Aaron's Futniturewasher and dryer

Bank mailed my monthly check they claim they never got which it's a month in advance but they called me stating they want pd now it was pd I called bank got confirmation number and check number they wanted bank to call them bank doesn't do that very nasty I will never shop the, again never and I bought a lot from them never again I have been called and even sent a truck out posting on my door I do reply to there call but they don't want to hear it very nasty management in this store the store manager told me he was holding one check till the other two arrive he demands the bank calls there I got a letter from bank in good faith I have set up another payment to go out the 18 th he says I'm not late why are you calling me and putting notes on my door terrible management and mouthy sad but they need people with respect and manners

May 17, 2017

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