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I went to 7 11 about a week ago and got nachos with the cheese sauce for my husband and I and when I got home we started eating them and had a few bites and had to throw them out as they tasted horrible. We thought the cheese was even possibly rotten. We were so disappointed and that is the snack we have been getting for years.
My husband decided to go back today and when he was there he tried the cheese in the store to make sure it wasn't "rotten" again. Once again it was horrible! He mentioned this to the employee who then told him that it was a corporate decision to change the cheese at all locations.
I'm really hoping that you reconsider this decision. I can guarantee you that you will be losing a lot of sales from this. We make big purchases at 7 11 but will now just be going to macs. The nachos are what brought us there very often (probably too often!)
It is very disappointing that us, along with several other people we have spoken to about this will no longer be making this purchase.



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    mbunny Sep 21, 2017

    I knew we couldn't be the only ones. This was almost the identical complaint email that I sent to our store. Movie night tradition for the last 15 years has included a few orders of 7-11's Nachos. Sadly, not anymore. We were in one night to pick up some hotdogs and 2 orders of nacho's for the family and settled in at home to watch our movie and enjoy our snacks when we were hit with what we thought must have been a bad batch of cheese sauce and so called our local store in the hope that we'd be able to replace or refund our food which we were obviously not going to consume. We were told that in fact it was a "new recipe" and that there was nothing they could do. When we asked why they didn't inform customers, we were simply told that it was corporate and that the stores were not given any info to inform customers. Rancid or as we called it "baby vomit" describes it well. It's disgusting and stomach turning. We were very unhappy that we were left with $20.00 dollars of garbage food. The reason i'm here though is that a friend popped in for a movie and brought some 7-11 Nacho's tonight, being polite I didn't say anything as I didn't want to ruin her food with my opinion but no less than seconds after her second bite she was running to bathroom gagging. Of course, her first thought was that the cheese was bad. We then discussed our experience and she was just as angry and rightfully so. Shame on 7-11 for not informing customers about the change in recipe on such a popular product. Anyways, after our conversation, I was curious and google brought me here in my inquiry into whether anyone else shared our thoughts on this.

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  • Ja
    JamesComyn Nov 07, 2017

    Cheese tastes horrible now. Used to love having a couple of hot dogs with nacho cheese on them. Last time I threw them both out after tasting one bite. Baby vomit is an apt description of that cheese now. 7-11, get your act together!!! Do you even want my money?

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  • Tc
    tcb1083 Jul 28, 2018

    wow that really sucks. I'm in a need for nachos and cheese right now smh

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  • Il
    Ilse Quinones Oct 01, 2019

    I really wish 711 never changed their cheese! Literally it’s a tradition to watch movies twice a month with the family and get some nachos and chips... I guess not anymore.. the only gas station anchoas that were actually great are no more...

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  • Eu
    Eunice1989 Oct 06, 2019

    Same I even worked at a 711 for years and we used to sell out of nachos we used to have to change our empty cheese pouches out so much. The new cheese is disgusting

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  • Ca
    CAB1908 Oct 21, 2019

    I have been a 7-Eleven nacho eater for over 23years. This wasn't just a tradition for me, it was literally part of my childhood. Recently they made a 7-Elevn literally walking distance from my work. I was stoked! I did what I always do, and got my nachos.

    I will never forget the first bite. I instantly knew something was off. I pushed it off, and thought maybe it was a bad onion or jalapeno. Then the thought came to mind, I think it was a disgruntle employee who threw up in the cheese? That was literally how it tasted. Further inspection, you can see they added some new ingredients to my beloved cheese. With each and every bite, I was kissing my favorite snack away, the best nachos/cheese away. Sadly, this was the first time in my life I did not finish my nachos.

    Weeks go by, and I say to myself, I have to figure it out. I go back and notice the cheese says "new nacho cheese", and I remember thinking, "what have they done!". Decided to go with my second go to, cream cheese jalapeno taquito with my nacho cheese. It was more apprent this time that the cheese sucks. Not only is it bad, but it is hard to eat. Could be a fear factor.

    I am so disappointed, and a small part of me will keep hope they will realize they made a mistake. I am glad I am not the only one who had this issue.


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  • Ca
    CAB1908 Oct 21, 2019

    Sorry for the typo :)

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