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Cleveland Clinic reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jun 24, 2010. The latest review Lack of diversity in their ICUs (black nurses) was posted on Jul 21, 2021. The latest complaint services was resolved on Dec 27, 2018. Cleveland Clinic has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 85 reviews. Cleveland Clinic has resolved 4 complaints.

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Cleveland ClinicLack of diversity in their ICUs (black nurses)

Cleveland clinics ICUs barely hire black nurses in those specialties. They always want black nurses to work in medsurg units or any other department that is not an ICU. It is very unfair when u go through an interview fully prepared but they pick a white person over you simply because they are aware that working in acute care opens doors for other opportunities. There is no way that they don't ever get to interview nurses of color. These nurse managers do it intentionally. Seems like it's something they talk to each other about because they r all so consistent. Same questions during interviews but other units hire you and ICU's have excuses for not wanting you. If I am not good for acute care then I don't want your medsirg units either

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    Cleveland ClinicThe way she was treated at Mercy hospital in canton

    Brenda gray was checked in on Tuesday an as of 10pm Saturday had never been cleaned up from all the body fluids that was an is coming out of here legs her bedding was soak from her head plum up to her lower back, it was so bad that the pillow an other things they had used was stuck to here body, not to say that the stinch was tearble, muse came in an said her pillow case needed changed an walked out never done anything about it she, s being moved today to a nursing home for rehab

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      Cleveland ClinicBilling department

      My copay is $25 I keep getting charged $35 Cleveland clinic's billing department is crap I'm getting freaking tired of it every time they give me a bill they send it to the collections agency I do not get bills mailed here at the house I'm 67 years old and I'm about had it I'm going to Metro and I'm dropping that freaking Cleveland clinic billing department they're a bunch of idiots

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        Cleveland ClinicServices

        I started my journey in November 2020 with Cleveland Clinic. My 1st visit was with Marissa McGinley with " financial clearance". After that visit it was recommended that an upper GI and a scope of my bladder be preformed. Due to the new " financial clearance" policies at CC I had the tests preformed locally to speed up the process because I no longer had " financial clearance". From Jan- May I left countless messages with different people and departments at CC trying to understand my " out of network" insurance and my responsibilities. I finally received a call back from Vicki and we did a conference call with our insurance carrier and the " out of network" obligation. After paying $3200 as my portion we drove 4 hours for my EMG's and a consultation. Much to my surprise I received a call from Dr. Sese indicated he was unclear why they scheduled me with him. I explained the run around I experienced and he found it funny and laughed at the situation. He claims he called to get me an appointment for that day but no one would see me because of my insurance, I was told to go home and I would receive a call with the right department. When we returned home I never received a call so I called Vicki a week after my EMG's explained the continual run around and she explained that's not CC works and apologized!!! She claimed I should have had an appointment that day. Since my contact with Vicki on June 21st I have placed 13 calls requesting an appointment with a call back from her finally today. Vicki referred me to a John that ended up hanging up on my husband because of our frustration and was told he didn't know who to schedule me with. Unfortunately I started this process with CC because it was " the place to go"and it has been about the money money money and not about patient care at all Very very sad the way patients are treated and the run around trying to get appointments for a diagnosis.

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          Cleveland ClinicFertility Laboratory charge for Cryopreservation fraudulent billing and negative reporting to credit bureau

          Cleveland Clinic has been harassing me about a fraudulent debt from 2000. I paid over 30, 000 for in vitro fertilization and I specifically asked about the cryopreservation costs for my remaining eggs. I was told there was no cost. 4 or 5 years later they sent me a bill. I disputed it then I've disputed it ever since, and asked for proof of responsibility. They never sent anything but have continued to bill me and continued to report it negatively against my credit bureau. I am getting threatening letters that they will send my account to collections and have yet to see any documented proof of my liability.

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            Cleveland ClinicMoving physicians to other offices

            I recently established myself as a new patient with Dr. Morgan Savel in the Cuyahoga Falls officein January of 2021. I found out on June 15th that she has been moved to the Hudson office which is a considerable distance from where I am living. This disturbs me greatly as I have just finally gotten all my Rxs changed over to her as my PCP with Express Scripts, and now I will need to start all over. I had originally requested Dr. Scott Higley (her husband) who suggested I see Dr. Savel. Perhaps the Clinic could care less about this predicament, but it is very stressful to think that I need to start all over again.

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              Cleveland ClinicRheumatologist

              I was referred to Sukanya Pachaidee by Laura Beringer in May.
              After several attempts Beringer's office could not successfully transmit my records (not accepted). Therefore, I as the patient tried to contact this doctor. After leaving several phone messages
              (No nurse answered the phone) I called the clinic operator to leave a request for a call back. After several days I have not heard
              back. You are highly regarded as the best. I am a previous high level officer of the US Trust Company in New York, and am aware of the importance of having good representatives of a Corporation. I personally don't think you should have this doctor in your corporation. She is sloppy, unresponsive, loand bad representative of your brand. Thank you,
              Barbara L Collins

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                Jun 05, 2021

                Cleveland Clinic — Physician abandonment

                I had been severely ill, incapacitated with constant acing pain in neck shoulders hips, and knees, -...

                Chagrin Falls

                Cleveland ClinicService

                Good morning, as I sit out here while my extremely sick brother is being admitted with my elderly mother whom we have all had our vaccine! Like good citizens but still only one person in? I can't leave my 84 yr old mom outside in florida! But she would like to see her oldest son because surgery is a very high risk yet now she in her chair is having to wheel herself because your security guard won't let me in to help her and once again I have my vaccine and recent covid test go figure great job cleveland clinc letting mom elderly mom push herself around! Idiots

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                  Cleveland Clinicthe idiot "security" punk at the ER in Avon, Ohio

                  That [censored] stopped me from walking down the hall and tried to lecture me about waiting at the door for the attendant to take my temperature. The Clinic no longer takes ANYONE's temp at any entrance at all any longer.

                  Next time that fat slob tries this again he will be speaking with my lawyer because I know he doesn't have the balls enough to throw down.

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                    May 11, 2021

                    Cleveland Clinic — Ultrasound

                    When I was pregnant with my first child I had to get an ultrasound at the Lakewood campus on 9/19/2018. The...

                    Cleveland ClinicUrology Dept., Weston and Coral Springs

                    I have tried hard to book appointments with the Cleveland Clinic Weston's Urology Department.

                    The customer service is substandard and they have a robot calling only once for reminders. They want to rely on the MyChart tool for appointments which is not a suitable option for senior citizens.

                    Conversely, the Miami Cancer Institute has live personnel calling patients for reminders regularly. Evidently no one at the Cleveland Clinic is taking benchmarking seriously.

                    They are not taking customer service seriously either because attendants and coordinators are rude and do not return phone calls. They seem to treat people like cattle.

                    Their COVID-19 protocols are deficient: N-95 masks and UV A/C fixtures are not mandatory.

                    I have bitterly complained to the ombudsman office repeatedly and can not even get yet an appointment rescheduled.

                    Evidently fundamental management issues are evident at large, so I am not surprised by the low ranking obtained by the Cleveland Clinic at your website.

                    Stay away and try the Miami Cancer Institute or UM's Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center instead if you can.

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                      Apr 27, 2021

                      Cleveland Clinic — Medical services, or lack. Detrimental testing leaving me worse off, no response from docs

                      I contacted the clinic and had a virtual apt with suggestion for a colonoscopy which was accomplished, My PCP...

                      Apr 21, 2021

                      Cleveland Clinic — Appointments change and cancel

                      Looking for a family Dr in Cleveland Clinic since January 2021 I called for three different Doctors and every...

                      Cleveland ClinicLab issues

                      The physician I work for gave a patient a stat lab order which she had done the next day at your solon location. On Friday, 04/08/21 I called to get these results as we still did not have the result of her serum HCG. The representative I spoke to in Solon told me the patient hadn't been seen there in years and had no results on the patient. On Monday, 04/12/21 my physician had me call the main campus lab. They told me she did in fact have the test on 04/02/21, and that she was pregnant. Pt is on a medication that cannot be taken while pregnant, so it was paramount that we get these results ASAP. I was told she was pregnant and transferred somewhere else where i held for 15 minutes. I hung up and called back and explained that i needed these results ASAP. I was told by the assistant on the phone that i needed to contact the ordering doctor. I told her several times I represented the ordering Dr and that if she could not help me I needed a supervisor immediately. She explained the doctor could tell me the results and I told her again, that I represented the ordering doctor and that we are not part of Clevealnd clinic and could not look up the results. The representative put me on hold for another 17 minutes before she transferred me to Adasha who finally sent me over the results. It is very disappointing.

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                        Cleveland ClinicAllergy Department

                        I received my Moderna Vaccine on 03/27/21
                        I had a mild allergic reaction
                        I made an appt. with Dr. Stephenson regarding the reaction
                        Appt. 03/02/21She referred me to Allergy
                        03/08/21 saw Dr. Dimov in Allergy
                        He advised to have a PEG Test
                        His scheduling nurse advised I would have to go on a wait list.
                        I advised my 2nd vaccine is scheduled for 03/27/21
                        She then asked me to schedule the test in Coral Springs.
                        I was scheduled 03/16/21 at 8:30
                        They called me 03/15/21 cancelled and rescheduled for 03/25/21
                        They called 03/24/21 cancelled and advised they DO NOT DO THE TEST IN CORAL SPRINGS!
                        Why? then schedule it twice!
                        I told her I have the shot 03/27/21
                        She said.. she would put me thru to central scheduling.
                        Of course they were closed.. it was now 5pm
                        I called the Allergy Dept in Weston 03/25/21
                        After explaining everything.. they said they could get the test done 03/26/21 at 7:30 am with a follow up visit immediately after with Dr. Dimov
                        I arrived at 7:30 am 03/26/21
                        Was told.. they have a little problem
                        The nurse doesn't get in unitl 8
                        They took me back at 8:15 to do the test
                        The last level they could see there was a reaction
                        They asked Dr. Dimov for consult
                        He popped in.. said.. Yes..yes..yes.. and immediately left
                        yes? to what?
                        The nurse looked at the grid on my arm and told me PEG and Poly Sorbate
                        I said.. what now?
                        His reply.. I don't know!
                        They also advised the doctor is too busy to see you
                        So? they let me walk out!
                        I had to call Dr. Stephenson to tell her what they did to me.. and she advised she would message him
                        THIS IS TOTAL!! TOTAL INCOMPTENENCE
                        I have no clue to take the 2nd shot.. or not.. do I need an Epi?
                        NO ONE.. NOT A SOUL HAD THE ANSWER

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                          Cleveland ClinicNot getting answers

                          I have written on the regular Cleveland Clinic website to the Urology Department.
                          But only received email that had no content except a standard signature about the Cleveland Clinic.
                          If the was something, file attachment it will no open.
                          I asked urology about a Dr. Of Urology that did not do a digital examine before recommended a Biopsy of the Prostate.

                          I have questions about an office visit and want someone to answer.


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                            Cleveland ClinicEmergency Room Visit

                            I was in the ER for an anaphylaxis reaction. My throat was tightening, I had shortness of breath, heartburn and nausea. The new graduate nurse Tyler preforms my iv medication without properly priming the line. I look over at my iv and see a long stream of air with the iv fluid following behind then a couple more pockets of air and then the iv fluid. I had said to Tyler there was alot of air in my line and his response was, "Not enough to kill you." Let me take you back for a moment, at this point I am struggling to breathe due to an anaphylaxis reaction, I have already successfully preformed four semesters of clinical at the Cleveland Clinic including the proper administration of iv therapy which I have preformed on countless patients. I know the risk for air in the iv line can cause air embolisms in the body which can lead to cardiac arrest. I had mentioned all of this to Tyler and instead of shutting off my iv and properly priming my line he continued the iv putting all the air into my system. I felt unsafe and afraid during a time I was already experiencing a life or death crisis. I was afraid not just for myself but other patients this new nurse will be practicing on in the future.
                            #ClevelandClinicAvonLocationOhioEmergency Room

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                              Cleveland ClinicBilling


                              I had a service performed on November 11 at Dr. Esterly's office in Stow Ohio. I am still trying to get an itemized statement after several calls to the billing department with no success. Your company has no problem taking my money on the date of service, but it is almost impossible to get an itemized statement that I can use to get reimbursement for money that I spent for the service. I am told that the billing department cannot help me on this because they do not create the itemized statement. There is a different department that does that. Also, they were unable to provide me with any contact information for that department. This has become a big reason why I would hesitate to use your services in the future unless I had no choice in order to protect my life or the life of my loved ones. No other organization that I have had services provided by has been this difficult to get an itemized statement from. I am always able to get the itemized statement at the time the service is provided. I would like a call from someone in customer relations to let me know that you are addressing this issue. My number is [protected].

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                                • In
                                  Innocent bystander1319 Jun 22, 2021

                                  I spent months listening to various CC billing department people tell me that they had billed Medicare for my part A charges, but I knew they had not because I had never received anything from Medicare, and Medicare denied having received a bill. These are in-hospital charges, and we have Medicare Part A only because we still have employer-provided commercial health insurance provided through work.

                                  Well I eventually found out that the reason I was being told that Medicare had been billed was that my CC balance was zero. That was because CC had billed me for the amount that would have been paid by Medicare if Medicare had been billed, and I had paid it. So much for being a timely bill payer.

                                  After many prolonged discussions and BS about how they keep credit balances for several months to pay subsequent charges as they come up, I told them I would put this situation in the newspaper. No need to pay a lawyer, the Cleveland papers would have a field day with this probably illegal practice. I finally received a check for the remaining credit balance the next week. CC ended up eating the $2600 because they did not submit the bill to Medicare in time.

                                  So beware. The billing statements seem to have improved since that episode, but be very careful to understand every aspect of them before paying a dime.

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                                Cleveland ClinicRadiology Weston

                                Tried to schedule an MRI after an appointment with Dr William Gans. The scheduler in his office took my information and copied the card that had the specifics for my cardiac stents. I was told radiology at Weston would call me
                                .The request was made on Dec. 16. On Dec 18 I called radiology and they told me they had done nothing because I have stents and they needed the specifics on the stents. I suggested the specifics were in my chart. The scheduler found them and said she would have to check with Dr. Gans office but she would get back. She did not. On the morning of Dec. 21 I called the radiology department at Weston.I was given the supervisor who assured me he would call me back. By 3:00 pm he had not called me back. I called Dr. Gans office to tell their scheduler that the MRI she scheduled 5 days prior was still not scheduled. It was waiting for approval. She called the Weston Radiology Dept. I was connected with an MRI tech who said, "I will look at your chart right now". Less than 30 sec. later she said, "Ok you are approved". The systems for clearance are definitely faultyI. If an MRI tech can approve a patient it should not take 5 day (3 working days). If a tech can approve the procedure the weekend should not effect the approval process. If it can be approved in less than 30 sec.s some one is not doing their job if the patient has to wait 5 days. Jon Joseph 6/26/47.

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