again referring to the 90 a&e guarantee of workmanship. I confirm with him that my appointment window is on 07/29/08 from [protected] and ask that all technicians be informed not to let the customers install their own parts as it could void their manufacturer’s warranty per whirlpool. I also requested that a different technician be sent to my house for the second call as the first technician told me two incorrect statements – that the pressure switch replacement would fix the machine and that the manufacturer’s warranty would not be voided by me doing the installation. Joe stated he could not guarantee that the same technician won’t be assigned to the call.

07/28/2008, an automated voice message was left on my wife’s cell phone from a&e factory service. I return the call at approximately 2210 hours and I speak to phone representative sam. He tells me it was most likely an automated reminder call regarding my appointment on 07/29/08 within the window of [protected]. When I inform him he is mistaken on the timing and the appointment was set up a 4 hour morning window, he states that his screen clearly shows a window of [protected]. Frustrated, I ask him how we can change it back to the 4 hours window that manager misty said she set up so I do not miss an entire day of work. He stated that I should call back tomorrow at 0800 est and ask to speak to the routing department. They would then be able to modify the technician’s appointment schedule so mine is in the morning. I ask who changed the appointment time and why – he could not answer those questions. I stated that I was upset by the events and ask to be connected with misty or joe’s (Managers) office and sam states that he does not know them and a&e is a national company with many offices. I begin recording my phone conversations with a&e mid-way through this phone call after realizing that I am getting conflicting information regarding the appointment times.

07/29/2008, I contact a&e factory service at 0800 hours and speak with phone representative jonie. I ask her where she is located and she stated she is in texas. I explain the situation and ask to be transferred to the routing department. Jonie states that transferring me to routing will do no good as even the routing department cannot change the route of the technician on the day of the service call. I state that sam told me to call today and they could change the route. She insisted that they could not. I ask her who can change me back to the 4 hour appointment time and she said only the technician can modify his route now. I ask her to contact the technician and have him change my appointment time back to [protected] as that is what I originally had. She says she cannot contact him directly but will send him a message to contact me. I ensure that she has the correct contact information for me. I record this entire phone conversation (Again, because I am getting conflicting information from a&e employees).

07/29/2008, I contact a&e factory service at approximately 0951 hours and speak with phone representative silvia. I state that I am upset with the fact that almost 2 hours has gone by and I have not heard from the technician. I ask her to contact manager misty and silvia states that she will send a message to her instead of transferring me. She also states that she will send a message to routing for me. When I matter-of-factly ask what good sending a message to routing will do since we just discussed the fact that they cannot change the technician’s schedule, she immediately places me on hold without telling me she was going to do it. A short time later a female who identifies herself as terri reinstates the phone call. I ask her if she is a manager. She states that she is and I explain my extreme frustration with the lack of customer support and ask that my 4 hour appointment window be reinstated. She refuses to reinstate my 4 hour window. I ask her why it was changed and, after a while, she states that their computer system shows that misty had set me up for a 4 hour window under a collect call (Meaning that I was supposed to pay for the service instead of the work being covered by a manufacturer’s warranty). This call was later cancelled by someone named chris yarber in the customer relations department. The appointment was then recreated as one covered by a manufacturer’s warranty from [protected]. I state that i’ve never contacted nor been contacted by him and ask to speak with chris yarber. Terri states that she cannot transfer me to him. Exacerbated, I ask why it is so difficult for a customer to relate to someone in customer relations. I also ask her hypothetically how, if she was a costumer, she would contact customer relations. She stated that all people trying to reach customer relations would have to go through the main number I have been calling (And through which I reached her). I say I understand and then ask to be transferred to customer relations main number. She refuses. After several futile attempts at gaining information on how to contact chris or customer relations, she finally states that she will send him a message to contact me at either of the two phone numbers on my file (To this day, he has not contacted me) but refuses to actually connect me to customer relations. After placing me on hold, she reinstates the call and states that a new appointment window of approximately [protected] was determined with the help of andrew in routing for my service call. I ask terri for the contact information of a&e’s legal department so I can have my attorney contact them for a better/quicker resolution (I have a benefit through my employer that provides me with free legal services). She states “I don’t think we’re at that point yet” and refuses to give me the information. Additionally, she refused to clearly inform me if a&e considers my manufacturer’s warranty voided due to the actions of their first technician. Again, I record this phone call in its entirety due to the lack of assistance.

07/29/2008, I photograph and take video of the pressure switch part that I installed per the instructions of the first technician. I document it’s correct placement and attachments in anticipation of a&e factory service later saying that the part was incorrectly installed. I record a portion of news broadcasts in the video to show the date and time that video was taken.

07/29/2008, second onsite service appointment: a&e factory service technician jose arrives at my house at approximately 1350 hours. He checks the pressure switch and states that I installed it correctly and that the arrangement of the wire & tube interfaces makes the installation “dummy proof”. During the service call, he states that the company has scheduled seven appointments in the [protected] window and there was no way he would be able to do them all. With the help of phone-based technical support, he eventually identifies the issue as the main control board and replaces the part with one in his van. The washer functions properly after his repair work. I ask him for his tech id so I can inform a&e that he deserves some form of employee appreciation/recognition.

07/29/2008, at 1559 hours I call a&e factory service and speak to phone representative carly and explain how appreciative I was of jose for fixing my washing machine. I ask her to pass the request for employee recognition on to jose’s management. She states that she will do that. I record this phone conversation in its entirety.

Tips on how to deal with a&e!!!. First record your conversations on your cell phone if possible. Seriously. People didn't believe me when I told them how bad a&e lies and contradicts itself until I played the recordings. I have contacted the bbb and given them this timeline and stated that to back my complaint I will send the recordings to them. Second, call, recall, and triple call them on a daily basis to ensure that some stupid person in the customer relations department (Who customers can't relate to apparently) doesn't change your appointment!! Third - remember they have offices everywhere and you may get phone reps in 5 different states. They have no clue who the managers are in other states. Ask for their names and ask what state they are in. Your recordings will corroborate this later.

The people I spoke to had no fear of the bbb. Keep that in mind. They are working without a care for your time or well being.

Final tip: don't use a & e. Ask the manufacturer if there are other service companies they can send to your house. Please do not use a & e.

  • Cu
    Cupcake#2 Jan 09, 2009

    First off, It is ILLEGAL to record a phone conversation without permission. You are fortunate that you did not get arrested or sued. Secondly, your impatience to wait for service or your inability to be home during regular business hours more than likely fostered the "repair it yourself "option. I guess you don't know or trust ANYONE that could come over to let the technician in so you wouldn't miss any work? Thirdly, your washer was ultimately repaired correctly by A&E. Sounds like someone is harboring anger issues.

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  • Ha
    havesomecommonsense Feb 24, 2009

    More power to you Original Poster! Hey, Cupcake #2, maybe he or she lives in a bad neighborhood and wouldn't want anyone going into their house. Maybe they just moved there and don't know anyone. Maybe he or she needed to WORK a full week in this economy so he or she could put food on their family's table!

    And, no, it isn't illegal to record phone conversations. If it was, there'd be a whole lot more people in jail considering all the recorded phone conversations you hear on the news! You can't use recorded phone conversation in court, but you can certainly make them without breaking the law! Just Google for the Verizon .002 cent and .002 dollar phone blog (hillarious, on a side note). I find it amusingthat you think it's illegal when almost all new cell phones come with that functionality... think before you comment Cupcake. Maybe we should all sue our telecoms...

    When I bought appliances I had A & E come out and they gave me the run around (or tried to) but I had read all of the experiences on this board and was ready. I wrote everything down and thankfully I was prepared.

    Bottom line, when the company says they're going to do something, the onus is on them to do it.

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  • Pr
    PROSS Aug 06, 2009

    LOL at cupcake! You're not a very smart person are you. It is NOT illegal to record any phone conversation!! And also, any person like yourself to defend the WORST service company on the globe (A&E) should have their HEAD EXAMINED! IDIOT!

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  • Mu
    muzikul Feb 15, 2011

    I am currently experiencing the scheduling nightmare. I have been re-scheduled 2 days in a row now, and this 2nd rescheduling has pushed back my service an entire week. It is very frustrating to be dealing with a company that has such a bad track-record, and to not really have any choice in the matter. This experience will prevent me from purchasing a Whirlpool appliance in the future.

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Resolved contect the attorney general of your state

I also had a problem with this company. They attempted to charge me $183 for replacing a part that took 10...

48 comments Jeffersontown Appliances

Resolved worst service ever

I called A&E to repair my KitchenAid oven and microwave door springs. On the first service call, the tech said he'd have to order parts. Ten days passed, parts arrived, and late in the day of the scheduled install, the tech called to say he was sick. He rescheduled. On the reschedule day the dispatcher called us in the afternoon to say the tech was still sick (No backup?) and rescheduled.

On the fourth try a tech showed up, fixed the microwave door, and said he didn't know enough to fix the oven door. He rescheduled.

On the fifth try, a new tech looked at the oven door and said the first tech had ordered the wrong parts. He ordered more parts and rescheduled.Ten days passed.

On the sixth try, after waiting until 6PM for a 1-5 service call, I called the 800 number and the tech called me back to say it was too late in the day. I told him I wanted service the next business day, in the morning. He said he'd try.

It's 10 AM on that next day, and I've had nary a phone call. Six service calls and they missed three. Only one did any good. Meanwhile I've lost six otherwise-productive half days waiting for service.

  • An
    Anon321321 Dec 14, 2009

    I had the pleasure of working with this amazing repair service over the last week or so. (sarcasm)

    1. I called Kitchenaid for an appointment, and they set one up for me with A&E. I provided two phone numbers because my cell phone does not always work in my office. A&E only called my cell phone, not my office line, so they marked me as "not home" even after I confirmed with Kitchenaid that they provided the repair tech with BOTH numbers.

    2. Second try. They rescheduled me for 4 days later, between 8 and 12. I stayed home from work so I knew I couldn't miss the call. At 9:30, I called and asked if they had an ETA and the rep said they will call before noon. 11:30, no call, I called the same 800 number again and they had NO RECORD of my appointment. Very agitated at this point. Rescheduled for the following Monday.

    3. Third time's a charm? I called A&E in the morning to confirm my appointment between 1 and 5. The rep said I would get a call from the service tech on my work line. I got the call, and he said he would be at my place within an hour but might hit traffic so he would call when he is closer to my neighborhood (told him to call when he's 15 mins away to give me time to get home). Got a call from him saying he was 5 minutes away, rushed home and got there within 10 minutes. My doorman said no one showed up yet. At that moment, got a voicemail from A&E saying the technician left because I was not home. ???? Then, I saw the A&E truck driving away, tried chasing it down the street but they didn't see me. Immediately called A&E and told them to send him back. They said he left because he could not find parking, and asked for me to PAY for garage parking. After I just saw him drive by at least 2 open parking spots. I said fine, I will pay, just send him back. Waited outside for 15 minutes, he didn't come back. Called back, and they said that he marked me as "not home" and I'd have to reschedule. Screamed at them quite a bit, filed a complaint (yeah, lets see where THAT gets me) and called a local repair person.

    SO happy I am paying for my oven repair out of my own pocket rather than through the warranty. I will be posting my complaint on any site I can, and filing a complaint through the Better Business Bureau.

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rude customer service

I have a service contract with Whirlpool that expires in 2011. On July 15, after a long waiting period to get...


When my microwave quit heating, I called Whirlpool and was referred by them to their authorized service repair company, A&E. The tech came out and diagnosed the problem and said he'd have to replace 2 sub switches. He did not have them with him. (Despite this being a relatively common problem that could and should have been easily diagnosed over the phone.) He gave me an estimate of $38.26 for parts and $145.52 for labor. I paid him $65. for the service call and told him to hit the road. I then went online and ordered the parts myself and downloaded the necessary repair instructions from the Whirlpool sight. The parts cost less than $15, including tax and shipping charge. It took me ten minutes to change the switches (and I am by no means mechanically inclined!). Gee, a 150% mark up on parts and $300 an hour for labor. I don't think so.

  • Rv
    RVD Sep 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just purchased new Maytag washing machine from SEARS Service Center (A&E).
    Will never purchase anything from Sears again. Turned it on and water went
    outside laundry room and all over wood floorl Tub was cracked. This A&E bunch could care less
    about the consumer. Called Sears National Consumer line - was passed on five times
    before I gave up. Absolutely outrageous. So sad that a great American company
    like Sears has given up on standing behind the consumer.

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  • Mj
    MJR22YRS Sep 28, 2009

    I usually don't do this, but I'll join in. These people have the market on Whirlpool appliances. So, you're at their mercy if your appliances are still under warranty. I'm waiting right now for service, and I know it will be at the end of the day. First of all...they give you a 8-5 timeframe. Most respectable companies give you a two hour timeframe, or a morning or afternoon timeframe. Not these folks. So, I want to walk into my Doctors office to get a refill on my meds right? I call the dispatcher and ask if there is anyway the tech can call me and let me know a general idea on when he will be here. NOT POSSIBLE. Cannot do this. DO YOU REALLY THINK THESE PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO KEEP YOU AS A CUSTOMER AFTER THE WARRANTY IS UP??? HELL NO, THEY DON'T CARE. They have the warranty thing tied up, and their business ethic is completely unprofessional.


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  • An
    Annoyedintn Sep 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you are using MAYTAG, you don't have to use them. Call their warentee department back, complain about them and request someone else to service your appliances. I did and got a local independant guy who is under contract with MAYTAG instead. They've been calling every day since, multiple times a day so i'm calling back now to light someones [censor] on fire. I'm sick of this.

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terrible service & repair

My three year old maytag dishwasher stopped draining. Of course I was given an appt. For a week from then. That would be 6/18/08. I had to be home between 8am and 5pm. At 4:45 I received a call that I was to be rescheduled. Another day - 6/17/08 I spent waiting and the tech showed up. After he determined that the pump was the problem and checking his computer, he went to his truck because the computer said he had one. Guess what! No pump on the truck. The pump was ordered and I made the mistake of paying for everything (Parts & labor).

Another day - 6/26/08. On that date, the part had not arrived and I was rescheduled again.

Another day - 7/7/08. On the morning of 7/7/08 they called and wanted to reschedule again because they didn't think the part was in. I told them that the part was here and that I wanted to keep that day. The girl told me that the dispatch would call me to give me an approximate time for the tech to arrive. I waited until 4:30 but no call and finally called them to see what happened. I was told that I was not on the schedule but they could give me a date a week from then. I spoke to a supervisor (#1). She said she would arrange to get someone out the next day.

Another day - 7/8/08 the tech did arrive and replaced the pump. However, twenty minutes after he left I went to open the dishwasher. The door would not open completely and there was electrical sparking by the hinge. The tech apparently caught some wires when he reinstalled the unit under my counter. I called the tech who told me I would have to set up another appt. I called a&e and this time went straight to a supervisor (#2). The tech should have been returned asap. They tried to give me a date a week and a half away but after much discussion, I only had to wait another week.

Another day - 7/14/08 I waited again. I called around 4pm and was assured that the tech would not miss me again and that the problem would be taken care of that day!!! At 4:30pm I received a call wanting to reschedule again for 7/17/08. I spoke to another supervisor (#3). He assured me that dispatch would get back to me by 9am.

Another day - 7/15/08. It is now 10:40 and I have received no call. I called them again and was told that I would have to wait until 7/17/08 but no guarantees.

Another day - 7/15/08 and no guarantee to show!!

Heres the problem, I travel a lot and have rearranged my schedule several times to get this taken care of. So far, I have spent """48hours""" waiting for a&e, and now am told that I need to be p a t I e n t!!!

  • Ha
    Hate A&E Dec 11, 2009

    NEVER CALL or USE A&E. We will soon distribute a preliminary paperwork to file a lawsuit against A&E. We urge you all to join us put this company down. The lawsuit will cover compensation for the wasted time waiting for the tech as well as the pain and suffering including any damages.


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  • Jo
    Joy V Jun 07, 2011

    I will definitely join you to put this TERRIBLE COMPANY DOWN. [email protected]

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assault and poor service

After two months of screw-ups by this company in attempts to fix our brand new whirlpool washer (So that i...

Resolved maytag service call

I looked up maytag service providers on and they sent the above company to my house. I greeted him...

no communication between dispatchers and technicians

On June 12, 2008 I called HSA my home warranty to put in a claim for my "extra large whirlpool front loader" the machine was giving me a code for the pump not draining. They gave me A&E's phone number to come out and fix it. Of course they don't have anything open for a week so I am schedule for June 19th between 1 -5 pm. They tell me someone will call the night before to confirm the appointment; of course I did not receive the call. Thursday June 19, 2008 I get a call at 4:53pm from the service technician saying he has one stop to make then he will be out. At 5:35pm he shows up and replaces the pump and starts the washer, it adds water and the drum is turning good news "not". After he put everything in his little hand dandy computer and I pay him my deductible. He leaves and I start gathering laundry thinking I was finally getting to do it. Well I was upstairs and hear this beeping noise I did not want to hear. It is the machine giving me the same problem and code. I immediately call the guy on his cell phone "thanks to caller ID" and let him know it did it again (I caught him before he hit the highway to go home). He comes back a few minutes later and says well the only part it might (key word MIGHT) be is the switch so he replaces it and leaves, tells me to call him and let him know if it worked or not. Well I sort laundry and put Spray-N-Wash on what need it, low and behold it started beeping again!! I call him and he tells me there is only one other part it can be but will have to order it. He says he will call me tomorrow and let me. Friday comes around and no call. Monday June 23, I called A&E to find out what is going on, well the technician did not put in the order or that he came back and replaced the switch in his computer or that it needed another part. So I called HSA and talked to Kim, told her the story and why I was on the phone she is typing away at an email to the higher ups. Her boss then contacts A&E, well come the 25th comes around and a technician shows up to look at my stove (I had put in a complaint about it) when he was done with that I asked about my washer. I told him the story; he says that there are no notes that the guy replaced the switch or ordered any parts. So he takes a look at it, he says it is the computer program component. He said he would put in a order for it and left. (he is new to A&E but has worked at Sears) He came back out on the 26th shows up at my house with no notice! Say the service order only said that the machine was not working. So, why he is here I call Kim at HSA and talk with her, I tell her they can order the part but it will take 10days to get here. She couldn't believe that there is No communication between dispatchers and technicians. She in turns sends EVERYONE possible and email and puts in there for some to call me with the possible of doing a cash out. 30 mins later I get a call, this lady tells me that they can either order the part or give me 312.00 as a cash out. I was shocked, I told her that the machine costs over a 1000.00. She said we can only give you what the part would cost us because we can order it. I said fine order the part, I ask her can she request the part be expressed shipped up here, she said I will put it in the email to A&E. I asked her to tell them to call me when they ordered the part. Also asked about a loaner and being reimbursed for having to go to the laundry mat to wash my clothes of course the answer was no. I have a household of 5 - 3 teenagers. I didn't receive a call, so on Monday today June 30th, I called A&E to find out the status, he tells me it was ordered on Friday the 27th, but not express because it was not an emergency item. Go figure. I called and left a message for Kim to call me. My husband this last weekend looked up the part we needed and also called Sears and they have 2 in stock for 218.00.

I will try and post an update when the part comes in or I should say if it does.
From Eagle River Alaska.

  • Jo
    joebob1 Feb 27, 2011

    Ma'am, A&E factory service and Sears Home Services are the exact same company. Sorry to disappoint...

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inacurate / unprofessional

I did not comment, rather file a new complaint. A&E is a service provider, they can not stack inventory...

non-contract compliance!

My Maytag Plus side-by-side refrigerator died 6 months ago - pathetic as it is only 5 years old - and I called A & E Factory Service who was recommended by Maytag to come and fix the fridge. The cost to fix it was over $300 and the tech told me I could purchase an extended warranty with it. Lesson learned, never do this, but I foolishly loved the fridge and bought the warranty. 3 month later the fridge died again. Called A&E and it took them 3 days to get a tech out and another 2 weeks to finish the repair. Another 3 months later the same parts died again on the fridge; bare in mind this will be the 3rd time these idiots have replaced the same parts. Tech came out and once again said parts wouldn't be available for 10 days. Considering I can ship anything to anywhere in the world in 24-48 hours I find this utter lack of customer service horrid. The night before the tech was suppose to come back I get a call saying they have to cancel the appointment because one of the parts is on back order. Again, a simple and common part for ALL refrigerators can not be found anywhere on the face of the planet - yea right. 8 days later the part finally comes and I have to call to get the tech rescheduled. Supposedly he is to show up between 8-12 am. Again I get 2 calls the night before, one confirming the appointment and the other; 10 minutes later; saying it needed to be changed to 1-5 pm. I decline the appointment change due to the fact I had a doctors appointment that afternoon. The "customer service" agent said she would leave the appointment and figure something else out. The day the tech was suppose to arrive I take a vacation day from work and wait. 12:00 o'clock comes and goes and I call the service center only to find that they changed the appointment on me and never told me. I talk to Nancy, a supervisor who sees the notes about the doctor appointment and says the appointment never should have been changed - DUH! She then tells me the tech is finishing a call and that I would be next. I say I can live with that as long as he arrives before 2:30 pm. At 3 pm I haven't seen the tech so I call back to learn that he was re-routed to a different call. Apparently waiting 4 weeks to get a fridge repaired doesn't put one as a high priority in their book. After discussing the utter lack of customer service with another supervisor I'm told the tech can't come back out until Tuesday. At this point I got the name of the CEO Dale Reader and the address. As soon as I find his phone number he will be getting a call.

I can only recommend in the strongest possible way to NEVER, EVER, EVER use A & E Factory Service for ANYTHING, EVER! They are without a doubt the absolute WORST company I have ever dealt with! How do they expect people to live with out a fridge for 10 days, let alone a month? In addition to NEVER dealing with A & E I would also strongly advise to NEVER purchase any Maytag product EVER! They do not last and the service repair companies are beyond horrid.

  • An
    Andrew Jun 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am dealing with my own A&E nightmare as well.
    Could not agree more with this comment at how wretched a company this is to deal with. Sarcastic, apathetic, incompetent, conspiratorial -- all ways of describing the phone agents I have dealt with throughout my ordeal of repairing a Jenn-Air cooktop. Tech was called to install/replace a coil burner. Man showed up asking me to hold the unit while he tried to open it -- I've never been asked to help a technician while they service something in my house! Tech did not even know how to open the cooktop -- He consulted the installation documents that I happened to still have; He phoned someone in his office. This is a 5 year old cooktop! He should know how to open this, right? He then proceeded to shatter the glass cooktop, placed it back into the counter, told me not to use it, and he left. No joke! That was 3 weeks ago and A&E could not have been less sympathetic to the fact that their own technician had broken our appliance. It took them over 2 weeks to send us the replacement glass top, and on the day of our follow-up repair, the technician (the very same man who broke it -- And I had specifically requested that they send someone else!!) failed to show up ALL DAY!!! I wish there was some way to sue this company, but they are a faceless, nameless company which hides behind its bureaucracy.

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  • Pa
    PamelaD Oct 01, 2009

    I had the worst experience today, October 1, 2009 with A & E Factory service. It has been a two day nightmare. Our repair policy is the Maytag Extended Service Plan and it is managed by Assurant Solutions Company of Oklahoma. They selected A & E Factory Service of El Cajon California to fix our dryer in La Quinta Ca. even though two other vendors of theirs, J & M Appliance and Prime Master Services are located much closer and also service our zip code under Assurant Solutions.

    Sam at Assurant Solutions says it's not their fault, it's the technicians fault for not returning any of our 7 telephone calls to A & E over the last two days.

    A & E does terrible work, the techs have very poor work ethic and there is no customer support or solutions given for work not done properly or not done at all. They just don't care whether you're happy or mad, its all in a days work. I must have gotten a dozen insincere apologies from A&E or from Ray at Assurant Solutions today. I did not want any number of apologies; I just want the work done to my satisfaction in a timely manner.

    We spoke to several "routers", including Danielle who promised the return of the tech and even heard her talk to him (ID # 0100263) and that he would return by 4pm. At 4:22pm, we called wanting to know where he was and we were told he had gone home for the day and we were out of luck!!! I would again be put on a list for tomorrow but had no priority of time or any concern that we had an incontinent person we needed to wash and dry clothes for. THEY JUST DID NOT CARE!!!

    WHAT REALLY BOTHERS ME IS THAT A WARRANTY COMPANY WOULD USE A COMPANY LIKE A & E FACTORY SERVICE AT ALL. All they have to do is look up all the hundreds of complaints against them listed on the internet. MAYTAG SHOULD BE ASHAMED! They should put their foot down and refuse to let them service their equipment.

    I am going to contact Maytag and let them know. I also demanded a return call from corporate of Assurant Solutions to find out why they are not protecting us from such shiesterous practices.

    I am going to do what it takes to publicly expose this company.

    FYI: I spoke today with these persons at A & E who promised me service so beware if you get them. Kevin (said he was a supervisor), Raymond, Patricia, Adrian (male, said he was a Manager), Jennifer and three others before I started writing down names. Each time I called, the person I was speaking to would read me the other person's notes. The best part is now they suddenly have only record of 2 telephone calls.


    Pamela D
    La Quinta Ca.

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  • Na
    Nancy Sw Apr 05, 2010

    It is April 5 and I've been without a refrigerator since March 25. My husband and I have called A&E three times trying to get service.

    My husband called on April 2 and was promised a phone call the next day. It didn't happen - no phone call.

    Today I was told they would send a tech out on April 12. Totally unacceptable! When I asked for a phone call to make a complaint, I was told they did not have a phone number; that I could write a letter of complaint to Dale Reader.

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  • Ti
    Tipsey May 06, 2011

    Warning do not use this company unless you wanted to get ripped off.
    I wish I would of investaged A&E service or shall I say "no service" before I called. I do not recommend this repair service to anyone ever. I have been with out an oven for over 2 month and they have been paid. I am having to fight like hell to get my 625.00 back. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. I cannot belive they are even in business. They told me for a month the part could not be ordered. Then they said it needes to be refurbused.When I called them to find out why they have not come to get the part they said the call was closed and servises renderedaccording to the tech.

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no show

A&E was scheduled to repair my Whirlpool refrigerator on Saturday, May 3rd between 8-4pm. I called at 3p to...

poor service!

I have a problem with my Maytag Washer. I contacted A&E to diagnose the problem on September 10. 2007. The technician gave me an estimate for the repairs of $528.08; he also told me that it would be cheaper to buy a new one. I told him that the washer was only two and 1/2 years old and that these products should last longer. He did tell me that I could call Maytag and maybe they could help. I called Maytag and their representative authorized the complete repair of the washer at their expense. I scheduled the repair with A&E Factory Service for my Maytag washer for September 17, 2007. The technician arrived only to tell me that he had to order the repair parts and schedule another appointment for the following Monday - September 24, 2007. The appointments are always scheduled between 8 AM and 5 PM. I called A&E Factory service for a more definite time frame for my appointment - their representative could only tell me that we had to be there during the time frame scheduled. The technician finally arrived around 4:45 PM but, could not fix the washer because the tub was damaged and he had to order the tub; a tub was ordered and another appointment was scheduled for the following Monday, October 10, 2007. Again the appointment time frame was the same. The technician arrived around 5:20 PM to repair my washer. The tub was replaced and he left. Later that evening, my wife proceeded to wash some clothes only to discover that the floors in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and hallway were flooded. The washer was leaking. There was water everywhere. This was around 10 PM - I turned off the machine and shut off the water. We took pictures of the flooded areas and started to mop and vacuum up the water. I called A&E that evening to explain the problem only to be informed that there was nothing they could do but schedule another appointment for the following Monday. I ask their representative if there was an emergency service contact person whom I could call for assistance. The response I got was the same - schedule another appointment. Completely frustrated, we continued to clean up the mess and finally, around 1:30 AM the clean up was complete. The appointment was scheduled for October 8, 2007 - with the same time frame. My wife and I waited around all day on October 8, 2007. The technician finally arrived around 7:30 PM. This time he informed me that the pump had a hole in it and it had to be replaced. He had to order the part and schedule yet another appointment for the following Monday - October 10, 2007. I informed him that this was the fifth appointment made to repair the machine and questioned as to why my repair work was always scheduled for the end of the day. He explained that he had two more service calls to complete after mine. On Monday October 15, 2007, around 9 AM, I received a call from A&E to find out if I had received the part order. I informed the representative that the part arrived on October 11, 2007. My appointment was confirmed at that time. Around 10:30 my wife called to inform me that A&E's schedule was booked for today and that they could not complete our repair work until the following Monday, October 22, 2007. I called A&E Factory Service to find out why I was told around 9 AM that the technician would complete the work today. I was told that the schedules were full. I asked to speak with a supervisor. My wife and I are obviously frustrated with this company and I believe that the supervisor's response of: "Let me see what I can do and I will be calling you back in 90 minutes, " was only to get the monkey off his back - he never intended to call us back. By the way, he never did get back with us at all. I did call Maytag regarding this matter and my complaint was recorded. I think that service orders should be completed before moving on to another job. This company should not be allowed to conduct business in this matter. Customer’s needs are not being met!

The company's scheduling needs to be more flexible. Technician's work schedule should be more realistic - don't schedule more than the technician can handle in one day. More is not better in this case, in fact more leads to less quantity work and more problems for the company. The practice of scheduling one zip code per day per week is not satisfactory. I connected with the following web site and found numerous complaints with A&E Factory Service: This company should not be allowed to continue profiting in this manner without regard to customer satisfaction. A&E Factory Service should refund Maytag for the entire labor and service cost associated with this service order. The following information is provided regarding this complaint: Brand Name - Maytag; Model Number - SAV515DEWW; Serial Number - 12163959EL.

My wife and I should be compensated for our time waiting for a technician @ $25.00/hr each times 9 hours a day for three (3) days each plus the cost associated with the cleanup and repair of our home. You see if the work would have been properly diagnosed the first time this would be an issue.

  • Da
    David Tse Aug 14, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Maytag Washing Machine was working great for the past 5 years. I called Maytag customer service on Thursday and scheduled an appointment for Monday. Now here's where my bad experience starts.

    The technician came onsite, took the Washing Machine apart and switched the water valve. He informed me that the problem is fix and quickly left. He did not test the problem. He always seem to be in a hurry.

    I did a 'quick' test wash and same problem occurred again. I called A&E Service again and he paged the technician. The technician came back 30-45 minutes later. He switched the water valve again. I told him that is not the problem. The washer turn from cold to hot in the middle of the wash. It does not matter what settings you have. I informed him over and over again that the washer gives out HOT water starting in the middle of the wash. He didn't listen and told us to call A&E again when it is not working. He would not wait for a test wash. He is in a hurry to leave.

    I tested a wash again and same problem. I called A&E and they told me that the technician got 4 other appointments to go to and would not be able to come back. I tried to schedule an appointment and they told me that the Technician have not uploaded the information. I would have to call back tomorrow to schedule an appointment. I called this morning and they told me it wouldn't be until the 22nd.

    2. Technician just don't listen
    3. Would not test thoroughly

    There are many many complaints on the web about A&E Factory service. I wish I had known before I scheduled it and brought the warranty.

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  • Wi
    William Wittman Aug 22, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a GE Warranty on my Whirlpool Duet Washing Machine. A&E was assigned to repair the unit. After five weeks of ordering parts, 3 service calls, the machine was finally repaired.

    Now I have to wait another week to pick up the bad parts. Inexcusable!! I DO NOT recommend this company. The Better Business Bureau should be notified!!

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  • Do
    Doug Martin Feb 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Those of you who have complaints against A&E Factory Service may want to call Sears. Sears actually owns A&E Factory Service. The NJ BBB site has contact information to lodge complaints against any Sears subsidiary, including A&E Factory Service. My demand for reimbursement was ultimately addressed by Sears which sent a check for the amount I paid A&E for the failed service less $60.00 for the repair call.

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  • An
    Annoyedintn Sep 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They just Blew me off!! Have had this appointment for nearly a week, the man on the phone was ignoarnt and rude and threw 3 lies in a row at me. I called Maytag back and got the number to another company. Of course it's a warantee job so noone is in a hurry to get my dryer fixed but me. Its 2 months old, so i told the maytag rep my husband wants to fix it and send them the bill!

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rip off!

Refuse the $59 service fee outright! Then call pam at [protected] to tell her why. Keep your notes!! Their...

Resolved scam charges!

I told A & E factory Service person on the phone that my exhaust fan switch for my stove is broken and my ignitor is not working also Service guy came out took less than 5 minutes and said yap. the fan switch is broken and you need a new ignitor. It will costs $270 to replace both plus the $64 service call. I ask if he have the parts with him. He said no. this is just a service call and he will have to order the parts after I signed the service contract with 50% deposite. I will have to call to reschedule once the part arrived to my house. I have already waited over a week for this stupid service call which he only take less than 5 minute and did not bring the parts with him. Now it would take another 2 weeks at least.

I ask him why so much ($270), How much are the parts cost and how long does it takes to get the 2 things replace. Service person said the part will cost around $20 for the switch and $70 for the ignitor. total parts are $90 which leave $180 for labor. He said only going to take him less than one house to do the job. 1 hr = $180. He said we don't charge per the hour of service. We charge customer per the job code and we get it done fast so we can make more money. He said I do not have time to chat with you. do you want to do the job or not? I said no! and paid him his $64 ripoff service for 5 minute of confirmed what I have already told the person on the phone when I make the service call.

I got mad and started to search for part so I can do it myself. I found the exhaust fan switch for $6 (not $20) and the ignitor for $37 (not $70) and installed both parts myself.

This company is our to rip people's hard earn money off. I am writing about this so someone else will be smart enough to say no to this company, because they want you to say yes and give them the 50% deposit. They know you need to get this appliance fix so that you can live your daily life.

  • Ke
    Kevin Herring Nov 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My experience was totally opposite. I scheduled online with GE and A&E came out within a week. Our machine would'nt spin. He repaired the machine and gave me a few pointers about our model and how to take care of future spin related problems if necessary.

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Resolved scam and fraud!

On Saturday, March 8, 2008 I made a call to A & E Services to repair my Maytag Dryer. I was told I...