Let me just make a quick note that this isn't the first time that Comcast has completely messed up my bill.
Today I opened up my bill to find a shocking $800.00 needing to be paid. Impossible, since I have the most basic service (I don't even have a cable box, just two adapters- Im moving so all my family needed was the basic channels til we were settled in and could get everything transferred over). I rushed to the comcast office right away to try and get it sorted out. The gentleman behind the counter who helped ('helped' here is being used very loosely) was beyond rude, and sarcastic. I was nothing but polite, and asked what happened to cause all these charges. He walked away to print out paperwork, and came back a half hour later. I stood around waiting for him to print papers for thirty minutes. He then proceeded to tell me I was incorrectly billed for seven months, and now that comcast has realized that they are charging me for all the months they billed me wrong, THIS month. He said it was MY fault for not calling comcast and making sure they were charging me the right cost each month. Ridiculous- last time I checked, Comcast was providing a service, therefore they should be doing the work, I should not have to call them every month to watch over their shoulder. I am not their mother. He also said my bill was $115-something for each month, when I signed up for a plan that was only $65 dollars a month. The man also told me that I was being charged for the past two months that I haven't had my cable box. They never changed my service even though I went in to tell them that I wanted it downgraded. Again, the man said this was MY fault, not theirs. He was absolutely no help and just stood there shrugging his shoulders and told me to call 1-800-comcast.
Comcast has been nothing but a frustrating mess. Before this incident they cut off my cable without notice and then continued to charge me- I thought I was behind and continued to pay, only come to find out I was paying for a service that they terminated. They "don't know what happened" and said they would credit the cost to my account. Never happened. They then said they would send someone over to reset up my service (which I had to pay for). I took the day off of work for the cable guy to come. I wait for the appointment and he never shows up. Annoyed I call comcast only to find that they have no record of me wanting someone to come and turn on my cable.
This company needs to get its stuff together, and Im thinking its time to switch over to someone else.


  • Mo
    MOE Oct 06, 2008

    I have had problems with my account with Comcast ever since I got their bundle package last year. I have spent hours every month and even had to take time off from work to go to the office and get my account straightened out. No one there seems to know what the heck they are doing. I finally found one young lady who cared enough and couldn't believe all that I have been through and all the time I had to take to try to fix this problem. Finally after about 2 hours on the phone with her back in August I thought my problem was finally solved. I upgraded to another bundle which was suppose to be $114.98 per month. The next month I got my bill and it was screwed up again, so here I go again spending my evening on the phone with this same young lady who couldn't believe AGAIN what a mess my account was. I paid my bill in full while on the phone with her finally feeling like this was now corrected and there would be no more problems...Needless to say this month I got my bill and it was for $414.82, I just spent another hour on the phone with a supervisor who couldn't find his way out of a paper bag and made me feel like I was wrong. I asked for a manager or someone who was in authority to help me but that was a waste of time. I threatened to file a complaint and he more or less advise me he could care less. What does it take to talk to someone who can fix this problem? Is there anyone out there that has a name or number to get these kinds of problems resolved? I have been a customer of theirs for over 18 years and have always paid my bills. But this time they can sue me for it because I have had it with them.

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  • Ma
    Mario Nov 15, 2008

    I returned my comcast equipment payed my bill and closed the account to be charged a year later for not doing such for $805.52. I'm apparently not the only person this has happened too. Good job.

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  • Ex
    exavierdotnet Oct 18, 2009


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  • Sp
    spason Oct 10, 2010

    comcast said in there satement that my services would be shut off if i didnt pay my bill by 6-13-10 I paid it on 6-28-10, they didnt shut it off and are trying to tell me that I owe them for 4 more months of service.They didnt shut it off and I got there service so I owe, the catch is I have a tower and didnt use there service, but they still want me to pay.If they say they are going to shut it off and they dont and leave it on for 4 more months they think I should have to pay for the time they left it on, and thats wrong.I'm not paying .

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  • Be
    bentemand Feb 15, 2011

    I have been fighting to get my bill sorted out. It started back in April/10 when I cancelled my service for the season. I was to receive a refund of $ 119.58. That I did not get until late August/10. Then a few weeks later I get another chg. for $ 119.68. I hold on to that for a while to see if the other one is going through. I dedposit the chg to my account. Then I get a bill for $ 119.68. I pay that online on October 21/10. The money is taken out of my account but Comcast never gave me the credit so instead of my balance being $ 0 after my refund I now still owe them plus interest every month. I am just spitting nails, they are so incompetent that they should not be allowed to run a business. There should be an investigation into their financial dealing. As of this date my account is still not settled. It's the only company in my area BUT I will not deal with them anymore. Every year it is the same and a couple of times I have let it go because of the frustration. Wonder how many millions of dollars they defraud the people in the same situation. I AM SO MAD!

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  • Hu
    Hunglikeapenguin Mar 27, 2012

    I just purchased an apartment a couple months ago. Apparently the tenet that lived there had cable with Comcast and never paid. My new tenant that moved in wanted cable and decided to call Comcast because they work that area. But they are denying my tenant service because apparently the property owner is responsible for paying the fee that belongs to someone else. Now they want to charge me like $500 for something
    I never owed to begin with. Please advise.

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  • Ni
    Niccole Apr 05, 2013

    Does ANYBODY THAT KNOW'S WHAT THEY ARE BEING PAID TO DO at their job with COMCAST even work there or when I find somebody ready to help they don't know enough ENGLISH to EXPLAIN IN SIMPLE PLAIN ENGLISH What it is that Comcast is needing from myself and or my mother who is being sued for a bill that was turned on at the property where we were all living and after about 6 to 9 months my mother went back to her husband, the bill was at that time supposed to be switched into my name, after calling and getting all of the billing info updated it was Business as usual...or SO WE THOUGHT I spoke with comcast 2 or 3 more times before we had the services shut off beforee moving out of state for work. I knew that when I was told that there was no account information up/date, BUT!! NOT TO WORRY I WAS ASSURED THAT SOME TIMES IT CAN TAKE SEVERAL BILLING CYCLES TO ACTUALLY SEE THE INFORMATION that was changed on the account, that being said I went on with our move and told my mom to keep her eye out for the final bill and we can get it paid, we DID NOT HEAR FROM COMCAST AGAIN UNTILL THEY WERE READY TO START THREATENING MY MOTHER WITH COURT IF SHE DID NOT SAY I WAS STEALING HER SS# AND THEN PRESSING CHARGES ON ME FOR THEFT & FRAUD! WHAT THE F*%K!? R U KIDDING SUE ME FOR THEIR MISTAKE AND THEIR LAZY INCOMPITENT POOR ENGLISH SPEAKING CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS REALLY!!!??? PLEASE ANYBODY HAVE AN IDEA FOR FIXING THIS TYPE OF MESS WITH OUT IT BEING SO UGLY AND MESSY FOR ME AND MY MOTHER THE WAY UNDER PAID CONSUMER? ANYTHING, ANYBODY, ANYWHERE, ANYREASON WILL BE TRIED AT LEASTE 1 time before I have to get the law and the BBB, and ANYBODY WHO IS WILLING TO LISTEN TO MEEVEN IF THAT MEANS PICKETING IN FRONT OF THEIR COMPANY STORES! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! HELP ME SOON!

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  • Da
    dan hidayat Jun 09, 2014

    I am typing this after I tried to cancel my service for the third time. I called and canceled my service back in February and paid the balance online. In April I received a new bill indicating my account still active. I called again and canceled my account. This time the customer service made sure that the account is cancelled. So, I was relieved. Now, in June I received another bill indicating my account is still active. I just finished calling the customer service and she told me that I have to pay the balance because my account is still active. She would not listen to what I had to say. After almost 30 minutes on the phone, I asked to be transferred to the supervisor. She said they are all busy and someone will call me back. So, I am now waiting and wandering if this stupid account with Comcast will ever be cancelled. This is like a recurring nightmare that goes on never ending loop, over and over again. I try not to get mad when talking with them so I don't age 10 years because their stupidity.

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