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We rented a TV, had been paying for 3 months, then on Labor Day weekend, we took off on a trip to look at some property in northern NV where we bought some property. My wife works overnight shifts, and I am self employed where I work an hour/half from home. We got back from our trip that Sunday, and thought we would take care of all bill that were due that following Saturday when we are both home. Well Aaron's didn't wait a day over our due date, that they were sending an employee to our house. Not at a reasonable hour. The first time the guy came by was a little after 6am! My wife had just got to bed, when the door bell was ringing and pounding at the door!! She told him we would take care of our payment that Sat. when we could come in. Two days later same guy came knocking (pounding) on our door again!! This time was around 7:05 am!! My wife told they guy NOT to come around so early and said we will take care of it!. Then three days later that Sat morning, the same guy (again) showed up a little after 7am!! This time I was home!! I told him NOT to every come to ur house that early!! He laughed at me and told me he could come any time he wanted too!! I them told him to get off my property or I would call the Sheriff! he once again laughed at me!! I was really mad, so when my wife got up we went to pay the bill, then decided to call them and pay over the phone, while we were on hold waiting for them to process our payment, the manager came on the line, and started yelling at my wife, that his employee made a police report against me for threatening him!! What kind of business do they run?? They are worse than loan sharks!! No professional business would ever come knocking on someones door so early in the morning!! The manager said to me that he wanted them to come and pick up our tv!! Then he told us that they are charging us $10 for every time they send some one to our house!!! Convenient for them, when the guy lives right here in this little bitty town? Isn't it just a "bit" unreasonable to send someone over, not only that early in the morning, but 3 times in one week, when my wife specifially told him we were on a trip and coming in to take care of the payment in 7 days???... We called the corporate headquarters and made a complaint. The business is a franchise we were told, and the owners nema is 5 star corp and a man and wife owned it, he also gave me their names... The complaint was sent to them. We should be hearing from them on Mon or Tues. This is ridiculous, they took our payment and now want to come and pick the tv up! We have a 6 month agreement with them, how convenient it is for them to take this back??? Our suggestion before leasing anything from Aaron's is check them out before leasing with them. Even though Aaron's has a standard policy for all the franchises, we are told by corp headquarters, that because it is a franchise, the run things the way they want to. Even if they are out of line. But they CAN get in trouble if they cross the line. They can have their franchise license revoked... Beware!!


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    Jade Flowers Oct 11, 2007

    I too have recently had trouble with Aarons. I'm trying to find a way best to handle the situation. They are terrible unprofessional. There are approximately a dozen working in the store near me who do not know what one says to a customer so another says and does something else. They are rude and threatening. We were late on a payment and had someone come to our home who refused to leave when I asked even though we paid that same day. He and another man stood in my home with me and my seven year old daughter and told me that he would not leave my house and that he would by tomorrow have the sheriff there and I would be arrested and lose my TV and all the money I put in it already. I felt scared, threatened. I had been sick all week which left me tired, weak and emotional. Finally when the man did leave I called the manager whom I thought was a little more professional from past experience but I was wrong. He raised his voice and told me I needed to return my TV and was out of choices in the matter. I told him I was not losing my TV after paying $1000 already on it and he accused me of screaming at him. I ended up hanging up then dealing with abuse. I'm looking for a way to go to the next step legally in dealing with this issue.

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  • Jo
    john Mar 08, 2008

    Aarons customer service is so unorganized there all just kids!! We have a debit card with them they were talking out different amounts they need to have someone at there office get the book keeping in order, we called to change are card number to debit and they didn't take it in on record and they came to my house at 100am and at 3:45 am banging on my door! My daughter was so scared, i was bye the door and door wasn't locked good they put a flier on my door and turned then knob i heard them say i wont tell if you don't if they would of came in they would have been in big big trouble if you know what i mean!!! So the next day i called and they acted like they would not do that! Will call cops next time!!

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  • Kl
    Klaus Jun 24, 2008

    HI Jade.

    My family has put up with their carp now for almost a year now. We only have a couple of payments left. When Aaron's emplyoee filed a police report on me, the Sheriff came out, and told us that No business came come that early 9:00am is reasonable. The report went no where. After that incident with Aaron's They do not come to our house at all. The Sheriff said if they come to our house and threaten us to call them right away. He said if we make our payment they cannot demand the tv back. We called that day and made the tv payment after it was made the manage came back on the phone, said for us to give the tv back! They run illegal practices. yes we have been late a few more times, but not once has anyone came back to our house! The sheriff told us he was going to have a talk with them. He must have because we dont hear from them anymore! By the way. Don't ever let them in your house ever!. They have no rights to come into your house. Also its doesnt matter if they want it back. If you owe them and even can't pay for it, it turns into a civil law suit, and they have to go the court proceedure for repossion. Do not let them intimidate you. If they come knocking dont answer the door. Or if you do tell them to leave they are treesspassing. If they threaten to call the Sheriff, let them. The sheriff will tell them to go through the court. the Sheriff has no jusrisdiction in forcing you to give it back. Does not matter what the paper says that you signed, they still have to follow the law. The only thing the Sheriff can do when called is preserve the peace. Thats all. California laws here.

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  • Do
    Donald Oct 22, 2008

    My daurghter came to me and ask if i could lend her enough money to pay her monthly payment . I wrote a check out to Aaron's nobody"s name on it just Aaron's. when her boyfriend took it in for her the man there ( Bill) told him that was a 3rd. person check he can't take that need to cash it and bring the payment in then . What the heck is he talking about.My check a 3rd. person check that is the first time i heard of that alot of other have taking my checks for they'res payments but them . i had to give him cash to go to make the payment so thats bull to me . Now another one about a laptop mt granddaughter got a laptop form there, the screen went out and they wouldn't fix it so my GD had to pay for it and take it to a shop to have it fix and that cost $200.00 .So Aarons lost 2 more and I wont deal with them now.

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  • Mi
    michael wesson Oct 23, 2008

    I purchased a rca tv from arrons sales& lease in rome ga about a year and a 1 / 2 ago with the extended warranty. I guess i made a mistake of paying it off early cause now that its torn up for the third time for the exact same thing arrons is giving me the run around on it after attempting several times to contact not only arrons but also the repair center that had fixed it the first two times neither of them would return my phone calls so i had to make a trip to the arrons store and much to my surprise i still got jerked around. 3 weeks after going to there store arrons finally come up with they have called rca and rca is gonna either swap my tv out or refund my money but the kicker is its gonna take any where from 4 weeks to 4 month and this whole time im without my tv because when its paid off arrons cant give you the loaner tv thats promised with this great warranty they make you get some customer service huh!!!

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  • An
    angie benge Oct 28, 2008

    we have been costomers there for over 3 years. we have paid off muti/ accounts with them .they have got a bunch of idiots in there and they are all against each. everybody wants to be the boss however none of them have enough brain cells to do the job.just let someone come out to your house they tell you all the drama going on in the store, who likes who who is after whose job, who stands behind the new management who doesnt. in the hartwell ga. store thats how it is anyway . after 3 years with them, and a few short weeks at work they call everyday, come to your houseand harrass you, they came the other day to pick up a tv as the guy was leaving he said i need to pick up a living room suit. there is no living suit hear that belongs to them. i should have let him take it . tyeh filed charges on him for stealing it, i just dont playng games with peoples minds like they do

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  • Am
    amy Dec 08, 2008

    i got a laptop from them and im dissabled and they had the nerve to say i was going to jail just because they hadnt gotten their pmt and my ssi check hasnt come yet i had that same problem in scranton isnt right they need to be more understanding and not so rude and hound u all the time

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  • Do
    DON b Feb 04, 2009

    aaron rents refuse to leave home owners alone and are calling my home costantly and looking for someone that does not live here

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  • Do
    DON b Feb 04, 2009


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  • He
    Heidi Mar 28, 2009

    Today I had an Aarons driver at my house. I made my payment last night. This was only after I had called them and told them last Saturday that I would be in on Friday. The manager proceeded to call my house three times on Monday. When I told her I already had made payment arrangements she called again and again. When I stopped in to make the payment on Friday night and told her I wasn't happy with the service she denied calling me stating that it was in the computer so she wouldn't have called me. I made my payment, in fact a payment and a half, so we can pay it off quicker and have no more dealings with these people, and went home. Saturday morning in pulls the Aarons delivery truck. Needless to say the poor guy got a real earful. I then called the manager and complained. Once again she had no idea why he was there. I think they need to make sure the employees they hire can read and write English and obviosly b e computer literate. Afterall the computer is what tells them that I made my payment and prints out my receipt, Which I make sure I have each and everyone and are filed in order so I can prove to them that yes someone out here does know what they are doing. Maybe I should go try to manage the store, I couldn't do any worse than Chris does.

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  • De
    dell Jun 03, 2009

    I have a lap top that has been messed up since a few weeks after getting, I have takin it in to be repaired twice now and am getting pushed out the door by the manager raymond, getting the run around saying what ever people want to hear to get them to leave his self caring or even awareness to costomers is awful, rude, and he has no right to be in the manager position with his attitude..

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  • Un
    Unhappy in WV Jul 13, 2009

    Hi I have a major problem with Aaron's as well. I live in Beckley, WV and around the memorial day weekend I went to Aarons to get a laptop computer. I needed one for my work. Needless to say after being there for nearly 3 hours I left with my laptop. I told my mother about it and she too wanted a laptop so we went together in the next day or so and got her one. Well, in all the time that I was there when I got mine NO ONE ever mentioned to me about a down payment or a first months payment or anything close to it. I left out of there with only my agreement and my laptop and the free printer. So when my mom goes to get hers AGAIN no one ever mentions to me about me having to pay or anything. They did give me a certain percentage off for bringing my mother in. So a few days go by and I work on the road mostly so me not being home is no big suprise. Well my boyfriends dad kept saying someone called for me and again no big suprise my clients call me a lot. But it was Aarons come to find out saying that I needed to bring the laptop back until I made my payment. I was like what??????? what payment are you talking about...and the guy admitted on the phone to me that THEY made a mistake and shouldn't have let me walk out of the store without making a payment or putting money down. Now I do not do business like this. Especially when it has been 2 weeks ago that I got the laptop. I told him I would not be making any kind of payment until it was due on the 23rd of the next month. He got really aggravated at me and said he was going to file court papers against me for having stolen property. I AM NOT AN IGNORANT PERSON NOR DO I TAKE THREATS LIKE THIS LIGHTLY. I work hard for my dollars and don't appreciate being talked to like a child. I have 3 degrees one of them being a law degree, so NO Aaron's can't call and harass you over their mistake. And NO Aaron's can't just show up at your house and threaten to take back what you leased from them. I work as a counselor and these people need help pyschologically mentally and emotionally. They evidently have missed out on something in life to think they can treat another human being like they do without consequences. I will NEVER do business with them again and suggest to anyone else out there DON'T GO TO AARON"S RENTALS!!!

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  • Bo
    Bobby Shultz Sep 23, 2009

    I do not have any problem with my local Aaron's Store, they are very helpful...I have emailed Aaron"s two (2) times asking for information so I can setup an online account to pay my bill online. My problem is with cooperate folks... To date, I have NOT received a bill, invoice or any thing to assist me in setting up an online account...That's no good...
    Nobody has even answered my last email request...I did receive an automated response on my first request, and that's all I have heard from you. If I DO NOT HEAR FROM ANYONE BY TOMMORROW, THEY CAN PICK THIS STUFF UP!!! Unhappy patron...Bobby Shultz [email protected]

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  • Mr
    mrsbuda Sep 24, 2009


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  • Pr
    precious c Nov 02, 2009

    I rented a t.v. from them and I had been paying on it for a lil over a year and no that's it's close to being paid off they want to act really thirsty, I know my payment was due on a specific date but sometimes things don't always go as planned. So they called my cellphone like 3 times within an hour and a half then the automated system called me another 4 times, but ohh this is the icing on the cake they called my place of employment like for real 6 times 4 different people called my job harrassing my co-workers. Telling themto tell me that they were sending the truck to my house to pick-up their merchandise and that they were coming to my job to get my payment, HELLO I had it I would have paid it AARONS is really harsh yes we know that we are renting these items but gosh slow your roll it is a recession out here they will lose alot of business traveling down the road that they are heading. Yes, it was easier than going somewhere else getting your credit checked but in thewords of our parents you get what you pay for and now their talking about garnishing paychecks this is the last and final item I rent from anybody whether it's aarons or rent-a-center with their over priced ###.

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  • Cu
    Customer Service???? Nov 05, 2009

    I agree!! This "customer service" is absolutely unexcuseable. I was charged $15.00 late fee for 5 days due to the fact they "had to" come to my house. I will never rent from this company again. Aarons needs to learn to put a little more trust into thier customers or not rent at all!!! I can understand if someone is 30 days past due, but certainly not 1 or even 5 days late.

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  • Ne
    neveragain.... Nov 27, 2009

    Aaron's rent-to-own is the most inappropriate, lying, and manipulative company we have ever encountered. They have "brutus" who comes to the door (paid to be aggressive), pounding on the door, and I mean POUNDING...knocking photos off walls. Why??? Because our payment was 3 days late!!! "Brutus" threatened our daughter, as my wife and I were out of town, saying, "I need $60 dollars today, to get this account current, or else." Our daughter called to inform us of the incident, and made the statement, "I have more debt than I should, but it seems pretty ridiculous to be coming after someone, and pounding on a door over 60 bucks." She's 21, and damn smart!! We filed a police report for the threat and damages, contacted the corporate office (another joke) and made the manager at the local office very aware of the situation--we were told, "He's a big guy, it may just seem like he pounds on the door." We were also told, the same individual "has been in trouble before, for the same complaint."...Interesting...When
    "brutus" knocked at our door, and threatened my daughter, we had only 3 payments left for our merchandise, yet this company acted like we never ever paid a dime. In addition, once we filed our complaint with the corporate office, we were promised a return call from the corporate manager following a review--didn't get that; called back, and was told, "the corporate manager will be at the location in your area on Friday; he will call you then, as will the district manager." Again, no phone calls. Absolutely ridiculous!! No company can continue to prosper with such an obvious lack of customer service. If they truly believe that Michael Waltrip will keep them afloat, even when he goes part-time next season, then perhaps all our complaints need to go to their "signature guy" for resolution. I can honestly say, the face/name of Michael Waltrip did NOT influence the items my wife and wasted our money on. The harrassment has not stopped with this company...apparently, they do not want anyone to pay off their balances, because they prefer to "repo" all items nearly paid for in order to resell them for a greater profit!! When YOU are the buyer YOU are in control...buyer beware!!! NEVER RENT FROM AARONS!!

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  • Ra
    RaciieDame Dec 12, 2009

    We have had similair problems with Aarons in Neptune NJ The best way to handle it is go over their heads it took some searchimg but I found this EVERYONE should call past or present!!! As is typical of Aarons the presentation is misleading but the number is a National Customer Service Line I have not tried the e-mail YET call
    Greg Tanner
    National Director
    678-402-0015 (office)
    678-402-3540 (fax)
    [email protected]

    Aaron Rents Corporate Office
    309 East Paces Ferry Road
    Atlanta, Georgia 30305

    a representitive will take your complaint and promises someone will call within 24hours then she says if no one contacts me in 24 hours this is the owners # feel free to call him 410 238 2506
    Happy Dialing !!!

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  • Ga
    Gabrielle Gg Dec 29, 2009

    I've been out of town for about two weeks and called Arrons and told them I wouldnt be in to make my payment. I was told by two representative at Arrons that I could pay my late bill Jan 2. Two or three days afterwards I get a call from the manager saying I cant pay then and they want to come get their equipment. I told him that I talked to two representatives at the store and they told me it would be fine. He then said that there was no record in the computer of that conversation but the girl did admit that she had spoken with me. He then said she is in sales and she does not work with accounts. My question is what made her think she had the authority to tell me I could make the payment. Why is she answering the phone if she cant discuss or has no authority to look in someones account? I then said I spoke with a guy there and he told me the samething he then said "well hes setting you up for failure so we can have this conversation next mont"! Wow! Thats all I can say at this point. Is that what you tell a customer? Is that how you talk to a customer? These people and their employees are very rude and unprofessional. That tv I rented was not worth all this drama. I will never rent from Arrons again. And if possible Im going to tell everyone I know cause Arrons is horrible

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  • St
    Stella Pool Jan 01, 2010

    I was renting a riding lawn mower from Aaron, made a payment on Saturday, Aaron had there worker come to my house Monday afternoon afternoom, after I had gone to work and picked up my lawn mower and to this day 1/1/2010 they have not called as to why they picked it up, and that was Nov. 2009 . I feel if they had plans to breach my contract they should not have taken my $109.00

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  • Mc
    mcjunkinskimmie Jan 29, 2010

    I've had the same problems with Aarons here in Alabama. We've brought a lot of stuff from them. They lost their best manager. When this new guy came to play it all fell to crap. I've always paid on time, when I couldn't I would tell them. Then one day, they came banging on my door. I told them off, and the guy still said can we get a post dated check from you I said NO and then I got them back by waiting another week to pay them, of course a late fee for me but well worth it.
    I've also got a dell monitor from them, of course the warrenty has ran out, they won't fix it neither will dell, burns me up cuz I paid about 800.00 for it and it's just sitting in my floor, I don't know who to take action with this dell or Aaron's, I've already tried both but won't budge.
    When I go to make my computer payment 2 wks prio to day, they told me 4 payments left, and then again today told me 4wks left should have been 3, I think that they
    pocket some of the money for themselves.
    I was wondering if there are any current law suits against them and if there is enough people who would be interested in doing so.
    thanks and wishing you all the best in dealing with them.

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  • Cb
    CB7 Jan 30, 2010

    I have been a customer of Aaron's for over a year. Never late on a payment. I rented a front load washer and dryer and the delivery men didn't hook the hose to the washer properly and it begin to leak water (unnoticed) Until the carpet outside the laundry room became soaked with water. My kitchen is directly behind my laundry room and the water seeped through the walls and damaged the cabinets. I reported this to Aaron's and they sent the same guys out to clean up the mess. With a small rug doctor. After a couple of days the carpet began to smell. (like mildew) I called them again and they came by and proceeded to clean it again with the same rug doctor. It didn't work. After subjecting my family to this for over a week they finally sent a manager from the store out of Emporia to take pictures of the damages, she ran out of film and promised to come back the next day, (the next day never got here) so a family friend cleaned it for me and the smell went away. As for the damaged cabinet it remains the same. Now 1/2010 I notified Aaron's that I would be moving out of state and was wondering if I would lose all the monies I invested in the rental property. The manager out of South Hill stated that I used the stuff so I have to return it or pay it out. I can't afford to pay it out so I feel cheated. I asked could they maybe transfer my account to the state I was moving to and let me pick something from that store and add that money I already spent to the new items. She was very rude and told me they couldn't do it because they were a franchise. I told her that her rudeness made me regret ever being a customer she said she couldn't change the way she spoke to satisfy me. I asked her for the number to the owners of the franchise and she said she didn't have a number but she would send them an e-mail and someone should contact me in 48 hrs. I know that most people that rent from these type of businesses have poor credit and this is the bait used. We are paying way too much for things rented anyway. I saw a playstation3 for lease at Aaron's for $39.00+ a month, the total cost would be over $700 ridicules!!! WE SHOULD USE THESE EXPERIENCES WITH COMPANIES LIKE AARONS TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN THE IMPORTANCE OF MAINTAINING GOOD CREDIT. It sickens me when I see Magic Johnson promoting (RAC) stores like Aarons when he knows damn well he doesn't rent a damn thing from RAC. THE RICH KEEP GETTING RICHER BY THE HANDS OF THE POOR!!!

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  • Ji
    jimjw Feb 04, 2010

    i believe aarons should be out of business. i got my income tax and wanted to by a computer. so i went to thier store and started asking some questions. i don't no much but my main questions were about warrenty and that i wanted something for gaming and music downloading. the represnstative took me straight to a cybertron and started talking it up. when he found out i wanted to pay it off straight away he told me i would have a two month warrenty and he could knock the price down for me. to me this was great. i felt like these were good people and this is the place i will shop from now on. this was all on a saturday around closing time. when i got the computer home and set it up i noticed a piece of the tower face was missing. naturally, after they had taken around a hundred dollars off at the store i felt i could live with that. then i noticed an icon on my toolbar that said a disk needed to be removed safely but there was no disk in the drive. next i found out my two usb's on the face of my tower didn't work so the following monday morning i called aarons to see if i needed to bring the computer to them or send it to another company. i was given to the store manager who proceeded to tell me i had no warrenty because i paid it in full at the store. I thought "WHAT!" i told the manager the gentlemans name who had told me i would have a two month warrenty and was put on hold for about 15 minutes. when the manager came back on he gave me a number to thier repair shop to see if they could help me. the repair shop told me the usb were probably fried. after talking with my wife we decided this was a bad investment and we were probably not given the whole story with this computer. so that tuesday i took the computer back to the store and asked to get a refund or possibly upgrade. long story short, No. the regional manager was called and over the phone told me the computer was clearly marked prereleased, no refunds, no returns. basically, take a hike. we suckered you out of $600 and let you believe you were buying a new computer so cut your loses and get out of our store. they didn't say the last part but that was how i was made to feel. my wife and i think they new the computer was a dud and were trying to get rid of it anyway they could. we didn't read any tags because we thought we had a gentleman explaining the computer to us. they weren't even descent enough to let us spend more money at THIER store to get out of this bum deal. as i was leaving thier fine esablishment i turned to the manager and said " i hope everyone finds out what ripping off [email protected]?! you guys are." and you know what he smirked at me and walked off. these are the kind of people we are buying from

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  • Dd
    ddddd2222 Feb 28, 2010

    aarons sucks. they have cockroaches in almost every store. i used to work for the kokomo store.

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  • Xg
    xgm Mar 02, 2010

    by law they can come to your door 8:am until 9:pm.you have the right to say stop u just need to do it in writing they can only call 3 times a day again thats the fair collections act that protects consumers.keep in mind if they talk to your freinds or even your family about your contract with them or any $ amount.If they do u have a good lawsuit against them

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  • Mi
    mike thumm Mar 07, 2010

    I just recently started working with aarons as a manager trainee after 18 years in upper management with another firm. I have heard so many different complaints in my life about late payments, harrasing calls, rude sales and management staff, etc. etc. Aarons is no different than any other business as they expect you to hold up to your end of the agreement or lease. So many people have this woe is me attitude and its nobodys fault but your own folks. Make your payments on time, if you dont like the phone calls or visits from employees, pay your bills!!! If someone is rude report it to their upper management. (Here's an idea), , , , , , You let me borrow 10, 000 and ill promise to pay you back at 100.00 a month til its paid off. See how quick you start calling me or visiting me if i dont answer the phone or the payment is late when its your money on the line. This is a business plain and simple. Its never personal until you make it so... Simple enough, if you cant afford it or know you cant make the payment dont buy it!!!

    Mike from Cape Coral, Fla.

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  • Mz
    Mz. Libra Mar 13, 2010

    I understand what you are saying Mike but what about the customers like me who made my payments on time and still got stewed by Aaron's. I bought a computer last year in September and it stopped working in November. I didn't want to go that route but I needed it at the time for my job.When I signed the agreement, the sales person said that it was brand new but that wasn't true. When they bought it to my home, it already had a pass code set up that they didn't know the code and then when I figured it out, I found music already in it.Because I wasn't using it for that purpose, I ignored it and kept it anyway. Now when I 1st brought it in to be fixed because I couldn't pull up my paperwork on my flashdrive, they said that they were going to fix it but I had to go a week without it. When I did get it back it still had the same problems and some new ones too. When I took it back the 2nd time, I found out that they let someone in the store fix it and he had no clue of what was wrong with it. I took it back to the store the same day and the sales person had the nerves to ask me could I just deal with it?!!! That is no customer service!!! Yet, he said they had to send it out to be serviced and I agreed but I asked could I get a loaner until I got mines back and the guy said that they would get me a loaner by that Weds and this happened on a sat and they never got me one. So now I haven't had it in 5 months and they call me, write me and even came by my home one day and left a note demanding the merchandise back which I do not have. I've called the store everytime it happened and the person who handles their accounts just say don't worry about it and just throw it away. They also say they are going to put it into their computer that I no longer have it but here we are months later and i'm still getting harrassed about something that I do not have. Then the account manager said that he had a woman that has been waiting on her television since the summer and they still hasn't gotten it to her. I am really cautious about my credit and I know the way that they are harrassing me, that most likely, they have put this on my credit report. So since you know so much about this situation, how would you suggest I handle this?

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  • Pu
    Pulooka Mar 30, 2010

    Wow!!! rich keep getting richer huh? That is the stupidist thing I have heard. You need to understand that the rental industry is a risk business. The mark up on items such as that playstation you mentioned (which at $40/mo for 12 mo comes to $480 not $700) is because when people rent items they dont take care of them. When people return items or they repo items more often than not the merchandise is in horrible condition. They have a lot of overhead costs. I'm not saying it applies to you specifically but alot of times that playstaion goes out with $40 down on it and comes back 1 month later broken, so now they have an item they own for $300 with only $40 of revenue on it. A loss of $260. Between that and the one then went for the full term of the agreement they collected $520. a loss of $80. You also have the 90 day same as cash option and early pay off savings. So, really to pay for that one machine that was broken sometimes you need to sell 3, 4, or even 5 playstations to start making a profit again. All of this was not figuring in the operating costs either. So, dont tell me they are making money hand over fist or taking advantage of the poor. Yes they make a profit, of course, they are not a charitable orginazation.

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  • Ge
    George Apr 02, 2010

    I recently put $800 down on a 65'' HDTV and purchased a stand for $300 cash from Arron's Rent-to-own. The delivery time was scheduled between 4-7pm. The delivery guys finally showed up right at 7 which was fine, but when they unloaded the truck, they only brought the TV (which was damaged). they didn't bring the TV remote or the stand that I purchased! After saying that they would be right back with the items that they forgot, they didn't even show up at all!!! No phonecall or anything to let us know what was going on. They left us with a monster TV sitting in our kitchen!!! Completely unprofessional and needless to say i will not be doing business with Arron's ever again.

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  • Ro
    Ronald Apr 05, 2010

    We bought tv from aarons. we paid for 24 months, during that time it went out 3 times. now thats its paid off, 4 months now the tv went out again. called arrons got no help. we asked for new tv when it went out the 3rd time, they said no. we paid alot of money for it and we need help. we have bought alot from them and planned to buy more. where are they when you need help. the tv was to be new when we got it, now we find out it had been rented before.

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  • Br
    brenda pence May 21, 2010

    let me tell you something mr manager trainee. my husband and myself went to aarons to get a laptop. i used my step-dad as a refernce, he lives in an apartment complex that happendens to have the same address as a woman with my first name, that didnt pay for merch about they say worth 3, 000. instead of checking first they said i was that person and called me a criminal. i had to prove i wasent her. it was embarrasing and degrading. and the laptop is junk. suppose to be a new dell, but the battery needed to be replaced. none of the media players work. aarons was suppose to come out and fix it a week ago and never showed and on top of that the payment i made was 156.00 for one month i gave then 160.00 they called 15 days latter trying to tell me they prorated it and a payment was due i dont think so.
    because of them acusing me of being a criminal i am sueing aarons, i urge other ppl to sue as well. aarons will not be getting away with this. with me i can tell you that. nascar needs to hear about this. this store is in porterville, ca

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  • Ed
    eddie quinton Jun 10, 2010

    if you ever move to texas around the mexia area dont shop at the arron's manager is a liar and a poor excusse of a manager i bought a air condition payments 82.00 a month i had it about one week and this thing start making a load noise call .we'll get someone to fix it month later payment due air not fix calling about payment so i said what about my air someone coming to check it out so repair man comes out when the next payment is due repair man calls arron's motor not good can replace motor so now to this day i have not heard from arron's about when they will replace my air till the no more payment i bought insurence so anything happen they would replace it i live on 875.00 ss check and them bet me out my money that a shame i file a complaint with the b.b.b about them...this is a shame that they come on tv and we will treat you right that false statement...

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  • Ma
    MAD AS HELL Today Jul 02, 2010

    Arrons is full of [censor]...The best thing in the world to do is AVOID they [censor] if at all cost. They will harrass you and try to talk down to you like you are [censor] on a stick.

    If you see an Aarons, KEEP DRIVING. I paid all the time on time and I went into the hospital to have a baby on my due date to PAY AArons and they had a fit...One guy CALLED & wanted me to bring in a post dated check. I said sure Einstein with a baby hanging from Puss, you want me to get out of the hospital bed, stop labor, and bring you a check STUPID. Would you believe as soon as I hung up on him, he called my mom phone whom was standing right next to me. Surely he got cussed out, but just AVOID THEM IF YOU CAN...RUN...DONT EVEN STOP TO LOOK IN THEIR STORE. ITS NOT WORTH YOU GUYS, ITS REALLY NOT. GO TO ASHELY FUNITURE FOR CHEAP FUNITURE AND FINANCING. THESE PEOPLES ARE CRAZY.

    If you have problems, call 678-402-0015 AArons National Customer Line. They will take your complaint and pass it to a manager.

    Good luck to all, but if at all cost, let them have their things back and leave them alone...


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  • Be
    bearshare82 Jul 09, 2010

    I agree with Mike. Everyone has been whining and complaining about how they are the victim. You all have to remember, you are LEASING this merchandise. It does not belong to you so until you have paid it off. If you are late than they are going to call you and come by to your house to see what the problem is. How can you get mad at that? Own up to your responsibility and you won't have these issues. Also, you need to make sure you are being an informed consumer when you are signing these agreements, if you didn't pay attention to the "USED" right next to the merchandise, then that is your fault. You all must get better at this! It's not rocket science! Read what you are signing! Plain and Simple.

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  • Bi
    Big O Sep 15, 2010

    They are liars, called them and told them why I was late, told them I would make it up the next month, they said ok.Then they make threatening phone calls to my family members, call there work with *** up attitudes, come by my house make threatening comments to family members.Sent them a letter explaining circumstances, and they sent letter back to me.Also talked to one of the employee's who work's for Aaron's, he lied and denied I ever talked to him, computer is *** up, there employee's and manager's are ***.They ###d with the wrong person this time, and I hope you *** holes are readig this right now.

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  • Co
    COMPL Aarons Nov 15, 2010

    i agree aaron's service people suck i am buying a computer i owe $300 on it and have sent it in four times to have the same thing fixed my contract states that any problems while leasing will be fixed it is in black and white so anyone who thinks they are ok are dumb-[censor] there is no excuse for poor service if the people they have servicing there products can't do there job they need to find someone else to do it i have hired a lawyer and he said the breached thier contract and and not to give them anything that if i did i had no case so [censor] all ya'll Aarons supporters people don't let them take advantage of you seek legal help

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  • Un
    unsatisfied aarons customer Nov 18, 2010

    i am renting a tv from aarons went up on the 1st when my payment was due put 100 down and told them id be back on the fallowing wed to pay another 70 down because i recently got laid off and was waiting for unemployemnt they told me that was fine well after calling everyday and everday i would answer the phone and tell them that i already told them id be there on the 17th a man shows up at my door on the 16th and said he was here to get my tv well i was walking out the dopor with my 2 year old son to pick my daughter up he would not let me out of my drive way so i had to walk in the rain with my son to pick my daughter up from school when i went up on the 17th to make the payment they REFUSED my payment and said they wanted the tv back i told him to take me to court because i only have 3 payments left on my tv after paying on it for a year and a half it seems like they start giving everyone trouble when the item is almost paid off i called the number that some one had put on this site and im hoping to hear something soon

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  • Ki
    kitch Jan 29, 2011

    I went to Aarons to buy a NEW computer and one that has windows 7, Called install programs the computer had been preowned, called said they would order a brand new one, in 2 months the power plug went bad, They let me use another one till mine was fixed, my coputer should take more then 3 day 2 weeks, called and was told computer was being fixed 2 weeks later I was lucky they let me use one while mine was being fixed, Old manger told me they would match anyone so I got 4 price a said i would pay what dell charged for a dell 15R was 648.00 well computer is still broke I lost 3 people who books i did, was told my problem Turn off used computer till I paid them . When I lost my income because they Lied all my book was on the broke computer Was told how was that their problem. I dealing with cancer and Lupus now i have to be talked down to as being robbed PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THEM THEY ARE ALL ABOUT THE MONEY AND NOT THE CUSTMER

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  • Aa
    AaronsHater Feb 05, 2011

    i agree with all you . Aarons sucks at service and they have very little Peaple skills.
    I was paying for a 32" lcd tv set on a 12 month contract, because it was all scratched up when i got it.then i noticed i was still paying after 15 month's i called to ask why-and they made it look like i was trying to rip them off, and said my contract was for 24 month's. beings no resolution could be found, i told them i was done with there company and just to come and get the tv. i told the guy on the phone i wanted a slip of some kind showing that i returned it to them for my own protection. this guy agreed with no problem...but when he came to pick up the tv i was gone and my dad was there, so my dad asked for the slip and the guy said to him "what do you think i'm trying to steal it"...these Peaple are very rude and should not work in a place where they serve the public.i would highly suggest that no one rents from them.they are a very poor excuse for a Bussiness. this is the store in musk, MI. and i hope they eventually learn that they cant keep talking to Peaple the way that they do without some consequences .

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  • Te
    Teeboo Feb 13, 2011

    On January 15, 2011, I purchased two pieces of office furniture and started an agreement or lease on a third piece. I requested to have the furniture delivered on Feb. 1, 2011. I called the store Monday, January 24, 2011 a week before the delivery to set up an official time. The date was set for January 29, 2011. No one bothered to call or say anything. I called to verify that they were doing the delivery about 2pm; I finally spoke to Anthony who asked me to call a back about 3pm or 4pm to see if they were doing the delivery. I was on hold for over 23 minutes before I called Anthony on another phone and he answered. Of course, they were not doing it. A delivery has been schedule everyday since except Sunday. No ever bothers to call or communicate if they are on the way. I always call around 5pm to check in with the store; naturally no one knows anything. I waited in my office until 7:30pm Wed. Feb. 02, 2011before someone called to tell me they were yet again a no show. I do not want the furniture and demand a refund. I do not want to do business with such a sloppy company.

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