ABSA Bankbond

I am so hopeless. I have been with my payments in arrears which has caused my divorce and financial difficulty the few months I came to bank few time tried to talk to them I was decline every time, not surprised. I tried to even pay as we agreed with the lady from call center but she or someone without any notification they handed me over to attorneys, that wont be the worst case now I am on the phone as writing, I spoke with 5 different people they were transferring me to another people as everyone says I am not dealing with this, the problem is now they gave the legal department umber I got picture on the landline I am literally waiting if someone will eventually pick up the number for 15 minutes nothing tried few time nothing. I want to pay my arrears but no one here to assist me but to send notification to credit bureau that you know how, I am so sick of this service no knowledge no experience no one here to assist for what do you have phone ABSA if no one is there working oh sorry I forgot it is Friday???? very unprofessional Attaching picture I gave up there is no response just ringing


Jan 12, 2017

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