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Fitness First Complaints & Reviews

Fitness First / complain about bad attitude of a receptionist stuff marinee

Feb 13, 2019

My name is Nourah Almansour a wife of Khalifa Abdulla I'm a wife of international & permanent member of the club and we are guests in Bangkok for 4 days and this is the second day my husband joined the club in Bangkok, there is a receptionist named Marinee, she is very rude and racist in...

Fitness First / overcharged

Feb 11, 2019

A staff tried to register another member to my card. That's the reason why last december they charged me extra p800 and p3295 last january. She said she was not able to update the card of her other member that's why it was being charged on my vard which she registered when that member...

Fitness First / racism

Jan 30, 2019

Im half japanese and colombian and I have heard that fitness first is one of the best gyms in australia therefore I wanted to sign up and ask questions about membership. I went to top ryde fitness first with my bf and one of the staffs members claimed to be the club manager name is will...

Fitness First / service

Jan 8, 2019

Please we have some problem with you club they close and under maintenance and Iam trying to Freeze my account because we can't used the club I'm al manzel, the Club manger He treats us very bad and want change us and how I will pay and the problem from your side please, really am very...

Fitness First in Hong Kong / gym membership

Dec 21, 2018

This is to flag a complaint that my membership ended 2 years ago but they are still charging me in the past 2 years without notifying me. According to Hong Kong Consumer Council, auto-renewal is prohibited. Tried to discuss with the branch manager yet his feedback was very frustrating. Looking for a feedback from the senior management. Thank you. Iris

Fitness First / membership cancellation

Dec 13, 2018

I got a one year membership from Fitness First. I very clearly stated the sales guy that i do not want automatic renewal. He said ok. That one year later, i thought my membership was finished but they kept taking money from my account. I went there and talk to the person in the office amd...

Fitness First / cancellation of membership fee

Dec 12, 2018

Membership Number: 50123672 Club Name: FF Mall of Asia I sent an email to fitness first in regards to cancellation of my fitness first membership during the trial period and much before the contract began. they acknowledged that membership will be cancelled but they did not cancel the...

Fitness First / penalty form my stolen bank card

Oct 17, 2018

My card was stolen around 2 weeks ago and I blocked it and cancelled it. And i didn't know that the payment for my Freezen fee was not success. I think the payment should be pay directly from my bank account. Until yesterday, I got a call that told me I need to pay $85 becoz the payment...

Fitness First / rockdale gym, sydney, nsw, australia

Oct 17, 2018

I am writing in regards to the studio at rockdale that has been unavailable for classes recently. Every time it rains the studio roof leaks; with the heavy rain we had for the last week, the studio roof has collapsed and all classes were cancelled. The most annoying part of this is that...

Fitness First Kwun Tong / service

Oct 11, 2018

Today 1800 I was gonna attend the group suspension training circus class. It was my first time to join this class and I arrived on time, 1800. However, the tutor told me next time come earlier, actually it's 1800 indeed. After she noticed it was my first time to join this class, she asked me...

Fitness First Junction 10 / inconsiderate act of gym members

Oct 4, 2018

There is a group of about 4 members who appears almost every evening at Junction 10 Fitness First and occupies almost 1/2 of weightlifting machines and dumbbells for their own usage. This inconsiderate act of them has prevented the other gym members from using the gym equipment until they...

Fitness First 1 Mont Kiara / cleaning services

Oct 1, 2018

I love the overall gym in 1Mont Kiara. But the cleaning services is not good. We paid so mucj to get great services. I have been in few other gym before. I never find any gym doing major toilet cleaning during peak hour around 7.30am-9am. The cleaner can mumbling and talk so much when I...

Fitness First / equipments, facilities and the manager

Sep 25, 2018

Equipment: rip off equipment upholstery, rip off plyo box, numerous rusty equipment handles and equipment. Facilities: poor air condition system, water dripping from ceiling, uneven exercise floor that causes accident, insufficient number of hair dryer and cockroaches inside the...

Fitness First Amman / Jordan / most of the services

Sep 22, 2018

- I'm using the abdoun branch since 2008 ( called Vy at that time), i used to subscribe yearly but since like two or three years i started to feel that services is very low class, whether front office employees caliber or sales & customer relations team who just call before days of...

Fitness First / charged by the wrong method

Sep 15, 2018

I would like to express a great length of my disappointment to a seemingly unattended complain i have been making for 3 months in a row regarding my recurring monthly charge. This is now the third month that the monthly charged is debiting from my Maybank account rather than the AMEX...

Fitness First / unable to use passport services in singapore

Sep 2, 2018

I would like to file a complaint in regards to fitness first for cancelling my membership without informing its member although payment was made via direct debit thru my credit card. There was no letter sent to its member and I was abruptly asked to refer to Home Club while I was on a...

Fitness First Doncaster / 24/7 with no lights on

Aug 23, 2018

So decided to train early this morning and I with other members there had to navigate via our mobile phone light to see where we were going. Very unprofessional and ended going to another local 24/7 gym with lights on for there members to train. Funny coming from a gym that charges much...

Fitness First Siam Paragon / service

Aug 2, 2018

I would like to complaint fitness first platinum siam paragon branch base on Bangkok, Thailand. I have been being a membership for almost 2 years. I did cancellation on March because i was really mad that my shoes were stolen and fitness did not that much helpful.. However, a staff told me...

Fitness First / customer service gilda chatswood

Jul 19, 2018

Hi, I would like to express my concerns about a staff member at Chatswood Fitness First please. I have been a fitness frat member for well over a decade and have never encountered such a negative and passive aggressive person. I have exercised at fitness first in England, Singapore...

Fitness First / membership plan / being lied to about eofy sale

Jun 30, 2018

Hi Fitness First, I joined about a week ago on a 'one day sale - 4 weeks free!' deal. I talked in length with one of the staff at St Leonards centre and told him, money was a real concern and if this was your EOFY sale or if Fitness First were going to have another one. He...

Fitness First / service of fitness first

Jun 27, 2018

​​dear fitness first!! I need fitness first malaysia to give me an explanation, why I as a customer and 1 year paid for thousand above!! And I would be accused by the company's trainer without proof!!! Say I have no tutor!!! And vent their anger on me!!! I lodged a complaint with the branch and I did not receive a certified response and apology!!!

Fitness First / fitness first qatar

Jun 14, 2018

Dear ff team, My name is tarek kandeal. I've been a member with ff for two years now. My membership no is 10063703. I had been to ff in riyadh and dubai, but doha here is the worst gym i've been ever to! Here's why… 1. Sauna is always off! Not just 30 min before closing, its closed all...

Fitness First / inconsistent membership fee and poor front desk attitude

Jun 1, 2018

My ff membership under aia vitality program due 31 may 2018. I tried to renew my membership under aia vitality program on 1 jun 2018 at ff empire subang, I paid annual fee rm1960 last year and the front desk staff - arin quoted me rm2430 annual memebership fee. I clarified with him it i...

Fitness First / not much classes during public holiday timetables and fewer experience instructors in this club

May 10, 2018

Hi, I have been a member of fitness first for over six years, and as a loyal member, I would like to draw your attention to several negative features that have crept into the gym over time. First, I have noticed that during the public holiday, you are offering fewer classes. As a...

Fitness First Malaysia (Setia City Mall) / gym

Apr 25, 2018

Charging credit card without my acknowledge after contract end (From January, February, March and April 2018). The Manager /sales person in charge was failed to informed and notify me to renew the contract. After received a credit card statement, I has notice my money has been deducted...

Fitness First / former employee - membership

Feb 15, 2018

Hi, I am lodging a complaint as a former personal trainer at fitness first maroubra, sydney, australia. Unfortunately i've recently had to resign from my position of employment with fitness first following the birth of my first child. As such I am in the process of becoming a member of fitne...

Fitness First / strong insults by another member, racism

Feb 11, 2018

On sunday 11th february, I went to fitness paragon bangkok thailand. Around 6pm, I was insulted by a member, mr. Pollop, in front of many people at the counter reception. Mr. Pollop said to me "you are a liar, you are not welcome here, go back to your country, your parents didnot teach you...

Fitness First / unavailable facilities @ streatham hill fitness first

Nov 16, 2017

Yesterday (15-11-17) I arrive at my local streatham hill fitness first to discover that the pool was closed and was told it would be until 28th november. This was the first I heard of the closure. I received no notification via email from fitness first, or text - and so made a wasted...

Fitness First / cancellation of membership

Oct 5, 2017

I am totally disappointed & upset with the service & attitude of the operation team leader, ms rasyiha in fitness first the curve, mutiara damansara, malaysia. I wanna make an official complaint on her for she never response promptly or replies my correspondence emails with her about my...

Fitness First / chased for debt I don't owe

Sep 12, 2017

I have been contacted by a debt collection agency, apparently on behalf of fitness first, in order to obtain a payment I do not owe. I was a member of the fitness first near holborn station between 1st may 2016 and 30th june 2017, and was on a 12 month contract between 1st may 2016 and 30th...

Fitness First / misbehavior and misconduct of training manager

Sep 5, 2017

Incident took place on 2nd sept 2017 at around 2:30 pm. This was the 1st day of my workout at this gym! This is the fitness first club at bugis junction, singapore. After doing cardio and a few stretches, I went to the central portion of the gym (functional area portion) to do trx based...

Fitness First / rude rpm instructor, menara manulife, judy

Aug 18, 2017

On friday 18th august 2017, I went to a rpm class at 7:15am at menara manulife with instructor judy. I had a terrible experience that not only ruined my entire day but left me completely sour towards the fitness first brand. It was my first time meeting judy and having her as an instructor...

Fitness First Singapore / membership not cancelled properly / unauthorized debit on my card

Aug 16, 2017

Hi, I decided to cancel my membership with fitness first after 2 yrs because of worl reasons. A few months prior to my cancelation my membership was on freeze, last may i told the staff that i want to cancel but he convinced me to place it on freeze again for another month maybe i would...

Fitness First / cancellation of memberships

Aug 4, 2017

Hi, I am not sure wether you can help me but I have a bit of trouble with one of your gyms in Malaysia, Menara manulife in Kuala Lumpur, with the cancelation of two memberships - mine and a friend, both paid with my creditcard. I have tried contacting the gym itself but they are not...

Fitness First / philippines - bgc branch - unauthorized credit card charging due to unprocessed cancellation request

Jun 16, 2017

I filled up the fitness first application for change in membership to cancel my account last feb 16, 2017 as I am unable to use it for work reasons. It should take effect april 2017. Based on the application form, it was indicated that my final usage date is march 31, 2017 but I was still...

Fitness First / auto debit of monthly fee

Jun 15, 2017

I have raised multiple support requests and have also tried to reach their customer care many times. I even called the gym center and they have not provided any support till date. I joined fitness first for a six months special subscription fees, where the monthly fees was debited from my...

Fitness First / poor attitude of manager sales rahul and poor customer service

Jun 6, 2017

I was one of the initial member of the gym and rejoined in 2016. I was extremely satisfied with the gym management team until the time came to renew my membership in June 2017. I approached Manager sales Rahul and asked him to look into my membership details for payment. He gave me new...

Fitness First / membership status update

May 6, 2017

End of december 2016, my colleagues and I joined fitness first malaysia in empire subang. We were offered the corporate package and 21days discounts. However, we have been charged rm222 the full price in feb 2017. We contacted vani in feb 2017 our sales manager to inform her on the...

Fitness First / health and safety & customer service

Jan 24, 2017

Today (10.01.17) me and my son visited your gym at Motorcity Dubai in the late afternoon. We were being escorted by your gym representatives at Motorcity when my son had a hard fall on the floor. This was caused by water that was on the floor, this caused him to slip on his buttocks/ lower back...

Fitness First / gym trainer & manager attitude

Jan 22, 2017

Serious customer service issue Hi, Fitness first in harbour city (tsim sha tsui-hk) lac serious customer service. A. Very pushy instructors for privet sessions B. I had a very bad neck injury in september due to one of their yoga instructor 'arno' (who speaks 80% cantonese in his cla...