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7-11 Gas Station - Post Road in Indianapolis, Indiana / bad gas problem!

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I purchased fuel from the 7-11 gas station on post road in indianapolis, indiana back in october 2005 while on my way to new york. I put about 13 gallons of gas in my 2004 isuzu rodeo, bought some refreshments and got back on the interstate. Less than 3 miles down the road my car began to lurch and billow thick clouds of white smoke out of the exhaust. I nursed my vehicle to the next exit and stopped at a shell station where my vehicle died and would not start again. Luckily there was an advanced auto parts store nearby and travis was of superb assistance. He quickly diagnosed the problem as being bad gas and recommended heet water remover and lucas fuel additive. After some time and two bottles of heet, one bottle of octane booster, and a small bottle of lucas fuel treatment, it started up again. Still smoking like crazy. We drove down to the advanced auto parts store and purchased another bottle of heet. Travis tried to find us a fuel filter, but they didn't carry one that would fit my truck, but advised there was an auto zone in greenfield which was on our way. My truck barely drove at 40mph on the interstate and everyone behind us backed off because of all the smoke. By the time we reached greenfield, auto zone was closed and we had depleted an entire tank of gas (In 42 miles). We pulled into the wal mart super center parking lot and went in to finda fuel filter and something to drain the remaining contents of our tank into. After 5 or 6 different fuel filters we gave up for finding one, but bought a dishpan and drained the contents of the fuel tank. What came out was nothing short of sludge. It looked like bloody diahrrea. The next morning at daybreak we walked to the auto zone and they had the right fuel filter, or so we thought, until we got back to my rodeo. Apparently there is a huge difference between the regular 3.2 liter and the 3.5 direct injection motor that I have. To make a long story short, I have accumulated several repair bills since, including catalytic converters, fuel pumps and lines, injectors (5 went bad), and now the motor has completely seized from the crystallization of the seals from the contaminants. All together the total is just over $14,000 and john reinartz from arthur j. Gallagher risk management thought it to be funny to offer me the $34.21 for the bad tank of gas and call it even. If anyone else has had a similar problem with fuel from any of the gas stations in indianapolis, please contact me by email. I am a professional investigator and intend to lodge a major complaint, if not a class action lawsuit, against this store. I will respond to all inquiries or complaints.

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  • Jo
      7th of Sep, 2007
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    I've always gottn gas from there, never had any problems.

  • Ro
      11th of Sep, 2008
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    Oh my God, Now I think I know what the heck is wrong wit my ride. I have a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan in which i normally use Shell gas, but this one particular morning, the 711 (which recently changed the day before from XtraMart) had a sale of gas for $3.39 a gallon. Well I thought it was a good deal because my beloved Shell station was advertising $3.64.. Anyway, i put $20 gas in my van, just enough to make it home and got the shock of my life. I have never had any trouble with my van before, or EVER! But after I left the 711 gas station and while in heavy traffic, my van was smoking like a crackhead's bong! My van has been at the dealer for two days now and as dealers do, they said everything was wrong wit my van including bad gas. I didnt believe them @1st, but now I do.. Add my name to the complaint list.. It was the 711 gas station at the corner of Maryland Rte 2 and Mayo road in Edgewater Maryland...

  • Ka
      17th of Feb, 2016
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    I just had this happen to me. I live in Central Florida and drive a 2012 Nissan Sentra. I've never had any problems. I get regular oil changes. I filled up about a week ago at the 7-11 by our house, like usual. But on my way home from school my car just died. I luckily got off to the side before it really died. Took it in to the dealership and they said it was bad gas. I couldn't believe it. They even saved it in a bottle for us to have. It was almost all water. (I had about half a tank left from the fill up) I'm not sure what to do. Should I contact 7-11 or what? I have all the proof I got gas from there. I'm a hard working college student. I'm already out 500 dollars and I need new spark plugs as well now.

  • 7e
      11th of Mar, 2017
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    So it seems this is more than just an isolated incident with the 7-Eleven gas.
    My daughter had a brand new 2016 Kia forte car that broke down on her way to work only two weeks after she purchased it.
    She called me to pick her up on my way to pick her up from the dealership my car died.
    Did I mention that WE BOTH GET OUR GAS FROM THE SAME 7 ELEVEN very close to our house.
    The dealership informed y daughter that there was something very bad in the gasoline that caused the motor to shut down.
    Her car was fixed by the dealership as a courtesy because she just purchased the vehicle.
    My car a 2003 miata was not able to be repaired the motor seized up.
    I also found a slushy substance in the gas tank and a corrosive powdery substance around the fuel pump.
    I have contacted the 711 Insurance Company they were very indifferent.
    They Informed me they are still investigating it is been a month that I have been without a car.
    I have taken UBER and have had to rent a car to get to school and work.
    I informed the insurance company of this when I called them today to see if there was any update on my case.
    She told me I should mitigate my damages the best way I can while they investigate.
    Well thank you I already knew that !
    I have done a little investigating myself and found that this is not isolated to the state of Florida.
    I have seen some articles about Texas and Oklahoma and other parts of Florida.
    All of them are claims of bad gas from 7-Eleven and stories of vehicles being severely damaged with costly repairs or destroyed.
    The news stations in Central Florida that covered stories on 7-Eleven bad gas situation were Channel 2 news and channel 9 news.
    I contacted Channel 2 news today just waiting on a reply.
    Anyone who has had this issue should contact them I contact the Channel 2 News today and I am waiting on a reply.
    In the meantime I am without a vehicle waiting on 711 Insurance Company to twiddle their thumbs and decide there is a way that can get out of paying me any damages for my car.
    I agree with the gentleman from Indiana who started this forum. I think that people need to get together on this because trying to deal with them on a one-to-one basis for my experience is not very productive.
    I'm leaving my emai. If anyone has had a similar experience please contact me at
    I would love to hear from the guy from Indiana who started this forum.

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