Ackermans Storespremio p1000 tablet

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I've purchased 3 x Premio P1000 Tablets in Sept 2016 for my kids. My problem is getting screen replacement parts for these. I mean it's kids; they'll break it. Now 2 of the tablets are useless because there's no replacement screens available. I've also emailed the supplier about 3 months ago when the first one's screen damaged. But still no reply. I mean, if I knew that I Wouldn't have purchased the tablets in the first place.

How can you sell something that has no replacement parts????

You can please contact me on [protected]


  • Cl
    Claude Perumal May 09, 2018

    Good day, any cell phone repair shop can replace the LCD / Touch on those tablets, just fixed mine, costed R650 for the new LCD. Problem is the screen protector is not available as the tablet is not a standard size.

    The biggest problem is the cover, very easy to break that tablet as the cover is not strong enpough

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  • Vl
    vlooitjie Jul 13, 2018

    i battle to watch dstv now on my tablet, it needs a security setting to be remove can anybody help please

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