Aster Medical Centre Complaints & Reviews

Aster Medical Centre / world heart day check up campaign

Oct 09, 2019

I visited aster clinic today international ckrty branch for the heart checkup campaign provided by my company AXA insurance and waited for more than an hour just for someone to bother to even look at my file. The people at the reception just left at 1PM and no one bothered to even check...

Aster Medical Centre / long waiting

Sep 29, 2019

For walk-in patient, even you are sick you have to wait more than 4 hours to meet the doctor. They should allot some time for walk-in patients in between appointment timing. They should not take continues appointments. Instead they should allot some gap between appointments. But they...

Aster Hospital / staff of dr. sachin upadhyay, cardiologist

Sep 14, 2019

I visited Dr. Sachin Upadhyaya, Cardiologist on 12th Sept 2019 with severe pain in my chest & arm. He prescribed a echo for the heart among some other tests. I got SMS approval for the Echo from the insurance company on 13th Sept &they asked us to contact Aster Hospital for...

Aster Medical Centre / x ray required for headache in order to approve medical leave

Sep 14, 2019

Dear Aster, I am writing regarding a doctor Mohamed Nazar Moopan from Aster Medical Centre - Al Muntazah. It happened 14 Sept around 445pm. I told the doctor I was having a bad headache and was unable to sleep the night before because of that. He asked that I go for a X Ray test to...

Aster Medical Centre / services

Aug 25, 2019

Very poor customer service I must say. After consultation with doctor, there was some blood test prescribed. The correspondent from nurse station said, it requires approval from insurance provider and they will inform us about it. But after three days there is no call back from Aster. And...

Aster Medical Centre / Reception staff

Aug 21, 2019

Reception staff at Aster Clinic, Nuaimiah branch, Ajman (United arab emirates) have blocked my Insurance number on their system. They said that because in my last visit to their clinic, almost 10 days ago, i did not gave them my medical file and i did not paid the consultation fee. I told...

Aster Medical Centre / bad attitude and ignorance

Aug 15, 2019

I come in with wife to meet doctor dr heena zarin after check up she to get an appointment for doctor asif and regarding that go reception and talk with receptionists and that receptionist send us to doctor Fibin faz and we great him in a very nice way and without greeting he start talking...

Aster Medical Centre / very very use less...

Jul 30, 2019

This aster clinc is one of the use less clinic ever i seen i went in aster alquoaz branch and i check up after long waiting than they said they will call for the report i follow up for 5 times in more than 2 month they didnt send any report. Better dubai goverment collapse this type of...

Aster Medical Centre / general practitioner

Jul 26, 2019

Hello, I have a Category A, Emirates Airlines Insurance. Dr Chinnu the GP and generally the management at Aster UMC is extremely unprofessional. I question Dr Chinnu's professional integrity . She and the Clinic management failed to organize on time the vaccinations that were required... / aster cmi hospital subjecting patient to all possible tests

Jul 23, 2019

My dad has been asked to get admitted for a cough which is the most strangest thing I have ever seen. Now the hospital is running all possible tests which are no way related to cough. And with each test resulting normal, they are pushing for some more. This is so evident that this hospital...

Aster Medical Centre / doctor service

Jul 07, 2019

I have visited the Aster Jubilee Clinic in Bur Dubai on Wednesday 3rd july 2019 for Eye Doctor to get a test on my eyes but i was a walk in customer W 308 room 13 Dr. Anurag I was waiting there as always but later Dr attended to me and advised to put medicine and wait for 30 minutes, but...

Aster Medical Centre / worst service

Jul 07, 2019

Dear Sir / Madam Myself ibrahim I went ur abushagara clinic on 6.7.19 for consult skin doctor they suggest and gave a letter to consult your king faisal road clinic I went and they told to come 7.7.19 morning and take a appointment. I went on 7 th morning 7.30 they not give appointment. This i...

Aster Medical Centre / sharing my personal medical records

Jun 09, 2019

Aster Medical CentreDear Madam/Sir This is Manvi Raj Garg and my registered mobile number is +[protected] kindly do not share any of my personal medical records with my husband vikki gupta as he is misusing my medical records. He has blocked this number and threw me out of Dubai on 1 August 2018 when I lost the...

Aster Medical Centre / ent appointment

Jun 06, 2019

I visited Aster 3times for ear checkup this week but doctor refused to see every time and they sent me back every time from reception I believe Aster has no quality and care for patients, you should shutdown from UAE or atleast shutdown your king Faisal street Branch in Sharjah or at least...

Aster Medical Centre / thermometer

May 17, 2019

Aster hospital being an overrated brand in the hospital lead, the least service you must be providing is an accurate thermometer! My 5 year old is admitted in the hospital and each time they check his temperature it shows less than 1 degree Celsius which makes a huge impact. Since we have...

Aster Medical Centre / was not provided sick leave while I was having loose motion

Apr 22, 2019

Aster Medical CentreHello, I am Shadab Alam, Cpr No : [protected], working with SMS W.L.L company. I was suffering from lose motion on 21/04/2019 from evening 6Pm. I had 10-12 lose motion till morning 22/04/2019. I went to pharmacy and buy some Electrolyte and medicines(flygal) As there are timing for our...

Aster Medical Centre / aster disclosed my treatment details

Apr 13, 2019

Dear, WITHOUT my request or Permission. How can you scan my Treatment details and send it from a branch email id marking copy to many other UNKNOWN aster staffs. Who all are the person who received this Copy. What guaranty you have this details will never be in facebook in future. PATIENTS...

Aster Medical Centre / general doctor

Apr 06, 2019

The worst clinic ever! First, inside its freezing cold the people who are waiting there for 1 hour will get more sick then they are. Doctor Asmaa is extremly rude with the patient.While i was teling her that some medicines that i was taking didin't help me she answered me with : "Then...

Aster Medical Centre / inconvenience

Mar 16, 2019

Hello this Krushna Sahoo I was suffering from shoulder pain from long time I went aster jubule bur Dubai .i requested for mri test they told me u need to take approval from general Dr .after I meet Dr they said wait for approval I waited morethen 4 hour to get approval .they again I asked...

Aster Medical Centre / dr roshan oomen, mbbs

Feb 23, 2019

My experience after consulting Dr Roshan Oomen gave me the urge to write to the concerned officials. My mom was left in a dangerous state of acute bronchitis due to the doctors poor administration. It was adviseable the doctor reffered us to the hospital if he had to understand the...

Aster Medical Centre / doctor timings

Feb 06, 2019

I had a miscarriage. My Dr referred to radiologist. I went to burdubai after on Monday as well as Wednesday. Despite she is only working for 2 hours she has got conferences on both times in these 2 hours. I work on shift and tomorrow is my last day of approval. It's really inconvenient for...

Aster Medical Centre / service

Feb 05, 2019

I have waited at ur desk for morethan 2hours for sick certificate. After 1 hour i asked receptionist and he replied me that he dis not get time to apply for it. And 2 hours later he is telling me to come in the evening to collect it. Am i a guest or a patient. I am getting sick cert to...

Aster Medical Centre / checking the patient without token sequence

Feb 02, 2019

Hi, My name is Muhammad Aman, Right now I am in Aster Beauty clinic for check up, last week i have called for booking an appointment for Dr K. Blachandran on saturday they said on saturday is only for walk ins so I cam today at before 1pm then they give me token number W127 and on that...

Aster Medical Centre / clinic staff behaviour

Dec 15, 2018

Before two days I meet Dr Mukesh kumar ENT spl.i take one tablet antibiotic and one tablet for pain in my throat. Today I take tablet after food after five minutes start itching I go again aster clinic (Bur Dubai )branch 10:40 PM receptionist and Nurse behaviour very Rough I request to her...

Aster Medical Centre / timing

Dec 08, 2018

My name is mohammad asrar i brought my 1 year old sister to muteena aster clinic at 5pm i submitted the papers and when i asked the submitted the papers at 5:15 and by 5:35 i asked them what happned they were saying its not approved and then i called nextcare insurance and asked them when...

Aster Medical Centre / non availability of flu vaccine in discovery gardens

Dec 03, 2018

Flu vaccine was not available in Discovery Gardens branch for more than one week. In the meantime their other branches were holding good amount of stock of vaccine. Even after requesting as well as taking appointment they didnt arrange from the branch. They were asking me to call the call...

Aster Medical Centre / very poor service

Oct 30, 2018

today i came to aster salwa road 1 hour 20 min after i see the doctor they giving 40 plus tocken but there have only one doctor first time iam coming the clinic tottaly very bad service over all .. and pharmacy also same there have 2 staff 20 people are waiting here very slow your staff...

Aster Medical Centre / complain about surgery last 15 days pending with dr rahul tungai about insurance approval

Jun 14, 2018

Hello aster hospital team my name is sushant khemani last 15 to 20 days I suffer with my health I want surgery but they say approval not come yet last 10 days I suffered my contact number is [protected] and insurance company ask some documents from aster hospital but the did not provide...

Aster Medical Centre / the time taken for a patient to complete registration process.

May 16, 2018

It is found that a long queue of patients or parents with children in front of the registration counter waiting to complete registration process without a time limit while the staff is seen very relaxed on chair staring at a monitor in front of them. "We'll treat you well" doesn't apply...

Aster Medical Centre / rude staff

Nov 26, 2015

26 nov, I go for buy a tablet she say we can not give you all the time discount I say to her ok no problem give me my money why she talking to much and throw money very rowdily from the cashier box to the table then talking talking that is totely unprofessional we are not a human being I...

Aster Medical Centre (International City Branch) / un-professional g.p.


I was down with fever, throat infection, cough and went to Aster Medical Centre (International City branch), on 30th Aug'2011 evening, but was closed due to Eid-Al-Fitr. I managed to get antibiotics and fludrex from a neary by pharmacy as most of the clinic were closed on that day due to...