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14/04/08, 1130pm,
Bad bad bad x 1000 service and rude staf[censored]
7-11 / seven-eleven at melaka, lorong pandan.

Two stupid staff, one boy one girl (The girl act like hell!)

As customer, me and my fren went into 7-11 to look for food and drinks... We are thinking what food and drinks is suit for us. While we was seaching the food and drinks... The stupid malay girl staff look like us with her irriatating face... Like want to eat us... Obviously, we dun care... Keep looking for food and drinks... About 20minutes... We are holding something in our hands which the things we want to buy,
Who know, the girl said out loudly, say we duno is doing what.. Duno want to buy or not one... With the damn stupid idiot face.

Then the malay guy come to us asked whether we want to buy any things one or not... Can't he see we already holding the items we want to buy??? Whhatt the hell, user canot see take times to consider what they want to buy??? What is the stupid fuking idiot service and attitude???

Seven - eleven, sigh!!! Please use better staff can??? Let those stupid staff work until the shop duno like wat???

Hey? Dun let customer consider their items, we dun pay u money now??? Disturbing you two when we looking for items??? What you two want to do inside with no people there??? Ask you come back stand only one a??# man!!! 7-11... Lorong pandan, melaka!!! Sigh!!!

One more things is... I wrote this complaint to 7-11... And I don't even saw any reply!!!



  • Dy
    Dylan Figueiredo Aug 29, 2008

    I had the same sort of bad experience in a 7-11 on Bloor and Spadina in Toronto, Canada last night. I was simply browsing in the store for maybe ten minutes or so looking at the ### DVDs to see if there were any good movies for $10 and analyzing the dizzying array of energy drinks that were way overpriced as usual but looked interesting. I was lined up to purchase a pack of chewing gum and an energy drink behind a girl who took a long time to purchase a $3 box of cookies or mini cakes or something. While I was waiting, I picked up and scrutinized a funny camouflage cigarette lighter that was priced at a ridiculous $10. I then proceeded to examine a new type of energy drink housed in a plastic container shaped like a beaker (and was going to mention to the cashier that one of them was broken and dripping all over inside the freezer) when the cashier freaked out at me.

    This horribly rude employee of many years whose name starts with "M" angrily asked if I was going to touch everything in the store and strongly insinuated that I was about to steal something (which is absurd considering the fact that I was ready to pay for two small, expensive items and had made no effort to disguise myself from the ubiquitous security cameras). I protested at being slandered and harassed in this manner when I was simply browsing like any thoughtful consumer would when faced with so many varied products that are packaged in an appealing way but are ultimately quite expensive and largely superfluous. M insisted that I was supposed to walk in quickly, not look at or touch anything, buy shitloads of crap and walk out quickly. Anybody who behaves any differently is a thief and a piece of ### in the eyes of this deranged man.

    Needless to say, I did not purchase those two overpriced items that I was about to pay for when M launched his tirade. M then threatened to push the police buzzer, which didn't faze me in the least since the police would definitely take my side in this silly dispute and would be greatly annoyed with this idiot for wasting their time. I left feeling humiliated and upset while M said "goodbye and have a nice day" (it was one in the morning).

    7-11 has a lot of nerve marketing itself as a "convenience store" when it hires such atrocious people. No doubt it is a ### job that could drive a man mad, but that is still no excuse for treating law-abiding customers this way. I find it ironic that M would accuse me, someone who has probably spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars at 7-11 stores in the past, of planning to steal when there are probably dozens of people who get away with shoplifting on his incompetent watch. Indeed, the rude behaviour of certain 7-11 employees does nothing to deter shoplifters and robbers but probably encourages and emboldens them. 7-11 should train their hires better in proper customer relations and improve their security by not having giant automatic doors far away from the cash register... how stupid.

    They have officially lost my business. The days of my going in to a 7-11 and mindlessly shelling out big bucks for useless items (I always bought something until last night) are over. There are many other retail options in Toronto that are friendlier and more affordable. Every time I see the 7-11 logo, I will remember this upsetting experience. I hope customers will convince them to change their ways or close up shop. Goodbye, 7-11.

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  • Rh
    Rhonda Nov 13, 2008

    I had the most horrible experience at 7-11 in the store on Northwest Highway and Oates Drive in Mesquite, Texas. I went i on 11/12/08/. The worst customer service inside this store probably on this planet. I was trying to ask questions and the service people were talking over me and telling me no and I was not even asking a yes or no question. In this country I believe if you do not speak or understand English the company MUST EMPLOYEE at least on emplyee who can and must have at least one in the stores at all time. How unfair to your customers not only unfair but plain down right rude. I will never step another foot in that store and I will make sure my family and my friends will not either. 7-11 has downgraded it stores and its services. Back in the day when I was a child me and the neighborhood kids always went to 7-11 they always had such cool things there. BOY HAVE THINGS CHANGED. 7-11 SUCKS. May I just say change the way you do business or suffer the results and do believe you are already feeling the pinch from your changes you have made in the last 15 years. HA HA GOOD LUCK. Oh yes the supervisor in that store is Shirley. I think it was too hard to understand what anyone in the store was saying. YOU HAVE LOST ALOT OF BUSINESS FOREVER. I HOPE YOU ARE PROUD

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  • Da
    Dale Mar 01, 2009

    Can anyone tell me who to contact to register complaints not only of an extremely rude manager but sandwiches that have made me violently ill for days once, and the second I tried to return when I opened it and the ham on the breakfast sandwich I bought was turning color. I believe the last saleable date (that day) had been changed because it looked very old. In fact all of the breakfast sandwiches in the store, only about 5 of them oddly enough, had been put into the heater on the front counter (so as to get rid of quickly possibly). The manager tried to insinuate I did not purchase it, was in the store to try and get a refund for something I had not paid for. When I called over the clerk who waited on me (but did not give me a receipt and I was in a hurry to catch my bus so did not notice) who acknowledged the sale (I had left the store, then returned quickly when I saw the meat was spoiled) the manager then continued to argue with me and insult me. She finally gave me the refund when I convinced her I was not going to argue the matter with her but was not leaving without my refund. She stupidly even asked me why did I not grab another breakfast sandwich.
    I will not return there again, which is a great inconvenience to me since I do not drive and this store is close to my home. But I am also concerned for others who may be sickened by rotten food in this store.
    Their ice cream also looks old and possibly thawed and refrozen so I stopped buying it there.
    I cannot find a customer service address for 7-11 online to make a formal complaint and demand the firing of this inept manager, and since the stores are all franchised I suppose there is no one to complain to. I called the local 7-11 headquarters, was told everyone was out of town for some reason or other but that someone would call me in response to my complaint.
    No response ever came. Will it do any good to contact my local health department?
    Thanks for any assistance in this.

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  • Az
    azriel Apr 08, 2009

    I agree with everyone's comlaints. Lazy, rude staff and incompetent managers. The sad part is I've worked at 2 separate locations myself and I keep quitting because I work with lazy ###s. I went back to the first store I worked at and after two months I'm quitting again today. It doesn't matter where the store is located. I've worked in Calgary, Alberta and Saskatchewan. They promote from within so you get ###s become ###ic managers who can't even spell.

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  • Mr
    mrknwm Aug 12, 2009

    Just had pathetice, rude and completely unhelpful service at the 7-11 on the corner of McDermott and Independence in Plano, TX. Absolutely pathetic excuse for service and submitted it to 7-11 corporate (for all that will do). AVOID THAT STORE!!!

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  • Eu
    EUGENE GO Sep 04, 2009



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  • St
    STrue Oct 22, 2009

    For complaining to 7-11, the website has a CONTACT US then you write an e-mail or there's a number below. Not to mention in each of the stores there should be comment cards (However, that won't help if the manager is the problem)
    I just want to say that not all 7-11 employees are this horrible and inconsiderate. I know many that are really polite and nice. It's very difficult to remain in a happy and good mood for every customer when you have a few that are incredibley rude and inconsiderate to them. Many people feel they are better than the cashier and treat them as such. Meaning your cashier puts up with a lot of ###, if you work in the service industry you understand.
    That said, I can't believe these idiot cashiers that give all cashiers a bad name!! Ever heard "The customer is right" meaning that if you are unsure or can't prove otherwise (even if you don't like it) give them a refund! Or if you can't do anything you leave a message for the manager and apologize to the customer.
    I'm appalled with these horrible managers, come on US have standards. It's a shame that these 7-11 aren't more like the ones I go to

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  • Dr
    Drunken Irish Apr 16, 2018

    @STrue I worked at 711 and the manager I had was a [censor]. Threatened and harassed me numerous times I just walked out flipping the bird. Don't work for them, buy or trade...boycott them

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  • Dr
    DreamRaichuPlayz Sep 03, 2019

    @STrue I was refused a refund for spoiled milk I literally purchased 15 mins prior. Cashier lady was rude since the pur has (we left the dollar store going for milk and they were out, I bought a rice krispg snack k and was finishing it up walking in and to the register, when my husband put the milk on the counter she stared at my soul and asked "just the milk?". I'm pregnant fyi, shook my head yes and we left) came back with the milk and explained the situation and concerns for being spoiled and our unborn baby. She said "wouldn't hurt the baby, I have 4 kids and their fine. She went in the back and came back saying no milk 'chunks' cause she poured it in a stainless steel sink. She called her manager to ask if a refund is possible and the manager gave the green light. But when she realised it was a card refund she was even more mad and refused to refund and told us to swap it. I dont want a potential curdled gallon of milk. When I stepped towards the door because I was dumbfounded, she told me "Good luck with your pregnancy " I got loud and said she has the worst attitude I've ever came across! Literally left with no refund, no nametag, husband tossed the milk outside and i cried the whole way home. Had to spend another 5 dollars at a different 7 eleven.

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  • Ne
    neon Dec 22, 2009

    I for one have worked in the service industry for ten years either in high end retail or food and I for one know the people that work at the 7-11 near my house in West Hollywood, CA (near Santa Monica and Fairfax so you know which one to avoid) are rude ###ing idiots! When I first moved over here a few months ago, I started shopping there because it is close and open 24 hours a day. During the graveyard shifts, me and some friends would always stop by after the bar to grab some food or smokes. One night, I was hungry because I was drinking and I went in for a hotdog and I asked for the one that was on the 99 cent special and I even pointed at the sale sign. They have no signs on the hotdogs to tell you how much they are so I double checked just to make sure i was buying the right one and the cashier said I was so I finished putting cheese and chili and all that stuff on it and I went to pay for it. All of a sudden, it rings up 2 dollars! So I ask him again, in a calm voice what is wrong with the price? And he tells me that i pointed at the wrong hotdog and this one was not on sale. I was hungry and did not care too much but i told them that they need to have a sign in there so people know what is on sale and what is not or they should know themselves. I paid and I left. This happens to me three more times at the same place during different specials and the last time, I refused to pay and left. As I was walking out the door with my friends, the cashier proceeds to yell "### YOU MOTHER###ER!!" I get home and i realize i need to call and complain about such behavior so I go into the store and ask for his name and he refuses to give it me! so the boss comes out and asks me what is wrong and I tell him and he tells me that I deserved it!!! After that I lost it, I started to get angry, called 911 (which hung up on me btw) and in the end, no names, no number, nothing...

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  • Za
    zac16 Jan 20, 2010

    I would like to complaint also. This incident happened yesterday. In Malaysia. yesterday I went to [167 Jalan Sarjana Cheras, 56000] but cigarettes for my father. I was 18 this year and there have 2 ppl worker(1boy 1girl) and 2 counter also. so i went to the counter that no ppl line up there becoz the other counter is open. So i thought that is open also. So i line up there. The boy was scold at me call me line up to another line and said that i'm blind! but than i also go to line up to the other counter. den wait to my turn! i say i wan 1 pack of cigarettes. the girl that keeping thing say dont sell it to me! becoz i'm under age! So i shown my IC to them! I'm born in 1992 and this year is 2010. i call them count. M i 18 years old?? the girl still dont wan to sell to me. i continue said that i'm 18 and i can buy it! by the way. my brother also take 1 of the milk. when i argue with they all. The cashier was quiet there.and he took my my money. and i say i dont wan alr. the gal talk so rudely! and take out the baseball bat and hit the table and the box of milk was spoil also! the cashier took my money and dont give back to me some more count that as mine! den i conplain also that why this thing spoil u should change 1 to me if u count my money!! the cashier say NO! I asked why??? he SAID : I ALR SCAN IT!
    and i said!! NOT I SPOILED IT!! IS UR STUFF!! the cashier ignore me also!! Did i done wrong anything??? now a day 7-11 stuff was so rude!!!

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  • Ta
    tarere Jun 07, 2018

    @zac16 When the man asked you if you were blind you should have said no. I just cannot read well, in other words I am stupid and uneducated. Also I am sure that the "boy" and "girl" were older than you and should be man and woman.

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  • Da
    David Byers Feb 01, 2010

    711 store 8635 SW Barbur Blvd. Portland OR 97219 503-245 7128 I returned a movie that did not play correctly we are now scared to go in as (Two employees) now harrass my wife, my son and I! We are now accused of trying to rip off the store because we simply asked for a movie same title that works, we are now intimated with threats all for the crime of asking for a movie that works! my case # is 1001291158 with the 7-11 comaplant dept. I have yet to here from them concerning this very inapropriate threats and intimadation.. I can not beleive what happening to us it's like out of a movie.

    Manager who I beleive may be behind getting the men employees to try and scare me and my family...

    someone pleasehelp us!!!

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  • ralahinn1 Mar 07, 2011

    7 -11 in Baltimore City 28th st. and Remington. Elderly man frequently begs for money outside the store, he was inside doing an odd job tonight, still begging for money. Staff ignore him. Another man outside of the store tonight, begging for money and cigarettes

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  • Ad
    adri467 Mar 22, 2011

    The 711 in encino sucks the staff is so rude by the way its the 711 by whiteoak and burbank blvd they even called me a [censor] its awful there 711 please do something please!!!

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  • ramiro1 May 07, 2011

    I have been going to 7-11 for a long time. It is around the corner where I live. The 7-11 I speaking about is 4140 N. Mesa, El Paso, Texas 79902. There phone number is 915-544-0329, store number 633...Transaction 48540. Usually the elderly lady that works there is extremely professional. There are two young ladies, a little heavy set and every time I go in there it seems like I am bothering them. Little do they know that I am a Retired Bank Offer (22years) and I know what customer service is. I also volunteered for the Catholic Church since I was 14 years. I traveled for both the bank and the church. I have met movie stars, went to school with a former USA and have received a letter your Royal Majesty the queen of England. Of course because I am retired I do not ware my suits as much. But wheather I do or do not dress up should not be an issue. They should treat everyone the same. I will report this to the BBB. [email protected] (Mr. Ramiro Portillo)

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  • My


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  • My


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  • Ta
    TakeAchillPill37 Jun 30, 2011

    And considering I'm posting stuff on here, neither do i!!
    My one question is, HAVE YOU EVER WORKED at a 7-11 or 24 HOUR store??? If not, then you have no idea what you're dealing with. It is hell. They get NO BENEFITS, NO VACATION, NO HOLIDAY PAY, and will be fired for not showing up even if you're mother is having surgery. Be a little more empathetic and a lot less Pathetic.

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  • K4
    k4rmphilly Jul 11, 2011

    free slurpee day today 7/11/11; guess not in philadelphia

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  • In
    intellex58 Jul 12, 2011

    Perhaps they are saying people in their area are to fat and don’t need a slurpee!

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  • Ge
    gerby Sep 06, 2011

    Wouldn’t surprise me if this store is slated to be closed soon. Almost all of the stores back in London have now closed up shop. Only two 7-11 locations remain still open there. Can’t say I’ve seen very many here in Ottawa either, and other towns are the same. It’s a shame that 7-11 has become a shell of it’s former self. They refuse to even cary bus tickets because they don’t make money on them. Yet they’re too stupid to figure out that those that do come in to buy transit tickets, they almost always buy a coffee, a drink and a snack as well. 7-Eleven used to be a great place to stop in and grab what you neeed to start your day, now they only get my business when I am desperate from spoiled milk in the middle of the night. Canada doesn’t need these stores or their lack of customer service.

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  • Wh
    white trash Oct 06, 2011

    saw product advertised in front window, went in and worker said was sold out. WTF?

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  • Da
    *DarkEyes* Dec 14, 2011

    The job may not pay much but at least it's a job. I've worked in the service industry before and yes rude customers are hard to deal with but that doesn't mean a person has the right to take it out on the next polite customer by being rude. I am empathetic to those who work in the service industry. I know it isn't easy and they have a right to be upset when they are treated rudely but so do the customers when they are treated rudely. That being said, in my situation, I wouldn't want to get the person fired who was rude to me today. They were probably having an off day. Everyone has those. There is a lot to be said for letting it go and moving on.

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  • ramiro1 Dec 15, 2011

    This is ramiro1 again. I not only worked for the bank as a Bank Officer but had 12 part time jobs to take of my mother of Bone Cancer who died in 1990. Just because I was unable to open an account (without the proper documents), I was spit at, cussed at, a man was going to beat me up but his wife stopped him (she knew the consequences if he laid a finger on me. I was told several times, "I hope your F...g Mother dies. So I would turn around and say to them; she is died, is yours. One of the Bank Officials was hit buy a customer because he did not qualify for a loan; to his surprise, the bank officer hit him back so hard he fell on his back with a bloody and broken nose. So, yes, I worked for the bank at 7:00 am, got home at about 5:20. I would make sue the care taker was surviing dinner to mother. I would only have one meal a day. Because I had to leave from home at 5:30 and go to my second job from 6:00PM to 12:00Midnight. I would have to answer, alone, the hotline, The Bishops calls, try to get a police/ambulance to the individuals that were trying to commit suicide. On week end I would give Bible classes and would travel for the church and the bank. My family disowned us and wanted no responsibility on mother or I. At the end I ended up baring mother at the age of 57 in 1990. All my family members stated that I didn't do enought to keep mother alive. My mind was in turmoil. They took away my one acre home, lost my care, lost all my family, friends, etc. After 22years in banking I got Terminally Ill and I was forced to give my two weeks notice and lost my job. No attorney would help me. I was black bald from the industry. I had a nervous breakdown; because at that time I was on top of the world. I went to etiquette school with Former Miss American, met Ricardo Montalban, Olga Brisque and made some commercials and would part of the Parade every year. I was going places and my carpet was pulled under me. I went Bankrupt. I prayed a lot. Then I started receiving Disability Checks, I am receiving Section 8 housing, have a nice apt., an old car and still am having to go to my primary doctor and my Therapist because they think I am going to commit suicide. That my friends is just the icing of my live...I am a survivor of child abuse/rape victim.

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  • ramiro1 Dec 15, 2011

    What I was trying to say in my last comment is if the employees of 7-11 think they have it hard read what I had to go through in life. You say we all have a bad days, we as bankers were not alowed to have bad days. You left your life at home and smiled at work even if you had a bad issue with a customer. Some of the lady officers after helping a rude customer would excuse themselves and go to the bathroom and cry. If I would see a Male or Female customer being rude to one of the women officers I would get up and ask if there was something was wrong. If they were rude I would call security and tell them they would be getting a 30 day notice that we will closing their accounts (no matter how much money they had). After the 30 days we would close out the accounts and return all the checks they had written and threw them out. It would get so bad at times that our elderly officers were crying infront of the customer. FYI ... I am Hispanic and delt with people from all over the world (even with Queen Elizabeth) and the worst customer were the MEXICANS COMING ACCROSS THE BORDER. YES, THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE FROM A MEXICAN AND A LATIN PERSON...ETIQUETTE!!!.

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  • Al
    Aloha1 Jan 04, 2012

    7/11 have a very rude staff.
    just today, i went to a 7/11 store here in hawaii at kalihi near the post-office.
    yeah i really really dont like their attitudes when i tried to reload this card that is suppose to be a card i can reload at any 7/11 stores.
    so here's what happened.
    i got there, got a bottle of soda and went to cashier, i asked the lady politely to reload the card i have in my hand and she looked at me with those stinky eyes saying "i dont wanna do it" and i'm like WTF but i didnt say it out loud because i have manners and was told to respect my elders...so i said "but i thought i can reload this at any 7/11 stores..." i said it nicely but she was so mean!
    she said something like this "like i said, i dont wanna do it" and she just scan the bottle and i paid =_=
    yeah, i will NEVER go to 7/11 ever AGAIN!!!
    they shouldnt hire people like that!! such a bad manners...i bet their parents never teach their children some manners. =_=
    and even worst, i was being nice and she is being a ###!! argh!!! this is not the first time it happened!!!
    i went to a different 7/11 store before and the cashier lady was slamming the stuff i bought in the bag!!!
    what a let down =_= here i thought 7/11 is one of the best stores...=_=
    its ok, 7/11 is not the only stores out there...even if i have to walk 2 miles just to get to a different store...i will...
    7/11 is right across the street from my house...but, i'd rather walk 2 miles---no even 5 miles just to get to a different store to buy things!! i just dont wanna buy from 7/11 anymore...its all because of this rude staff...=_=

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  • Am
    amylea Aug 12, 2012

    Today morning around 8.30am went to 7 eleven at sun way metro jalan PJS 11/28A to buy top up,
    I told the Malay staff maxis RM 10 but she give me Digi RM10, then i told the Malay girl i didn't ask Digi i ask Maxis then she really rude to me she say next time told clearly ..then she say i didn't ask maxis, i just told Digi ..then i say you wrongly hear actually i told maxis not Digi next time hear clearly . then she dam rude to me that she say u want the proof after that i say show me the proof ...then i do like busy...what kind of staff that Malay girl .. dam rude to CUSTOMER i really hate this kind of services..please take action on this ...

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  • Il
    ilovehoneybuns Sep 22, 2012

    @Zac you're a complete idiot. you can not call 911 cause, you are pissed at the clerk. you ###ing dumbass. he didn't threaten you. first I went to 7/11 and I bought a drink it was one dollar it came to 1.89 wtf!?!? so I go to mobil nicer people and drinks are 89 cents. also, PUT TWO GODDAMN COKE SLURPEE MACHINES!!! NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE OTHER FLAVERS!!!

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  • little running beer Sep 24, 2012

    You need to find you a good job, and i wish you the best.

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  • So
    someone101 Oct 30, 2012

    Give me a break, Im so tired of this kind of complaint. Really?? You think they dont want to make sales? Some times its hard to anticipate cust response to a sale and you run out. Its not on purpose it just happens - Its not a perfect world - we do try though

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  • Ig
    I get it done Dec 16, 2012

    Had a coupon for 7/11 buy one Arizona ice tea get 2nd free. Went inside and the would not honor the coupon.

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  • Ha
    Hazezilla Feb 20, 2013

    711 in Philadelphia at Rowland and Tyson ave just lost my business after 30 years. The level of incompetence is mind numbingly ignorant and they are unable to manage and reorder the one product I've been coming there for decades for. When I ask why they don't have it they tell me we can't find the number for the company to reorder. The truth is they have not PAYED the company they ordered from and screw it up so it takes two weeks to reorder and receive something I go for everyday. I spend on average 10 dollars a day there x 365 so they just lost around 3650.00 a year from me. Also they treat their employees like CRAP and make them work ridiculous hours and risk their lives to sell CRAP at 3 am to drunks and junkies that loot the store anyway. Corporate 711 is too greedy and mismanaged to run competent anything.
    "Oh Thank Heaven I have a WAWA one block passed my local 711"

    R. Hayes

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  • Ha
    Hazezilla Feb 20, 2013

    Oop's "PAID" lol

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  • Ba
    baby.vfans Jul 09, 2013

    I am here writing an email to complain a staff of yours at the Meadowvale 7-eleven (address: 2330 Battleford Rd, Mississauga, ON L5N 3K6)

    So I got off at bus stop at erin mills pkway/birnam wood, and while I was walking towards the battleford road, I passed the huge 7-11 store plus the gas station. As the weather was hot outside, I decided to head in the store and buy some snacks.

    So when I walked in the shop, the staff of yours (cashier) said "hi" to me as I also said "hi" too. Then for the next 10 minutes I was walking around the store deciding what to buy as I am an indecisive person who takes a really long time to decide what to buy. Within those 10 minutes some customers (adults) would walk in, buy something, then leave quickly. So I was basically the ONLY ONE in the huge store walking around looking at the different food and drinks. Then I could feel like I was being closely watched. I looked at the staff of yours, the cashier, standing behind the desk, looking at me with suspicion. I was holding my own handbag and a huge PINK shopping bag at the time. So I walked to him, and said "um. I am still deciding." HE DID NOT REPLY OR SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. And guess what did he do? He was looking at my bags suspiciously, frowning and giving me those distasted looks, trying to peep into my handbag and shopping bag, to see if I HAVE STOLEN ANYTING.

    I, or even anyone else, can read his face, clearly suspecting me of stealing anything. He didn't say anything, but what he did to me, by the distasted looks on his face and the frown and the screwed up eyes, squinting at me as if I am a thief. So after I told him that "I am still deciding." and he didn't say anything but looking at me suspiciously, I quickly took 2 boxes of candies (Icebreakers and tictac) and paid. At the time another woman came in the store and was paying, and this staff of yours was talking and chatting nicely with her. After the woman left, I asked that staff of yours, " Can I pay by debit?' He nodded quite coolly, then after I paid, he just handed me the receipt really impolitely (I am glad he didn't throw it at my face). the 2 boxes of candies were RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM and he DIDNT EVEN BOTHER TO PASS ME THOSE CANDIES. So, I had to lean forward, with both my handbag and the big shopping bag to pick them up.

    I would like to ask, what did I do to deserve such horrible treatment at your store? Because I took too long to make a decision? Or because I had my cap on and I am a teenager?

    What did I do to deserve such terrible treatment? So does that mean to say that I cannot stay in a shop for more than a minute and
    shop for the snack I want carefully? This is my first time experiencing this kind of treatment in a store. Even though your staff didn't request to check my bag, which clearly I would call the police right away, the look that he gave me made me feel inferior and scared, as a teenager. I deserve fair and equal treatment no matter how I look, which race am I, and how am I dressed etc.

    7-11 Canada, I would like a full explanation from your company. Thank you.

    Incident happened:

    Date: Sunday 7th July, 2013.

    Staff of yours description: Black hair, brown skin, I would guess its an Arabian or Pakistan or from some other countries I am not sure.

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  • Te
    tekema Jul 28, 2013

    I went to 7/11 address 5114 river rd bethesda md 20816 the employer was rude in nasty i was the second customer n line he didnt give me service he took the next customer that was inline n when i tried to explain to him that i was there second he just.JUST LAUGH n my face n told me to wait he wouldnt give his name or mangaer name.

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  • Ic
    IceAgeBlue Nov 15, 2013

    I really wish Wilson Farms was back. 711 took over the Niagara Falls area and it has really gone downhill. Customer service should be at the top of ANY business's priorities, but not the one on 29th and Pine avenue. Upon entering the store, I was ignored, went to the empty counter to wait for the cashier Delphine (who claimed to be one of the managers), and handed her my lottery ticket. She then took the lottery ticket out of my hand (still not one word was spoken to me, AND she didn't ask me for my ID- which is the law, right?) and scratched off a part she needed at the bottom of the ticket. I spoke the first words, which were "I'm sorry, I thought you just needed the numbers scratched off", I was ignored. She turns her back to me, walks over to the lotto machine, scans my ticket, then starts talking to someone who just walked into the store (I am assuming it was her friend or someone she knew). So I feel like chopped liver standing there, I guess everyone isn't worth a simple hello. Whatever. The cashier then asks me if I want more tickets or cash. I reply cash please, in a not so polite voice anymore (but I am not mean/rude either, just firm). I take my measly $9 and proceed to walk out of the store. As I make it to the doorway, she calls me a "###". I turn around and say "excuse me??!!" I was totally thrown off guard at her unprofessional attitude. No clue what to do, so many thoughts running through my head at this point. I am a calm, sweet, smart girl- this was unusual for me to be treated like this AND for me to have to treat others differently than I normally would. I asked her for the corporate headquarters number. She told me that she will print out a receipt for me with it on it. As she was printing it out, I walked back into the store (from the doorway I was standing in) thinking she would actually hand it to me. As I held out my hand, she CRUMPLED UP THE PAPER AND THREW IT IN THE GARBAGE! She told me "as a matter of fact, go stand outside and look on the windows for the number." So I did. I couldn't find it so the customer who walked in after me helped me. I called the number and told the story. The call back to my home is expected to be on Monday. I really hope they do something to this woman, like fire her. There is no reason to harass your customers, just keep your mouth shut. Customer service has gone downhill everywhere and it is really starting to disgust me.

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  • Wp
    wpms Mar 17, 2014

    If you people want to be heard and not dismissed, speak properly and don't sound stupid or they will not give a damn! please see how it is done! W

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  • Em
    emilyyy1 Jul 14, 2014

    I went to 7-11 the other day and I had a bad experience with the staff. Someone before me left a mess by the slurpee station and the ### behind the counter yelled at ME for it. I wasn't going to argue but it really bothered me. And then the other jerk behind the counter didn't do a damn thing and knew I didn't do it! Her name I believe was Tisha. And tisha was not very nice! Even if I did do it, it would still be just as rude. There is a way to politely ask someone to clean up and then there is the ### way. Lets just say im never going back to that one. Out of fear of stupid Tisha and her sidekick. I live in Irondequoit, Rochester, NY. NEVER GO TO THE ONE ON EMPIRE BLVD

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  • Pu
    pushbackharder Mar 01, 2015

    I was fired after telling my boss I didn't want to work overnights anymore. Now he refuses to give me my last paycheck. Childish

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  • Be
    bellee Sep 10, 2015

    Seven Eleven store at Sri Jati, Jalan Sri Jati 3, Taman Sri Jati have been robbed for several time almost every one or two month there sure to be rob again and even like us one of your regular costumer have happen to notice the robbing take place and the last incident was on the 8h of this month September 2015, which one of your Nepalese staff was slash with a Parang knife by the robber at the counter badly hurt later admitted to the Hospital' and non of your HQ senior have visited him so far its because he is a Nepalese life's worth nothing to you people' and as a costumer we are also very worrier the way you people handle the security at your store out-let and you people doesn't seen to care much on your staff as well as customer safety and will make sure to lodge this matter to all the media and public awareness' " Please be more considerate"

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  • Re
    Reviewer31824 Feb 22, 2016

    The manager and field consultant at store 35087 lift the place a mess and made the next shift clean it up. Leaves orders in the middle of the aisles the floors were a mess nothing was stock they were just standing around talking didn't look like they cared they treated there employees like garbage. The field consultant not caring when people call in and makes one employee work 16 hour shift. The cooler was bare empty. The manager didn't even stay to help the next shift clean up.

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  • Am
    Amberbmoore Mar 20, 2016

    Recently purchased a pack of cigarettes. He box was slightly crushes in on the right side. When opened it was one cigarette short.

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