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Kept getting billed unauthorized after canceling my membership. Spoke to 3 different people including a supervisor on the phone, and they refused to help or accommodate me. I am getting charged at least an additional $70, and I am not even there to use the gym anymore. I had to pay the "annual enhancement fee" although I wasn't using the gym. Again, they refused to waive any fees and would not listen to me.

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  • Su
      25th of Jan, 2011

    We regret to hear that your experiences with ABC Financial Services were anything but satisfactory. All consumer concerns are taken very seriously and we would like the opportunity to review your situations and satisfy your needs.

    Should you have additional comments you would care to discuss, please email [protected]

    Susan de Long
    Consumer Relations
    ABC Financial Services, INC.

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  • Ke
      7th of Mar, 2011

    I joined GOLD'S GYM Allentown, PA. I signed a contract with them for ABC to debit my credit card for a monthly fee. The facilities that I was using was constantly dirty and the equipment often times was broken. It would say out of service and would stay that way for a weeks on end. I signed a one year contract and kept to my end of the deal. Once the one year contract was up I notified the gym as stated in the contract that I wanted to cancel. My credit card had expired as well and I explained that I wasn't giving them update information as this was the end of my contract and this was on 12/31. The employee said also send it to PO BOX 6800, Sherwood AR 72124 with my agreement number. I sent the letter and upon talking with Brandon from ABC Financial was told "oh, we never received your letter." Go figure, I explained that I spoke with the Gym and that I had no stepped foot in the Gold's Gym since 2010. The representative was rude and didn't hear anything I was saying and was only concerned about saying the same thing to me over.

    I explained to them that I sent the letter as I was told and kept to my end of the bargain. I am now being told that even if I sent the letter again today that it wouldn't matter. He proceeded to tell me my balance was $125.50 and I said excuse me. I paid December's which cleared my bank account. I notified them on December 31st as I should that the account was cancelled and the card had expired. I never stepped foot again in the facility. How can I possible owe $125.50 oh but this gets better. He proceeded to tell me that he wouldn't cancel my account until they received $154.50 and I said so now it went up again. He said yes because April 3rd it would be charged again. He said if I sent it again today that they would continue charging me for admin fees, customer service fees, processing fees etc.

    I am completely appauled at how a good customer of over 2+ years is being treated like this. My father is still a customer but I am sure after speaking with him and after I share with my other friends my experience they will reconsider going to another gym. Of course, they didn't receive the letter the first time, and continue charging me. I explained on every phone call I received from them what happened every person told me they would note the account and of course no one did or at least that is what they told me. Needless to say I will be campaigning now to make sure that everyone I know who uses Gold's goes else where. I also work in this field and never treated any of my customers in this manner. I am considering getting an Attorney as I followed all the steps in canceling my contact. They told me that this would go on my credit report if I didn't resolve. They also told me if would matter if I sent the letter if my account wasn't paid in full. I can't believe there are organizations

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