Ackermans Stores / store manager regarding my poloneck left in the store

Pretoria, Akasia, South Africa

Good day,

My name is Mrs Tshepiso Mothibe, my mobile number is [protected].

On the 13th May 2017, I went to Akermans Wonder Park to collect my Lay-bye. Whiles in store I decided to exchange to Polonecks to a different size. All my items were checked n I had to do the exchange and I took out all the items I wanted to exchange they were all scanned. Unaware one of the red poloneck that I was supposed to take was left on the counter. When I got home the Poloneck was not there. On the 16th May 2017 I went back to the store and I managed to see the cashier who was assisting me n I explained what happened to her. She then decided to get the manager who also I explained what happened. Even though I explained my story she kept on asking me questions as if I was not assisted by the cashier on the counter and she told me that Akermans is not like milady's or other stores where they are able to see how many items were sold n not sold nor returned. I don't know how was that my problem because as a customer I mistakenly left one of my paid items in the store and I needed to get it back. However I was not helped because the manager told me she has boxes to receive n she doesn't have time to look at the cameras to see what happened. And I decided to leave the store.

The fact is I want my item because I paid for it. And I would highly appreciate it if this matter can be handled as soon as possible.

May 16, 2017

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