Comcast / Xfinityinternet alarm system cable services

L Sep 10, 2018

I am completely unhappy with Comcast services. I was lied to and mislead and now in order to correct the lies. I am out of contract and ripped off. I am currently looking for a solution with another vender. I have spoke to a manager unable to help and angry I wouldn't sign up for a contract I couldn't afford. it seems Comcast is now in the business of Highway robbery. not even the manager cared. he said I had to sign up for something or he would charge me more. I was told the service with home security would be 139.99. this was untrue. the Gentleman that sold me that was at the Fremont art and wine festival he gave me his number in case I had an issue. Ha it was disconnect. Very bad representation for your company.

I am not sure what this world has come to when you try to force people into contracts they can not afford. I now have no contract

one dvr

one small box


how could this be even more money 200. and he took my premium channels.

complete discouraged

Alicia A Valdez

Human Resource Manger

Pleasanton Garbage Service


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