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poor everything

I rented a big screen tv from AARONS in the Fall of 2008. When I rented this item I had explained to the clerk that my pay day fell different from month to month. I was told not a problem, they would charge me $5.00 for being late.I have always paid my bill. Then in March of this year I was late, do to the fact that I have a special needs child whoi had become sick. Then on top of that my mother had a stroke and was in the hospital. Running back and forth between my son and my mother my payment was late. They sent someone out to my home to pick uo the merchandise for non payment. I had a relative at my homeand when they arrived she told them she did not know anything about it and could not let them in. They were demanding either payment or return of the merchandise. She tried to explain the situation to them but the manager of the store was a real JERK. He was very nasty. She told him she would be talking to me that night and she would relay the message. He told her to contact her right now or they would basically come in and take the set. She had to contact me on the phoneand I had to make a payment immediately. I was in the customer sevice businessfor many years and if I had anyone who worked for me that had this persons attitude, they would be history. Your business is nothing without customers, and without good customer service your as good as gone. If you do 't have to go this route for merchandise don't. It's the biggest headache you can have.

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    adaminbtr Mar 10, 2011

    Blah, blah, blah. Once again it's the company's fault that you didn't pay your bill. I've had an account with RAC for 3 yrs. I've never missed a payment, and guess what, I don't have any problems.

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keeps your money

I started dealing with Aarons out of necessity and it did not take me long to realize some of the many ways they rip their customers off. Each month when you make your payment they try to keep the change due from what you hand them to apply to your account (they say), but the fact is that money is never credited and you still owe the same amount of payments. I put a deposit on an appliance because mine stopped working and not 1 hour later I cancelled my purchase after my landlord replaced the appliance and when I called the store they talked me into applying the deposit to my account and it was NEVER credited and to this day I know it went into the store managers pocket. He told me everytime I asked for my refund that it was paid to my account which was a lie. My local store practically insists on cash only payments and today while the manager was trying to sell me everything in the store as I repeatedly said NO because of their treatment of me, he failed to give me a receipt for my payment so bright and early tomorrow I expect my phone to start ringing off the hook and someone rudely asking for a payment which I;ve already made.

sexual harassment

What I don't understand is how this 'store manager " can sexually harass employees and customers an it's okay. That's bs. The right person is going to walk in there and own aarons. The other managers know, so what is the problem. My husband wanted to handle it. But why let him get in trouble? When will this end? Should we all get together and go to the newspaper or t. V.? Will this put an end to this chaos??? Do something now.!!!

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    jennifer Apr 22, 2009

    these people are the rudest people especially eric i always pay when i tell them spoke with somebody and told them i would call tomorrow with payment with my credit card and the very next day the manager calls very rude and so was i demanding a payment and told him that i spoke with somebody yesterday and told them i was making the payment . do not get anything here they will pick it up in a heartbeat no matter what ur situation is

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    kelly38834 Aug 16, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just quit my job at BestWay Rent To Own because my store manager was sexually harrassing me! I have a 4 and 5 year old. I am a single mother. Nobody is doing a thing about what happened. I totally think this needs to be taken care of. This man drives a corvette, an Avalanche, lives at home with his parents and has no children. How? May I ask how does this man still have his job? I am struggling to keep a roof over my babies bellies. Action needs to be taken, NOW!!!

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stalks customers

Don't use Aaron's to lease.

I got out of the hospital again last night.

The store decided to call my cell phone incessantly and fill up the voice mail so I can't get messages from anyone else. When I got home I found a note on the door telling all the burglars I'm not home. The store has been calling people out of the phone book that I no longer speak with so they can tell them about me.

When I explained this is illegal the store manager explained that this kind of behavior is official corporate policy.

Last year the installers stole a wrench when they delivered the appliances.

they sell used furniture

First we were told we were getting a used t.v. three yes three t.v.'s later we finally went to the store and demanded it. We set our payments for the 15th. We get calls starting on the first!!! BUYER BEWARE!!! yOU WILL GET SCREWED by these people. We are even a month ahead and we get phone calls. They have NO IDEA what they are doing. In addition, my husband is an attorney. If you request a copy of your contract in writing, they MUST send it to you. Save your money and alot of aggrevation and go somewhere else!!! the cu-de-gra is that I typed this and they insisted on at least 100 words!!! Go figure a web site called pissed off consumer and they want more!!!

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bad business

I have been dealing with Aarons sales and lease for a few years now bought things out right, rented to own a few things. (Paid in Full as agreed) I am now 13 months into a TV rental and after all these years I have been late maybe 2 times. My Brand new LG tv has some sound issues so I called to get a service call. They came to pick the tv up and gave me a USED loaner had my LG in repair for 3 months when they brought it back it was dusty and did not look like it had been touched. I hooked the tv up and guess what still didn't work Hmmm big shocker. The delivery man said the part cost 30.00 I asked him what the service center did and he said he didn't know so i asked what the 30.00 part was he said he didn't know. I then called the store to fill them in. They said the service center couldn't find anything wrong with the tv. (then what is this so called 30.00 part) And they asked if I was satified with the loaner tv. Well the loaner tv does work was my reply. They said they would roll over the money to the loaner tv. I said then I want it at the used price he said absoultley NOT. Because the 2 tv's were the same age. But the LG my first tv was brand new out of the box when I got it. The loaner JVC USED tv was in a crack house. He said it didn't matter because they were the same age. Now when you buy a NEW item from aarons it costs more then a USED. But what he's telling me was that it didn't matter if 5 people had this tv in their house before me it was still considered NEW because it was the same age as the brand NEW one in the box. This Guy I think is on CRACK!!! Does he think I am stupid. If I hadn't already paid 1600.00 dollars I would tell him where to shove it. Now i'm not one of these peoople who doesn't pay their bills. I have a Hummer I own a House I work hard for my money. I went to aarons because rather you pay by credit or rent to own your still gonna be paying out your ###. So my plan of action is going to be I'm going to aarons right now demanding the service and repair order. Showing them where it states that my product is under warrenty and under contract states they are to repair it. It seems to me we may have a breech of contract. I also want the price of both tv's new and old . I have already put a stop payment notice into my bank. I will NOT be paying them. I will be telling then not to call my cell phone there is a law and that is the TCPA (telephone consumer protection act). They can not call your CELL phone if you tell them not to. I will also tell them not to come to my house or step foot on MY property if they do i will call the police it's called trespassing. And I did clearify that with the police. I do have plenty of contacts They have messed with the wrong female. Now if they call my references they will tell them not to call again and if they do thats called harrassment . Now they might not be a 3rd party collection agency but there are still laws they must follow. And there is a law that is called rental theft in my state it goes by how much is left to be paid on the rental item. I'm in the process of printing all the complaints I can find against Aarons to take to my lawyer. Im not gonna give in to this piece of ### company they will not screw me over. I guess it's gonna be a case of who takes who to court first. If you have had a problem with this so called company please feel free to contact me. who knows maybe this will be a huge class action suit and everyone that's been ripped off will get revenge on AARONS.

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    POPELEY Feb 06, 2011

    Where to begin... We first replaced our broken refridgerator through Arrons in Nov of 09. Everything was fine until 2 weeks after we payed it off it died. We called arrons and they said there was a 60 day supplemental warranty and they would fix it. They brought us a used stainless LG that was much nicer than ours as a loaner while they were troubleshooting ours. After about a week they called and said corporate would not authorize them to purchase replacement parts and fix ours but there was a good chance we would be able to keep the used LG stainless fridge instead. They stated that they only had to replace ours with a better or like item. About five days later our old fridge shows up in good working order. When I asked the delivery guy how they fixed it he said "we have our own system." I am pretty sure my fridge was fixed with used parts. Fantastic.
    Next we made the mistake of using them to replace our outdated washer and dryer. Whoops. The set were delivered and because I did not have the old ones out yet I asked them to leave them in front of the garage. Apparently they dropped them off the truck because when I went to start the dryer it sounded horrible. THey Again brought us a loaner and replaced the broken motor mount on the dryer. The washer lasted about another week before we noticed it filled and drained continuously and would stay in the same cyle for hours. Long story short they had to pick it up and "fix" it three times before we got it back.
    02/06/11 I must be stupid for going back but here I sit on superbowl sunday with a newly installed LCD T.V. mount above my fireplace and no T.V. The sales staff wrote me in for yesterday to have my 47" delivered. I called at 445 last night and again they assured me I would have it last night. Guess what? If I ever get my T.V. I promise it will be my last purchase from this crooked company. Thanks

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  • Co
    cocytus Feb 06, 2011

    No offense, OP, but it's well known that Aaron's is a shady company.
    Why are you doing business w/ them?
    Wouldn't saving your money and/or buying a used unit until you have saved enough to buy a new one be a better idea?

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    sandredee May 09, 2011

    i agree we have had problems to here in north dakota..

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poor service and rude employees

I have been trying for 3 weeks to get a light bulb for my big screen tv. I have been told that it is ordered and was due in last week. The guy would never call me back. My account manager is very rude. When I called my account was only a day late and she said that it had to be current before they could service. well I have paid my account and still no return call and I am not without a tv. I would never recommend this company to anyone. If I do rent to own i will do it through rent a center. Never had a problem with them. My account is 2 payments from being paid off. But I am not going to pay it off until I get the light bulb replaced in my tv. Very poor customer service in the entire store.

rude employee

Top this complaint - a Calgary store employee call my home and when I answered she yelled "Are you not coming in to pay your bill - you ***" and I hung up. How rude and arrogant is that.

No customer whether they owe money or not, black or white, should be call names - No company should tolerate this kind of abuse of a customer - remember the customer is there pay cheque and reflects on the entire company. If it does happen that employee should be FIRED on the spot. The calls continued and each call included more name calling and disrespect.

I would NOT recommend AARONS Sales and Service to my worst enemy. This company thinks it's the best but the prices are extremely high, sells poor quality furniture or mattresses that are ripped, does not replace or fix what they sell and to top everything off their customer service stinks.

  • Ri
    Richard Vasquez Aug 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well I can only say - that you never know who you hire, but I am sure aarons tries to hire the best people they can to take care of their customers fully... for example look at our schools - they have teachers sleeping with students and child molesters.. nothing is perfect and you can not please everyone, but as long as you try to get and keep the best then you are far ahead of the other companies.. Richard Vasquez

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worst service ever

I have been a customer of Aarons leasing in Waterloo Iowa for about 4 Years. I have leased several things from there. I have always payed my bill on time, and everything leased was paid in full. Shortly after paying in full, my first of 2 big screen televisions from Waterloo Aarons, the picture went out. I stopped into the store and talked with manager about it, and was told they would order a part for it. Nearly 2 months later I am still waiting. I called the store and was told 3 times the part has been ordered and they would call as soon as it was in. STILL WAITING! I manage 121 apartments in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and if I made my customers, (tenants) wait as long for service as I have, I would not have a job. I have sent a few people to Aarons for furniture they have needed, but will never again. It would be my reccommendation to stay away from Waterloo Iowa Aarons. When I have made my final lease payment there, I will never lease from them anymore. I am well known by several people, and will never send them to Aarons.

rude treatment

I had perfect credit up till 2 yrs ago due to a BK from a divorce. I wanted to re-establish my credit. I did...

treated me like a punk over the phone

I have purchased items from Aarons rent a center for the last 6 years. ^ months ago I had my roomate go their to get a set off washer & dryer. My roommate is moving out so she called to have them picked up. They were suppose to be at her place between 3pm & 8pm. At 745pm I called to see what the hold up was.A man answered & when I explained my situation He made fun off my voice & put me on hold. He left me on hold for close to ten minutes & when he came back he was rude & informed me that they will be here by 8pm. I asked for his name & title. He returned asked who I was in a rude demanding voice. I had told him who I was at the beginning of are conversation. He told me that his name was Jerry, The General Manager. I asked him why he was being so so rude & all he said is their anything else i can do for you. I said Id like the number to the corporate office. He then barked out the number & hung up on me.

I have never been treated in such a manner. This guy Jerry needs to be fired.

The store is on 162nd & division. Jerry is his name. I will never use the services of Aarons rent a center again & would caution anyone from doing so.

  • sgfsfsdf Jul 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do you honestly expect anything more from this company? This company rents furniture to people with the worst of credit, charges customers triple the standard retail price, and I don't have anything else to say. I know Charlie Loudermilk, the founder, he doesn't give two [censor] about you and the same for me. Go Heels! Do your research, this will all make sense to you. Well, that's is your Acer laptop from Aaron will connect to your neighbors internet connection.

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used furniture for new!!

When my mother moved to Solano County (she's 80 years old) she wanted to rent furniture instead of...

brand new refridgerator returned damaged

After taking delivery of a brand new fridge it lasted approx. 1 month before blowing hot air. It was sent to service for repairs, in which time we were giving a loaner to use. The loaner leaked all over the floor daily. We were told that that was all they had for a loaner.Approx. 1 month later our fridge was returned and as they brought it into the house I could see dents throughout the side and when they removed the dolly strap there was a 2 inch wide white stripe across the front. I informed them that it was suppose to be a new fridge and thier reply was that I could get a used price for it.My reply was that I did not want that fridge in my house and to take thier worthless loaner with them.

Now I have a front load dryer of which the handle has broken.I have reservations about the dryer going to service for repairs because of our past experience. Again this is abrand new machine and now I have to hope that it is returned to us in the same condition as it leaves.If it ever leaves as we have set up a scheduled time for pick up twice now and yet I still have a broken machine in my home.As of today thier way of fixing this problem is to just come pick up all items and terminating my lease. As I am up to date on payments and have paid off over half of the agreement this is not a viable solution to me.All I ask for is that Aarons holds up to thier part of the agreement and quit trying to pawn off damaged goods to me when I'm paying for new and when I have a legite complaint at least attempt to fix it properly.

horrible customer service from store and district manager

I just got a computer from Aarons' and was told it would have everything I needed installed, including Anti-Virus. A couple weeks later I now have a virus on my computer. I find out what they did was load a "free" version of an AV program. I work for a software company and our technicians had a really hard time telling me what kind of virus infected my computer. When I called a little peeved about the situation, the manager from Aarons told me "no one was to touch his computers". Silly me...I thought since I was paying for it, the computer was kind of mine. If I had known what was installed I would have put a better AV program on it. I have transferred my account to another store, which installs a 30 day trial of a recommended AV program and has awesomecustomer service.

I'm also not thrilled because they chose to contact someone from an application I filled out 6 years ago. Thankfully my friend didn't mind but it is unprofessional not to call someone and let them know you are using information they didn't provide. Guess Aarons' doesn't like admitting they didn't do their job and get enough references.

When I brought this up with the District Manager he states that regardless of the information being 6 years old, they can still use it...I find this more than a little scary. What else are they doing with personal information?

unprofessional general manager

I walked into this horrible place trying to get a tv, after being nice till they got the money everything was set but they said they couldn't finish the paper work because the truck had not come in and they had to have the tv make model serial number. Pretty much sold something they did not have in stock. Well the salesman assured us it would be there by lunch the next day. The next day came, lunch no call. So I called them up talked to the salesman he said it be there any minute I said ok close to closing time my wife called, the general manager got on the phone told my wife "not to call back and they will call when ready or if i
She would rather come and get her money back and that would be great with him“, mind we called two times the hole day. Wow talk about customer service! We then tried to seek help from the district manager to find out why we couldn't get any date or a time so we left a voice mail. Problem is the district manager didn't call back., I received the number from the pearl gm. Surprise it was the general manager of the store that called. Told my wife that she could come and pick up her f*ing money right now. By this time I was not happy. I went to the store to get my money what luck he wasn't there. He went to break about 15 20 min before close?? Luckily filled he out the return receipt then after having a spat with his"posse" I left, as I got home I received a phone call, you guessed it the general manager childishly trying to provoke me to come back up there to fight him then he basically made threats to my family and me. Best part due to a revise look up on the phone number he called from, I found that he was on his personal cell phone instead of at the aarons location number that he called my wife from minutes before he called me.


Aaron's at Aberdeen NC is a store from ***.I am buying a computer from them and I set my payment up to be automatically drafted from my account every month on the 1st, , yet every month on the 3rd or 4th I get a call from Aaron's asking where my payment is.Complaining does no good.They continue to call.I'm just short of getting to the stage when i do harm to these heartless ###.No one should have to go thru this much ### just to buy a *** computer.I really don't see how this situation can ever be resolved without somebody becoming maggot food.

payments and their "system"

First, I was a loyal aaron customer, in austin, tx. Bought many, many, many items. Due to family death, had...

furniture arrived damaged, and has not been replaced

I rented a living room set from Aarons Furniture in St. Petersburg, Florida on 11/15/09. When it arrived, one of the tables was damaged as well as one of the lamps. I immediately called the store and was told they would be replaced. On December 15th, I went into the store to make a payment, spoke with the General Manager, who assured me that I would receive a new table the next day and the lamp would be delivered as soon as it became available. Well, today is 1/14/10, and I still have not received the lamp or table. I have made several calls to the store and the General Manager has not returned my phone calls.


Let me tell you about Aaron's I have purchased a bedroom set, bunk beds, big screen TV, washer & dryer, 2 other TV’s, 2 computers and a wii. I currently owe them on a one TV only.

I have been late on merchandise twice with them. The one time I was late I received 100's of phone calls and knocks on my door. Then the manager of the store (Lance) comes in his own personal vehicle and knocks on my door. He proceeds to tell me I need to make a payment. I give him a check that he can cash by Friday and he agrees that this will take care of the problem. He proceeds to tell me what am I going to do about the next payment and he insists that I give him a postdated check for the next payment. I tell him I am not comfortable with this because of the current issues I am having. He informs me if they can not cash the check just to call them and he won't. So, guess what I had issues. I call the store and tell them not to put through the check. Well you can all guess the outcome. The check was put through and did not clear. I was pissed. Not only did it not clear now they are trying to charge me for the return check.

During this time I informed Lance via mail that I would be paying all products off the first of Jan which was 3 weeks away. He proceeded to tell me this was not an option and that he was coming to pick up the merchandise. Well this was crap. I had purchased numerous things from this company and never had too many problems, but boy you become a little late and the customer service just sucks. They become rude, sarcastic, and just unprofessional.

I call the general manager and he did something because I can tell you I got no more calls and no more knocks until I went in to pay off merchandise, but here comes the next situation.

I go in to pay off the merchandise that I owed on: a TV, dryer, wii, & computer. I was told my pay off was $1, 235 to pay it all off. I go to make the payment & the gentleman wants to charge me $500 more than what I was told. This was pure crap. Furthermore the TV account was closed and that either I will need to hang around the store for an hour until the account is reopened or I will need to come back to pay off the TV on Monday. I proceed to pay off everything else, but the TV. During this time I tell the manager he needs to get with his GM and figure out what the hell is going on because I was quoted $1235 to pay off everything. He said he would and would let me know.

5 days later I call the store and try to figure out what was going on and I am told they are working on it and getting back to me. 2 days later I am called and told I misunderstood the quote and I need to pay the difference, but they have lowered it to $350. I tell them to give me a couple weeks and I will pay the balance off.

We can all guess what happens next. They start calling me for payment 5 times a day on my house phone and 5 times a day on my cell. Then 2 days later I start getting knocks on my door over a TV. I call them again tell them again the discussion and they play dumb. This is unbelievable. Well they can keep knocking I will be at there store to pay them off in 2 more weeks, but my fear is now they are leaving these stupid little notes on my door saying a 10 charge each time they come out. They are trying to rip me off.

Now today they not only knocking at my door for 20 minutes, but they wiggled my door knob to see if it was unlocked and they also were peeking in my windows. Isn’t that an invasion of my privacy and illegal? Does anyone know?

  • Jo
    johnethen Mar 02, 2010

    Just a FYI,

    I went into that location recently and it appears that they have all new workers. I wonder what happened??

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  • Mr
    Mrs.Sandlin Oct 28, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have personally met Lance and have not had any problems that could not be resolved. Would you be happy if you rented something like a house to someone and they were continually late on their rent? I don't think so. You made the agreement to pay...period. Stop your whining and be a responsible adult. They are a business, not a charity. They seemed to have worked with you, but you were CONTINUALLY giving them a hassle and couldn't live up to your end of the bargain. I am not fan of these places, but when we moved, it kept my kids in clean, affordable, designer beds. You should take some money management courses instead of wasting your time talking about companies attitudes when YOU fail to pay them over and over. Aaron's is not what i would consider a great place to buy things off over a long period of time unless you pay the 120 days same as cash or take over the lease on someone else's product. They apply what the previous owner paid toward your pay off. Grow up.

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I'm writing to you regarding the above store location because of the constant harassment i've been...

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